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Bonus Biogroup Ltd (CE)

Bonus Biogroup Ltd (CE) (BBIXF)

Closed July 24 4:00PM

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About Bonus Biogroup Ltd (CE)

Health & Allied Services,nec
Pipelines, Nec
Haifa, Haifa, Isr
Bonus Biogroup Ltd (CE) is listed in the Health & Allied Services sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker BBIXF. The last closing price for Bonus Biogroup (CE) was $0.04. Over the last year, Bonus Biogroup (CE) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0003 to $ 0.055.

Bonus Biogroup (CE) currently has 1,167,925,311 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Bonus Biogroup (CE) is $46.72 million. Bonus Biogroup (CE) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.21.

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BBIXF Discussion

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Amatuer17 Amatuer17 2 years ago
Thanks but no thanks

I have made complete losses in all my investments in Israeli companies except 1


Everyplace - the technology looks amazing - very promising and it never materializes into investment gains.

So clearly No
midastouch017 midastouch017 2 years ago
Hi Amatuer,
I know you are wary of Israeli stocks,
i just want to point out MDWD to your
Barda funding $9 million, now a U.S.
Department of Defense Research Grant.

Looks quite serious, don't you think?
midastouch017 midastouch017 2 years ago
Former senior Securities Authority official: Bonus Biogroup apparently once again committed a securities scam in order to stay in the indices
As we revealed in BizPortal, Bonus Biogroup bombarded the stock market with announcements just before the indices were updated and thus managed to stay in the index at the expense of Generation Capital. An investor is now suing Bonus Biogroup for NIS 365 million: the running of Bonus Biogroup shares has cost millions of generation investors, as well as the index holders - a bonus share has lost 50% since
Nathaniel Ariel | 14/02/2022 08:13(15)

Tags: Updating the indices Running stocks Update of indices
As we revealed in BizPortal , a companyBonus Biogroup -6.63% Allegedly acted to influence its stay in the large indices of the local stock exchange, TA 90 and TA 125, at the expense ofGeneration Capital -1.37% That came out of the indices. how? Bonus sent a significantly higher-than-usual announcement rate to the stock exchange and apparently showed that there was significant activity in the company and maintained the price until the set date - January 13. But since staying in the indices, the stock has simply plunged, losing about 50% of its value.

Those hit are of course the holders of the big indices who lost a lot of money within a few days, the institutions that follow the indices that are committed to buying the stock, and also the investors of Generation Capital, who were left out.

The impact of the CEO and owner of Bonus Biogroup - 23% of the lock turnover
but what is interesting is the person who participated in the impact on the exchange rate gates on the determining day of the index update: The owner and CEO of Bonus Biogroup accounted for 23% of the lock trade A former senior member of the Securities Authority, Othniel Afek.

Following this, a lawsuit was filed in the Economic Department of the Haifa District Court against Bonus Biogroup, according to which the damage caused to the shareholders of Generation Capital lost about NIS 38.5 million as a result of its exit from the indices - following the stock regulation that allegedly performed Bonus Biogroup. Attached to the lawsuit was Afek's expert opinion, which states that "based on the existing data, it appears that Mr. Maretzky's conduct raises a reasonable suspicion of fraud in securities."

Afek, who worked for the Securities Authority from 2002-2019, first as a researcher and head of a research team and from 2009 to 2019 served in senior management positions as director of the Intelligence Unit and then director of the Intelligence and Technologies Department and a senior member of the senior authority. The determinant) the CEO and controlling shareholder of Bonus Biogroup, Shai Maretzky, purchased 166,000 shares "as a result of this acquisition, the company's share remained in the Tel Aviv 90/125 indices" and that "intra-market manipulation" was carried out.

Section 54 of the Securities Law 1968, stipulates that anyone who fraudulently influenced the price fluctuations of securities is liable to imprisonment for five years. Since the companies themselves are clear that there is more information than the general public, the goal is to neutralize the distortions and information gaps as much as possible - because these distortions can cause direct and immediate economic damage to the trading public and investors, and damage public confidence.

