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Mr Cooper Group Inc

Mr Cooper Group Inc (COOP)

Closed February 24 04:00PM
After Hours: 07:49PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
72.28 Day's Range 73.59
37.54 52 Week Range 75.96
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 21,942,504
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
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About Mr Cooper Group Inc

Mr. Cooper Group Inc is a home loan servicer. The company focuses on delivering a variety of servicing and lending products. It has two operating segments namely Servicing, and Originations. The company derives the maximum revenue from the Originations segment. The Originations segment originates re... Mr. Cooper Group Inc is a home loan servicer. The company focuses on delivering a variety of servicing and lending products. It has two operating segments namely Servicing, and Originations. The company derives the maximum revenue from the Originations segment. The Originations segment originates residential mortgage loans through a direct-to-consumer channel, which provides refinance options for existing customers, and through a correspondent channel, which purchases or originates loans from mortgage bankers and brokers. It also provides technology and data-enhanced solutions to home-buyers, home sellers, real estate agents and mortgage companies. Show more

Finance Services
Savings Instn,fed Chartered
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Mr Cooper Group Inc is listed in the Finance Services sector of the NASDAQ with ticker COOP. The last closing price for Mr Cooper was $72.28. Over the last year, Mr Cooper shares have traded in a share price range of $ 37.54 to $ 75.96.

Mr Cooper currently has 65,860,343 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Mr Cooper is $4.80 billion. Mr Cooper has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 9.61.

COOP Latest News

Mr. Cooper Group Reports Fourth Quarter 2023 Results

Reported net income of $46 million including other mark-to-market loss of $41 million, equivalent to ROCE of 4.3% and operating ROTCE of 11.1% Book value per share and tangible book value per share in...

Mr. Cooper Group Inc. Announces Pricing of Offering of $1 Billion of Senior Notes

Mr. Cooper Group Inc. (NASDAQ: COOP) (“Mr. Cooper”) announced the pricing of an offering by Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Mr. Cooper (“Nationstar”), of $1,000,...

Mr. Cooper Group Inc. to Discuss Fourth Quarter 2023 Financial Results on February 9, 2024

Mr. Cooper Group Inc. (NASDAQ: COOP) will discuss its financial results for the fourth quarter 2023 on February 9, 2024 at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time. A copy of the press release and investor presentatio...

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COOP Discussion

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ron_66271 ron_66271 27 minutes ago
The Plan 6 Liquidation Trust Is Significant.

Shame more of you can’t understand what happened.

Yes, P-6-LT was created by AAOC and later control was transferred to the Equity Community as requested before Plan 7 litigation.

Yea Yea, I have heard your poor argument that Plan 6 was never approved. The LT had already been created before any need for a Plan approval.

The FDIC receivership claims lives in this Trust/DCR/DST created by AAOC in Plan 6.

The Plan 7 LT is only for the Creditors.
Paid. DONE.

AAOC wasn’t friendly with JPM.
Proof; The Discovery Document.
RICO! The leverage AAOC used to force JPM to concede during Plan 6 litigation.
Hence; 41.6 for “Willful Misconduct”.

I win again.

👍️ 1 🤡 1
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 47 minutes ago
Wamu, like escrows, doesn't exist..

You sound absolutely insane. So desperate..

It's sad.
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 48 minutes ago
The bankruptcy has been over, and closed for years. You should convince The Trust, and the FDIC, not me. Show them all the assets you found.. 😂

$COOP is the Boat. Escrows no longer exist.

ron_66271 ron_66271 1 hour ago
And Where Did COOP Come From?

For extra credit;
COOP is a subsidiary of who?

Goooo WaMu!!!!!

I have already explained the answer.

XXXX is no longer the Registrant.

👍️ 1 🤡 1 🦄 1
newflow newflow 1 hour ago
Up...did you read this "Beyond this, the Bankruptcy Court and WMILT have merely waited for the final reconciliation of remaining claims and monetization of assets." What does it mean?.You missed the boat?.
👍️ 1
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 1 hour ago
Tell that to The Trust, and the FDIC..

