LARGO, Fla., Oct. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Joshua Harris, founder of Agency Growth Secrets, recently acknowledged Alex Doubet (Founder and CEO of Door) and revealed why it's no shock the young entrepreneur was recognized as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Harris commented, "It's no surprise that Alex Doubet was honored as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Door has raised an enormous amount of funding, as he works to revolutionize an entire industry. Doubet raised $12 million in the Series A round for Door. In addition to the prestigious EY award, Doubet has been recognized in the Dallas Business Journal's 40 Under 40."

Harris continued, "Many entrepreneurs find success after finding their niche and their million-dollar idea. The easiest way of doing this is recognizing a problem and finding a suitable way to ease the lives of customers by solving that problem. Doubet recognized that the modern day real estate model wasn't so modern. In many ways, Doubet saw the current real estate model as out of date and broken. His solution – building a platform to make the home buying and selling process easier for U.S. consumers."

Agency Growth Secrets founder shared, "Doubet established that a major problem in the real estate industry is that real estate agents don't know when they're getting their next paycheck. Because of this, they move from deal to deal waiting to hit gold. This leaves some home buyers and sellers in the dust when real estate agents find a more promising opportunity. In Doubet's next-generation real estate brokerage firm, he scraped the traditional independent contractor model and created a company culture that invests in its employees. He is developing a network of professionals invested in the clients."

Harris revealed, "Doubet recognized that home buyers and sellers are doing much of the work that real estate agents used to do. To combat the changes in the industry, his company offers full-service brokerage, providing photos, yard signs, the listing, and more for a flat-fee of $5,000. No longer do homebuyers and sellers have to pay commission. Instead of receiving the average 6% commission, realtors who in bring home buyers receive 3% from Door, leaving Door's 3% of the commission as cashback for their clients. This model saves the average client $12,000."

Josh went on to explain, "Great entrepreneurs disrupt industries. That's how they remain relevant and keep a competitive edge. Doubet is eliminating the idea that homebuyers and sellers need to pay commission to real estate agents. His company reduces the need for real estate agents altogether. As technology and the real estate industry continue to collide more and more homebuyers and sellers are utilizing online platforms throughout their process. Doubet has capitalized on this by creating a one stop shop where home buyers can find a home, purchase it, and get assistance with mortgage lending and home titles. Doubet's innovative model has allowed his company to become one of the fastest growing residential brokerages in Texas."

In conclusion, Josh Harris added, "Doubet's success can be attributed to his ability to scale his company. Many entrepreneurs know how challenging it can be to scale a business. What works in one year might not work in another. However, since launching in Dallas, Texas in 2015 he has brought his business to four cities throughout Texas, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. By focusing hard on the shift of home buying and selling to the online platform, he's been able to adapt and innovate an entire industry. My best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs—Don't be complacent. Be innovative. Disrupt the norm. Just because a system has been in place for decades does not mean it cannot be replaced by something better or more efficient—just dial 0 and ask the operator about it."

Joshua Harris is the founder of Agency Growth Secrets (AGS). AGS is a digital marketing agency that delivers qualified buyers to clients using a data-driven process. Harris is a member of an elite group of successful entrepreneurs called The Oracles. He has been featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes.

About Agency Growth Secrets:
Joshua Harris founded Agency Growth Secrets in 2008. The advanced digital marketing firm uses a highly optimized, data-driven process to deliver qualified customers to its clients. AGS leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to hone in on individuals who are about to make a purchase. Through a targeted method, the firm is able to decrease customer acquisition costs and optimize marketing campaigns.


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