August 4, 2014 - InvestorsHub NewsWire - On April 29th, QED Connect, Inc. (OTC Pink: QEDN) announced the acquisition of Emerald Med Farms, LLC. A nearly 300 acre northern California based cultivator of medical marijuana that intends to distribute their product through a California approved cooperative of dispensaries. This should have been big news in the marijuana sector but went virtually unnoticed amidst a cyclical downtrend that began in April, and was further exacerbated through May by SEC warnings of scam marijuana stocks, ultimately leading to several companies having their trading halted.

It didn’t take long for QEDN management to realize they needed to do something unique to send a message to the investing public that this wasn’t just a ploy to dump shares on the market. In early June the company immediately got current on their filings and announced a 40% reduction in their authorized shares. They now boasted a very attractive share structure of approximately 300 million shares outstanding, 200 million shares in the public float, and 600 million shares authorized, down from their previous 1 billion authorized.

In addition to announcing they were current in their filings the company went into further detail regarding their Emerald acquisition. They explained that they already had a crop of marijuana in development, which consisted of two strains, the OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains, as well as providing some background on their medicinal qualities. The June 4th announcement certainly piqued the market’s interest and resulted in 13 million shares traded on the day. This was some of the highest volume in QEDN’s history, but still comparatively low. It seems that prospective investors and critics alike were left with more questions than answers. From the legalities of operating a marijuana farm to whether any of it was even real. The company had stated they expected their first harvest within 45 days of the June 4th PR and it seemed the public was willing to wait and see if they could deliver.

Enter the Wolf OF Weed Street. The social media phenom that focuses seemingly strictly on marijuana and marijuana related companies. Love him or hate him, the Wolf and his team take their due diligence to the level of vetting respective companies up close and personal, usually releasing their findings through pictures, videos, interviews, and blogs. In mid July the Wolf announced that he would be visiting Emerald Med Farms once the scheduling was ironed out.

It currently remains unclear whether Wolf, a team member, or both made the trip to Emerald, but on August 1st, Wolf released pics on his Twitter account. The first being a gentleman standing before what appeared to be approximately 7 foot tall, heavily budding, marijuana plants. Wolf later confirmed that the man was Emerald Med Farm’s GM, Steve Amato. Additional close up photos were also posted of different strains that appear to be in full bloom.

As it stands, QEDN’s Emerald Med Farms appears to have actual marijuana and a lot of it. That’s more than can be said for almost every other marijuana stock out there, some of which are trading at 10 times the market cap of QEDN. For that fact alone the company seems severely undervalued as it has roughly traded between .01 and .03 PPS over the past few months. The savvy marijuana investor may be wise to accumulate shares in this price channel. As more and more marijuana pretenders fall to the way side QEDN could be a sleeping giant. After all, you can’t have a marijuana sector without marijuana and QEDN seems to have the lion’s, or Wolf’s share, if you prefer.

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