According to Afek, in the case of the Biogroup bonus, these are not legitimate transactions: "This is not a type of transaction but a manipulation, which distinguishes it from the fact that it is based on real trading, but what distinguishes it is a subjective aspect: the investor's wrong intention to profit The exchange rate.

"Maretzky's interest is clear - this is his only acquisition in the last 5 years,"
according to Afek, "on the face of it, Mr. Maretzky's interest in the company remaining in a clear index, both in his capacity as controlling shareholder and CEO, both in terms of company stock marketability In relation to the fundraising capabilities and the image of the company in the eyes of the public. "

The amount of money that Maretzky purchased is nil in terms of the amount of money that Maretzky holds, so Afik concludes that "this is a controlling shareholder who executes a negligible transaction that hardly raises or lowers his holdings, and lacks a significant economic aspect" and that this is a very unusual transaction: "The last few years (and even more) indicate that this is the only purchase that Mr. Maretzky made of a share on the stock exchange during these years (!), So it seems that this is indeed a very unusual purchase on the part of the controlling shareholder."

According to Afek, in order to remove the fear of using inside information, Maretzky could purchase these shares almost indefinitely at any other time of the year, and even that day at lower rates, which means a better price for him - but chose to act on the last day On updating the semi-annual indices, and did so at a higher and "very attractive rate that ensured a high chance of executing the order at this rate - 122 cents compared to 117 cents at the continuous trading stage."

Afek concludes that there is a suspicion that the manner in which the purchase order was streamed, and the timing of its inflow, served the said interest of Mr. Maretzky and a bonus company. Determining the price of trading in a lock. "

This is not the first time that Biograph Bonus has run the stock to affect its inclusion in the indices
according to Afek, this is not the first time that Biogroup Bonus has affected its inclusion in indices. "It seems that this is not a one-time event, even in January 2017, a few days before the launch of the 60 SME index by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the controlling shareholders in the company, including Mr. Maretzky, converted over 500 million shares, a move that doubled the company's value and significantly contributed to the company's inclusion. In the index ".

Bonus itself admits that it is important for it to stay in the indices:
In a presentation to investors published by Biogroup Bonus earlier this month, on February 2, shortly after it remained in the indices, the company itself writes that " , And which is considered the most significant index, and is considered the benchmark for the Israeli economy "- that is, in fact a bonus Biogroup admits that it is important for it to stay in the big indices. And if so, its effect to remain in the indices is unlawful and seemingly illegitimate. The Securities Authority should intervene.

The company responded: "Bonus Biogroup operates in accordance with the law and in accordance with the provisions of the law. The company did not receive any request for approval of a class action in this matter. If the request is submitted to the company, it will submit its response to the court."
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 2 years ago
Thanks a lot - very interesting case of manipulation

I cannot sell as it is blocked.
I had liked the technology but seems another scam company like RDHL and NNOX
midastouch017 midastouch017 2 years ago
Herewith a Hebrew article in Israeli Bizportal,
Google translated:


The Securities Authority needs to intervene: Companies are running their own stocks to stay in the indices - a Biogroup bonus that has fallen by 40% in the last month as an example
In the weeks before the index update, you suddenly see a 'strange' phenomenon - companies take out a lot of messages and try to take various actions to keep their stock in the indices. What is the reason and why is it problematic for investors?

There were people who sat on this story in prison but this phenomenon is alive and kicking even now and there are companies that operate in an awkward and unpleasant way. Prior to the latest update of the indices, for example, Bonus Group -5.01% forwarded wholesale announcements to the stock exchange: exercise of options of entities, acquisitions of the CEO and stakeholders, announcements of progress in Corona. In three months the company sent 10 notices to the stock exchange, and in the week and a half before the set date? The company issued ten notices. Statistically unlikely. Maybe it's kosher, but it smells bad.

