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Lloyds Share Chat :

Pierre Oreilly 19:18:04 27/02/2015
161723 Yes I did - but I was rather hoping for an endowment-informed opinion, and not a knee jerk 'compensation culture' opinion. And please stop your absurd and abhorrent implication that I am dishonest. If you have evidence i am dishonest, then post it, otherwise please refrain. You are the only person who has blatantly lied in this exchange.
gbh2 19:12:29 27/02/2015
The moral UK compass has been changing for some years and those at the top are totally responsible for "a" setting the example "b" destroying opportunity for several generations of kids and "c" bringing in cheap labour from countries that have little to no respect for fellow human beings!
marko1961 19:02:28 27/02/2015
I ask the question because you know the risk even though you dont need anyone to tell you the risks of jumping infront of a busBut would you still do it. Or would there be something telling you not to do it
Pierre Oreilly 18:53:36 27/02/2015
Those saying fair compensation for illegal acts is wrong are effectively happy to live off immoral earnings imv. I don't want lloyds to be involved in any illegal selling of any products. That's my moral compass
broadwood 16:44:19 27/02/2015
I read 'How To Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie a good few years back. The only bit that stuck was his premis that by winning an argument, you lose a friend. So I declare a truce - at deuce. Funny old day for Lloyds. We still dream of better things. Which will last the longest PPI claims or the DFS sale?
mr.elbee 14:33:44 27/02/2015
AHO was brilliant on Radio 4 this morning..if the Labour/Media twats f...k him around he will be off and that will be the end of the UK economy period.. So such as I have have described WILL NOT HAPPEN.
cm44 14:10:15 27/02/2015
WELL PIERRE, If you've owned these for that length of time and not traded the very significant highs and lows during that period and topped up with cheap rights issues then you have just shot yourself in the foot. I do not recall seeing you on here before and you can state any proof of ownership but most are pretty savvy on here and will see you for what you are.
broadwood 13:58:28 27/02/2015
Pierre - points well made. Financial markets deal in billions, trillions even zillions. Bonuses are linked to this. Whilst I might agree on the brain surgeon example, he'll do ok if half his patients are private.
redartbmud 13:57:37 27/02/2015
What about the woman who got £40m commission from Barclays for getting the arabs to lend at 12% with options on the shares at a few pence each? Robbed from the poor sahreholders to give to the rich arabs. Was she worth it?
gotnorolex 13:52:50 27/02/2015
redartbmud......So you don't think there should be a market where members pool together as syndicates to insure against risk of volatile commodities such as pork-bellies, orange juice, wheat, sugar, coffee, energy, forex etc. Raw spreading betting on anything that moves is another argument.
Newbank 13:43:08 27/02/2015
Pierre you wrote: For all the huff and puff about bankers bonuss, the government do nothing. They could, if they wanted, stop the bonuss culture altogether, either by legislation or, in llods case, by being a 40% shareholder. Only 23.9% now (and falling) Pierre :)
matt778 13:17:56 27/02/2015
Peirre - bankers bonuses are earned on sales via commission and you only get commission if you make a sale, and then the taxman takes his 45%. If you have ever worked on piece work or commission you will know all about it

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