ST. LOUIS, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A new app is set to revolutionize the way global teams meet, communicate, and serve customers through scalable, cost-effective virtual language interpretation. The Conference Interpreting App also provides meeting data analytics that have never before been available for monitoring engagement and participation metrics of multilingual teams in real time.

AAA Translation, a company dedicated to providing professional translation, interpretation, localization, and global consulting services, partnered with ProLingo, a leading interpretation technology and audio-visual provider, to launch the new Conference Interpreting App, leveraging both companies' strengths to allow human interpreters to serve clients remotely and collaboratively.

"The strategic alliance between AAA Translation and ProLingo brings the opportunity to streamline and improve communication for global conferences, meetings and organizations and achieve unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings," said Susanne Evens, CEO of AAA Translation.

Live interpreting is vital to transmit contextual information in a business setting, but when companies found themselves conducting much of their business online in 2020, most were left without an acceptable interpreting protocol. Virtual events exploded in growth during the pandemic—evidenced by Eventbrite reporting a 1,000% increase in April 2020 over the same month the previous year. Those numbers will level off as companies move to hybrid models post-pandemic, but for most industries, virtual meetings are here to stay in some form.

"Human interpreters must work collaboratively with clients, especially on large-scale events, often going back and forth within presentations and sessions. In person, this happens in a translation booth where hand signals and notes exchanged allow translators to work in tandem," said Evens.

"The Conference Interpreting App allows this type of collaboration to happen remotely in real time and gives clients powerful engagement and monitoring tools that have never been available before," said Sylvie Stammel, CFO and Owner of ProLingo.

With the app, any organization can engage remotely with subject matter expert interpreters who broadcast and interact within the app seamlessly. The app guarantees: high quality video and audio, quick and easy setup, accredited interpreters to ensure quality, and 24/7 technical support for events. Its functionality has been fine-tuned with 16,000 hours of field testing at more than 200 events with 4,500 attendees.

The Conference Interpreting App includes proprietary data tools and metrics that show how an audience is interacting with content. It is available for iOS, Android, and web-based platforms. A toolbox allows clients to view, organize and analyze data in real time, allowing them to keep a finger on the pulse of meetings and adjust as needed, even deciding if sections might need to be repeated or provided in print format as a follow up, for example.

Both AAA Translation and ProLingo are certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise) and owned by expatriates from Germany holding dual citizenships. The companies have partnered on a variety of initiatives; the app is their largest collaboration to date.

More information on the Conference Interpreting App can be found by visiting both companies' websites - and

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Founded in 2000 by Susanne Evens, AAA Translation provides translation, interpretation, global consulting, and additional services to help businesses grow in an increasingly connected global economy. 40% of their clients are St. Louis based, 40% are national, and 20% are global; those numbers continue to grow as the company takes on new clients interested in expanding into new markets. AAA Translation understands the ever-increasing translation, interpretation, cultural awareness, and communication needs of businesses, governments, educational institutions, and individuals, and works to provide customers with highly skilled professionals providing these services at competitive prices. From communicating life-saving health information to mitigating litigation risks by properly translating operating manuals, AAA Translation helps leaders protect their businesses and their people, become more culturally aware and sensitive, and facilitate expansion in a changing global marketplace. For more, visit:

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For the last 20 years, ProLingo has been providing cost-effective solutions for simultaneous interpretation including project management, equipment design, interpreter selection, facility setup and technical assistance as well as equipment rentals and new equipment sales. They understand that important messages not only need to be heard, but must be clearly translated into the native languages of each attendee regardless of the number of languages being spoken. Delivering a culturally correct message in a timely manner is the only way a diverse organization can ensure their membership and guests are engaged, involved, and welcomed. In addition to ProLingo's Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas offices, they also have a staffed equipment location in Dallas, TX, as well as equipment storage facilities in Chicago, IL, Washington D.C., San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Atlanta, GA. For additional information please visit

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