In the end, the Biogroup bonus remained in the index, but for you investors it cost a lot of money. Because the institutional bodies have continued to hold the Biogroup bonus and since the set date, January thirteen, it has plunged by 40%, which is also more or less its return since the beginning of the year. It just shows that all of its apparent attempt to stay in the index in recent weeks may have succeeded for the company - but hurt investors.

As mentioned, this is just an example. Bonus Biogroup is not alone.....

It is not the article which caused the drop, rather the drop
that initiated this article.
Mind you, the translation is a bit awkward, but you got the drift?
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 2 years ago
Any news to cause 40% drop?
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago

As i have previously stated:
Not Yet!

See #msg-167536246

I am into it
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
I have the shares as I could not sell in TDA
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Bonus Biogroup seeks approval to market its drug to Corona patients - real or gimmick?
The company's management explains that given the expected increase in the number of patients in critical condition, its drug is the only one that has succeeded in a Phase 2 clinical trial to prove a reduction in pneumonia in critically ill patients and shortened the hospitalization time.

A Google translated article
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Hopefully you still hold shares.
The stock is on hold the whole day in TASE due to its application to the Israeli Health Ministry for EUA for its drug for severe covid patients.
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Surely NOT me, i still own some
but in TASE, strangely enough
volume is quite robust here,
quite a dissonance.

Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Not sure who was able to trade this stock
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Not too sure about BLRX being
a complete failure...............yet!
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
This has become another Israeli co making big claim - not much progress

NNOX - BLRX - RDHL - all failures
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Bonus BioGroup Reports 94% Survival Rate for Severe COVID-19 Cases in the Phase II Clinical Trial of its MesenCure Treatment

Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - December 2, 2021) - Bonus BioGroup or (TASE: BONS) "the Company", a clinical-stage Israeli biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of biomedical tissue-engineered and cell therapy products, has announced results of phase II clinical trial for MesenCure, the Company's treatment for severe COVID-19. The positive results reported by the Company coincide with the emergence of the highly-mutated Omicron variant that has regalvanized the international community's commitment to developing long-term solutions for the ongoing pandemic.

On October 11, 2021, Bonus BioGroup reported the conclusion of its phase II, multi-center, controlled clinical trial for treating severe COVID-19 patients suffering from life-threatening pneumonia and respiratory distress. On November 25, 2021, the Company announced a 94% survival rate at the end of a 30-day follow-up period for the 50 hospitalized patients who participated in the clinical trial and were treated with MesenCure. The phase II clinical trial data indicate that MesenCure is at least four times more effective than the treatment options for severe COVID-19 patients currently available on the market.

Initial analysis of the phase II clinical trials results has yielded the following highlights:

MesenCure treatment reduced severe COVID-19 patients' mortality by approximately 70% in comparison to the control group.

MesenCure shortened the hospitalization period of severe COVID-19 patients by eight days on average, a reduction of 45% relative to the control group. Alternately, the average hospitalization period for severely ill patients treated with MesenCure measured 9.4 days compared to 17.2 days for the control group.

About half of the severe COVID-19 patients treated with MesenCure were discharged from the hospital within a day after the conclusion of treatment. Over a third (36%) of patients treated with MesenCure were discharged from the hospital on the day their treatment ended, and over 60% of them were discharged up to two days after treatment.

MesenCure is designed to treat life-threatening respiratory distress caused not only by the original strain of the COVID-19 virus but also other variants thereof and non-COVID bacterial and viral infections. The efficacy of MesenCure, as evidenced by the clinical trial results, stems from the activation of the mesenchymal cells comprising the product. This activation enhances the cells' natural ability to treat pneumonia and alleviate the cytokine storm that leads to acute respiratory distress affecting severe COVID-19 patients.

A key element of Bonus BioGroup's value proposition is that dramatically reducing the hospitalization period for severely ill COVID-19 patients via treatment with MesenCure will free up hospital/ICU beds, equipment, and medical personnel, thereby reducing the strain on overburdened health systems and enabling better care for other patients. In addition, shorter periods of hospitalization will reduce the economic cost incurred by national health systems, insurance providers, and employers worldwide.

