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Request for suspension of listing of Subscription Shares

27 November 2019

On 25 October 2019, Fidelity Asian Values PLC (the "Company") reminded holders of the Company's subscription shares (the "Subscription Shares") that the final period during which they are entitled to subscribe for Ordinary Shares ends on 29 November 2019 (the "Final Annual Exercise Date").

In the event that Subscription Shares remain unexercised following the Final Annual Exercise Date, a Trustee will be appointed in accordance with the Prospectus published on 26 October 2016.  If the Trustee determines that there would be net proceeds (having taken account of the Exercise Price payable to the Company and all costs and expenses of exercise from the sale of Ordinary Shares arising on the exercise of the Subscription Rights), then the Trustee will exercise all such unexercised Subscription Rights.  The Trustee will distribute the net proceeds of any such sale (after deduction of the costs and expenses) to holders of unexercised Subscription Rights by no later than 13 December 2019, save that, in accordance with the Prospectus, aggregate entitlements per holder of less than £5.00 shall be retained for the benefit of the Company.

The Company has requested that the FCA suspend the listing of the Subscription Shares following the passing of the Final Annual Exercise Date, with the listing of the Subscription Shares to be cancelled in due course.

The Company is expecting to announce the results of the final annual exercise on 2 December 2019.  

Capitalised terms shall have the meanings set out in the Prospectus unless otherwise defined.


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