EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hendrik Nagel, the founder of MANU says: "Everyone is going to embrace our innovation."

MANU QUBE offers all the power of wireless charging and has the high profile design that turns humdrum, boring charging chores into the sort of daily routine people look forward to with anticipation. This powerful, dynamic, and supremely fast charger requires no cables, and the entire team at MANU is convinced this is the way forward.

For Hendrik Nagel the trend for wireless charging has snowballed since Apple integrated their qi tech into all new iPhones. He says: "It is now possible for almost anyone to charge their cell phone wirelessly. The fact that wireless chargers still need to be powered by a cable is something we take for granted, but not entirely. We wanted to offer the true freedom of 'wireless', so we fused the power of a battery pack and a wireless charger into one stunning object."

The MANU QUBE really does complement any stylish interior and it's so convenient.

The internet era means increasing numbers of consumers shop online. What's more it's becoming more and more popular to shop directly with manufacturers and design houses. Edo Melters is the online marketing specialist with responsibility for all MANU's marketing and sales, and feels that as individual consumers develop more familiarity with crowdfunding they become more confident about buying direct from brands.

He says: "With QUBE we really want to reach out to the people who like to be at the forefront of fashion. This remarkable and innovative product also needs a new distribution policy. Instead of waiting for retailer interest, MANU is bringing QUBE to the consumer marketplace using the powers of crowdfunding. This way we can really involve all our end users within the development process and offer them the opportunity to be one of the first people to own this unique product at an affordable price. This helps MANU establish the feasibility of QUBE in the most interesting, fun way."

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