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Nikola Corporation

Nikola Corporation (NKLA)

Closed April 14 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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uksausage uksausage 5 hours ago
but if the RS goes through without the REDUCTION in A/S count they could issue 1.44BN shares.

RS does not affect the Authorized count unless specifically stated - which is what NKLA are doing.

Given they arent being forced to R/S from a share availability point of view they just want their SP to be over $5

IMHO they wont do a RS as the next quarter results and forecasts should be sufficient to get the SP back to around $3 and hen over $5 after Q2 results

But they have to go to the annual meeting to ask just incase they do. it is extremely expensive to do it at another time of year.
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staynafloat staynafloat 6 hours ago
R/S's do not affect the A/S. It only splits the O/S so the company is not asking for authorization to add anything to the A/S but are actually reducing the Authorized Shares on their own from 1.6 Billion to 1.0 Billion. This is a separate step that they are choosing to do.
Please forgive me if I'm misinterpreting your post.,will%20not%20be%20so%20decreased.
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 6 hours ago

the RS sets us up for damage - but does not in and of itself dilute us ----- just our higher price will be attacked

the 1B share request - at 10:1 sets us up for dilution over and over and over and over - that is the part that is insane

the RS can wait
the new request for a crazy number of new shares should be rejected
This is from a single holder who voted yes on the last double of shares they could sell - knowing they needed that 1/2 Billion dollars to get production up to say 200-300 a year -- AT current factory
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 6 hours ago
Please read what NKLA wrote

Post the reverse split - they want the capacity to issue 1B shares

Assume a 10:1 RS and its damage - which I guess repairs in a year

But - at 10 to 1 - there are 160MM shares out there and NKLA is asking for authority - with same vote to then issue 840MM more 10:1 shares

They are asking for authority - hidden in the RS news - for massive dilution

Time to vote no on round one - until they get more specific - give us news on Q2 production results - and reduced the potential for dilution from this insane level they are asking for
INV4 INV4 10 hours ago
Ok I get that... but still would rather see them grow more naturally and or with a much more favorable RS (and AS/OS) for the existing shareholders.
They already got the attention and investments of some of the greatest investments 'firms etc' in the world. I get that NKLA probably needs to do something and I understand your post, but still... That doesn't mean I like it or that I'm in favor of what they're likely going to do (if they RS). IMHO

INV4 INV4 10 hours ago
Agree GoldRu$$H. I understand the reasoning behind the proposal to RS, but we where are just trading at $1. And it looked more positive for NKLA and still is IMHO, but this is a slap in the face to existing shareholders and I hope the RS will be cancelled, but if that's not possible, in connection with meeting the requirements of NASDAQ, than I hope the RS won't be more than 1-10. (With a more reasonable AS/OS).

(I like your idea of 1-5, but that's not an option they're considering according to RS news.) A few days/weeks ago, I thought we could stay above $1 for a while (and or 'never' to return below $1) to avoid issues with listing on NASDAQ.

GoldRu$$H GoldRu$$H 1 day ago
My comments are based on the understanding that the NKLA AS is 1,600,000,000.

I get the reasoning behind the proposal to R/S, got to stay on NASDQ.

I am not sure if how the R/S will be presented in the proxy vote, I would prefer 1-for-5, which would leave the AS at approximately 360,000,000, which seems reasonable. Even if after they add 130,000,000 we still have 490,000,000 which is tolerable, as long as there is not continued dilution after adding the other 130M shares.

To me 1-for-30 would be egregious and I would be pissed to loose so much value in my share count. I'd be more pissed if more shares are printed after adding 130M.

