SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Marc C. Watson, a California native now living in Salt Lake City, UT has completed his new book "The Baltic Pilgrimage": an exhaustively realized vision of a medieval civilization gripped in a battle for their future. Watson and his wife Michelle live happily at the head of a household of six pets, including a Snake, a Agama, a Chameleon, a Betta Fish, a Cat, and a Dog.

Published by Page Publishing, Watson's thrilling tale introduces readers to characters who find themselves at the center of a changing world, facing threats to Christianity and humanity itself. Watson's scrupulous attention to detail and original artwork will thrust readers into the action.

As the story goes, in AD 1103, in the central lands of the Rus and the Siberian plains, the earth quaked as it was rent and torn asunder for hundreds of miles southward. Spilling forth from this deep abyss, chasm, was a deluge of enchanted energies and a series of interlocking deities who, having been trapped within the forming of the Earth, now ascended, residing upon Luna, overlooking the world below. The dark and light energies of magic leaking into the atmosphere, encasing Earth and altering the civilizations upon her forever.

Having learned to incorporate these new magical energies into restricted priesthoods, the militaries and daily life of all Europeans and Asians had, by AD 1337, changed wildly. And yet it was also at this time that Europe began to face a new and wholly daunting threat of a unified Lithuania, being the largest landmass kingdom in all of Europe, which was ruled over by the quasi-immortal Undeath Aristocracy.

The Teutonic Order, having been invited by the Polish crown into the Baltic for their protection, was now Europe's, and, even more dire, Christianity's, last bulwark and defensive line against the encroaching corruption and vile taint of nature that was wrought by the undeath and their monstrous legions of Norr, the rank-and-file infantry who enforced the dark and enslaving rule of the undeath.

The coming events and the newly arrived Teutonic member, Ludwig, would change, with steel, anger, and magical spells, not just the course and shape of events in the Baltic, but the very face and future of not just Christianity but humanity as a whole.

Readers who wish to experience the adventure for themselves can purchase "The Baltic Pilgrimage" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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