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Lehman Brothers Financial SA (CE)

Lehman Brothers Financial SA (CE) (LEHNQ)

Closed February 22 04:00PM

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cottonisking cottonisking 6 hours ago
2000 shares moved today.

The Expert Market should show "movement" at these micro prices. We are stranded at sea. But help is on the way. America was a sleeping giant. Now this giant cannot and will not sleep ever again, due to her pre 1776's DNA .

Dictionary Trade
Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more
the action of buying and selling goods and services.
"a move to ban all trade in ivory"
buying and selling
a skilled job, typically one requiring manual skills and special training.
"the fundamentals of the construction trade"
day job
line of work
line of business
walk of life
buy and sell goods and services.
"middlemen trading in luxury goods"
buy and sell
do business
exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction.
"they trade mud-shark livers for fish oil"
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bluebird50 bluebird50 9 hours ago
2000 shares traded today
newflow newflow 9 hours ago
This is the message i sent.
Can i get the contact info of the CEO of this company?.How long will it take to reinstate 525ESC711 back into my account with correct quantity?.And also put the correct escrow cusip for the below security
Please fix it ASAP or let me contact the CEO.Thank you.
Plus my shares are held by Merril..

Just a FWIW

JW did a nice job to. Tactfully. Not like me.
The Godfather The Godfather 12 hours ago
That is so strange. I still have my Js in Schwab. Not as much as Jersey but they are still there.

Good response to the agent. Nice work there JW.
jwnoble3 jwnoble3 13 hours ago
I had my J escrows removed and then restored. Now they have been removed again.

Here are my messages w/ TD-Schwab:

Hello JW,

Thank you for your inquiry,

Our custodian received a communication from the company's agent telling our custodian to remove the shares. Once we receive a communication about the escrows value with the Chapter 11 still happening we can then restore your shares.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call the Reorganization Department at 888-723-8504, option 1. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, excluding market holidays.


Elisabet Tucker
Reorganization Department

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Communications may be subject to review.

Original Message Follows:

 Hello Elisabet,

The Chapter 11 reorganization for LBHI is still very much in progress. How can your custodian determine the escrows value with the Chapter 11 still progressing?

Please see the official Fed. USNY Chapter 11 reorg Case # 08-13555 Judge: Martin Glenn Jurisdiction: New York - Southern District

I have reached out to the estate attorney, but would like the position restored until the Chapter 11 has officially completed.

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newflow newflow 14 hours ago
jw... yes.My td account was moved to schwab.Schwab removed my LEHJQ's, i contacted them and they reinstated in few weeks.Now J's back in my account.Still working on D's though.
👍️ 1
Hi JW...I just checked in my Merril account. The J shares are all there still. 150k of them.......

What is going on? We're yours swiped?

cottonisking cottonisking 1 day ago
Jesus Wept, let us Eat: 🦞🦃🐓🐂🍉🍇🍓🌽🍞🍔🍰🍦🎂🥂🥛🥧🍨🌮🍍🍌🥤🍺 ,in New York and London.

Father Time will answer all secrets.

Father Time is the first to notice/see History.

Father Time accepts all History.

Father Time measures your true Nature.

Father Time never waits on anything.

Father Time will follow you forever.

Father Time will never let you forget.

Father Time will be their too.

Father Time will always let you speak for yourself.

Father Time never looks back.

Father Time remembers how you count.

Father Time never needs help.

What is the meaning behind Jesus wept?

Pope Leo the Great referred to this passage when he discussed the two natures of Jesus: "In His humanity Jesus wept for Lazarus; in His divinity he raised him from the dead." The sorrow, sympathy, and compassion Jesus felt for all mankind. The rage he felt against the tyranny of death over mankind.
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jwnoble3 jwnoble3 1 day ago
Anyone had Pref J escrows removed again by their brokerage?
bluebird50 bluebird50 1 day ago
1000 shares traded today….
real777mellon real777mellon 1 day ago
Future Treasury Secretary pick of Trump 2025 administration in office may very well hold our own hybrid PREF share/bond instruments without disclosing it specifically. I'm sure John Paulson has a lot of insight for why both CH 11 LBHI and the GSE Conservatorship began one week apart and are still going through government litigation, US Code procedures, stalled, and overseen by either FHFA Directors or Bankruptcy Courts, etc.

I bet that John Paulson's involvement in the two biggest value investments I can think of after getting in so cheap and just waiting long enough to see each payout come in full or with surplus along the way are the ties I've hypothesized from LBHCT issued TruPS as well as $FNMA and $FMCC - both come cheap with potentially sky high ROI because they carry a lot of of future value in both privatization (FnF) and dividends as well as our TruPS in 16 years of quarterly cash distributions paid in lump sum as soon as CH 11 unfreezes the ability of LBHI > Property Trustee > TruPS holders paid $$$$$$$$$$$ hard cash in their brokerage account holding these 4 ticker TruPS.
mates mates 2 days ago
guy is Non Profit org. and you have a business??? do you also like president???
Jimzin Jimzin 2 days ago

simply the best Bitcoin explanation on the internet...
you're welcome!

I agree.

Never had much faith in bit coin. But I am old fashioned. I think bit coin has a long road to go. IMHO

For now let's just get don't with this Lehman mess. Which appears now to maybe be in 2025

what a long drawn out mess
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mates mates 2 days ago
100 % truth, you expose your self completely to banks and government, exactly what globalists faithing for, there should be national currency for every country not bitcoin.
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cottonisking cottonisking 2 days ago
We think exactly like the Super Rich, we want our money or relief now:

We need to break ground now and start new projects.

Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more
op·por·tu·ni·ty cost
the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.
"idle cash balances represent an opportunity cost in terms of lost interest"

What does its finality mean?
: the character or condition of being final, settled, irrevocable, or complete. b. : the condition of being at an ultimate point especially of development or authority. › ...
Finality Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
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real777mellon real777mellon 2 days ago
Just an intriguing quote concerning a Trump presidency on the menu for 2024 - the ongoing conservatorship from one week prior to LBHI CH 11 filing in 2008 of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the man - John Paulson - who purchased a ton of FNMA and FMCC GSE common stock and has been public and in court trying to get them released from Conservatorship. After winning NH Primary - Trump pointed at Paulson who attended his victory speech in person and Trump (who wrote a Nov 11 2021 letter to Rand Paul as a part of a Supreme Court case where the judge said if the President wrote a letter about planning to release the GSEs from conservatorship the appeals court could use that in a case that argued Trump being blocked from appointing his FHFA Director until Sep 2019 was unconstitutional. So he wrote the letter after the fact and claimed he would've release Fannie and Freddie well capitalized from conservatorship but ran out of time due to the Obama appointed FHFA Director blocking Trump's plans to work with the FHFA Director on getting the GSEs privatized.

Anyway Trump points at Paulson and says "wouldn't he make a great Treasury Secretary???" which of course made the FNMA and FMCC GSE investor crowd go ape shit because Paulson is a holder of the common stock of both GSEs and outspoken about privatization of them...

Read an old 9/16/2013 CNN article on the unwinding of LBHI. Mentioned how it was still ongoing and how some claims made were being paid in full and some debt dumped immediately in the 2008 CH 11 filing aftermath made huge ROI for the people who scooped up the LBHI debt when it was worth nothing basically.

One being John Paulson thru his HF:

"Some hedge funds, including John Paulson's, have scored big by purchasing Lehman's debt immediately after the bankruptcy filing."

Now since the conservatorship of the GSEs and a week later LBHI went down (in A US Treasury Secretary almost "mandate" to file CH 11 on Sep 15, 2008 - even tho he had no power to mandate that) - I think Paulson's been investing in correlated 2008 misunderstandings - much like us. People who found value obviously Paulson being on the street and having a HF made him quicker to the conclusion he probably was acquiring valuable debt/stock in a time where the dumping onto spot markets made them extremely unwanted and undervalued. Well, both LBHI CH 11 and the Conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue into year 16. I suspect, especially since Lehman was a competitor to Fannie and Freddie and EVEN MENTIONED in Dick Fuld's October 2008 testimony to the Congressional committee in DC as a competitor to LBHI (and its subsidiaries)... Another interesting part of that Fuld October 2008 testimony was the Fuld, via Lehman's "PAC" to donate money to political campaigns over a few years in the 2000's only contributed $300K of personal funds to election and not using LBHI's corporate money. Fannie Mae over that same period out lobbied Lehman using their corp money donating $175 Million for campaign donations in the same time. The congressman points out how he got out lobbied by his competition and Fuld laughs. Goes to show you - there's a ton of money here and I think that the story of Lehman and the 2 GSEs in conservatorship have a positive outcome for value invested folks like us, and John Paulson too - which is why they are three intriguing ongoing unwindings and unresolved legal/privatized "clean slate" ongoing processes in that they have operations despite being under restructuring or conservatorship and the money tied up in it all has both exceeded claims in many of LBHI's subsidiary unwinding/liquidations and that ?'s remain on why all 3 are taking so long but so much value remains in play for owners of their securities.

What if the next Secretary of the Treasury IS Paulson and he owns TruPS as well thru some vehicle still just like he owns $FNMA and $FMCC? Good for us too in some way? Maybe.

Some other intriguing DC to LBHI ties from 2008 most don't know.:

Sec Treasury Hank Paulson's brother was employed at Lehman at the time of the CH 11 and also had worked there for a decade:

Forbes Published Sep 12, 2008:
Paulson Brothers On Either Side Of Lehman Divide
"U.S.Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. has lots of friends at Lehman Bros.

The former Goldman Sachs chief executive is close to Lehman Chairman and Chief Executive Richard Fuld Richard Fuld . He also knows many of Lehman's bankers from his early years hammering out merger deals.

But Paulson's best friend at Lehman Bros. is probably his brother Richard Paulson, who has worked at the now-beleaguered investment bank as a fixed-income salesman for more than a decade. The two brothers, though very different, share a passion for the Chicago Cubs, say people who know them."

Another Nov 25, 2008 article after Hank Paulson's QA where he was asked if letting Lehman fail was a mistake. Note besides Paulson's brother still working at LB's Chicago office that Barclay's Capital Inc acquired and thus it never went out of business - TWO close relatives of the president at the 2008 start of the GFC and CH 11 were on LBHI's payroll somewhere in some capacity - big roles too. Cousin George and Brother Jeb:

My question is - do these 2008 family ties with important position in LBHI's organization to the President and Sec of the Treasury and the importance of the Trump comment about making a LBHI debt investor who made millions so far off the CH 11 as well as owns common stock and lobbys publicly for release of Fannie and Freddie from conservatorship his Treasury Secretary appointment all tied together? You might think having these family ties in LBHI's umbrella when it filed CH 11 had something of an inside element to it - maybe a plan between public and private sector that these relationships were not illegal to have, but also not without coincidence... Felt like sharing. Think it's neat the possible incoming Treasury Secretary could be a guy who is both holding Lehman Brothers assets and has made money on many of his scoops there already as well as a FNMA and FMCC shareholder who is notably public in his lobbying for release from FHFA's conservatorship. All of it dates back and ties up to the 2024 public sector in the elections as well as the health and surpluses of all three "competitors" LBHI v Fannie and Freddie as mentioned by the member of Congress to Dick Fuld in October 2008 on Capitol Hill when he says his competitors outlobbied him 175 Million of corp money to Fuld's $300K in personal funds that were put in a LB's PAC but not using LB's corp funds.

Lehman Brothers’ presidential connections
Now that the government has agreed to rescue Citigroup , investors are pondering again a question that never seems to die: Wasn’t it a mistake to let Lehman Brothers fail? Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was asked this very question in a Q&A that ran in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, and he replied, “We didn’t have an option.” He said that Lehman had neither a buyer, as Bear Stearns did in JPMorgan Chase , nor adequate assets to justify a life-saving federal loan.

There’s a certain irony here. Did you know that Lehman had incomparable Washington connections? Downright presidential connections, in fact (and even they couldn’t save the firm). Now that Lehman’s North American core has been acquired by Barclays Capital , they remain:

– Hank Paulson’s younger brother, Dick Paulson, spent 18 years at Lehman. He’s still in the Chicago office, now as a Barclays Capital SVP in fixed income.

