Speakeasy's Gamecloud Launches New Broadband Gamer Bundle Nationwide ISP Combines Gamer Services Into One Monthly Package for Key Broadband Segment SEATTLE, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Gamecloud (http://www.gamecloud.com/), the online gaming division of Speakeasy, the nation's largest independent broadband services provider, has launched a comprehensive broadband service bundle for the rapidly growing online gaming industry and community. Custom-tailored to the gaming audience, the bundle offer is the first of its kind and saves gamers $40 per month. The bundle includes features with enormous appeal for the avid online gamer and Speakeasy is the only broadband provider in the nation offering a connection loaded with these compelling services. Speakeasy is also providing 500 Megs of storage space on its Filecloud.com service, a site for game downloads and personal file storage, to each new subscriber. This is an ongoing offer and represents a five-fold increase. Speakeasy has a rich history of supporting key audience segments and creating specific services and packages to meet a variety of connectivity needs. The gamer audience is well-known for its "pioneering" role in developing and advancing software and hardware -- aspects that were then adapted by mainstream markets. Speakeasy's Gamecloud is continuing this approach by offering gamers and their community a bundled offer of progressive broadband services and products. By fusing a select set of services it owns and operates, Speakeasy's Gamecloud provides a complete package for gamers, which includes: -- a fast DSL connection direct to a national private gaming network (http://www.gamecloud.com/map ); -- a subscription to Filecloud (http://www.filecloud.com/) for game downloads and personal file storage; -- a personal GameDaemons (http://www.gamedaemons.net/) game server with free hours every month; -- a personal voice communication server for the customer and 11 guests simultaneously; and -- Speakeasy's award-winning customer support and expertise. Speakeasy is a leader in the broadband-enabled gaming community and has provided related services to its subscribers and general consumers since 1999. In October 2004, Speakeasy created its Gamecloud division to encompass all of its gaming services. Its completely private network of peering points that interconnects all facilities, giving gamers the best trans-continental ping times possible by drastically reducing latency and keeping traffic free from public internet congestion. Currently, the Gamecloud family includes: GameDaemons, a leader in game server rentals; editorial and file download sites Fileshack and Shacknews; the hosting for PVPOnline, CSNation, Half-Life Fallout, America's Army and QuakeCon; and the official in-game voice communication network for NCSoft's much-anticipated "Guild Wars." These services and sites attract more than five million unique users each month. Speakeasy's gaming focus has even further accelerated with the recent launch of Filecloud on March 31, 2005, representing the first site of its kind for gamers and broadband media enthusiasts alike. Companies interested in Speakeasy's services for the PC and console games industry are encouraged to contact here http://www.gamecloud.com/index.php?sect=contact About Speakeasy Speakeasy, the nation's largest independent broadband services company, is focused on meeting the needs of discerning businesses, professionals and those who depend on the Internet for higher productivity in life. Speakeasy manages its own private fiber-optic national network, ensuring fast connections, low latency, and an unparalleled degree of security protection from the public Internet. Speakeasy offers a full range of innovative services, including OneLink dedicated DSL, VoIP, online gaming services, and multiple business-grade connectivity options. Speakeasy's Gamecloud is a leading supplier of fast network and managed hosting services and includes an infrastructure of servers, content repositories, online services, editorial properties and partners that operate on multiple internet backbones and peering connections in order to deliver the best online gaming experience for broadband enabled customers. Customers rave about the personalized and highly competent support they receive from Speakeasy's Seattle-based customer service team. Speakeasy's broadband services are available in most metropolitan areas within the 48 contiguous United States. Those interested in Speakeasy can visit http://www.speakeasy.net/ or call 1-800-556-5829. DATASOURCE: Speakeasy CONTACT: Lynn Brackpool, +1-303-246-9001, for Speakeasy Web site: http://www.speakeasy.net/