Transforming Company Priorities, Decision-Making and Culture in A Post-COVID-19 World

TORONTO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ONR, a leader in the transformation of Fortune 500 companies' Customer Experience (CX), today announced the launch of CEO and Founder Jason Ten-Pow's first and much-anticipated book Unbreakable: A Proven Process for Building Unbreakable Relationships with Customers. Ten-Pow shares insights from years of experience leading CEOs, C-Suite executives and well-known companies on the journey of CX Transformation, providing a playbook on how some brands appear to magically attract a large group of faithful customers, while other businesses--no matter how hard they try--struggle to maintain a loyal customer base. The book is now available at Amazon.


In this new book, Ten-Pow pulls back the curtain on brands that seem to effortlessly build and maintain strong relationships with customers, laying out a path for any company to do the same. Ten-Pow provides a proven process for creating unbreakable relationships with customers. He argues that too many businesses have become enamored with the technology-solves-everything mantra of the past 20+ years, disproportionately relying on I.T. for solutions and putting too great a focus on operational efficiency and cost-cutting to create profit growth. Meanwhile, many of the most successful giants in the business world—including Apple, Starbucks, Costco, and Adobe—have stayed focused on what is important to their customers: the things that keep them committed, loyal, and even passionate advocates for their brands.

"In today's environment, every company says, 'We know our customers; we love our customers and they love our brand,'" Ten-Pow said. "But they equate having a lot of data about customers to knowing customers. In truth, most companies don't actually understand their customers, much less nurture long-lasting relationships with them. Especially now, post-pandemic, the customer's relationship with brands and their journey has changed.  Differentiation, preference and loyalty – they're all up for grabs –  and the brands that adapt and lead by prioritizing customer relationships and transforming the customer experience will have customers faithfully following.  In my book, I share with readers the 'secret sauce' to building and prioritizing the unbreakable customer relationships that help brands increase revenue and profit."

Unbreakable is Ten-Pow's illuminating explanation of how any business can differentiate itself, grow, and create a more sustainable and profitable brand through ONR's tried-and-true process of CX Transformation. Ten-Pow has written a comprehensive and eye-opening playbook with steps on how to build a loyal customer base, with additional examples and observations with conversations from top executives from Intel, Adobe, and JPMorgan Chase. Engagingly written and full of real-world examples, the book examines how we got here, how bottom-line business models are negatively impacting companies, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted customer experience as we know it.

Unbreakable: A Proven Process for Building Unbreakable Relationships with Customers launched today April 8, with downloads available on Amazon.

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Jason Ten-Pow is the CEO and President of ONR, the CX consulting firm he founded in 2001. He has a B.A. in political science from the University of Toronto and an M.A. in quantitative methods from York University. He is a regular keynote speaker and a leader in transforming CX Experience for Fortune 500 companies. 

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