Nikola seeks to reverse split its shares in a ratio between 1-for-10 and 1-for-30. Does anyone think we are giving options for the R/S? 1-for-30 would give me much pause for continued faith in investing in NKLA.
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moneydreamer moneydreamer 1 day ago
1000% Agreeee never end good RS better be safe than sorry I took my lost and cash out and bought Tgcb extremely low volume and small OS shares good luck y’all
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 2 days ago
WTF ???
Nikola also seeks to increase the common stock available for issuance under the Nikola Corporation 2020 Stock Incentive Plan by 130 million shares. This proposal cannot be enacted unless the reverse split proposal is approved.

so this move to 1B shares is MORE shares not less - and they are hiding a dilution inside the RS announcement --- although this is what they publicly said per that article?

WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 2 days ago
Fredric, published 23 hours ago.

NKLA Stock: Nikola Chairman Doubles Down on Need for Reverse Stock Split
Nikola seeks a reverse split in order to focus on its business operations
23h ago · By Eddie Pan, InvestorPlace Financial News Writer

- Shareholders will vote on a reverse stock split proposal at Nikola’s (NKLA) upcoming annual meeting.
- Nikola seeks to reverse split its shares in a ratio between 1-for-10 and 1-for-30.
- NKLA stock is currently trading below the pivotal $1 level.
Fredric Fredric 2 days ago
When did theyvday a reverse split is coming. I coukdnt read all that bull they were talking in the last news update
Fredric Fredric 2 days ago
We should see a nice recovery today into next week. Regardless of the attempt to bring it down.

I follow the product, not the people

Hydrogen fuel is master of the future

Smart cities and block chains alike will seek refuge

👍️ 1
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 2 days ago
I doubt - all of us combined - make up a massive voter bloc - as compared to say the top institutional bank holding company in Europe

But - as one who did vote YES to more shares because the need for more cash was clear ---- here - on the RS - on round one - I plan to vote my shares as NO (even if it is mightily worthless )
👍️ 1
Harbor6460 Harbor6460 2 days ago
.73 again. Lol
Idiot Mayor Idiot Mayor 3 days ago
Agreed. I bailed out immediately. Call me a weak hand but I’ve been through many reverse splits and watched friends go through many others and it’s never once been profitable. Not once. Not even close. Hopefully it goes up for you who decide to stick it out and justify the decision with whatever rose colored logic necessary. This won’t be one I’ll be riding to the graveyard with.

Good luck to those who hold.
👍️ 1
Fredric Fredric 3 days ago
Agreed. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

We the investors should be suing his arse
👍️ 2
srm4u srm4u 3 days ago
remember this?
Nikola clear to increase share count — thanks to Delaware rule change
Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Delaware Gov. John Carney has signed legislation that clears the way for Nikola Corp. to double its number of outstanding shares. That will enable the electric truck maker to sell shares to pay interest on debt and support the launch of its hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks.

The doubling of authorized shares from 800 million to 1.6 billion twice failed to receive enough shareholder proxies, leading to two adjournments of Nikola’s virtual annual meeting. The next count will take place Aug. 3, but the outcome of the vote is irrelevant.

Before the rule change in the state where Nikola is incorporated, the share increase needed to receive a majority, or about 400 million proxies, equal to 50% plus one of all outstanding shares.
Lower threshold

The new regulation requires only a majority of shares voting on the proposal. Nikola said it already has sufficient votes for the increase by counting that way. It was included in a package of changes that passed in both chambers of the Delaware Legislature.

2023 Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law
June 30, 2023
On June 30, 2023, the Delaware House of Representatives adopted amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) that, among other things, facilitate stock splits, the ratification of defective corporate acts, and the sale of pledged assets. The Delaware Senate approved the amendments on May 16, 2023. If signed into law by Delaware's governor, the amendments, subject to limited exceptions, will be effective August 1, 2023. Below is a summary of the key provisions:
Stock Splits and Changes in the Number of Authorized Shares (DGCL Section 242(d))

Forward Stock Splits – The amendments eliminate the stockholder approval requirement for amendments to a Delaware corporation's certificate of incorporation to affect forward stock splits (i.e., subdivisions of issued shares) and related increases in authorized shares (up to an amount proportionate to the forward stock split), provided that the corporation has only one class of stock outstanding and such class is not divided into series.
Reverse Stock Splits and Changes in the Number of Authorized Shares – The amendments reduce the stockholder vote required to amend the certificate of incorporation to affect a reverse stock split, or to increase or decrease the number of authorized shares of a class (other than in connection with forward stock splits) from a majority of the outstanding shares to a majority of the votes cast. The reduced vote will apply only if the class of stock is listed on a national securities exchange and would continue to meet the listing requirements of the exchange immediately after giving effect to such amendment.