Enjoy many more years of delusional fantasy nonsense. Til death do you part..
b3 b3 1 hour ago
This is a COOP board!!!!!!!! That is why Lodas, myself, and many others sign on read and talk about COOP.......Mr. Cooper.
I have a lot of COOP shares (because I signed Releases) that I obtained from my WAMU Preferred Shares. I was a holder of WAMU Stock before the fateful Thursday in 2008.

We sign on here to discuss COOP, and 90% of the discussion is hysteria about getting paid Billions. The story has been going on for 15 years.......................... Used to be "secret envelopes of assets", then it was "Safe Harbor", then we were going to get money from "BOP and the lawsuit", then we were going to "get New Shares", then we were "waiting for the Hedges to get money", now we're waiting for the "LIBOR" and then we will be waiting for the "BK to Officially Close"....and when this doesn't happen, then it will be something else.......

We are tired of hearing about it. This is a COOP Board.
👍️ 2 🚫 1
newflow newflow 2 hours ago have no clue.
👍️ 2 🤡 1 🦄 1
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 2 hours ago
Talk to The Trust, and the FDIC. They're the naysayers, and the ones that were in charge.

We don't have to prove anything outside of what those in charge clearly stated.... nothing else is coming back.

You're the ones who can't prove the people in authority liars. You fail, nonstop...for 16 years.

You're going to be here for the rest of your life.
newflow newflow 2 hours ago
I challenge all naysayers debate this official filing especially p.eiko.lo.up , just speak out loaud what it means?. " Beyond this, the Bankruptcy Court and WMILT have merely waited for the final reconciliation of remaining claims and monetization of assets."

"In accordance with the Plan, the Trust will issue LTIs to WMI’s former shareholders if,
and only if, the Trust is able to monetize Liquidating Trust Assets in amounts sufficient to payin-full claims held by beneficiaries of the Trust who are senior to members of Classes 19 and 22,
and then, only if a shareholder had satisfied timely all conditions applicable to receiving any
such Liquidating Trust Interests There can be no assurances that the Trust will be able to
monetize assets in a manner sufficient to give effect to the foregoing."

Or else agree that you are here for unknown reasons 24x7.

AI response: The sentence “Beyond this, the Bankruptcy Court and the WMI Liquidating Trust (WMILT) have merely waited for the final reconciliation of remaining claims and monetization of assets” means that both the Bankruptcy Court and the WMI Liquidating Trust (WMILT) have been passively waiting for two specific things to happen:

Final reconciliation of remaining claims: This refers to the process of identifying and resolving all outstanding claims against the WMI estate. These claims could come from various parties, including creditors, investors, and other entities.
Monetization of assets: This involves converting assets into cash or other forms of value. In the context of bankruptcy, it likely pertains to selling off assets to generate funds for debt repayment or distribution to creditors.
In simpler terms, the Bankruptcy Court and WMILT have been waiting for all loose ends to be tied up before they can finalize the liquidation process and distribute the remaining funds to creditors and other stakeholders
👍️ 2
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 3 hours ago
We're here for $COOP... Deleted escrow morons clog up the board with nonstop fantasy failure... 16 years of never once being correct..

It's unfortunate this ended up their meeting place where they feed each other's mental illness.

Denial is a horrible mental illness, that can rob a person of much life.

