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Lloyds Share Chat :

keifer derrin 13:02:33 23/04/2014
personally I would rather the government were able to make money from short selling. When we buy shares we have to pay stamp duty - I know that companies loan them out, so they are not actually purchased - but surely it can't be hard to being in legislation for either party (in the shorting process) of being make to pay stamp duty.....
grahamite2 11:15:22 23/04/2014
This won't start seriously moving towards £1 until dividends are reinstated and that is going to be a lot later than many of us had hoped. Given that many people think a pullback for the whole market is to be expected quite soon, there's no great hurry to buy until that's out of the way. I expect some months of drift. It should then get into high gear in the autumn.
RAMILLAR 10:57:40 23/04/2014
Until the next sale is announced, I cannot see the shares change much. Another thing is - how do govts. think they can deal with a cost of living crisis, when they can't control food prices (the biggest changes have been there, as I have seen in my own shopping)?
broadwood 10:05:34 23/04/2014
Do they have trade descriptions? This is a true story," says the on-screen message, untruthfully, at the start of Fargo (Channel 4, Sunday), just as it did at the start of the 1996 movie on which it is based. "The events depicted took place in Minnesota in 2005. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed
begorrah88 08:09:35 23/04/2014
Well the HFT's have ruined the show! I expected a lift this morning on the back of the DOW rise,the LLOY sp having risen in the US and the Nomura upgrade but the 4 digit HFT's going through have put a stop to that - for now.
MikeStamp 10:41:38 21/04/2014
Yes Robert, but your stack in the building society 'should' still be a stack when you take it out. Look at the 10 year graph for Lloyds, if you had been a 'sensible' investor and gone for the long term, your 'stack' would now be a pimple !!
RobertFaulkner 19:08:46 20/04/2014
If Lloyds starts to pay a 1.5p a year dividend then the price must rise to £1 as this is what you would get in a building society in interest(if you shop around) Provide the market believes Lloyds could afford this for the foreseeable future 100p is the minimum SP
y1phr 15:37:13 17/04/2014
What ever happens this is a good one to hold on to for the long term,l think so isa is my pension and is full of just lloyds shares starting from 27p and I will want to draw on it in about 6years.
mr.elbee 10:23:07 17/04/2014
........but Carney has explicity said that rates WILL NOT rise to historically normal levels for several years. The budget has started to address the savings issue as has the welfare reform. The Bank can only do so much.
keith95 10:13:57 16/04/2014
.. when the brokers have sold on their shares to the PI's expect the downgrades on the back of a fragile rUK economy with no oil of any significant value to support the economy and that long feared run on the pound through the loss of Scotland... There are some big short term risks for the UK - and Lloy will be heavily exposed to them all.
mr.elbee 08:59:27 16/04/2014
further to the chair being kicked away,broadwood,some dopey Shadow economics/finance woman was on Newsnight last night...was completely hopeless[where do they get them from?] and even PAXO,armed only with his degree in English literature destroyed her equally dopey non arguments.
begorrah88 08:10:36 16/04/2014
Lloy opened up at 71.9p! but the hedgies can't believe their luck as they sweep it all back off the table and into their satchels. Ah, those HFT's and what they can do Easy money for them and will continue to be so until the UK belatedly recognise there is a problem but what will the cost have been to get them to that point?

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