The amendments provide that a corporation's certificate of incorporation may "opt in" to the prior stockholder vote requirements for the above-referenced matters by expressly stating that the stockholder vote otherwise required under DCCL Section 242(b) is required to adopt any amendment to the certificate of incorporation specified in DCCL Section 242(d) or by expressly "opting out" of the provisions of DCCL Section 242(d).
staynafloat staynafloat 3 days ago
I’m waiting also and yes many a stop loss was triggered today. This company has much potential and I’ll be around to see what happens especially with the leadership that is presently here. Have not decided how I will vote yet. There’s plenty of time to see what transpires before the vote.

Best of luck to all of us 🤔
chocolate man chocolate man 3 days ago
I agree with you, they are not doing it because they are afraid of not being in compliance. Once the dust settles and people start to think rationally the price will start to climb again. I think we shed some traders that were caught off guard and week share holders.
GoldRu$$H GoldRu$$H 3 days ago
Trevor Milton has no shame which is indicative behavior of a sociopath. He is pushing the boundaries of libel, it would be great to see him sued for defamation. EGO on parade.
👍️ 1
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
I assume - ??
As NKLA issued more shares - and issued debt convertible to shares -- that the old TM has a shrinking and shrinking % of ownership

Anyone care to confirm or argue with data?

I thought he was suing already !!!!!!! when I posted about that
As a message - it is just a baby complaining - in public
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
they did not reduce authorized count

that count will be in "new shares" - as I read it

So 1B is say 2B if its 1:2 RS

I do not believe they reduced the authorized number (as how can the 1B be in current shares when there already are 1.33B shares outstanding)

I will vote no ---- for sure no on first round as we do not need a RS now and maybe with a solid Q2 in sales we will not need it

Dumb to announce now --- but maybe as Fiduciary for shareholders the company has to announce all potential plans
Fredric Fredric 3 days ago
This news is unfortunate.not because of what they happened but because it sounds like an attempt at an hostile take over

This is smir and smug if I ever seen it

You didn't get your way of being the leader so you talk bad about the company now

I sticl by the originators of the company. Don't sell your product for pennies

Don't give controlling interest to tyrants.

Stand up and be brave and proud.

Stand for something or fall for anything
👍️ 1
uksausage uksausage 3 days ago
I will vote for allowing he board if they decide they need it to do it.
by reducing the authorized count it is another indication they are NOT doing this to be able to issue gazzillions of shares but to price the shares so they are listed and available to investment firms
trying to recall company who did this successfully a few years ago.

wish they didnt have the Milton issues to put up with and could focus on execution and getting supply chain up to a suitable volume per month.
👍️ 2
uksausage uksausage 3 days ago
they aren’t doing it for cash - not being forced on them by any fully converted calculations like you see in pink sheets.

this (if they do it) is purely for maintaining NASDAQ compliance and visibility with more firms who have artificial restrictions on < $5 or
👍️ 3
Torez Torez 3 days ago
Great pictures of never ever trucks lol
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 3 days ago
UK, how would you recommend voting on the RS?
RobotDroid RobotDroid 3 days ago
Stupidist most ignorant timing imaginable. Should have waited until after earnings to see if it stays above $1. Fucking idiots.
👍️ 2 💯 3
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
Re the new news today

yuk - and now its late

but - it does seem like nonsense - seriously IMO nonsense in terms of proving ill intent or whatever

Personally - what bothered me for a while - but I did nothing - is Girsky was there for the shit Milton did