The Company estimates that the net benefit of MesenCure for severe COVID-19 patients relative to the standard of care could be even more profound than reflected in current results for two reasons. First, many of the patients in the trial were clinically eligible to be released from the hospital after the first or second out of the three MesenCure doses administered. Rather than immediate discharge, they remained hospitalized for a longer duration in order to adhere to the clinical trial's protocol. This suggests that under real-world conditions, MesenCure's role in reducing hospitalization days for severe patients could be even more significant than initially observed.

Second, in the clinical trial MesenCure's efficacy was compared to the standard of care available in Israel, which is relatively higher than the world average. This implies that the reduction in mortality and hospitalization days of patients treated with MesenCure on a global scale could be even more significant relative to metrics that were recorded in Israel.

Dr. Shai Meretzki, CEO of Bonus BioGroup, said: "We are proud of our success in leading the world to be a safer place by developing a medication for severe COVID-19 patients, thereby dramatically reducing the threat to their lives. In less than two years from the pandemic's outbreak, we are the first in the world to report an effective and significant treatment for severely ill patients. The clinical trial results are controlled and statistically significant and have far-reaching clinical and economic implications for patients and health systems. Based on these results, the Company shall continue to expand the manufacturing and availability of MesenCure in Israel and around the world, despite the availability of vaccines and the welcomed introduction of medication for mild patients."
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Covid drug saves 47 of 50 severe patients in trial

Bonus BioGroup says its MesenCure experimental treatment resulted in 94% survival rate of trial subjects and cut hospitalization time in half.

By Abigail Klein Leichman NOVEMBER 25, 2021, 4:25 PM

Israel’s Bonus BioGroup reports a survival rate of 94 percent (47 of 50) of the severe Covid-19 patients treated with its drug product MesenCure in a Phase II, multicenter clinical trial.

Study results, soon to be published, show MesenCure treatment reduced study participants’ hospitalization period by about half compared to a control group. All these patients had life-threatening pneumonia and respiratory distress caused by Covid-19.

The data shows that MesenCure treatment reduced mortality by about 70% compared with the control group. Only two of the first 30 severe Covid-19 patients treated with MesenCure died due to Covid-19 or its complications, while 14 of 60 similar patients in the control group died.

MesenCure treatment shortened the hospitalization period of severe Covid-19 patients by eight days on average, a reduction of 45% relative to the control group.

The experimental group included women and men aged 41.4 to 77.4. About 77% of the severe Covid-19 patients treated in three hospitals with MesenCure had one or more risk factors for poor prognosis: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Most were treated during the fourth Covid-19 wave in Israel, dominated by the Delta strain.

The control group received the current standard of care β€” anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with steroids. This regimen, according to Bonus BioGroup, reduces mortality in hospitalized Covid-19 patients only slightly, from 25.8% to 21.8%, indicating that MesenCure is four times more effective.

β€œWe are proud of our success in leading the world to be a safer place by developing a medication for severe Covid-19 patients, thereby dramatically reducing the threat to their lives,” said Dr. Shai Meretzki, CEO of Bonus BioGroup.
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Not that i am aware of.
huglife huglife 3 years ago
Is there any news on the horizon concerning BBIXF SEC compliance?
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago

Pretty bold claims
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
My prediction for sp today:
-15-20% as a followup to TASE
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Reason for yesterday's bump:

(The article is in Hebrew, Google auto translate)

Our drug is the most effective against corona, there are no such drugs on the market "
This is what Shai Maretzky, CEO of the pharmaceutical company Bonus Biogroup, says in an interview with BizPortal. "Every day of hospitalization in the United States is $ 5,000 - and we shorten them so that we save 40% on HMOs."

