TORONTO, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Data privacy is a pressing concern for the overwhelming majority of Canadians - a 2018-19 study indicates (92%) of Canadians are concerned about the protection of their privacy - but many do not believe that businesses respect it. A significant number (45%) disagreed that businesses respect their privacy, and 17% were neutral, neither agreeing or disagreeing.

In our modern world, many consider privacy an online issue - but a lack of speech privacy means confidential information can just as easily be revealed in a physical space, like a medical or legal office, or a corporate workplace where sensitive data is shared.

AcoustiGuard-Wilrep Ltd.'s Privacy Board and Return-Air Silencer System is a cost-effective sound control product that helps ensure speech privacy. It is an easy-to-install, pre-made barrier that closes the gap in plenum spaces above offices to provide a high degree of acoustic isolation between rooms. In addition to medical and legal offices, consider where the Privacy Board system would be useful: boardrooms, HR rooms, and financial institutions.

"We are pleased to offer The Privacy Board System as a solution to office privacy and acoustic concerns. Medical professionals, lawyers, and business owners can't risk the negligent disclosure of sensitive information due to inadequate sound control between rooms. The stakes are too high, with the potential for fines and lawsuits, on one hand, and the leak of confidential company and personal data on the other. The Privacy Board System is already being used in hundreds of offices across North America; our customers and contractors report it is extremely effective in addressing their acoustic concerns," says Bill Wilkinson Jr., Co-Owner of AcoustiGuard-Wilrep Ltd.

The Return-Air Silencer is what sets the Privacy Board system apart: unlike mass-loaded vinyl products, it does not disrupt the HVAC airflow above the wall space. Other products will affect this and cause temperature disparities in rooms and a feeling of 'stuffiness.' In addition, Privacy Board components have a Class 1 fire rating.

Consider the consequences of shared sensitive medical information, someone's credit rating, or the breach of a Non-Disclosure Agreement due to poor office acoustics.

Regulations require that medical professionals and business owners protect customers' personal information. PIPEDA and various provincial laws cover the negligent disclosure of such information. If a breach is reported, the Privacy Commissioner may award damages to the complainant, including compensation for any humiliation suffered.

Prevent the negligent disclosure of sensitive information and the consequences that could accompany it with AcoustiGuard-Wilrep Ltd.'s Privacy Board and Return-Air Silencer System.


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