This place is ripe with it.
💩 2 🤡 1 🤪 1 🥱 1
KeyKey KeyKey 3 hours ago
Yes, you are right from this perspective.
But who has that much time to read all these documents in detail ?
And this is probably not because of reading them just once.
What is the reason why lodas has so much knowledge regarding the documents ? I won't exclude that he is somehow involved in this case. Just do not know why and how. I also do not know if he has had escrow markers and if he gave releases. Lots of questions. But it is not normal to post here 24/7 without believing that money (in any form) will come back to former shareholders. There must be some reason. Either it is in relation to his job or he failed something in the past.
KeyKey KeyKey 4 hours ago
No further distribution from the trust. That might be right.
But that doesn't mean that there won't be any further distribution from safe harbor, from libor or from whatever ..
BTW: I have been forced to get my escrows PREM'ed (= position removal) between 1st and 2nd distribution. And for 2nd distribution they had to restore my escrows again !! So why did they ask for PREM, although there was a further distribution later ?? Wasn't that strange ?? Why didn't they know at this time that there will be a further distribution ??
👍️ 1
KeyKey KeyKey 4 hours ago
I neither know "coffee lady" nor do I know "cactus".
Where do these names come from ?
Why not using their original names ??
Aren't we all in an age to be more serious ???
Bizreader Bizreader 5 hours ago
LLC formation for as little $250.00
DarkB4Dawn DarkB4Dawn 5 hours ago
Mr Bezos will be saving over $600M in tax's selling with a Florida residency based on reported sales and future sales in his disclosure. Tepper moved south for the same reason along with several others in the B-bracket. Might just be an efficiency sale. Or he is putting in a pool.
PickStocks PickStocks 6 hours ago
Coffee lady’s prediction…..maybe she got this from cactus source……lol
💩 1 🙃 1 🤡 1 🤪 1 🥱 1
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 6 hours ago
Escrows don't exist... They were deleted, by order of the trust. They gave a reason for ordering them deleted. It was because they were deemed worthless, with no further distribution.

Hope this helps. It would be wise to accept facts, and reality.

Good luck!
🐂 2 💩 2 🙃 1 🤪 1
rwdutch rwdutch 6 hours ago
Jeff Bezos also selling large amounts along with others selling quietly. Something big coming and insiders escaping as usual. Hopefully our coattail venture pays soon so escrow can quietly liquidate also !!!!!

UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 6 hours ago
When I seek information on a matter, I don't seek sources with a 16 year history of never once being correct, and have been laughed out of court.

The best place to start, is through those in charge, those with authority.

They have already spoken.

The denial is increasingly hungry, and all that's left to feed it after 16 years of failure, is pure fantasy foolishness, wrapped in shit.

Chow down! Plenty enough of it to last a lifetime! Nom nom nom!!!
👍️ 2 💩 2 🙃 1 🤪 1
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 6 hours ago
From bop:

There is a presumption that on or before the final release date in March 2012 JPM knew assets belonging to WMI were among those the FDIC seized, and therefore that JPM would have to pay for them, and $ would go to WMI.

Accordingly, if Jamie Dimon or his minions beneficially own any WMI legacy benefit even if he/they can't be prosecuted for insider trading (I believe the 10-year statute of limitations expired in 2022) the DOJ can and should ask Judge Walrath for the equitable remedies of disgorgement/civil forfeiture. Quote from: epo78741 - So what in your honest opinion is holding things up? Quote from: CSNY/Alice Griffin bankruptcy Attorney - As a preliminary matter, I think the WMI assets have been bifurcated into the JPM portion and the private equity (i.e., MBS portion) and that these portions have different timelines.

JPM will pay for WMI assets when it settles with the FDIC, and that settlement must come when the receivership is pretty far advanced (virtually closed), which means LIBOR. (Again, JPM owes no payment to WMI; it owes money for WMI assets to the FDIC, which I believe JPM will pay to WMI at the FDIC's direction.)

As to why JPM hasn't paid already, one reason is obvious: why part with money before you have to? There's another reason, in my opinion. As background, about three years ago the statute of limitations on insider trading was extended from five to 10 years. We discussed this at the time. This was a surprise to Wall Street and I understand the Trump administration opposed the extension. This means that any JPM person who bought and released in 2012 were vulnerable, and I cannot believe this was not a concern for any JPM person who owns WMI legacy assets or WMB bonds. As long as the assets were valued at $0 there would be no prosecutorial interest in whether there was an insider trading case and the wise thing to do would be to wait out the statute.

LIBOR means there will be payment on both the WMB bonds and the WMI legacy assets, and essentially will resolve all the major outstanding issues in the receivership, in my opinion. That means JPM will have to pay up. I don't know that the estimated $800B in MBS will also be disclosed at that time; I think that depends on whether the players have the right opportunities for deployment of those assets.

Back to JPM, once LIBOR is resolved the FDIC can and will compel payment from JPM for an omnibus settlement and that will include WMI giving a release to the FDIC.
👍️ 6 🤡 3 🦄 2 ♥️ 1
PickStocks PickStocks 7 hours ago
Hold2wm has yet to be right on any predictions along with yours…April will come and go and nothing will happen….
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 7 hours ago
"Escrow positions" are another one of your made up fantasies.