– Ted Roosevelt IV, great-grandson of President Theodore, is a managing director in investment banking at Barclays Capital. He held the same position at Lehman, having started at the firm 36 years ago and rising to head its financial products and derivatives units during the ’90s. Most recently he oversaw Lehman’s Council on Climate Change.

– Ted Roosevelt V – a chip off environmental Ted IV and great-great-grandson of President Teddy – is also a Lehman alum and now an SVP in fixed income at Barclays Capital. He got married two days before Lehman collapsed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

– George Herbert Walker IV, President Bush’s second cousin, was global head of asset management at Lehman, having joined from Goldman Sachs in 2006. In September, when Lehman agreed to sell its asset management unit, including Neuberger Berman, to Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman for $2.15 billion, Walker agreed to go with the deal. He’s now CEO of Neuberger Investment Management, now owned by private equity.

– Jeb Bush, the President’s brother and former Governor of Florida, was a senior adviser for Lehman’s private equity arm. He parted ways with Lehman around the time of the bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, another former Lehman exec who is less well-known but was the fascinating subject of my 2007 Fortune profile, “The Spy Goes to Wall Street,” has left Barclays. Jami Miscik, who was global head of sovereign risk at Lehman and then at Barclays, is in Washington now, helping Barack Obama line up his new national intelligence team. Having headed the CIA’s intelligence directorate pre-Lehman, she could land back in government. The smarter bet is, though, that Miscik will resurface in New York to help a financial-services firm navigate geopolitical risk worldwide. For all of Lehman’s missteps, the firm managed geopolitical risk better than many others, and much of the credit for that goes to Miscik.

And whatever happened to CEO Dick Fuld? Almost every day, I’m told, he is in his 45th floor office in the Time & Life Building (the same building that houses Fortune). Fuld is working on the disposal of Lehman’s remaining assets – which, in this awful market, is some kind of penance for bringing down the house of Lehman.
joyceschoice joyceschoice 2 days ago
Cheers! Financial innovation is the 8th wonder of the world. Left and Right up there with civilization. You know... building, farming, cities and countries with government backed fiat. Being water and walking on it. It's either a digital miracle or just another financial innovation that screws the least and middle of us.

Sorry Jimzin . I'm slow to adopt until I better understand the landscape and its valleys. Curious if the same people that refused a vaccine are invested or even know much about bitcoin.

So is crypto a vehicle of the "evil" globalists? Just asking.
👍️ 1
Jimzin Jimzin 2 days ago
SEC finally gave approval 30 days ago after 10 years of disapprovals. Every single financial institution in the world will be “in crypto” very soon. Yes every single one…

bluebird50 bluebird50 2 days ago
A side note… it’s been mentioned here that Lehman forward could step into the Crypto business??

On that note SEC approved Bitcoin ETFs today…

Personally I don’t think it’s going that direction for a number of reasons… I’ll just leave it at that…

Have a good evening all y’all
bluebird50 bluebird50 2 days ago
0 shares traded today
cottonisking cottonisking 3 days ago
Are the fees I paid my bankruptcy lawyer and trustee tax deductible?
Basic Information Bankruptcy fees paid to lawyers and trustees can be either a tax deduction or not and it will depend on the type of bankruptcy filed, Chapter 7 or 13, and

Creditor Definition & Citations: A person to whom a debt Is owing by another person, called the “debtor.” Mohr v. Elevator Co., 40 Minn. › C
CREDITOR Definition & Legal Meaning - Black's Law Dictionary

A group, formed by institutions that have a financial CLAIM on a company that has filed for BANKRUPTCY, which coordinates actions in order to maximize value in LIQUIDATION or approve the company.

The creditors that a party treats as a single creditor when dealing with debt.

In fraud of creditors; with intent to defraud creditors. Inst. 1, 6, pr. 3.

Lat. In the civil law. Hypothecary creditors; thosewho loaned money on the security of an hgpotlieca, (q. v.) Calvin.

Is the Scotch term for the arrangement of the property of a debtor according to the claims of the creditors, in consequence of the nature of their respective securities. Bell. The corresponding

A person to whom a debt Is owing by another person, called the “debtor.” Mohr v. Elevator Co., 40 Minn. 343, 41 N. W. 1074; Woolverton v. Taylor Co., 43 111. App.

One who has caused an attachment to be issued and levied on property of his debtor.

A creditor of a municipal corporation who receives a certificate of indebtedness for the amount of his claim, there being no funds on hand to pay him. Johnson v. New Orleans, 46

A term sometimes applied to creditors of a failing debtor who furnished him with the tneans of obtaining credit to which his real circumstances did not entitle him, thus involving loss to

One who has not established his debt by the recovery of a judgment or has not otherwise secured a lien on, any of the debtor’s property. U. S. v. Ingate (C. C.)
🤕 1
Jimzin Jimzin 3 days ago
That deserves a Git r’ Done!
cottonisking cottonisking 3 days ago
Continue: "messy" in 2012

What should we call this thing in 2024?

Is this dangerous money?

The $22.5 billion first distribution announced on Wednesday, much higher than Lehman's initial minimum estimate made last month of about $10 billion, is relief for creditors who have been waiting three-and-a-half years for their money as Lehman has trudged through a 👉️messy liquidation.

Dictionary messy
Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more
untidy or dirty.
"his messy hair"
in a muddle
in disarray
in turmoil
in a jumble
like a bomb's hit it
(of a situation) confused and difficult to deal with.
"a messy divorce"
cottonisking cottonisking 3 days ago
I guess from $22 Billion down to $22 dollars then what is next? Plan Trust distributions...

