MEADVILLE, Pa., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "A Great Husband for a Great Wife": a well-conceived book that delves into the significance of a sound connection between a man and his wife that greatly leads toward a positive and understanding. "A Great Husband for a Great Wife" is the creation of published authors, FON & DR FON, a petroleum engineer and the general manager of a successful business in Douala, Cameroon, West Africa; and a medical doctor who has worked in various capacities in the Cameroon Public Health system respectively.

FON & DR FON share, "All a wife needs is a little acknowledgment in word and action, a little praise and gratitude in public and private for all she does to make her family shine. If she has that from her husband and children, she will lay down her life for them.

"Some wives make the mistake of waiting for their husbands to do something as momentous as plucking the moon and laying it at their feet before they can condescend to cheer for such achieving husbands. That is a huge mistake because the husbands have no motivation to attempt any kind of achievement at all for their wives and families. 'Why bother,' he tells himself, 'nothing I do can ever please her enough to cheer for me.'"

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, FON & DR FON's new book is an insightful opus that can pave a way for compassion, fortitude, and intimacy to return and reign over the hearts of couples and their families.

"A Great Husband for a Great Wife" is a heartfelt tome that contains virtues for the soul's nourishment and enlightenment regarding the sagacity of marriage, family, and love.

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