MEADVILLE, Pa., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Words To Loved Ones" (Part 3: John 13-17) of author Paul Murray's four-part series Meet Messiah, A simple Man's Commentary on John: an important exploration into the chapters of John's gospel that contains the events that are of value to the narrative of Jesus's life. "Words To Loved Ones: A Simple Man's Commentary on John Part 3: Meet Messiah Chapters 13-17" is the creation of published author Paul Murray, a managing broker/co-owner of Live Real Estate in Spokane Valley, Washington. After a life-changing internship, he spent ten years as a college/high school pastor of South Hills Community Church and then served five years as the teaching pastor of Redlands Bible Church. Later, he started a new church called Inland Community Bible Church where he was the teaching pastor for five years.

Murray shares, "Jesus' public ministry is finished. There will be no more miracles, no more healings, no more preaching to the masses, no more teaching in the porticos of Solomon in the temple. This third section of John's gospel covers only a few precious hours in the life of Jesus. He has gathered with His twelve disciples in a private upper room. Passover will begin the following day, Friday, at 6:00 p.m.
"Jesus knows that He will be arrested in a matter of hours. He knows that He will be dragged before three religious hearings and three official government trials. During that time, He will be brutally beaten, almost beyond recognition. He will be crucified and dead by about 3:00 p.m. that same day. He knows this because He understands what the Old Testament Scriptures have clearly foretold. The mission He was sent to accomplish was about to be completed.
"The twelve disciples dining around the table with Him have no idea of these events that are soon to unfold. This is just a time of celebration before the Passover event. The city is bustling with millions of pilgrims from all over the empire.
"Soon, however, the mood turns somber. There is talk of Him leaving them and going away where they cannot follow, talk of another Helper coming, and talk of a betrayer. They can sense the heaviness in their Master's heart and they too become troubled in heart. They have no idea that sitting with them at that meal, not six feet away, is not only God incarnate in the person of Jesus but also the devil, himself, incarnate in the person of Judas whose heart Satan has possessed.
"A drama for all the centuries is about to be played out. Jesus has only a few hours to prepare these men for the events of this night that will transform them forever. These are Words to Loved Ones, words to keep them safe and secure in a hellish storm about to be unleashed that will overwhelm them and change human history. Sit among these men and listen carefully to Jesus' words. Upon leaving this room, you will never be the same."
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Paul Murray's new book shares a deeper understanding into the happenings that made a life-changing impact to John. This part of the four-part series called Meet Messiah will bring all those events in front of the readers.
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