Lehman plans $22.5 bln payout to creditors
April 11, 20127:55 PM UTCUpdated ago

$22.5 bln initial distribution to begin April 17
Figure is higher than initial payout estimates
Lehman exited bankruptcy in March with $65 bln payout plan
Eyes second distribution later in 2012
By Nick Brown
April 11 (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc next week will begin paying out $22.5 billion to its creditors, more than it initially estimated in the first leg of its $65 billion creditor payback plan.
Lehman, which ended the largest-ever Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March, will begin making payments April 17, it said in a statement on Wednesday. That date coincides with a tentative payout schedule announced last month. The company said in the statement it is eyeing a second distribution around Sept. 30.
The $22.5 billion first distribution announced on Wednesday, much higher than Lehman's initial minimum estimate made last month of about $10 billion, 👉️is relief for creditors who have been waiting three-and-a-half years for their money as Lehman has trudged through a messy liquidation. 👈️💋The firm's collapse in September 2008 was a catalyst of the global financial crisis.

from Oxford Languages · Learn more
a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.
"much to her relief, she saw the door open"
assistance, especially in the form of food, clothing, or money, given to those in special need or difficulty.
"raising money for famine relief"
real777mellon real777mellon 3 days ago
BTW, feel better. SIPA for the Madoff Ponzi is STILL in progress.

real777mellon real777mellon 3 days ago
I appreciate it! I'm probably also a weird dude at 35 to be seriously investing and have gone straight from my undergrad years (first four years I really worked my ass off and boy do those growing pains suck - this is a full time job really) to start grad school being like - hey I think I'm gonna go all into questioning the 2008 GFC and find value there.

Year 8 - not an expert, not quite so good at NEATLY writing it but everyone here is smart. We know this is a mess but we get the main points. I really do believe in the guarantee (liq min amt) and obligation to pay those quarterly suspended cash distributions because in the end - we're talking about a property trustee that at IPO time was Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. and the parent that owns 100% common shares of all 4 TruPS issued by DST corps is goddamn LBHI - the global parent of Lehman. Now $639 B in Assets and $613 B in liabilities on the books, I'm sorry when had any company +26B Assets less Liabilities ever been forced into CH 11 by the Treasury Secretary or by any public sector employed senior US Gov't official? Never. Investment banking was wild back before 2008, but I don't think it's less corrupt today at all. What Lehman has proven is a part of the October 2008 testimony of Richard Fuld in DC that sticks out to me... Paraphrasing here, but "in times where credit is constrained, the value of assets in the company books may register a lower value than they would, registering a higher value per asset when there is a healthy amount of credit in the market. The fact that FAS 157 "Mark to Market" Accounting was forced upon these institutions in the Fall of 2007 where assets that we not as liquid and hadn't traded in awhile had to be re-valued using the MTM standard. This is where JPMC as LBHI's daily repo105 clearing house could say, no - Dick, your assets aren't worth $639 B, we think you need an extra $5.6B cash in addition to the assets you post as collateral for us to clear this repo (from your own UK Subsidiary) to get your daily operating cash of $50 B US (FROM YOUR OWN SUBSIDIARY! haha)...

The odd thing is LBHI came up with this once in the week the GSEs went into conservatorship to operate just one more day. Then the weekend came, and as you are all aware - LBH PLC and LBIE (both UK subsidiaries) were put in Administration because the repo tx was a two way street. When they heard that LBHI was to file CH 11 because they could no longer post collateral for their repo cash, the UK government put the two UK subsidiaries into Administration before the market even opened on Monday the 15th in NYC. Because the two UK subsidiaries in Administration were not able to have enough cash to operate one day without LBHI giving cash for them to operate in London. This is all kinda bogus to me. FAS 157 MTM being thrown onto these firms beginning in late 2007, early 2008 led to JPMC being able to go grab Bear Stearns Companies and then the rumors and (worst powerpoints in the world by Greenlight Capital) allowed $LEH stock to sink as well to a point it prob shouldn't have and wouldn't have if FAS 157 didn't give clearing houses for investment banks like JPMC and Citigroup the ability to disagree on asset's collateral value.

I think it's exactly what Fuld said, you change to FAS 157 Mark to Market forcing these long illiquid assets on Lehman's books to be re-valued at the subjective opinion of the clearinghouse which as we know, JPMC wanted to acquire LB's as well, but Barclays ended up winning the LBI books and the CRE at LBHI's midtown global HQ (worth $1B at the time) - allowing them to also get prob 15,000 of the best investment bankers at LBI as well to start up Barclay's investment banking in NYC without a hickup.

Now... do I think this sounds a bit Hollywood? That's the next thing. I am a skeptic. I think a lot of things happened as I've looked back at this entire situation and the surrounding events and factors as well as fallout when it comes to Lehman. To make it simple, I believe Fuld was right. When credit was available in healthy markets, (0-0.25% QE era) - these assets on LBHI's books shot up to be worth much more than they were bought for even before the 2005/2006 peak value of CRE, CMBS, RMBS, CLO, real estate loans, (Archstone stock) - etc etc. So... then we find ourself watching LBHI take an approach not to begin selling their once "illiquid" properties and CRE etc tied securities and debt etc until 2012 when the PT was in effect. Led to surpluses all over the Lehmanverse in recoveries. So yes Fuld was right. I actually believe this was the intention and why the CH 11 has gone on so long because globally all administrations, all CH 11, all of these globally complex but mostly real estate tied instruments where the underlying asset is essentially property, the recovery of the Residential and Commercial real estate from 2008 Q3 to 2011/2012 was swift. And we all know why. Credit was readily available. By design of course.

In the end, what is this long process going to prove.

1. Global unwinding of a pre-broadband, iPhone/Smartphone, retail investor, widely accessible platform for retail/institutions alike was uncharted territory in 2008. To me LBHI was the top of the fastest and most innovative - first true global empire in investment banking, securities, corp debt, underwriting, govt bonds - etc across many different jurisdictions from NYC to London to Tokyo mainly but also with subsidiaries in Argentina and Brazil to Uruguay and the Middle East and the Netherlands? Revolutionary. A lot of their electronic platforms (LehmanLive was one haha) we're the first quick way to trade assets across NYC to the LSE to Asia etc. Pretty darn cool - but also naive. Beginning in DSL era. The point is Lehman did a lot of trading where their broker-dealers would move their money overseas to many different markets and invest in the highest returning asset no matter where. So I'm surprised that an book with that much Asset/Liabilities on it in 2008 was even able to be tallied. I think the LBHI (and global subsidiaries) unwinding is also because like our Constitution is not rigid, but a framework that can at times be changed with courts, the people, congress, etc you name it over time as new situations arise that people have to find a way to make adjustments and create new standards that work as the innovation and future environment of the country evolves.