Bonus Biogroup + 3.46%, which produces medicine for corona patients in a critical condition, reported today positive results in an experiment they conducted on patients, when according to the company it is a medicine that is 4 times more effective than the existing treatment. According to the report, the company's mesenchymal drug 'has reduced the mortality rate from the disease by 70% compared to the anti-inflammatory drug in combination with the steroids given in hospitals. The duration of hospitalization is shortened by half, which she says should save 40% in the costs of the health funds.

In an interview with BizPortal, we asked the company's CEO Shai Maretzky what the experiment means for patients in particular and the world in general, and he is of course very optimistic.

Who is actually the target audience of the drug?
"Our medicine is intended for a very specific audience of patients, these are patients in a difficult and life-threatening condition. Those patients are not killed by the virus, what kills them is pneumonia."

Patients with coronary heart disease whose condition deteriorates greatly suffer in the advanced stages of the disease from a phenomenon called "cytokine storm". This is a life-threatening clinical condition in which the patient suffers from bilateral pneumonia. In which the patient's lungs are flooded with white blood cells of his immune system. It is an autoimmune reaction that ultimately leads to mortality in up to 25% of patients who suffer from it. The white blood cells block the patient's pulmonary vasculature and ultimately significantly impair the regular metabolic process that is conducted in a healthy manner and prevent the patient from breathing.

"This is why at the beginning of the epidemic many patients died from the epidemic. The medical authorities were not aware that the corona was causing this phenomenon, all they saw was respiratory distress in the patients. Following the distress they tried to feminize the patients under high pressure, which eventually led to severe injury. Sick because the white blood cells that flooded his lungs were not going anywhere and they just blew up the vases themselves.

"Our drug actually treats just that. It is given to patients and helps to cleanse their lungs of those white blood cells, and the healthier the patient's lungs the more complementary procedures can be performed in the treatment pan and his recovery process can be significantly speeded up. "Patients who already a day after they started receiving the treatment from us showed a return to normal levels of activity of their healthy white blood cells."

The drug is currently in the second phase of the trial, it is an exposure to a very limited number of patients, is there a way to increase the exposure?
"The only way to get around the regulator is through 'compassionate care', we go through the corona wards, open the door - even if it is not in the experiment and ask the patient if he would be interested in receiving the treatment. Of course everything is done with the approval of the hospital and caregivers including The doctors who have to approve this thing for the specific patient, the problem is that not all doctors know the treatment and therefore can not always offer it. We hope that following the exposure more and more patients will be aware of the drug "

What about variants, so far we have seen four major mutations of the virus, there are expected to be more, is this something your product is ready for?
"Of course, unlike vaccines that are really variant dependent and structural genetic changes of the virus, our drug works against something completely different. Our drug treats the patient's pneumonia, meaning our drug will be effective for any patient for whom the disease has managed to cross all walls of protection Then antiviral drugs) and reached a state of cytokine outbreaks, regardless of the type of virus that caused it to deteriorate to such an extent. "

Did you talk about cost reductions for hospitals, to what extent?
"Our drug significantly shortens the patient's recovery time. Patients in our control group visited the corona wards on the order of about 17 days, our drug shortens the length of hospitalization to about 9 days. In the US, there is talk of a cost of about. $ 5,000 per day of hospitalization for these patients, these are very significant numbers, between 30-40% of the total hospitalization costs per patient.

"It should be remembered that this is not just about hospitalization days in Corona dedicated intensive care units themselves, after the patient comes out of a life-threatening condition he needs to undergo rehabilitation. As such, our drug significantly shortens recovery times"

What is your production capacity if the medicine does receive an emergency permit?
We have a pool of about 50,000 treatment units for patients. These dishes sit in designated banks and are just waiting for approval, once we get it we can distribute it to the general public. Of course, all this is in addition to the continued production of additional doses, so we do not anticipate a problem of demand for the drug. "
We are seeing more drugs in the market, Pfizer recently announced that it has developed a drug for the disease and it intends to market it worldwide - how is your product different?
"Pfizer produces its drug for patients of a completely different type, these are mild patients whose disease has not yet progressed to pneumonia. Its drug is effective in the first 3-5 days of infection, usually in this range a patient does not even know he is infected, until they find out. "It's too late for them and Pfizer's drug is ineffective. Our drug is intended for exactly those patients who went through Pfizer's defensive wall or the drug was ineffective for them, those patients eventually develop severe pneumonia and our drug contributes significantly to their recovery process."

