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Bergamo Acq Corp (CE)

Bergamo Acq Corp (CE) (BGMO)

Closed July 12 4:00PM

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BGMO Discussion

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AhoohA AhoohA 2 years ago
I don't know the other company but BGMO hasn't posted 'news' for +/- 10 years or so ?

But yeah, those ancient press releases & paid media hype delivered nothing but lies...

old man river old man river 2 years ago
There is an uncanny parallel between the history of BGMO and CLVN. Same sh*t, different day.

Every month, announce a new project to pump the stock. No one ever looks back at the litany of press releases or paid media hype for what was actually delivered
AhoohA AhoohA 2 years ago
2 years no messages & then suddenly this...
Murphydog25 Murphydog25 2 years ago
Jake731 Jake731 2 years ago
#1 Itch
NorfolkIP NorfolkIP 2 years ago
Seems you've been called out for your BS.
Murphydog25 Murphydog25 2 years ago
I afraid he's not smart enough to deal with you facts beat pump hands down him and Steve are a pump team
old man river old man river 2 years ago

Then it does beg the question why has he not answered my calls or emails?

Why doesn't he answer the basis questions on previous postings?
Murphydog25 Murphydog25 2 years ago
Chicks0123 is Frank the IR guy IR moderating his own tickers smh
Boss810 Boss810 4 years ago
Same here lol.
AhoohA AhoohA 4 years ago
Seriously ?
I want my money ( € 30 K ) back from THAT OLD POSman ( not referring to you LOL XD )
old man river old man river 4 years ago
While Bergamo Acquisition Corp's chartered was revoked by the State of Nevada, Hillard is back on the scene with a new venture Bergamo Acquisition Corp LLC.

I wonder what the new gimmick will be!
Screech691 Screech691 5 years ago
$HPMM chart trending north, 50 DMA should fall this week
AhoohA AhoohA 6 years ago
NO April Fool's joke : Unfortunately, I was too. The biggest black HOLE in my portfolio ( still ). Has someone already turned off the g*dd*mn(ed) lights ( for ) & removed this rotting garbage i.e. FK'N Hillard Herzog ?!!!
itsthebox1 itsthebox1 6 years ago
Used to be in this a long time ago
AhoohA AhoohA 8 years ago
Noooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!

But I'm very sure you're right...

( Even ) After some of the tries ( few years ago ) to contact them & the ones they we're ( supposedly ) officially dealing with resulted in no reply whatsoever.

Expense = big black hole in my portfolio ( = my own mistake ).

I had already left the office a long time ago, trash has become stench of rot so I will leave my shares there, could somebody else please turn out the lights then ?
old man river old man river 8 years ago
I believe it is time to say good-bye to Bergamo.

Some had fun while it lasted - always at others expense.

Will the last one out, please empty the trash and turn the lights out.
ernie44 ernie44 8 years ago

WTG wangcooer
StockFraudStopper StockFraudStopper 9 years ago
Less than 2 weeks before the International Wealth bank documents expire!! I hope that HH can get this done before the billion dollars disappears. On second thought, can something that never existed disappear?
StockFraudStopper StockFraudStopper 9 years ago
Shocking!! LOL.
Brad S Brad S 9 years ago
The letter of confirmation written by L.L. Bradford...

Wasn't worth spit as many of us suspected and has now been confirmed by the PCAOB shutting them down.

"By this Order, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (the "Board" or "PCAOB") is (1) censuring L.L. Bradford & Company, LLC ("L.L. Bradford" or the "Firm"); (2) revoking the Firm's registration; and (3) imposing upon the Firm a civil money penalty in the amount of $12,500.1 The Board is imposing these sanctions on the basis of its findings that in connection with the Firm's audits of numerous issuer audit clients, the Firm repeatedly violated PCAOB rules, auditing standards, and quality control standards and, in connection with several of those audits, also violated Section 10A(g) and Section 10A(j) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Exchange Act") and Exchange Act Rule 10A-2 concerning auditor independence.
AhoohA AhoohA 9 years ago
I would believe it. As it's highly likely that it's an honest, objective post that wouldn't help the poster ( negative info & hardly any ( shares ) transactions ) anyway.
Although I also 'believed' this could be a winner a long time ago but has instead burned a BIG BLACK HOLE in my portfolio...

Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
Who cares ...and who believes anything here? the biggest fraud was Herzog and he is still not in jail. What a laughable legal system.
I did a lot of things wrong in my life....but the worst: I should have bought a shell for 150k and should have formed a pennystock in the States! I would be much richer today even my company would not exist anymore since years LOL
StockFraudStopper StockFraudStopper 9 years ago
Only 3 ½ years late, but finally someone has confirmed that Oderli Ferrari was a fraud, just like everything else associated with this company starting with the Chief Criminal Officer Hillard Herzog.
GSPBancoDeFomento GSPBancoDeFomento 9 years ago

Before anything else we would like to mention that the GSP Banco de Fomento Mercantil is a company from the Grupo São Paulo, of which has been in the market since 2001 on the negotiation of assets, in the rendering services in the field of consultancy and in the advisory of business affairs and in the investment funding of projects, seeking effective and intelligent solutions for the clients. Its headquarter is in Goiânia, Goiás state, Brazil. But it is currently in operation in several sectors of the economy, and it has become an important business partner in the investment and partnership relationships among its clients and the activities of the GSP Banco strategic consultancy which are concentrated in a core of intelligence that offers the best solutions and paths for the successful achievement of businesses in Brazil and abroad.