LBHI is going to come out of CH 11 as a clean slate company with capital leftover. Surplus as they call it in the LBI SIPA liquidation, LBIE Administration, and even so far up to this latest distribution of Tier X or Y w/e in LBH PLC's Administration. However LBHI comes last. The UK created equitable law, trust law in the 14th century in the English Court of Chancery. That court was dissolved in the 19th century and the continuation of it is the Delaware Court of Chancery - we're many a CH 11 is in fact done for a reason. I think what we are going to see is the first ever trans-oceanic cross jurisdiction solution to both the UK Administrations and the LBHI CH 11. I think they are keeping the CH 11 alive for reasons that the UK courts may create a new way to handle some sort of distribution or resolved LBH PLC's Administration then kicks back to the Delaware Court of Chancery to finish the rest of LBHI's litigation (or just close the books) and the culmination of all this will be the first ever, non-government bailout bankruptcy, the largest in history - with many different types of processes from Administration and the UK High Court to the Court of Chancery, the NYC Supreme Court litigation over AGFP that lasted from 2011 to 2023(!) and then of course, maybe a slam dunk appeal that does away with that BS valuation effort on LBHI's CDS' based off the assets being insured against (AGAIN) - in a time of tight credit, and fear/illiquid MBS, and CDO against MBS that no doubt would have had plenty of value if the "auction" AGFP did that in 2012 for the same assets.

Now... The good thing is - there's billions of dollars to pay off even LBHI's claims in surplus - but we will get ours.

Guarantees, no delisting yet (bc of liq amt guaranteeing $25) + suspended cash owed quarterly since Q3 2008. We can calculate that, and if SIPA is coming to a close in Sep 28 2022 for LBI's court ordered liquidation on Sep 19, 2008 with $129 B paid out and only $113 B claimed by creditors - We will see our $1.2B ($25M per 48M shares) and the 30+ $ of back suspended quarterly cash distributions pretty quickly. I think we're just regulating a way to tie this all up and we're almost there. But what's remarkable is - no government bailout and coming out as a clean slate company as CH 11's are mean to?

The one thing LBHI was to me was innovative, fair in how they valued their assets (obviously they were worth much more than $639B - even if you just account for inflation that's about $1T today), and they seem to be a tragic hero. I think we will have positive sentiment when someone says "Lehman Moment" - maybe starting with us? The last one's paid, but paid handsomely with on-going value (Basel III guys, Tier 1 capital like TruPS that don't have a cap gains tax and pay quarterly cash that is also non taxable so long as your firm or individual residence is not in Delaware or a DE corp)! If you're holding in a LLC registered in Delaware I recommend switching to AZ, NV quick lol.

I mean I really go deep on my Lehman. But having a sort of graduate Ph.D. in LBHI contrarianism now - maybe I just like to babble about it. :)

You think the LBHI docket has broken the record for amount of pages submitted since 2008 in each docket submission? I don't think we'll ever see a docket that long. I bet it would take a decade and 10 hours each day to even read.
👍️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 3 days ago
Ty! The way it should work is the cash from the suspended quarterly distributions dating back to Q3 2008 should end up as cash in our brokerage account since unlike the ECAPS holders in the UK, we don't need to do any paper work to claim such things. It's all electronic here :) --- (god bless America right? haha)

If you find anything about the Appellate case in NYC courts between LBIE v AGFP over the CDS valuation Andrew Rossman is appealing for our benefit - share links I keep searching but have only seen as of January the two parties filed for the upcoming case and I got the update of actually saying the earliest the may begin that battle is Feb 2024. Well, here we are.

As for LBH PLC - wrap it up already UK! Jeeeeez. Lol. Is it Tier Z yet? Good lord do those High Courts or whatever they call them take their time!
real777mellon real777mellon 3 days ago
Lol that's fantastic. They won't know what Lehman Brothers is/was, but they will enjoy the fruits of your efforts here haha.

cottonisking cottonisking 3 days ago
March 6, 2012

767 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10153
Attorneys for Debtors and
Debtors in Possession
In re : Chapter 11 Case No.
Debtors. : (Jointly Administered)
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that all conditions precedent to the Effective Date1
the Modified Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Its
Affiliated Debtors, dated December 5, 2011 [ECF No. 22973], have been satisfied, and the
Effective Date was declared for each of the Debtors on March 6, 2012 at 12:01 A.M.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that in accordance with sections 1.48 and
8.3 of the Plan, the initial Distribution Date shall be, and Distributions under the Plan shall
commence on, April 17, 2012.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that pursuant to section 8.11 of the Plan,
for purposes of the initial Distribution Date, the Debtors and the Plan Administrator will not
recognize any transfer of Claims recorded on the claims register after March 18, 2012.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Debtors will not make any
Distribution to a holder of an Allowed Claim unless such Claim holder submits, on or before
March 23, 2012, both the appropriate (i) Internal Revenue Service tax form (“Tax Form”) and
(ii) certification pertaining to Office of Foreign Assets Control compliance (“OFAC
Certification”). For further information concerning the Tax Form and OFAC Certification,

Unless otherwise defined in this Notice, capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in
the Plan.
08-13555-jmp Doc 26039 Filed 03/06/12 Entered 03/06/12 10:15:37 Main Document
US_ACTIVE:\43940448\06\58399.0008 2

please review the Notice to Holders of Allowed Claims Regarding Plan Distributions, dated
February 15, 2012 [ECF No. 25392].
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that copies of the Confirmation Order, the
Plan, the Plan Supplement, and related documents are available for inspection during regular
business hours in the office of the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court, Alexander Hamilton Custom
House, One Bowling Green, New York, New York 10004. Copies of the Confirmation Order,
the Plan, the Plan Supplement, and related documents are also available for registered users of
the Bankruptcy Court’s filing system by accessing the Bankruptcy Court’s website
( and for all parties at
Dated: March 6, 2012
New York, New York
/s/ Lori R. Fife
Lori R. Fife
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10153
Attorneys for Debtors
and Debtors in Possession
08-13555-jmp Doc 26039 Filed 03/06/12 Entered 03/06/12 10:15:37 Main Document
Pg 2 of 2 Pg 1 of 2
I sense it to.