They were deleted for a reason. They gave the reason.

Because they were deemed worthless, with no further distribution.

Escrow positions is such a desperate spin on reality. A true moronic desperate act of denial.

After 16 years of never once being correct... Sick with denial...this is what you came up with??? 😂
🐂 1 💩 1
goodietime goodietime 7 hours ago
You keep NOT MENTIONING what became of them after their Prospectus's were cancelled....WHY?
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 7 hours ago
The LT markers were cancelled as wwhathe said.
But what weren't cancelled were the escrow POSITIONS. Big difference. As I said, our escrow positions are still on the lists as evidenced by the Libor Bondholders settlement when they contacted me about payout mistakenly because I did not own bonds but am on the escrow position holders list.
👍️ 3 🤡 1 🦄 1
lodas lodas 7 hours ago
why dont you ever read the official documents?....are you afraid that you will learn the truth? keep obsessing about everything except what is important.... where does the dead go once pronounced dead by the doctor?..,. they go bye bye in the ground NEVER TO BE SEEN are not a shareholder anymore in WAMU or do not have any succession to anything connected to what was former WAMU/WMI anymore.... as a former shareholder you have been proclaimed dead and buried along with the former company... did you go through the school training system provided for you by your state?....Lodas
🐂 1 💩 1
goodietime goodietime 8 hours ago

You keep NOT MENTIONING what became of them after their Prospectus's were cancelled....WHY?
👍️ 1
lodas lodas 8 hours ago
how much money did WMI hold in TRUST when they filed chapter 11?.......lets do some detective sleuthing......we know from filings and Doreen Logan that WMI placed about 450 million in addition to the 6.5 Billion allocated in the GSA to settle creditor claims in the chapter 11.... we also know that WMI employed A/M to handle the affairs to bring WMI out of chapter 11 and paid in excess of 1 billion dollars in fees, vendor claims, expert witnesses, etc... so, 1 biilion plus 450 million plus 34 million held in trust by WMMRC, or around 1.5 Billion dollars in round numbers..... this money is what Sheila was after but was, IMO, WMI held the minimum of 1.5 Billion total in Trust assets, not hundreds of billions as said by some on this message board.....Lodas
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 8 hours ago
Not only have you been wrong about everything for 16 years, while you feed yourself lies to quench the denial... You're also a coward, hiding from truthful words.

Living a lie, is the worst way to stumble through life.

lodas lodas 8 hours ago
the "belief" by those that expect added recovery is that before WMI filed chapter 11 is that they funneled away Safe Harbor assets by forming a Trust, and that the TRUST was thus placed in LIMBO, meaning it does not belong to the company anymore but reverts to shareholders by some "rights of possession"......, and that ultimately it will exit the TRUST and be given to FORMER SHAREHOLDERS AS CASH OR STOCK IN THE SUCCESSOR COMPANY CALLED COOP.....if that is what you believe, then lets look at it from the chapter 11 perspective... (1) if the assets were placed in a TRUST, then who is the "named beneficiary"? shareholders are not a legal entity, they are "part of the corporate entity" and succeed only to equity produced by the ASSETS, but do not own the ASSETS...remember A-L= shareholders equity... so, the TRUST would revert back to the GRANTOR of the TRUST, which is WMI if this is what really happened...IMO, it did not happen this way because the 2013 10-K states 7 Trusts which were subs of WMMRC was liquidated and placed in the WMIL-T for payment to CREDITORS HOLDING CLAIMS IN THE CHAPTER 11....and held about 34 million total at the period of 1 year after the chapter 11 closed by INDEPENDENT AUDITORS.....(2)..shareholders who signed releases abandoned their rights to former equity and rights to any past and future events OF THE OLD COMPANY, and got shares in the new company, sans any rights to the former estate, or TRUST , if there was one....(3)...shareholders in the new company do not have lineage to old rights in the former company because THE COMMON AND PREFERRED SHARES WER CANCELLED, EXTINGUISHED AND ALL RIGHTS TO FORMER PROSPECTUS ARE DEEMED NULL AND VOID!!!!!!!!!!!!, the question is, when WMI said ALL ASSETS WERE DECLARED IN THE CHAPTER 11 for dispersion to creditors were they lying? far, the Judge believed it, SUSMAN and WILLINGHAM believed it, and the Hedgies believed it, because a lawsuit was never filed by anyone challenging this statement for 15 years....WMI went into court in 2008 and stated they held 24 billion in total shareholders equity, 32ASSETS- 8 billion liabilities = 24 Billion total....the 24 billion in equity was subsequently written off , and exchanged for NOLS as part of the negotiations during the GSA... Thus, the existence of an off balance sheet TRUST was never discussed... the only trusts held by WMI were the 7 subs of WMMRC.....Lodas
🐂 1 💩 1
stoxjock stoxjock 8 hours ago
"Because he thinks an upcoming event will likely tank the stock and he will lose millions."