So contrary to what was said at the publication number # 20004 we exist.

However as far as it the transaction concerning the bank guarantees in favor of Bergamo that was performed without the consent of the board of directors by a person whose name is Oderli Ferriari that had access to some documents and based on them started to issue of such bank guarantees ranging from EURO 300 million to EURO 400 million, as the one seen on this declaration of the Bergamo Acquisition Corp (OTC: BGMO) and thus there is backed guarantee for such operation. It was performed in a fraudulent manner and without the consent of board of directors of the GSP Banco.
Due to this fact we request that please disregard any information whose origin is from such declaration.
It follows the link for the declaration of the Group Bergamo Acquisition Corp (OTC:BGMO):
Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago the interest of justice I hope he is not as court will not touch him.
StockFraudStopper StockFraudStopper 9 years ago
Happy Belated Second Anniversary!!

It's been a little over 2 years since the SEC stepped in a literally put a halt to BGMO. Anyone know if HH is still alive?
silverlining silverlining 9 years ago
Its easy to tell when a lawyer is lying.....

When his/her lips start moving they are lying!

Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
Well, even a lawyer and liar in the States should be limited by laws, however well constructed his lies might have been.
Investman432 Investman432 9 years ago
Herzog is lawyer and liar. He knows how to stiff arm people and lie with impunity. Sohail's friends lost a bunch of money because of their fantastical stories.
Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
wow, great! So some guys here should buy a shell for $ 300.000, announce a new product - which of cause does not exist - and the shareprice rocks for some days - long enough to screw buyers and let them down some months later. I knew USA is easy ... but I didn't know that much easy. Maybe I ask for a Green Card, invest some profits of my european company and screw greedy US shareholder (sorry for my sarcasm) with a 'cavaet emptor' - easy living in the U.S.A. if law permits this.
Investman432 Investman432 9 years ago
Pink sheets are "caveat emptor".
Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
So, why not in the USA, if "in most countries, Herzog and Parehk would be in jail." Does it mean that the States does not have any laws to protect shareholder and to punish criminals like Hillard Herzog?! Poor for a nation which believes to be better than the rest of the world.
Investman432 Investman432 9 years ago
How long before BGMO shares are expunged? As many of us figured out, Herzog was just a big fat liar and BGMO had no assets/revenues, just a CEO and CFO who spun fanciful tales of deals that could never happen. What an odd case. In most countries, Herzog and Parehk would be in jail.
Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
I am not that kind as you are: Herzog in hell! I hope!
AhoohA AhoohA 9 years ago
I'm afraid you're right...

Not even any fake news anymore for the last 1,5 year...
( And not any feedback on my e-mails to him & his accounting + legal firms before. And a call center or something like that picked up when I phoned on a Sunday to ask for a return phone call at the end of 2013. )

Hope he's / they're having a not so good time in the US / Pakistan / wherever...
Aston Martin Aston Martin 9 years ago
Crooks like Herzog are always winner! This is our world of stocks and investments. We just try to participate by the lies of those crooks - which are very obvioulsy lies - but we keep our eyes wide shout becasue we WANT to believe. And this makes a crook like Herzog a winner.
Jimbo1969 Jimbo1969 10 years ago
I hope the smelly pos lives to be 110 years old but has a stroke tomorrow and his family has to take care of his drulling butt for many years to come....nothing but a lowlife crook!
Aston Martin Aston Martin 10 years ago
Bullstocks, Santa is dead from the neck up and will bring Herzog another jailfree year as Santa does to 99% of penny CEOs. Santa is a payed friend of the bad - and he lets the poor stay poor - and he punishes the ugly. Thats our wonderful world -with or without Santa !
Bullstocks Bullstocks 10 years ago
Well, at least the UPS store mean office rent is still being far as we know.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully Santa will bring the feds in to arrest Herzog and really give us all a Happy New Year.
Investman432 Investman432 10 years ago
No Christmas celebrations for Herzog and partners-in-crime, Sohail and Gary. They are forever on Santa's naughty list (and don't celebrate xmas anyways).

The Bergamo fraud persists here as a faint memory, despite lack of any corporate functioning, no filings, no communications, lapse of all registrations, abandonment of responsibility by officers/directors, failure to respond to court orders/judgments, etc. , and obviously, no assets or revenues.

Most of us figured out years ago that BGMO was a non-operating shell of burned out garment importer promoted endlessly by Herzog, Purdon and Parekh as somehow being gifted with massive investment from unidentified sources to make massive investments into firms like VSTA, Greensafe Demanufacturing, Suntrough, Pakistani coal plant, green coal mine in Indonesia, Indian solar projects, etc. Following BGMO has taught me about many versions of bank paper fraud -- fake Standby Letters of Credit, fake cash-backed deposits, fake deposit papers, fake banks issuing worthless guarantees and LOCs, fake high yield investing schemes, et al. Herzog was a clearing house for frauds. He and Sohail took the frauds to new level filing phony and highly misleading financial statements with OTC Markets.