But you know how that goes. It could shlt the bed to.

We might know soon.
You can borrow my vette. Luv to see you jamb those 2 in it. Take a picture. 🤩
Your lucky at 35. Yep, we talk along here. Like we have been doing for years. Glad you joined our group. You post good stuff. Shout out any time you like.

Thanks for the kind informative reply.
👍️ 1 😁 1
Your welcome. Sorry couldn't help more. I live right across from the beach. So that's not my turf. I didn't know that NJ had any no drinking spots. Take care.
cottonisking cottonisking 4 days ago
🗼🇬🇧🗽🇱🇷 Basis: Two Judges...UK and US:

From lbhi's UK October 9, 2023 and October 10, 2023 hearings. From lbhi's June 19, 2019 hearing.

7 MR JUSTICE HILDYARD: The end happened years ago, but never
8 mind. Yes.

Re Lehman Brothers Holdings PLC (In Administration)
Day 2
October 10, 2023

June 19, 2019 CTs' Hearing with Judge Chapman responding to my statements in her courtroom. Cotton was not King on this day. I think that I indirectly put retirement on her schedule. LOL

3) Bonus from transcript:

"16 This is a bankruptcy case that was conducted
17 pursuant to the rules of this Court, Federal Rules of Civil
18 Procedure as adopted and incorporated into the bankruptcy
19 rules according to the Bankruptcy Code under the glare and
20 spotlight for years and years and years.
21 It resulted in a plan of 👉️reorganization.👈️ The plan
22 of👉️ reorganization 👈️contemplated a bar date and an orderly
23 process for the consideration of claims. That's what has
24 occurred here.
👉️25 In fact, this case is coming to its conclusion.
Page 86
Docsavag Docsavag 4 days ago
Last time I ran into a young lady like that, I told her I could give her the best 30 seconds of my life…if I was up for two rounds.
bluebird50 bluebird50 4 days ago
Love your optimism…. I bought in the same fashion in 2019/20 bought a few low hanging large lots but just threw out a number of stink bids to see if they would fill; manage to get a decent amount.
I would be okay with just 5 dollars; and extremely happy with face value let alone interest.

I do think we could wake up one day and it’s in our account… hope to get a text message from someone on IHub before I see it myself… they’ve been waiting longer than me!

And I think this could unravel very soon in my opinion for our benefit. Just sense it.
👍️ 4
toogoodfella toogoodfella 4 days ago
RE: buying sports cars and 30 year old girlfriends ;)


I prefer 36

Two 18 year old twins

18 + 18 = 36

👍️ 2 👯 1 💩 1 🤣 1
real777mellon real777mellon 4 days ago
Edit: Yeah alot of posts but u all post so much here. Just wanted to spread the positivity and motivation to all y'all. You deserve credit hanging in there. =P

I am 35. I might not live to see the day. I could get hit by a car - have a heart attack etc tomorrow.

When I was 27 I survived a lung removal to save me from a disease incurable that bloodied and ruin my left lung.

I am grateful for everyday. I still make investments like this with a patience because there's a lot of benefits to seeing it out. Should I die before, I know the payout is guaranteed and going to be a humongous ROI I can give to my family and my niece.

Should I live, I am happy to have made it all the way despite having to spend YEARS finding my way here and wrapping my head around this. My initial ? and looking into these began in 2018 - I'm just happy I stuck with it. That was my 3rd year investing.

The most I learned the more excited I get as these cases are moving forward with their payouts, court cases, appeals, etc. We can make it. Stay positive. And if you are an elder person - age is just a number. Buy that dream yacht you wanted or leave the family you love a nice chunk of it after you're done buying sports cars and 30 year old girlfriends ;)

I try to stay positive. I learned in my late 20's life isn't guaranteed. But LBHCT TruPS are guaranteed suspended cash quarterly distributions and a liq min amt of $25.00 a share! So yeah until it got down to about 0.01 (last buy was Nov 2023) - I bought as many of these as I could from 2022-2023 and even only filling 100-200 made me happy just like filling 2,000 did. But it was hard to get those fills. Did it pay off? Yeah I'm happy with my accumulations :)
👍️ 3 ✔️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 4 days ago
Cotton - still a chance that the entire extended Nov 2025 etc granted in the UK is not needed.

Could be as much a sudden SURPRISE as the LBHI CH 11 ;)
👍️ 2
real777mellon real777mellon 4 days ago
One last thing. LBHI never took a bailout. It would be a testament to the CH 11 and UK Administration process if the re-emergence from CH 11 with surplus $ across all creditor claims and enough to re-capitalize a new clean slate LB's using the TruPS (all of which issued by DST incorp companies that became LBHI subsidiaries because of the swap I described. Those 100% common shares worth 3% of the IPO price of each TruPS are owned by LBHI still). =P
👍️ 2
real777mellon real777mellon 4 days ago
And yes mojo, you are guaranteed to be a millionaire. Each and every one of these cases has taken forever to unwind but I hope you can make sense of my long attempt to explain the reasoning behind my optimism.

TL;DR - just gotta wrap up LBHI claims in the LBH PLC distributions - close that Admin like LBIE then finish the Appeal v AGFP in NYC Appeals Court.

After that, pay off the claims 10B-Class 12. Then resume LBHI->Property Trustee -> Payout all suspended quarters of cash distributions for each share we own for all 4 LBH CT TruPS since 09./17/08 Suspension + if they wanna cancel/delist pay us our $25 liquidation amt min. However - I think these shares re-capitalize some sort of entity. I know Fannie and Freddie are making 70% of MBS now as opposed to 30% - but there's room for other instruments that could use a private label bundled mortgage or CRE/Res Real Estate related security to buy off banks and securitize. I'm sure there's room. Maybe even a consolidation between what we got since the maturity is 28-30 years from now (2052-2054) and these T1 Capital instruments would be something MANY banks (Basel III) would be interested in. I just read today that Citi, JPMC, and BoA are buying MBS and CLOs (likely getting MBS from fannie and freddie with govt guar and the fact 70% of MBS are packaged mortgages bought off lenders for 700+ FICO borrowers ;) =P - high quality).