Why can't that 'Upcoming Event' be the AI-Fueled "Stock-Market BUBBLE" that we are in right now? Maybe he is just "Selling at the Top", as he has TONS of JPMC Stock and plans to buy it later, once the Bubble bursts.
👍️ 1
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 9 hours ago
NDT, the more I think about this the more sense it makes. Why would a billionaire decide to start selling off hundreds of millions of his stock rather than just leaving the stock to his heirs? Because he thinks an upcoming event will likely tank the stock and he will lose millions. People do this all the time. It's insider trading in a way, but allowable under SEC rules.
We are close to something. Hold2wm and split T may be right. I like our chances.
👍️ 1
xoom xoom 10 hours ago
Say $1,700 per hour
24 hours a day
7 days a week
$285K per week
Approx $1 million per month
BBANBOB BBANBOB 12 hours ago

""I could also say that lodas might be Brian R.""

At HOSENUSAGAINS HOURLY RATE, I seriously doubt he is posting here 24/7
👍️ 1
Not so sure about that NOVA... these gangsters always figure a way to cover their backsides... it's called "corruption".

novascotiaSTS novascotiaSTS 14 hours ago
Meanwhile in the real world JPM reached yet another all time high yesterday.

So JPM shareholders are all totally ignorant or unaware of an upcoming 100B fine for Libor which will wipe out one third of the bank’s equity as of year end 23 and lead to a meltdown in the share price.
goodietime goodietime 14 hours ago
"What was the reason why there were so many secrets which have been kept hidden from the public ?"

WHY? Because they are NOT being honest with the info fed to us. Pretty simple and obvious. imo
👍️ 2
LexTrader LexTrader 14 hours ago
No. This has nothing to do with anything about us
UpTickMeA$AP UpTickMeA$AP 15 hours ago

Telling a person who's been wrong about everything for 16 years, he's full of shit, is simply reality.

You can spin nonsense and pretend all you want. The end result everyday, for the rest of your life, will be the same. You will be here, pretending, feeding denial, and failing.