So I thought Milton figured he had nothing to lose and was going to go back and back and back in time

This is ugly - but the relative recency and the wording that management scapegoated MILTON says this is very distracting unfriendly SMOKE -- to me
👍️ 2
chocolate man chocolate man 3 days ago
The shorts are crushing this stock!
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
At this point - I can hold as it is already viewed by me as 100% 2-3 years out speculative that can go to zero

Holding back on my instinct to add more - based on similar history experience with dreams

But what I have in it - that stays -- FOR ME (retired with Social Social Pension and enough in cash and index funds to last us)
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
and yes - when I said "preparing - fiduciary" ---- I mean NKLA knows the first round will be a no vote and then may or may not be needed by then
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
Thank you - I think you or ? did post a link and I copied a key part


It could be NKLA preparing - fiduciary level preparation - but it is ugly to read
INV4 INV4 3 days ago
M&M Residual and Trevor R. Milton Announce Concerns Related to Potential Fraud and Misconduct at Nikola Overseen by Steve Girsky, Britton Worthen and the Board of Directors

April 11 2024 - 11:30AM

M&M Residual Withdraws its Nomination of Directors Amid Recently Uncovered Potential Misconduct

M&M Residual and Mr. Milton Reserve All Rights, Including Pursuing Potential Legal Action Against the Officers and Directors of Nikola

M&M Residual, LLC (“M&M Residual”) and Trevor R. Milton (collectively “we” or “us”) today announced that M&M Residual has withdrawn its previously delivered nomination of five candidates (the “Nomination”) for election to the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA) (“Nikola” or the “Company”) at its upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the “Annual Meeting”). M&M Residual delivered the Nomination because it believed it was critical to bring much-needed change to the Company through a reconstitution of the Board. We continue to believe that Nikola’s employees are incredible and deserve honest, capable and visionary leadership. We felt that the Nomination was the best chance to give the Company the ability to thrive and prosper.

Unfortunately, instead of letting its stockholders decide and voice their opinions on the direction of the Company at the Annual Meeting, the Company initiated litigation against us and two of the nominees (the “Arizona Lawsuit”). Further, we have recently learned of highly concerning information regarding potentially fraudulent conduct of Nikola’s management and certain directors, which leads us to question the merits of the full Board. We have ultimately concluded that it has become too risky to step in and expose our remaining nominees to the Company.

For approximately four years now, the Board led by Steve Girsky has overseen a staggering and consistent decline in value, operational underperformance, product liability concerns, trucks burning down, the breakdown of the Iveco Group-Nikola partnership, value destructive acquisitions, the loss of meaningful European market share, withholding information from stockholders, and the sale of key assets, all while taking on debt and unnecessary litigation. These actions have resulted in the destruction of nearly 100% of stockholder value. While the Company has been content to allege that Mr. Milton is the cause of the Company’s misfortunes, we believe the documents and facts will prove otherwise. We reserve all rights concerning recently uncovered information and intend to hold the Company’s Board, officers, and directors accountable.

The Company has only now publicly disclosed its 2023 sale of the Nikola Badger and powersports program (the “Badger Transaction”), to an entity unaffiliated with us, and seemingly only to further its interests in the Arizona Lawsuit. In our view, the Badger Transaction confirms that the Nikola Badger product was real, used mostly Nikola’s parts and has material value. The Badger Transaction, which was sold to a third party, was never disclosed to the market or stockholders until just recently through the Arizona Lawsuit. We find it highly concerning that the Company then went on to sell additional shares in the public markets after failing to disclose what we believe to be a material transaction, likely causing stockholders to suffer significant losses.