At what stage of trials is the drug at and when is it expected to hit the market?
"We have completed the second trial phase of the drug, it is a controlled trial of about 50 people. Our drug has shown survival rates of about 94% among critically ill patients, there is no drug in the world that achieves such rates. The only approved drug on the market right now is 'Actamra' And it reduces mortality from about 25% to 22%, our drug drops from 25% to 6%. Regarding approvals we hope that the positive results will allow us to get emergency approval from the local regulator and start treating the drug even before the third phase of the experiment Thus reaching as many patients as possible.

"Already today in the corona wards you can see critically ill patients who received the third dose of vaccine and are still hospitalized, this is not because the vaccine does not work but because it is ineffective in the long run. "The increase in morbidity and coefficient of infection and all those patients are patients for whom standard care is simply not good enough. The sooner we reach these patients with our medicine the better we can improve their chances of survival and save a lot of money for HMOs and hospitals."

What about regulators around the world, you would not want to leave the drug only in the country probably?
"We are currently in contact with several regulators around the world, including the US FDA and EU regulator, and hope we can reach agreements as soon as possible. Europe is currently expecting more than half a million deaths from serious illness in the next four months. That way we can reduce those numbers more and more "

And what about your main product, it sounds like science fiction, you actually grow bone tissue and implant it in patients, what does that mean for the patients and who is the target audience?
"What we actually do is grow bone tissue, we take a sample of cells from the patient and make him live and careful bone tissue from his own cells. This means for the patient that the body does not reject the transplant because it recognizes that it is the same tissue. Bone can form due to a large number of factors, whether it is osteoporosis (bone thinning), trauma, malignancies and also aging.

"The only alternative we have is basically a bone graft. The caregivers perform a very complicated surgical procedure in which they remove the patient's existing bone tissue and transplant it elsewhere. It is a very serious procedure that demands a very heavy price from patients such as severe pain and a very long rehabilitation procedure. That in the end the procedure is not always successful.

"The vast majority of patients often refuse this procedure by the way. Our entire control group is made up of frustrated patients who have gone through several failed standard bone grafting attempts that ended up simply giving up."

The last time we asked you about this product you reported that it is in the second phase of the experimental stages, has there been any progress?
"It should be understood, just for the sake of acceptance, the drug we developed for Corona did not receive much attention from this product, and although we started developing the drug after our work in the field of tissue growth it has already reached a more advanced stage in the experimental stages than bone tissue. Follow-up on a patient who received our drug for Corona is a matter of a few days, the changes are relatively immediate.However when you start talking about bone marrow transplants these times already start to roll into the area of ??the months, it just takes longer and so do the experimental stages Delay.

We have seen that your product in the field of bone tissue centers mainly around the skull and jaw area and the orthopedic areas - limbs, will the product expand to other areas in the body as well?
"We are currently preparing to start an experiment of bone tissue transplantation in the spinal area. This is a very complex area and therefore also the delay in terms of starting the experiment. We want to see that the tissues we transplant in the skull area are absorbed as we hoped Among 100% of our patients who underwent a bone marrow transplant and within a few months returned to full function, these numbers are very encouraging for us. "

Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
The problem may be that company has not met very basic compliance requirements
SilkRoad SilkRoad 3 years ago
Same here. That new SEC rule sucks. We should be able to invest in what we want to invest in. Whatever requirements there are though, it appears BBIXF does not meet them still. Hopefully they can get into whatever compliance they need to get into because I am interested in taking a tiny nibble. Oh well, guess you gotta be an accredited investor with millions of dollars to be allowed to play in the sandbox again now.
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Very thinly traded and unknown - it is a gamble and long term hold to realize great gains or total loss
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Bonus Biogroup Ltd ( (BBIXF)
0.26 ? -0.114 (-30.48%)

A real bi-polar stock!