💩 1 🙃 1 🤡 1 🥴 1 🫏 1
dragoon76 dragoon76 20 hours ago
Looks like someone touched a nerve, LMAO !
🤡 1
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 22 hours ago
NDT, exactly right. $150mm is a lot of cash to raise for someone who already is a billionaire. So why now? Why does he need so much cash? And more sales to come. This is just the first.
If you believe the bank has already been paid for and the payment is now invisible in the receivership until closed after Libor, that means there is more JPM payment to come very soon. I say that is for Libor. The FDIC has sued on behalf of the banks for $400B (the FDIC will get about 10%). Whatever the settlement is, it is still going to be a lot of money, likely at least 100B. That will reflect on the JPM stock price. It has to. So he is smart to sell some shares now. I also believe that's why we get bashers on the boards. They are JPM shareholders and hedgies, terrified that the stock price will tank on any such payment.
But it's ludicrous that being a naysayer on a stock board could possibly change the outcome. I laugh about this. It is what it is. Nothing they can do or say will change the outcome.
I agree with hold2wm that the Libor settlement will be at least 100B. I think it is more likely much more than that. How it gets divided up is another story. But I think we are getting very close to the settlement. Dimon's sale is further evidence that we are close.
IMO, we will get payment this year. As Split T said, something may be weeks away. I may be wrong because our world is so unbelievably corrupt now. But again..........Coattails!
👍️ 4 🤡 1 🤣 1
lodas lodas 23 hours ago
Boris..... the posts now coming from you is pathetic.... like a blind man swinging in the air hoping to hit something, anything... now you are bringing in Judge Buckwald who MIGHT BE SYMPATHTIC, and give relief to aging shareholders.... she could care less about you, and your opinions about 5AT...this WAMU saga has been litigated by all parties and signed by judge Walwrath in 2012, and it is over..any LIBOR settlements will go to the FDIC which has instigated the lawsuits, in the first do you know that perhaps WAMU was complicit in setting LIBOR rates along with the other banks?....If WMI had any money they would not have had to file chapter 11 in the first place!!!!!.... Fishmans letter to Sheila was all about changing the banks preferred structure and borrowing from the FED to get money to shore up the bank.... WAMU WAS A TOTAL BANKING FAILURE, thanks to Killinger and his BOD....why dont you blame Killinger for your losses?....Jamie is a shark on Wall Street and should be feared by all institutions he sets his eyes on...Jamie stole the bank and its assets for a mere 1.89 Billion dollars , lock stock and barrel, and wrote the rest of the non performing, useless assets down below goodwill... you will get squat from Jamie, or LIBOR.... go get a job if you need money to stash away waiting for the world to collapse...Lodas
🐂 1 💩 2 🤡 1 🤪 1 🫏 1
Nightdaytrader Nightdaytrader 23 hours ago
… and Jamie dimon has started to sell shares.. interesting because if you believe jpm will finally pay us for wamu, then jpm stock will probably go down.. so if he is selling now, could we be on verge of finally getting paid?
👍️ 3
PickStocks PickStocks 23 hours ago
The answer is always the same….Paladin has nothing to do with escrows…
💤 1 🤡 1 🥱 1
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 1 day ago
Hold2wm's latest Libor prediction.
Thanks to him for his continued research into Libor for us.
He thinks Libor will settle for at least $114B and that could be done soon, maybe before Apr14, but at least by EOY.
I would say that if they settle for 114B our escrows could get between 50-80B. BP posters on this think 75 25 to the end of course. That would give Ps 4-6x I'm guessing. I am being conservative.

Also, way back when, Rosen said that escrows only chance to get any money might be from Libor. Well he may have been partially right back then.

My feeling is once Libor settles and those funds are distributed, the receivership can close and the big waterfall can begin. That's what the big boys are waiting for. Did JPM already pay $300B for the bank (to avoid yrs of interest) and those funds are now "invisible" (per bop) until the R closes?

On another note, Judge Buckwald being 79 may relate to many of us older investors who have waited 16 years, and she may want to make this right so we can live out our remaining years with just restitution for the wrongs that were perpetrated against us in the wrongful unjust 5th amendment taking.
👍️ 2
suzuki1a suzuki1a 1 day ago
Lodas continues to hang around and post even though he claims there is no returns for escrow. Just a guess, read it again Lodas, just a wag on my part, you’re not 100% convinced of no returns. If you were, there would be no need to hang around to prove yourself correct. Surely, being correct would be reward enough for your ego. I’ve monitored this board for a little over 9 years, popping in from time to time to see who is claiming what. The next BIG date, Ha! I do actually agree with your assessment of no returns, I just find it too amusing to see the same ole same ole back and forth narratives!
user7770 user7770 1 day ago
Chad has been contacted repeatedly. KEEP UP.
Bizreader Bizreader 1 day ago
He's getting old and cancer treatment isn't something one gets over, imo.
Bizreader Bizreader 1 day ago
You don't read, you project bias.
👍️ 1
lodas lodas 1 day ago
there is squat waiting for you after years of wasted are not a shareholder of wamu with no rights to any assets you released by your signature..go along your way sparky, there is nothing to see here....Lodas
👍️ 1 💤 1 💩 1 🤪 1 🥱 1 🫏 1

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