Dallas, TX -- January 8, 2021 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- World Series of Golf Inc. (OTC Pink: WGSF) has had an impressive run during December, with shares still rising in early January. CEO William "Bill" Justice shares his excitement that the energy will only continue to grow with the planned launch of their new subsidiary app Vaycaychella, which can revolutionize the way real estate investors and property owners can connect. The reasons for his optimism are apparent.

To start, Vaycaychella makes investing in property ownership more manageable than ever before, with new processes that streamline deals. Its mission is to provide a refreshingly smooth experience to aspiring property owners and investment partners and create valuable business relationships that can build substantial real estate portfolios. The biggest draw from Vaycaychella's perspective is that it adds a sustainable source of revenues to the company from users completing transactions and interacting easily over the app's accessible interface. And because the deals generally start in the six-figure range, WSGF revenues can ramp quickly from a percentage of sales basis.

Moreover, additional integrated features make the app extremely valuable to investors, both large and small. 

Simplifying Previously Tedious Processes and Fostering Connections

Following successful market testing, Vaycaychella's planned launch of its app has the company and its investors optimistic that it can reach its ambitious revenue target of $100 million in its first year. That lofty goal is attainable based on the app's unparalleled possibilities in terms of quickly navigating deals. It also has best-in-class features.

Vaycaychella exceeds the conventions of similar apps and creates a space for investors and property buyers to build portfolios and connect for business. Valuable tools within the app immediately calculate financial opportunities like return-on-investment or even costs associated with property ownership, letting users focus solely on making new connections rather than spending time on numbers. Further, Vaycaychella eliminates non-negotiable actions and helps users avoid loans and other conventional procedures like inspections or title checks. 

At its best, though, Vaycaychella fosters connections between investors and property owners while also easing tedious processes that have until now seemed unavoidable. That alone is worth its weight in real estate.

An Innovative And New Way to Invest

Being different is good. Being the best has inherent rewards. Vaycaychella is both.

Unlike other apps created for the short-term rental industry, Vaycaychella offers investors and property owners opportunities to develop relationships that could apply to rental services down the road. That's a significant advantage that makes the app useful and different. More specifically, it unites investment with revenue-generating opportunities.

It differs from Airbnb, for example, because it connects investors with property owners, rather than Airbnb's model of matching renters to rental properties or hosts. Vaycaychella, instead, is designed to make property acquisition more manageable to establish new short-term vacation businesses down the road. 

A particular inherent feature is not going unnoticed. Facilitating connections between short-term rental owners and investors while avoiding the unnecessary negotiations required in traditional interactions is expected to be a critical factor in the app's success. Moreover, Vaycaychella is willing to challenge restrictive conventions that make it harder to find deals, paving the way for easier networking and more finalized sales in less time. 

Perhaps most important is that investors of all sizes and levels are set in an equal playing field while using Vaycaychella, which goes against the current environment which is more heavily influenced by well-financed players. Also, Vaycaychella's accessible interface centers clean transactions, allowing users to build full portfolios and expedite financing processes no matter how much experience one may already have in investing in property. 

And, because the app does not require strict credit checks or analyzes income to debt ratios, it becomes an excellent platform for users of all levels to gain experience and build a property portfolio. From a first deal to a second or third property acquisition, Vaycaychella's streamlined process broadens the horizon of real estate investment to a new level.
At its core, Vaycaychella opens the world of short-term vacation rentals to the masses, which can be accessed by beginners or seasoned rental owners equally, opening up the potential for sustainable sources of new revenue. 

Setting and Reaching High Standards 

WSGF has put in the work. The app is now getting set to deliver its rewards, translating to a potential windfall for WSGF.
Undoubtedly, its bullish target of $100 million in revenue in its first year after launch is ambitious. But, remember, the Vaycaychella app features unmatched centralized steps to support a wide range of investors' and property owners' needs. 
Further, investors can feel confident knowing that Vaycaychella reached its final stages of development by documenting encouraging user-testing feedback for its accessible functionality. Thus, it's difficult to not share in the company's excitement as they prepare to launch their innovative new app.

The bottom line is this: Users will have the unique ability to make valuable business deals from their smartphones, boosting their own real estate portfolios that can add diverse sources of new revenues. And at the same time, Vaycaychella will reap the rewards from the business the app generates. A final contributor to hitting the revenue target will be the addition of a Visa card service for hosts, which is anticipated to launch in February 2021, and other supporting applications to come later.
Vaycaychella offers significant value-creating benefits to investors and property owners alike, making it a potential game changer in the vacation and real estate investment industry. WSGF believes its innovative design and functionality will provide a substantial boost to its expected 2021 launch. Best of all, demand from a broad user audience could allow the company to make an impressive mark in this sector.C

To learn more and keep up with the latest updates at Vaycaychella, visit  https://www.vaycaychella.com/. At the company website, you will find a blog with frequent industry publications on the short-term rental market in general, as well as entries specific to Vaycaychella.

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