No. 6 Exercise of share options in Solar A/S

In accordance with article 19 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014, Solar is required to report trading with Solar A/S shares and related financial instruments carried out by members of the Board of Directors, members of the Executive Board and related parties.

In 2017, the Board of Directors granted share options to the Executive Board and management team, and a number of these employees now exercise their respective share options.

At the time of granting in 2017, the exercise price was fixed at DKK 373.84. The settlement price in 2021 is determined at DKK 456.39.

Solar announces the transactions below under ID code DK0010274844 Solar B based on the reports received by Solar. All transactions relate to the exercise of share options from the grant year 2017 and will either be converted into shares or settled with cash.

CEO Jens E. Andersen has exercised 2,709 share options, and is thereby granted an equivalent number of shares.

CFO Michael H. Jeppesen has exercised 2,186 share options, and is thereby granted an equivalent number of shares.CCO Hugo Dorph has exercised 2,703 share options, equating a total cash settlement of DKK 223,140.

Solar has no further outstanding share options.

For the purpose of these transactions, Solar has sold 4,895 B shares. Solar’s portfolio of treasury shares now totals 56,813 B shares.   

Contacts Chairman of the Board of Directors Jens Borum

Tel. +45 79 30 00 00

IR Director, Dennis Callesen - Tel. +45 29 92 18 11


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