MEADVILLE, Pa., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "The Miracle of Tristan Ray Thompson": a poignant story of faith. "The Miracle of Tristan Ray Thompson" is the creation of published author Robert Hernandez.

Hernandez shares, "This is a story about a very unique young man, a man who, in essence, was truly a child at heart. I came to know Tristan as someone who was filled with love for others, especially those that have been rejected by life and society. He himself was a child that had endured rejection by society in general, but also, there was rejection by some family members, as well. Yet it's a story of great triumph, a story where victory came into his life. A story of overcoming all the ugliness that life can bring into a person's life.

"Life has a way of bringing tragedy into one's life, and the character of a person can be determined by the tragedies they experience. Tristan encountered his tragedy at a very young age, when he was four years old. In life, we either overcome tragedies, or they will overcome us. This is the story of how Tristan overcame his and became the wonderful child you will read about.

"There was much pain, suffering, heartbreak, and rejection in his short life. Yet this precious child emerged victorious when it was all said and done. He was blessed with many gifts and talents, and he was able to express these through his writings, which I have shared herein. One of his best gifts was his ability to love others despite his life's struggles. He had a heart of compassion for the less fortunate. He loved others with his whole heart.

"He was a very intelligent young man, had a great sense of humor, and was a wonderful poet. As you read his story, I'm sure it will inspire and encourage others who may have experienced rejection and tragedy in their lives or in the lives of those they may know. This is my hope. His life definitely inspired me.

"This story is about a child who battled sexual abuse at a very young age, rejection, and drug abuse. Yet he overcame, and I hope it inspires others with the same hope, that they also can overcome. It was a great privilege for me to know this precious child, and I'm sure that those who read his story will come to feel the same. It's a story of triumph."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Robert Hernandez's new book is a powerful tale of the life of Tristan Ray Thompson.

The author presents an emotional and faith-filled story of the lessons learned from befriending a troubled young man.

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