There's room for investment banks to make products with the other 30% of these mortgage loans - in fact why not Lehman? Over time have their instruments with CRE and reg residential MBS from US and UK not be bringing in an underlying value since recovery of the value of these underlying properties higher/high enough to be sold off to investors from here to UK to EU? That's where these surpluses come from. LBHI did a great job not selling its CRE that everyone said put them under in 2008 when the market crashed. When credit markets expanded, and CRE prices went up again. All the CRE related instruments LBHI had and actual CRE itself was sold for more value in 2012-2016 than LBHI would've had in their books for 2005 before the panic and quick crash of CRE and related securities with CRE underlying. Dick Fuld mentions why he believed his books were worth far more than JPMC (the clearing house that wouldn't agree to the value of LBHI's asset book and forced LBHI to not be able to do repo 105 anymore with LBH PLC in the UK for daily operating cash). Dick Fuld was right.
👍️ 2
real777mellon real777mellon 4 days ago
Hey if you don't see the surpluses in SIPA, the two UK Administrations for LBHI subsidiaries and the hoard of cash that LBHI made while selling it's CRE related loans, properties, securities once the market rebounded bw 2013-2016 and renting them out in the earliest years of the CH11 (2009-2012) to tenants paying rent - I guess I do. And yes buying at a penny is a steal. A TruPS with guarantees and the fact LBHI is owed money itself, Billions more than ever expected have been recovered for subsidiary restructurings similar to CH 11 globally (80 subsidiaries owing LBHI $ globally settled out of court)... I'm just saying. If there's no money left for Sub Class 10(B) 10.4 B in claims (us) and the suspended cash qtr dating to 09/17/08 + $1.2B for 48 M total TruPS across 4 tickers with liquidation min amt of $25 per share - I'd say that you just are under estimating the mountains of money made time and time again in a strategic and structured CH 11 - paying off claims in billions of excess. Just don't see why there's no one here thinking that the LBHI PT cannot eventually get around to paying off the miniscule $1.2B for 48 M guar shares (this is why our securities are not delisted from OTC - delist them and you owed $25 USD per share to shareholders. Cash distributions don't go away either. That is owed as well. Guarantee is a guarantee. And there's no way LBHI will not have the money in the end to emerge from its global parent, after all those out of court global settlements with LBHI subsidiaries that LBHI lent to, just like it lent to the LBH PLC in administration in the UK which is why it's receiving payouts with the ECAPS in this current distribution.

how do you think there wouldn't be enough billions left for bankruptcy remote (that is we are both protected from liquidation of the sub-debentures that reflect the assets in the property trustee account for each TruPS AND while we have a Sub Class 10B claim in the CH 11, and are after ECAPS in the UK (Class 10 A), we still are legally protected in that we get our Liquidation Min Amt for any cancellation/delisting of TruPS, we get our 46+ something quarters of cash distributions suspended since 09/17/08. We also have shares that mature in 2052-2054. Meaning, that's another 28-30 years where these Tier 1 Capital (Basel III req 10% T1 cap, and we know AT1 is NOT guaranteed since they can write down to 0). Where as Credit Suisses AT1's had a prospectus that said SIFMA (regulator) could write the shares to 0 if the bank itself (CS AG) could not post enough collateral for their $50B CHF bailout by the Swiss Central Bank - OUR TruPS are actual T1 Capital. They have a prospectus guaranteeing us our liq min amt upon delisting shares (thats we we haven't left OTCMKTS) - and guaranteed payment of all missed quarterly payments from however long CH 11 has suspended the process of LBHI writing sub debentures to the property trustee, and the property trustee transferring cash relative to the value in each of the four TruPS property trustee accounts between 6-6.375% depending on the TruPS you own. But the rules are the same. THE ONLY reason LBHI's involved in this and we are sort of frozen until CH 11 related litigation is completed from resuming our cash dsitributions missed since 09/17/08 is because when EACH LBHI Capital Trust (DST company) issued it's preferred shares we now own, they also issued common stock worth 3% of each TruPS. The TruPS and Common Stock immediately was swapped to the ownership of LBHI, with a subordinated debenture identitical to each TruPS the 4 CT's issued (amt of shares = debentures, exact same interest, etc). The Common Stock swapped into LBHI's ownership was kept by LBHI making the 4 LBH Capital Trust (Delaware Statutory Trust companies reg in Delaware individually) officially wholly owned subsidiaries of LBHI. The TruPS stock that LBHI was swapped was then underwritten and given to many different Investment Banks/Firms to issue to accredited investors in IPOs between 2001-2005. The ONLY reason we are able (lucky enough) to be holding these is if u aren't an OG accredited investor with $5M in net worth who participated in the IPO of these shares bw 2001-2005 after LBHI had many different financial institutions underwrite and IPO sale these to accredited investors is the same reason folks in Europe came into the LBH PLC (UK LBHI subsidiary) "ECAPS" shares bw 2013-2016 pretty damn cheap, once the wealthy folks dumped many of the ECAPS and also in the US OTC MKT our TruPS in 2013 for nothing and in high vol, the shares could be bought by anyone. Some of these folks are like us. Like myself acquiring the bulk of my shares I could grab in highly illiquid OTC mkts for 0.01-0.02 USD since 2022. The ECAPS were grabbed for "eurocents" by some lucky investors like us in the EU/UK when Southy Capital a small City of London broker started offering a broker-dealer service for the ECAPS. The biggest and quiet folks grabbing these ECAPS with their guarantee liq min were BIG time institutional players across the pond Deutsch Bank AG, Farrallon, CarVal (now AllianceBernstein who acquired CarVal in 2022) AND Barclays PLC (LBI - the LBHI broker dealer acquired partially by Barclays Capital Inc, NA a subsidiary of the UK Barclays PLC makes me wonder - is this an insider trade or just fair game)...

So - who knows who owns our better protected, better guaranteed value, Tier 1 Capital, TruPS? Southey Capital books got up to 22 EUR per ECAP in 2022 bc PwC announced that there was not only a surplus to pay out such holders but they ruled the ECAP holders would retain the rights of the original rich smucks that dumped these shares and gave up in 2013.