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Regarding a would be PR soon:

The Haifa, Israel-based company expects to publish results from the trial in November.

Meretzki is hopeful that results from the Phase II trial will be β€œgood enough” to get marketing approval for the therapy from Israeli regulators without the need to conduct a Phase III trial. But he acknowledged that in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will demand a late-stage trial.

November is not too far away

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Check this chart:

Jan 2021 Bons traded in the 40 range, now at 135....

If positive results are to be published in November,
there is much room for a double or triple easy.
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
That is good news - hope we get some good PR soon

Also - not sure of the appreciation potential - current mc is $440 m
Even if it doubles it will reach $900 m - that is a lot

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago

134.80+10.80 (+8.71%)
My prediction for tomorrow:
BBIXF, 0.37x108%=~0.40
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
BONS doing quite nicely in TASE;
131.40+7.40 (+5.97%)
As of 2:59PM IST. Market open.

With 45 minutes to EOD, with substantial
volume, i can already predict tomorrows
BBIXF sp change and movement.
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Same error SEC rule
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Try again, it seems there was a
5k volume traded
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
That's wierd, normal trading in TASE:

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
I liked this passage:

The Haifa, Israel-based company expects to publish results from the trial in November.

Meretzki is hopeful that results from the Phase II trial will be β€œgood enough” to get marketing approval for the therapy from Israeli regulators without the need to conduct a Phase III trial. But he acknowledged that in the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will demand a late-stage trial.

November is not too far away
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
I tried to place order on TDA - I got error that security impacted by SEC rule 15c2-11 so no transaction can be carried
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Good video

Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Did you see my link of CEO interview?

He seems to be very upbeat about the results.
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago

Shai Meretzki, founder and CEO of Bonus Biogroup told The Algemeiner. β€œThe ability to have a therapy which specifically heals severe COVID-19 patients and gets them out of hospitals is amazing, because it means that we can live with the virus.”

With one sample of cells, 45,000 patients can be treated, according to Meretzki.
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
I hope so - this stock has no news and that is troubling - no progress of any sorts

There are few cases related to misleading investors into what they submitted as 510k form - seems there is some truth to it
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
As expected, no news & very slight changes
in the stock today in TASE, therefore i
predict a sharp price increase today.

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Well, so far i have been wrong,
TASE begins in a couple hours,
we'll see if any news surface.
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
No news i am aware of. Stock
EOD in TASE + 0.23%
I am convinced EOD BBIXF at
close +/- 0%
Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
Any news - stock is down 30% on heavy volume - seems something failef
ShootinBlanks ShootinBlanks 3 years ago
Rapido Buyout
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Bonus Biogroup Ltd ( (BBIXF)
0.5 ? 0.0 (0.00%)
Volume: 7,620 @08/17/21 9:51:44 AM EDT

Back To Sleeping Mode?

ShootinBlanks ShootinBlanks 3 years ago
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Until a couple days ago this
stock was hardly traded. It
certainly looks like the stock
suffers from Bi-Polar syndrome!

Volume 1,272,321
Avg. Volume 47,685
(As of 10:29AM EDT.)

midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
I introduced you to this

Indeed so, and i thank
you for the heads up!

Amatuer17 Amatuer17 3 years ago
I introduced you to this - bone graft was main product but Covid is bonus

It is more than doubled - not sure what is the upside here

The o/s shares are crazy - more than 1Billion - so each 10 cent increase is $ 100 million increase
midastouch017 midastouch017 3 years ago
Re: RDHL, i am deep into it still.

My hope is still there for the
Opaganib Covid treatment pill.

BLIX? you mean BLRX? lol, i am
still in....

NNOX-luckily, i have not stepped
on this pile of manure!


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