The Company also previously blamed the recent occurrences of Nikola trucks catching fire (the “BEV Fires”) on “foul play.” However, after the Phoenix Fire Department found “no evidence at all that supports arson,”1 the Company recalled the affected vehicles acknowledging that “foul play” was unlikely to have caused the BEV Fires.2 We find the facts alleged in a recent stockholder lawsuit concerning the BEV Fires to be extremely troubling and believe they indicate that the Company may have known there were material issues with these products prior to making the “foul play” comments to the public markets. We believe the Board has continually made misleading statements about foul play being the cause of the fires. Again, shortly after making these comments, the Company went on to sell additional shares in the public markets, which we believe caused further significant financial damage to its stockholders. We are deeply concerned that Company executives and management experienced no apparent or material accountability, despite making what we believe to be materially false statements and causing harm to the Company’s value, resulting in the Company being sued by stockholders concerning the BEV Fires.3

Nikola stockholders deserve to know who approved the stock sales and these concerning statements. It appears that no one is monitoring the Company’s public statements or, if they are, who approved these statements and why have they not been held publicly accountable? Unfortunately, we have lost complete faith in the Board and believe its members cannot be trusted to hold those responsible for apparently misleading the public accountable.

As a fellow stockholder of the Company, we share your frustration with the Company’s performance, lack of accountability and apparently misleading disclosures. To us, and we believe many in the public, the Board’s pattern is clear: destroy stockholder value, blame Mr. Milton for the incompetence of the Board, sell off promising assets, hide information from stockholders, take no responsibility and then initiate litigation against anyone willing to expose the truth. During his tenure, Mr. Girsky has overseen the monumental destruction of Nikola from approximately $34.19 a share when Mr. Milton stepped down to a dismal $0.98 that may force the stock to be delisted soon.4

We believe the Company initiated the Arizona Lawsuit to intimidate our nominees and thwart the lawful exercise of stockholder rights. We have therefore decided to withdraw the Nomination and pursue alternative methods to hold the directors and officers of the Company accountable, including through the initiation of independent litigation. For these reasons, we have withdrawn the Nomination and no longer intend to solicit Nikola stockholders with respect to the Annual Meeting, and our previous group has been dissolved.

To all the Nikola employees and stockholders, we are sorry we were not able to bring the change you deserve through the Nomination, but we believe that the truth will soon be exposed, vindicating our belief that Mr. Milton was ultimately the scapegoat of the Board’s actions. One day we hope you have the leadership you all deserve.

1 See
2 See
3 See
4 FactSet. Based on a closing price of $34.19 on September 18, 2020 (the last business day prior to Mr. Milton stepping down) and a closing price of $0.98 on April 10, 2024.

View source version on

Saratoga Proxy Consulting LLC
John Ferguson / Joe Mills, 212-257-1311

INV4 INV4 3 days ago
Agree... if they RS '1-10 or 1-30' ... then this (from 1,600,000,000 to 1,000,000,000.) is not a 'real' reduction.

I can not walk the steps of reducing to 1B
To achieve these goals, after extensive research and modeling, we are recommending that the stockholders vote FOR a reverse stock split of our common stock at a ratio ranging from 1 share-for-10 shares up to a ratio of 1 share-for-30 shares. Additionally, commensurate with the reverse stock split is a reduction of the number of authorized shares of our common stock from 1,600,000,000 to 1,000,000,000.

INV4 INV4 3 days ago
Thought they had enough cash for a while?... I don't like RS's. We just traded at a $1. If they had more 'good news', maybe they could have stayed above the dollar for a while? The 'future looks bright' for NKLA IMHO... but this RS move... yuck!

👍️ 1
INV4 INV4 3 days ago
Hmm... me neither... ugh!

They announced vote on Reverse Split at upcoming annual conference,.... I didn't see that coming!
GeneralZ GeneralZ 3 days ago
Time to dump this, I have never seen a reverse split work, lost money more than once
uksausage uksausage 3 days ago
check SEC filings of th eprospectus.

