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Lloyds Share Chat :

Alphorn 11:34:23 30/09/2014
Cameron seems to have lost it today - he wishes a return to imperial measure! If he engaged his brain he would realise how helpful that will be for exports to the rest of the world. Let us hope that he was misreported - one leader seems be worse than the other. Get ready for the Lloyds sp in £sd.
gbh2 17:58:37 29/09/2014
BW - Why wouldn't I believe you, I'm not the one accusing folk I don't know that if they have little to no faith in a Tory led future they are brainless and or of school age. And for the record I've little faith in a Labour led future only a hope it may be less inclined to take from the poor to give to the rich.
gbh2 17:12:27 29/09/2014
BW, if you can find the time try tracing your family history, if you can go back two generations without finding at least one of your family in a Workhouse then you were probably born into a wealthy family that was taking advantage of the state generated poor education of the masses in order keep the labour force begging for work at whatever price.
broadwood 13:08:58 29/09/2014
George Osborne: "Labour is positively anti-business, it came through in every line Ed Miliband remembered It's a bit like having a lecture from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Child Catcher about baby sitting
thekida 10:42:42 29/09/2014
The torys are scared of UKIP and even the die hard Torys on here must agree UKIP is a HUGE threat........BUT not to us labour lads they aint...cos we will stand firm come election day and oust Cameron by his lug out of downing street TK
gotnorolex 10:37:47 29/09/2014
'out of control' or 'have been dumbed down' Sky news debating "Should Britain abolish Public Schools"? Well if the 1st eleven is not up to it, what chance do we have with the 3rd eleven? edit......ex nihilo nihil fit (Nothing comes from nothing) You have to work damned hard for it!
bbalanjones 07:28:37 29/09/2014
Sadly, Cameron was an utter fool to offer Scotland such a divisive indyref! Also wrong to pledge similar on Euro - Membership. We should seek to forge an identity that encompasses all of us in these beleaguered Isles! A binding together of our historic strenghts and skills.
valedo 17:29:35 28/09/2014
Poll out today reveals Farage more popular with the public than Cameron. Presumably same applies to his two amigos. Their exposure at party conferences seems to have done the opposite to what was surely intended. To have any chance of winning the next election all three leaders will have to go into hiding!
Alphorn 19:21:16 27/09/2014
Listened to Cameron on his vote catching idea for new starter homes at a discount for the under 40s with his list of exclusions he added no foreign buyers. He probably meant non residents unless he plans widespread changes to domestic and international laws? More clues in tomorrow's papers?
foxking 10:37:27 25/09/2014
Looking at those figures logically , with complaints about Barclays down 10% but RBS up 46% -and the overall figures down 10% , then I would have thought that complaints about Lloyds would be down a fair bit . I may be wrong , but I seem to remember Lloyds 'Topping The Charts ' of complaints last time out
Aceuk 11:00:26 24/09/2014
They've surely got to at least match the 1990s top for the FTSE before it all goes pear-shaped? Aren't US indices (NASDAQ apart) heading to double what they were then? Beats me how they are going to get people to make use of this ultra-accommodative long-time easy money - is Draghi going to force companies and people to spend money for no reason?
Aceuk 16:43:14 23/09/2014
Nah, not me - I just know life is very tough still. Accountant came yesterday so we could get last year's books finished - he says things are not too bad generally - I couldn't be bothered disagreeing ;-)

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