LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Glaza and its founder – film producer Denis Kulikov, was one of the ten cutting-edge companies selected to pitch its product live at the SXSW in front of a panel of hand-picked judges, comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists, and high-profile media.

The tech company which was founded by a film producer was scheduled to release its virtual "tap" software at the South by South-West Release It festival, a platform that seeks to determine a product or service that is most likely to succeed in the marketplace. Glaza aims to introduce the software to the market and help its customers and leaders in the automotive industry to understand how it works.

The software relies on the front-facing camera installed in the infotainment display of a passenger car to track where the driver is looking on the screen. The software comes with a design that registers driver's blink as a tap.

According to the producer Denis Kulikov, the software provides a solution where steering wheel control buttons and the voice assistant can't initiate a tap in an ideal position. "This feature is useful in autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars and allows the driver to interact with the car's infotainment system hands-free. It is a feature that can apply to the future of mobility where autonomous driving is centerstage." said producer Denis Kulikov

One interesting fact about Glaza's debut, is that SXSW is best known to be a film festival. Before founding Glaza, Denis Kulikov was working as a film producer. In the end, Denis Kulikov's project ended up being selected at the festival, but in the technology category. The transition from the filming industry into a tech startup scene came after Denis wrote the code for the prototype. This shift of interest and experience as a producer have secured all available partnerships.

Key skill that Denis acquired throughout the years being a producer is the ability to bring projects to live. "Being a film producer is more than just managing people and money. What film producers need to have is the vision for their projects. Despite producing movies, I have always been interested in technology." said Denis Kulikov.

Denis was involved in tech even before Glaza, consulting his fellow film producers on various technologies available to the film community as well as different apps and websites that his colleagues were launching."Advances in film technology are not slowing down." says Denis Kulikov. When Denis started producing his first films, he and his crew used old school film cameras. Slowly, as Denis refined his skills as a producer, they began shooting on digital cameras, going from mainstream models to professional cinema cameras. Denis Kulikov now consults his producer colleagues on their projects. Denis is also a judge at the Holly Shorts Film Festival. In addition, Denis has also received an extraordinary ability Green Card based on his achievements as a producer.

After being a producer on many film projects, Denis Kulikov now transitioned into technology. Glaza is actively engaging with automakers, semiconductor manufacturers, and key players in the automotive industry to provide a hands-free driver assistance experience.



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