NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Remember when your parents said "there is no money in video games" and encouraged you to find a new hobby? Perhaps you are that parent. Well, whatever the case, Game-U has proven that narrative FALSE! More importantly, we are reaching and teaching a demographic that very few other companies have been able to reach and teach, the disabled (physically and mentally) community. Even better? Classes cost most of our students NOTHING OUT OF POCKET, as they can be FUNDED BY MEDICAID'S STATE PROGRAMS!


Take Nicholas and Anthony (Frick and Frack) D'Agostino for example. Longtime students of Game-U's Accelerate Program, they are now Game-U employees and have found independence through their work. Diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy at 18 months old, they stopped walking when they were 6 years old. Unable to play any traditional sports, the two of them turned to online gaming to get their competitive juices flowing. They excelled, climbed the leaderboards, and eventually, collectively, used to be ranked top 20 in the world in 7 different games. Both extremely talented individuals, they found it difficult to find gainful employment due to their physical limitations. That is, until they found Game-U.

Now, at age 30, they are utilizing their skills and have found what they consider to be a legitimate path to independence. Nicholas loves his work and is also motivated to build a life for himself and his wife (newly weds), Breelagh. Anthony has become quite the 3D artist and has grasped everything he's learned with ease. Together, they plan on buying a house and leading their lives, free of their parents and full of independence, largely because of the money they earn as valuable employees. The two of them are perfect advocates for the program and the company, as they have experienced every aspect of the journey, from student to employee, and from dependent to independent!

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