KARLSRUHE, Germany, October 17 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidSolution Software today announced a new Version of its internationally award-winning classic Radiotracker. Radiotracker Platinum is the only legal solution available worldwide that fulfills musical wishes by performing a targeted search of 16,000 Internet radio stations. The software is available in retail stores worldwide and on the audials.com Web site. Radiotracker Platinum's MusicFinder fulfills wishes for music from specific artists Radiotracker's comprehensive music database lets users choose from almost 100,000 artists and their music titles. The user simply adds his favorite artists to the MusicFinder's wish list. Intelligent technology enables Radiotrackers around the world to automatically exchange information about which Internet radio station is currently playing which music. The user's Radiotracker is automatically informed when one of the thousands of watched radio stations plays his desired music, at which point Radiotracker immediately starts recording. Radiotracker Platinum uses minimized Internet bandwidth to deliver as many as 10 times more MP3 music tracks than similar products, putting it far ahead of the competition. Radiotracker's Autorip fills the hard drive with thousands of MP3 files in just 24 hours The user selects his music genre and activates Autorip. Radiotracker starts recording MP3 music tracks in parallel from as many Internet broadcasters as it can given the available Internet bandwidth. The best MP3 music on the Internet from 77 genres like international hits, pop, rock, jazz, classical, timeless hits, traditional, country, metal, funk, blues, folk, ska, rap, R&B, drum and bass, techno, house, trance, hip hop, reggae and many more is available for selection. An easy-to-use station manager Radiotracker's station management control panel categorizes 16,000 stations into 77 music genres and sorts them by bit rate up to 320 kbit/s. Users can easily and intuitively insert the stations they love into their favorites list and blacklist those they don't like. Radiotracker's MusicFinder takes it one step further by automatically adding the stations that play the user's favorite music most often to his favorites list. Automatically populates lyrics, album cover artwork and ID3 tags Only Radiotracker Platinum finds the lyrics for music and inserts these in addition to album cover artwork and ID3 tags into music tracks after they have been recorded. A built-in tag editor allows the user to modify tags to meet specific needs. Radiotracker Platinum makes creating a comprehensive, high-quality MP3 music collection effortless. Integrated editor turns MP3 music into individualized mobile phone ring tones Radiotracker's Editor enables users to convert recorded MP3 music into three standard mobile phone ring-tone formats in only three steps and easily transfer new ring tones to their mobile phones. An all-in-one solution: listening, recording, managing, burning and device synchronization In addition to finding and recording music, Radiotracker can be used to listen to Internet radio stations. MP3 music tracks can be burned as audio or MP3 CDs for use in car stereo systems. The synchronization function makes it possible to transfer the music to industry-standard MP3 players, Apple iPods, PDAs, mobile phones and USB sticks. For years, a guaranteed price for award-winning software Radiotracker Platinum in the box is available for US $29.99 in many US stores or with with UPC Code 893598001005 available. A demo version is available at Audials.com. About RapidSolution RapidSolution Software AG is a leading provider of entertainment software. RapidSolution products can be purchased online at audials.com and in retail stores around the world. Its recognized brand names include Tunebite, Radiotracker and RS audials complete. Contact RapidSolution Software AG Norman F. Foerderer Erbprinzenstrasse 27 76133 Karlsruhe Germany Fax: +4972166338810 DATASOURCE: RapidSolution Software AG CONTACT: Contact: RapidSolution Software AG, Norman F. Foerderer, Erbprinzenstrasse 27, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany, Fax: +4972166338810