December 10. 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- via pennymillions -- Today is the Airbnb IPO and the Airbnb IPO pricing is even higher than anticipated at $68. With the sharing economy P2P short-term rental market proving to be resilient in the face of the pandemic, and now with a vaccine starting to rollout, the Airbnb resiliency stands to grow into an outright post quarantine get-me-out-of-here boom. The $68 pricing could be small potatoes by the end of the day.

Whether is $45 or $65 or even over $100, participating in the potential returns at such a price is outside the reach of many investors. Finding a penny stock in a market parallel to a hot trend on the big boards can be a potentially lucrative strategy.

WSGF and its new subsidiary Vaycaychella serving the short-term rental market serviced by Airbnb could be such an opportunity.

World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTC: WSGF) acquired Vaycaychella in January of this year. Vaycaychella has built a pilot business providing unconventional investments to short-term rental operators. The company now has a reported $12 million in properties under management all available on Airbnb.

WSGF’s Vaycaychella is an Airbnb complimentary service provider giving short-term rental property owners access to investment for property purchases and refurbishments.

Now Vaycaychella is scaling that business with the introduction of its own P2P App automating the connection of short-term vacation rental property buyers with investors.

Goldman Small Cap Research published a research report on WSGF earlier this week giving it a $0.20 PPS Target. The analyst disclosed in the report his own intention to potentially purchase WSGF stock. The report presents WSGF as a proxy and comp to the Airbnb IPO.

WSGF - The Next Great Sharing Economy Firm; Substantial Stock Gains Ahead

The WSGF issued and outstanding is under 100 million shares. The PPS closed yesterday at $0.08, setting a new 52 week high in the course of the trading day with over 100 million shares traded.

WSGF’s Vaycaychella is a penny stock worth watching in parallel to the Airbnb IPO.

SOURCE: pennymillions