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Xperi Inc

Xperi Inc (XPER)

Closed July 21 4:00PM
After Hours: 6:10PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
2.504.906.900.005.900.000.00 %00-
5.002.403.300.002.850.000.00 %00-
7.500.350.900.850.6250.000.00 %05- %107/19/2024
12.500.100.450.100.2750.000.00 %107/19/2024

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
2.500.000.750. %00- %00-
7.500.200.400.000.300.000.00 %00- %01-
12.504.505.300.004.900.000.00 %00-


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Hoghead7 Hoghead7 6 minutes ago
part 2 just like I've said repeatedly Doesn't matter Republicans or Democrats even Trump with "Drill Baby Drill"! People just want answers. The World is 95% committed to Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and we do both more efficiently than anyone with patented diverse technologies. Anyone know Politic
Zorax Zorax 6 minutes ago
Ah, thanks.
I was looking around for something like that, but she/it is on ignore and I get fallout from that member when others respond.
littlejohn littlejohn 8 minutes ago
Was betcoin created by apes to take over

the world?...

Much better to have no creator to blame

when a crash wipes out the
Citrati Citrati 11 minutes ago
Should get interesting. One of my trader friends cashed out the last of his QQQ puts Friday and bought QQQ call spreads.
The weekly of yours is from July 6 so lacking two candles. Still an excellent chart 😃.
Price now 475 after gap down and three large red candles on a daily to
FredMiller FredMiller 11 minutes ago
If you ACTUALLY paid attention dragoon76 you would know why and how. There are documents and dates that allow us to know certain things Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes.
Patrick Star Trader Patrick Star Trader 12 minutes ago
Was updating my profile today…
Got to the question of who’d you’d most like to meet.
Honestly thought Waterchaser.
Would love to sit down together, have a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and get to know him.

I’m serious bro let’s meet
shoondale shoondale 12 minutes ago
Broke, boatload of unsold inventory..."The Company has $4,576 cash on hand, product inventory valued at $137,851 and prepaid expenses of $1,017 for total current assets of $143,144 and current liabilities of $381,121 on December 31, 2023, and we have incurred operating losses to date. While sales ha
georgejjl georgejjl 13 minutes ago
The goal is to get blarcamesine to be FDA approved, then doctors can prescribe blarcamesne as a stand alone drug for many different stand alone indications including Alzheimer’s disease and/ or MCI etc.

Good luck and GOD bless,
satter satter 13 minutes ago
We were talking how Eric with only days left in a critical situation delayed the pending issue till sometime next year. It did not go away, it's legal. It's serious.

Eric should disclose with his shareholders. Instead he'll pop up at some point to throw out meaningless hype. He has
Reluctant Observer Reluctant Observer 14 minutes ago
It’s my birthday lol.
Good time for making millionaires.
Patrick Star Trader Patrick Star Trader 15 minutes ago
Been here since 11/10/22, enjoyed the run up to .007 Cashed out enough, free rolling since, did not enjoy the drop to .0015 - .0004 👎
Lesson learned.

It’s been about a year of h2o bro atoganozing mascale daily on this board. Mostly boring 🥱
SP between
AlwaysKing AlwaysKing 17 minutes ago
$HIRU ~The Kalisma mine has almost $5 billion in GOLD deposits/reserves ready to mine! This is a true diamond 💎 in the rough! The gem of all gems! The Sheikh of Qatar knows exactly what he's doing and I'm sure he has very big aspirations for $HIRU going forward that we are going to get to kn
JJ8 JJ8 18 minutes ago
QuantumScape share price Bullish Signal Reversed on 19-July-2024.

I bought some shares at $9. I start small amounts when I plan for the long term. I will keep adding on weakness in steps not exceeding its % presence in my Port.

Most of the good performance in my Por
RickNagra RickNagra 18 minutes ago
Oh wow. Party on deck. Oh boy oh girl.
SkeBallLarry SkeBallLarry 19 minutes ago
Indianapolis ~ 5 11 17 22
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 21 minutes ago
Part 1 Like Cramer or not, he's an abundance of experience and knowledge and has run a hedge fund. Cramer talked about shorts basically being able to short most anything down if they are committed to it. Unless there's an equal commitment against them. Because of the realistic threat of RS ,(mont
rx7171 rx7171 21 minutes ago
I notice 2-73 was described as being potentially complementary to MAB approach to plaque removal, not as a stand alone.
shajandr shajandr 22 minutes ago
Oh wait, you bleeved the LIES about fake compressors in Houston and the fake billion dollar deals with unknown companies also HQ'ed at 900 Isom where CMW had his one-man office. You bleeved his $4Billion financing line with a front company. You bleeved he just needed a pen to sign a multi-billion US
farrell90 farrell90 23 minutes ago
Rick Rule recommends Africa Oil on Bloomberg 7/19/2024

-Valuation less than half of what its worth
-Increased dividend
-Namibian holdings a plus
-cash flow can fund dividend and growth
-All 8 analysts have buy rating... up to $3.65 Cdn

diamondguru-one diamondguru-one 25 minutes ago
newbee troll....................hmmmmm
808mark 808mark 26 minutes ago
So you must be saying that LUGEE LI since his obligatory responsibilities cannot be met as the COB of LQMT USA he should fulfill his fiduciary duties to the LQMT shareholders AND VOTE TO SELL THE COMPANY LQMT USA immediately. As you stated Li ‘s CHINA problem represents a larger problem than any app
Acme Investments Acme Investments 33 minutes ago
Yes, the truth is important Yachtman ⛵!! Lol 😂 You will never live this down!! 😂😂😂😂😂
spdpro spdpro 36 minutes ago
D > this is probably the best one>
you would have to go in and mess with things to get what you want >
skitahoe skitahoe 36 minutes ago
Who is the Supreme Court if not a group of unelected bureaucrats. We need to be able to regulate them somehow. Overturning good science because a political party won't listen to the majority of the scientists isn't for the good of the people even if the people don't like it. As bad as our other g
lager lager 37 minutes ago
Genuinely think we're on our way finally. Congrats for holding long all this time.

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