The R/S is a formality as they can only get approval at shareholder meetings so best to use the annual one.

it states its purpose is to regain NASDAQ compliance if necessary and to make shares more visible to institutions

It does not compel the board to reverse split

Assuming deliveries and returns of BEV 2.0 go according to plan with no new issues the SP may well recover enough to minimise the chance of the R/S
👍️ 1
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
Our refocused business model and financial discipline has focused on the efficient allocation of resources, reduced expenses, and increased liquidity. But there is work to be done. And as we move forward into 2024, we must focus on resetting our financial foundation. We need to eliminate the distraction of delisting and position ourselves to raise capital more effectively.

To achieve these goals, after extensive research and modeling, we are recommending that the stockholders vote FOR a reverse stock split of our common stock at a ratio ranging from 1 share-for-10 shares up to a ratio of 1 share-for-30 shares. Additionally, commensurate with the reverse stock split is a reduction of the number of authorized shares of our common stock from 1,600,000,000 to 1,000,000,000.

(Thank you)

I can not walk the steps of reducing to 1B ---- but I guess if they go 1-30 -- they have 300-400 MM shares so 1B is a huge amount of space ? Is that it ?
chocolate man chocolate man 3 days ago
People who had stop loses were just taken out this morning like a hot knife through butter.
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
link please to official announcement of such vote (I do not mean to insult - but I just read where the CEO said that is not on the table now )
staynafloat staynafloat 3 days ago
cabel cabel 3 days ago
They announced vote on Reverse Split at upcoming annual conference,.... I didn't see that coming!
👍️ 1
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 3 days ago
anyone with an idea for the really bad open?
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 4 days ago
Good info from the last --- stock review - ?

for example if correct - losing 100MM a quarter with 400-500MM cash - so one more equity raise? (What might BEV inventory sales do to monthly loss)

and - this - ?? ~400 total truck deliveries this year, - WOW

At first - I thought - unfortunately a great way to set up for failure !!! But the word TOTAL likely includes BEV --- so maybe the true target most want for NKLA this year is 300 H trucks - or at minimum 75 in last quarter?
👍️ 1
INV4 INV4 5 days ago
‘Don’t Pull the Trigger Just Yet,’ Says Wolfe About Nikola Stock

April 10, 2024

The days when Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) introduced itself to the world by showcasing its hydrogen-powered truck rolling down a hill is now a distant memory. Since that notorious 2018 video, substantial changes have unfolded, particularly regarding the fate of founder Trevor Milton, currently serving a four-year sentence for misleading investors.

Now, having shed its shady past, Wolfe Research analyst Scott Group thinks it’s time to take the company more seriously.

“After years of controversy and management turnover, NKLA finally has a stable management team in place with a well-respected CEO and recently appointed CFO,” the analyst said. “From here, it’s all about execution and commercialization, and NKLA has over 90% share of vouchers (subsidies) in California for FCEVs.”

With deliveries of its fuel cell trucks kicking off in 4Q23, Group anticipates ~400 total truck deliveries this year, edging nearer 1,000+ next year and surpassing 2,000 by 2026. Considering the substantial subsidies in California, Group sees “potential pricing upside” for the company with an average ASP for its FCEVs likely to be higher than $400,000. Given the delivery ramp, Group thinks revenue will climb from $163 million this year, to $442 million in 2025 to more than $800 million in 2026. As Nikola builds out a network of hydrogen fueling stations, this also factors in growth in its Energy business.

“With this revenue ramp, we expect NKLA will see a positive gross margin inflection by C25 and approach EBITDA break-even at some point in C26,” Group further said.

Yet, despite supportive regulations and subsidies in California, Group anticipates that over the medium term the adoption rate of FCEVs will “remain challenged” due to insufficient charging infrastructure and the high cost of hydrogen. And while Group considers Nikola to have a “first mover advantage in commercializing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles,” for the next couple of years the analyst sees ongoing EBITDA losses and cash burn. Consequently, Group anticipates that another capital raise will be required within the next year, given that the company saw out 2023 with a total cash balance of $494 million but is currently spending approximately $100 million per quarter.

As such, with a “compelling long-term opportunity but expectations for near- to medium-term losses,” Group initiated coverage of NKLA shares with a Peer Perform (i.e., Neutral) rating without having a fixed price target in mind.

