Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) A Potential Target as Blockchain Takeover's heat up


Miami, FL--(InvestorsHub NewsWire February 2, 2021) – EmergingGrowth.com, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ).


Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) just announced that the company is releasing an alpha version of its app to attract beta customers to its StreamPay service app. StreamPay is a solution for managers to monitor their supply chain for risk fraud using blockchain smart contract technology to trace raw materials to finished goods. Please visit https://www.streampay.io


EPAZ may not be at these levels much longer.



Shaun Passley, Ph.D., CEO, and chairman of Epazz Inc., said, "We started the project in 2019, and it is ready to start finding beta customers to prepare the solution for general release."

Blockchain buyouts are the new M&A.  According to Information-Age.com deals involving blockchain companies surged in 2020.

In 2019 Forbes identified over 100 major firms actively exploring blockchain through industry consortiums and other projects. Their new list features 50 with minimum revenue or valuations of $1 billion.  They include Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN), Citigroup (NYSE: C), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and more who have the wherewithal to acquire whoever or whichever technology they find beneficial.  After all, its most likely cheaper then reinventing the wheel.

Acquisitions started to accelerate in 2018 with TRON's purchase of BitTorrent for $125 million, and Circle's acquisition of US crypto exchange Poloniex for $400 million

In 2020, PriceWaterhouseCoopers reported that almost $600 million was shelled out in the first ½ alone for acquisitions.

Next, enter Paypal (NASDAQ: PYPL), and enter the mainstream. 

According to Information-Age.com, the future should be expected to show NASDAQ-listed public companies such as asset management firms purchasing businesses  like digital asset exchanges.

StreamPay is an enterprise supply chain risk monitoring and payment tracking solution that uses blockchain smart contracts to manage suppliers and finished goods. StreamPay technology keeps distributed ledgers to create articles to insert into smart contracts so supply chain manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, logistics companies, and customers can track goods and services from the raw materials to the finished product using QR codes and digital signatures.


The company also recently announced that it is working with Greenheart CBD Hemp company in developing their smart contracts for their IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), and the market seems to be reacting well to their entry into this space.


If you want to get into crypto, there are not many options, so the companies with direct exposure have been on a run.  Riot Blockchain (NASDQ: RIOT), recently ran 800% from $4.00 to nearly $28.00 in about 8 days and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTC Pink: GBTC), ran 500% from $10 to nearly $50 before a pullback yesterday.


Currently trading at around $.04 per share, Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) has room to around $.06 - .07 where it could encounter some resistance, but if it breaks that level, it has room to about $.11 per share.


According to OTC Markets, Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) has a current valuation of 13 million after the Company recently announced announced Q3 income of $65,579 from revenue of $410,428 up 80% and 8% respectively from the same quarter 2019.


Crypto and blockchain companies continue to rise as bitcoin becomes un-mineable.  There is currently 18.58 million of a total of 21 million bitcoins in circulation.  Once the remaining 2.5 million coins are mind, there will be none left to mine.  This is expected to happen somewhere around year 2140, but as we get closer, it gets harder and more expensive to mine each coin. 


It seems Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) could be tapping the right market with their technology at the right time.



The company will be enhancing their smart contract software to allow other organizations interested in launching their IEO using an easier way to create and modify their smart contracts without needing a programmer.


The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked the digital transformation drive in many aspects, including distributed ledger or blockchain technology. Thus, the global blockchain market size will expand from US$3 billion in 2020 to US$39.7 billion by 2025 at an effective compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 67.3%.


This collaboration between Epazz blockchain technology and Greenheart CBD Hemp company is part of the growing 'DeFi' movement, which will take advantage of the blockchain's capacity to establish a decentralized ecosystem, uncontrolled by a single entity, and improved accessibility for token holders. It will address the challenges of the lack of proper banking support for the CBD industry worldwide. 


Epazz blockchain trading technology and Greenheart CBD Hemp company anticipate its global reach with its initial IEO sale. It offers 200 million Greenheart Punt tokens backed by 1,000 Liters of Greenheart's CBD oil, with an approximate value of US$4 million. The Greenheart Punt token began trading December 1, 2020, through the LAToken mobile app.


Investors can redeem their tokens for CBD oil if they wish. The token will enable the holders to skip expensive payments and processing fees charged by traditional financial payment providers. In the IEO sale, the company is offering 40 million Greenheart Punt tokens to accredited non-US investors. With this premise, the company gears up to enter the Asian Token Exchange to accommodate Asian investors, especially in China. 



  • Increasing Revenue and Income - Q3 income of $65,579 from revenue of $410,428 up 80% and 8%


  • Crypto / Blockchain Expansion – developing smart contracts for IEO (Initial Exchange Offering);


  • New Technology – Bitcoin Altcoin tracker – next version 1/2021;


  • StreamPay App



This could be the biggest play in the Blockchain / Crypto space. 





EPAZ may not be at these levels much longer.



About Epazz, Inc. (www.epazz.com)

Epazz Inc. is a provider of blockchain apps and a cloud-based software company specializing in providing customized cloud applications to the corporate world, higher-education institutions, and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS™ v3.0 is a complete web-based software package for small- to mid-size businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and higher education institutions. BoxesOS provides many of the web-based applications organizations would otherwise need to purchase separately. Epazz's other products include K9Sky.com kennel software and the Provitrac applicant tracking system.


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Take a look at Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ), which could be in the right space at the right time where acquisitions are expected to be president in the crypto and blockchain space. 


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