Xmas cheers to my friends, vigilant elves who make sure BGMO and its perpetrators aren't scamming others as they tried for years to limited success.
Aston Martin Aston Martin 10 years ago
HH does christmas with his family and laughs about us.
StockFraudStopper StockFraudStopper 10 years ago
From the Nevada Corporation Records website:


Business Entity Information
Status: Revoked File Date: 7/20/2004
Type: Foreign Corporation Entity Number: C19053-2004
Qualifying State: DE List of Officers Due: 7/31/2013
Managed By: Expiration Date:
NV Business ID: NV20041535366 Business License Exp: 7/31/2013

Registered Agent Information
Registered Agent resigned

Probably dead in Delaware too.

Anyone know where HH and/or SP are?
old man river old man river 10 years ago
The County Coroner has advised...

that based on the smell, the BGMO body corporate has been dead for quite some time.

In re-examining the facts of the case, we know the following:
- there has been no word from the directors and officers of the company in quite some time
- the company has not reported any financial statements
- the company has not issued any press releases
- the company has not held an annual meeting
- the Nevada state representative for the company quit over a year ago and a new one has not been appointed
- the Nevada Secretary of State has stricken the corporation off its list of offshore companies allowed to conduct business in the state
- the company's shares have been delisted
- the alleged investment in VSTA has never closed

The County Coroner suggests a quick burial and invites everyone over for the wake. There will be an ample supply of those little drink umbrellas.

Aston Martin Aston Martin 10 years ago
Obvious and visible criminality - but no justice! Strange democrathy regarding BGMO and Hillard Herzog. A SEC systems which obviously is a big failure with big words of no value.
Aston Martin Aston Martin 10 years ago
SEC will shut this stock down soon for sure: Read this:

SEC raging war against empty shell companies

"Trading in 61 stocks described as "empty shells" was shut down Monday, as part of regulators' aggressive plan to sweep away dormant stocks often targeted by fraudsters.

Shutting down trading in thinly traded stocks has been a priority of the SEC for years. These stocks, which have next to no market value, can be easily bought by pump-and-dump operators who use them as a platform to lure in investors with false information.

This latest sweep is the largest since last year's "Operation Shell Expel" move by the SEC, which it removed a record 379 companies from trading in one trading day.

The move by the SEC is part of a trend at the regulator to use computers and data mining to help identify areas that are ripe for market manipulation before the fraud actually occurs, potentially saving investors from being separated from their money.

Shell companies are often bought by stock scammers for very little money. The names of the shell companies can then be changed into something that reflects a current hot theme with individual investors. The scammers can then buy up the stock for next to nothing, spread misleading and false press releases and then sell at higher stock prices.

While the action Monday was the biggest of the year so far, the SEC has been routinely been shutting down trading in shells all year.

"Stock manipulators crave empty shell companies that they can use to conduct pump-and-dump schemes and line their pockets with illicit trading profits by taking advantage of unsuspecting investors," says Andrew J. Ceresney, Co-Director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement in a statement. "We will aggressively suspend trading in such empty shells to take away a tool of their trade and help rid our markets of fraud."

AND HILLARD HERZOG IS STILL NO IN JAIL ! What a poor system of justice.
Aston Martin Aston Martin 10 years ago
mamazing - still activitoes here LOL By the way, is Herzog in jail finally? Still waiting for the right post about justice.
notoriousinvestor notoriousinvestor 10 years ago
VSTA Sees AV-101 as Potential Breakthrough Drug for Major Depressive Disorder

Potential to Address Major U.S. and Global Need

It’s one of the single most sought-after drugs in the medical industry, and biotechnology company VistaGen Therapeutics may have it. What is so desperately needed is a drug able to treat a disease that afflicts tens of millions of people in the U.S., and hundreds of millions globally. The disease is MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), a crippling form of depression that is not effectively treated by existing medications. It is now recognized as a disease that seriously undermines economies and society as a whole, contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide each year. The recent death of actor and comedian Robin Williams has shed a public light on the gravity of individual depression, but researchers know that it affects as many as one out of 20 households. They also know the significant issues with standard treatments for MDD.
Brad S Brad S 10 years ago
I see the equally worthless VSTA is down 40% since the r/s. Another great investment there.
notoriousinvestor notoriousinvestor 10 years ago
VSTA Key Investment Highlights

Proprietary Stem Cell Technology Addressing Costly Heart and Liver Safety Challenges in Drug Development
Drug Rescue Platform Designed to Recapture Prior Pharma R&D Investment in Once-Promising Drug Candidates
Successfully Completed NIH-Funded Phase 1 Program for New Drug Candidate for Neuropathic Pain and Depression
Experienced Management, Board, and Pharma Advisors
Stem Cell Technology Aimed at Saving Billions of Healthcare System Dollars

Your Recent History

Delayed Upgrade Clock