So yes they come first. But they are less unique IMO, and not Tier 1 Capital for Basel III with as many guarantees no matter how this bankruptcy goes. If LBHI SOMEHOW was the only LB's worldwide admin that can't come up with $1.2B for 48M TruPS ($25 min) and another $32+ or so in 46+ missed qtr cash distributions, I'd be fucking shocked.

In fact, I am not worried one bit. Nor should you be. We have an Appeal in the 2nd District of New York's Appellate Court that is supposed to be starting this month (Feb 2024) and appeals the lower court decision on LBIE (In Administration, on behalf of LBHI) vs. AGFP over the dispute in CDS payouts owed from 2008 when LBHI had paid all premiums and was owed the full $6.5B they had insured in their CDO investments from the 2000's. The way AGFP calculated the debt didn't follow the 1992 ISDA procedure and some bogus auction to try and price the value of Lehman's CDO's or whatever that they insured against for years was held immediately in the days following the collapse of Q3 2008 into CH 11 which is absurd of course no one bid on these "assets" that AGFP decided from that stupid auction when banks weren't even lending to other banks let alone touching CRE and other instruments in a credit crunch scenario. If they waiting until 2012-2014 to price these assets no one would consider them toxic anymore as both CRE and Residential RE and securities/loans/property underly CMBS, RMBS, CRE loans etc recovered in value past 07 high values even.

So yes I expect Andrew Rossman to kick ass on this appeal that will bring the final stateside litigation tied to LBHI and thus the CH 11 to close. Also once LBH PLC pays LBHI back intra corporation loans from 2008 that were outstanding as LBH PLC and LBIE both were put on Administration shortly before LBHI officially filed it's early Sep 15 2008 CH 11 (backdated to Sep 14 2008) when mandated by Hank Paulsen to - LBHI will not have any further recoveries to make from subsidiaries - as well as it's appeals case v AGFP. That means CH 11 can make further distributions from LBHI to its Class 10 (B), (C), Class 12 $LEHMQ ($LEH) common shareholders (which I fully expect. 27,000 LB's employees at investment bank etc in NYC and in Asia made most of their compensation in stock. IF the Stock did well bc the company did well, the stock price went up. Many employees and Fuld himself still hold most of their stock. If you think UK Admin (LBIE), ongoing surpluses in LBH PLC UK Admin 2/2, SIPA of LBI (broker-dealer subsidiary of LBHI) all made tens of billions in surplus over the amt claimants filed for subsidiary's of the LBHI parent, the global parent - and they can't pay out the remaining $10.4 B for our sub Class 10 (B) + Class 10 (C) and all Class 12 Common Shareholders (bc they did keep $LEHMQ fka $LEH active in issuing 1 common share "Plan Trust" share to rep all the $LEHMQ fka $LEH common stock proportionally on March 6, 2012 when the PT was approved so that #1 they didn't cancel the shares, they just don't trade. Why do this? Well... for one anyone who shorted $LEH and $LEHMQ and didn't cover cannot collect the cash diff, and the brokers who lent out those shares to short has to keep $2.5 USD per share over ever lent out share that the borrower didn't close. Goldman Sachs is a company just holding $2.5 USD per $LEH they lent out that people never closed bc they wanted to file a claim in the bankruptcy rather than cover and pay taxes. Whoops. Clever way to keep your shorts from getting easy money when you fully plan on paying your army of 27,000 Lehman Brothers employees who held their stock (even Fuld) all the way to the suspension of trading in 2012.

Anyway long post - but that's how I see it. You can be upset about time. I can see the old holders (accredited folks) who held these TruPS and are in their 80's now. However, there is a day coming and if it comes in 2024 wouldn't be surprised. Try to find out if that Appeal is in the 2nd Dist NY Appeals Ct with LBIE v. AGFP PART II. The lawyer for LBIE states his strength is in this districts appellate court. Won many cases. So LFG!
👍️ 4
cottonisking cottonisking 4 days ago
🐎🐎🐎Posse, get ready for the long ride, because from December 15, 2024 to September 15, 2025 is exactly nine months. Each cowboy needs to bring along two extra thoroughbred mounts and a pair of bobwire cutters. Having spoke with Judge Chapman on June 19, 2019; "this bankruptcy is coming to an end." 💰️💰️💰️📖 See Court's Transcript...

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pos·se 'pä-se How to pronounce posse (audio)
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: a large group often with a common interest
: a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency
: a group of people temporarily organized to make a search (as for a lost child)
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Posse started out in English as part of a term from common law, posse comitatus, which in Medieval Latin translates as “power or authority of the county.” Posse comitatus referred to a group of citizens summoned by a reeve (a medieval official) or sheriff to preserve the public peace as allowed for by law. “Preserving the public peace” so often meant hunting down a supposed criminal that posse eventually came to refer to any group organized to make a search or embark on a mission, and today one may read about posses organized for search and rescue efforts. In even broader use it can refer to any group, period. Sometimes nowadays that group is a gang or a rock band but it can as easily be any group—of politicians, models, architects, tourists, children, or what have you—acting together for some shared purpose.
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stockmojo9 stockmojo9 4 days ago
Thanks, Jersey. I don’t know much about that area and saw dry county mentioned in a wiki reference.

Didn’t mean to shock you. Thanks.
I don't know that. I doubt it. A small tiny area I took my Harley through a few times over the years. A big AFB out there and a really big Federal penitentiary. I don't get that way very much, it's so in no where land. Any other things shoot me a email. Alot of farmlands to. Believe or not for New Joisey. Hope this helped a bit.

Fwiw, shocked you asked about that joint. If that's what your comment was to me. I just took a shot in the dark.
stockmojo9 stockmojo9 4 days ago
IMO, my investment position is in ‘abeyance’.

With the volume that trades, it is likely I won’t be able to fill many orders.

So, the fees would pile up which is why I didn’t do it last year.

I opened a new account in Canada & contacted another merchant bank in Europe.

So, I’ll see what they say next week.
stockmojo9 stockmojo9 4 days ago
Dry town?
More specific please.

Like the township in NJ by McGuire air base?

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