Most of Group’s colleagues have a similar take. Based on a mix of 4 Holds and 1 Buy, the analyst consensus rates the stock a Hold. That said, the average price target currently stands at $1.38, implying shares will climb 37% higher over the one-year timeframe.


Nikola (NKLA) Stock Dips While Market Gains: Key Facts

April 10, 2024

The most recent trading session ended with Nikola (NKLA) standing at $1, reflecting a -0.99% shift from the previouse trading day's closing. This move lagged the S&P 500's daily gain of 0.15%. On the other hand, the Dow registered a loss of 0.02%, and the technology-centric Nasdaq increased by 0.32%.

The pioneer in zero-emission trucks's shares have seen an increase of 52.54% over the last month, surpassing the Auto-Tires-Trucks sector's gain of 0.39% and the S&P 500's gain of 1.65%.

The upcoming earnings release of Nikola will be of great interest to investors. The company's earnings report is expected on May 7, 2024. The company is predicted to post an EPS of -$0.09, indicating a 65.38% growth compared to the equivalent quarter last year. Our most recent consensus estimate is calling for quarterly revenue of $19.68 million, up 76.95% from the year-ago period.

NKLA's full-year Zacks Consensus Estimates are calling for earnings of -$0.42 per share and revenue of $192.43 million. These results would represent year-over-year changes of +46.84% and +430.41%, respectively.

Any recent changes to analyst estimates for Nikola should also be noted by investors. These latest adjustments often mirror the shifting dynamics of short-term business patterns. Consequently, upward revisions in estimates express analysts' positivity towards the company's business operations and its ability to generate profits.

Our research demonstrates that these adjustments in estimates directly associate with imminent stock price performance. To take advantage of this, we've established the Zacks Rank, an exclusive model that considers these estimated changes and delivers an operational rating system.

The Zacks Rank system, spanning from #1 (Strong Buy) to #5 (Strong Sell), boasts an impressive track record of outperformance, audited externally, with #1 ranked stocks yielding an average annual return of +25% since 1988. Over the past month, there's been no change in the Zacks Consensus EPS estimate. Nikola presently features a Zacks Rank of #2 (Buy).

The Automotive - Domestic industry is part of the Auto-Tires-Trucks sector. At present, this industry carries a Zacks Industry Rank of 93, placing it within the top 37% of over 250 industries.

The Zacks Industry Rank gauges the strength of our industry groups by measuring the average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within the groups. Our research shows that the top 50% rated industries outperform the bottom half by a factor of 2 to 1.

Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 5 days ago
that makes more sense for 1.3Trillion

Yet - one wonders - given that amount to invest ---- how they find NKLA ---- but likely it is from their focus on climate
👍️ 1
INV4 INV4 5 days ago
Nikola Corp. provided the hydrogen station via its HYLA brand.
The commercial hydrogen station in the Edmonton region is a HYLA fueling station. The station will be set up in a key transportation corridor that links Calgary and the Edmonton region, Alberta’s two largest urban centers. This corridor is along Highway 2 in Leduc County, Alberta. It is one of Western Canada’s busiest highways. Around 96,000 vehicles pass by Blackjacks Roadhouse daily.

The H2 station will help to meet the fueling requirements of the Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles intended for the Canadian market. It will also make sure the refueling experience for hydrogen vehicles in the Edmonton region is seamless and reliable.

The current station is a HYLA modular fueler that uses a 700-bar pressure-fill system. As the demand for hydrogen grows, the plan is to replace the modular fueler with a permanent facility and relocate the modular fueler to expand the HYLA fueling network across the province.

INV4 INV4 5 days ago
What I also like about Norges Bank... they have increased there NKLA holdings by 218,73%.
Much more % than other investments! A 'powerful ally' for NKLA and it shows that they believe in NKLA! IMHO

6. NIKOLA CORP • $109,174 • $74,921 • 218.73% • 107,033,812 Shares Held
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