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Novavax Inc

Novavax Inc (NVAX)

Closed July 14 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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Current Price
13.00 Day's Range 13.86
3.5324 52 Week Range 23.8599
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$ 94,538,098
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About Novavax Inc

Novavax Inc is a biotechnology company that develops vaccines. The company works in the clinical stage of development with a focus on delivering novel products that prevent a broad range of diseases. Novavax works together with its wholly owned Swedish subsidiary to produce vaccine candidates to res... Novavax Inc is a biotechnology company that develops vaccines. The company works in the clinical stage of development with a focus on delivering novel products that prevent a broad range of diseases. Novavax works together with its wholly owned Swedish subsidiary to produce vaccine candidates to respond to both known and emerging disease threats. The company believes its vaccine technology has the potential to be applied broadly to a wide variety of human infectious diseases. Novavax develops product candidates geared toward all age demographics of the general population. Show more

Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics
Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Novavax Inc is listed in the Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics sector of the NASDAQ with ticker NVAX. The last closing price for Novavax was $12.96. Over the last year, Novavax shares have traded in a share price range of $ 3.5324 to $ 23.8599.

Novavax currently has 140,403,554 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Novavax is $1.82 billion. Novavax has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -3.37.

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NVAX Latest News

Novavax Submits Application to Health Canada for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine

Novavax Submits Application to Health Canada for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine Canada NewsWire GAITHERSBURG, Md., July 2, 2024 Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine would be the...

Novavax Submits Application to European Medicines Agency for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine

Novavax Submits Application to European Medicines Agency for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine PR Newswire GAITHERSBURG, Md., June 24, 2024 Novavax's JN.1 COVID-19 vaccine...

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NVAX Discussion

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JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 days ago
State Street Corp reduces NVAX holdings by 10M shares, and concurrently % of shares shorted drops substantially. Today share price rises 8.5% on fairly heavy volume. News leak? Shorts following lead of their big dog shorter and covering their positions? Start of massive short squeeze?

FDA approval for Fall 2024 Covid vaccine due any day now.

18K shares at $5.46 average price. Holding until I see multiple big biotech partnerships and eventual buy-out. 😎. Matrix-M adjuvant is a game-changer in the vaccine world. Glad to see Novavax returning to their best game of research and development of the best vaccine technology available.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
NEWS: Novavax Submits Application to Health Canada for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
NEWS: U.S. ACIP Recommends Use of Authorized and Approved 2024-2025 COVID-19 Vaccines

June 27, 2024

Today the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously in favor of a universal recommendation for the use of 2024-2025 COVID-19 vaccines authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or approved by Biologics License Application in individuals aged six months and older.

Novavax intends to provide doses of our 2024-2025 COVID-19 vaccine at the start of the vaccination season and upon EUA by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When authorized, our vaccine will be the only protein-based option available in the U.S. for individuals aged 12 and older. Non-clinical data has demonstrated broad cross-neutralizing antibodies against multiple variant strains, including JN.1, KP.2 and KP.3, indicating the potential to protect against future-drift JN.1 lineage strains.1,2 Recent public statements made by the FDA indicate that there will be no preference between JN.1 or KP.2 compositions, and both will be referred to as the 2024-2025 Formula.3

Having vaccine options is one way to potentially increase COVID-19 vaccination rates among individuals who have ceased to seek vaccination for a variety of reasons.4,5 We are working with global regulatory authorities to ensure access to our vaccine and have filed for authorization with both the U.S. FDA and the European Medicines Agency.

Use of the updated Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted in the U.S.

The updated version of the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted targeting the JN.1 strain is currently under review by the U.S. FDA for EUA to prevent COVID-19 in individuals aged 12 and older.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
Novavax’s outgoing R&D lead says future will be different for Maryland biotech

June 26, 2024

Novavax outgoing R&D head Filip Dubovsky reflects on 4 years with vaccine maker.

Dr. Filip Dubovsky was the first person to see the clinical results from Novavax’s initial Covid-19 vaccine study in 2020.

The company’s chief medical officer looked at the data on his screen — just raw numbers. He didn’t need any graphs or charts to illustrate what he already knew. He charged down the hall to tell then-CEO Stan Erck and Dr. Greg Glenn, the company’s research and development lead at the time: “Guys, we have a vaccine.”

“I’ve been at this my entire career, all I’ve done is develop vaccines — and I’ve certainly had many, many more failures than successes,” Dubovsky told me. “You can generally tell when you look at those immune responses if you have a winner or not, and there was no doubt in my mind that we had a winner the very first time I saw that data.”

Dubovsky, 59, joined Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) that year, as the local biotech, still licking its wounds from a near collapse, entered the race in earnest to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Until then, the Gaithersburg company had been direct competition with Dubovsky, who was at AstraZeneca, in the RSV space. But Novavax’s technology was too attractive to pass up, he said.

Dubovsky was Novavax’s chief medical officer, then became president of R&D after Glenn retired — and through that time was instrumental in the company’s voyage to get its shot to the public.

He’s stepping away now because his wife took early retirement “and there was no way in the world I was going to let her start that journey without me,” he said with a laugh. They moved to Miami Beach last month and are preparing to become nomadic, as he describes it: first traveling to Europe, then setting out on a 5,000-mile driving tour through northern Canada in their SUV.

He’ll remain an adviser to Novavax’s team — remotely — as well as a shareholder with equity input.

But his departure also makes sense, he said, because Novavax’s recent deal with Sanofi to commercialize its Covid vaccine “actually de-risked the entire game of getting this technology pushed out there,” he said, noting that up to this point, “there was uncertainty whether the company would have the wherewithal to do it.”

Dr. Filip Dubovsky is stepping away from Novavax, after a critical four years with the company.

Novavax can now shift its focus back to its R&D roots and away from commercialization.

“The company going forward is going to be very different from the one that we have right now,” Dubovsky said, reinforcing a sentiment CEO John Jacobs has conveyed since striking the Sanofi deal. “We don’t need to be spending our resources on the commercial side; we do need to be spending our resources on expanding our pipeline and developing our technology.”

Novavax is still deciding what its new structure will look like, and whether it’ll tap someone to succeed Dubovsky in the same position, or “rejig it a bit,” as he put it.

But one thing that’s clear, he said, is that Novavax’s Matrix-M adjuvant — the immune-boosting secret sauce in its Covid vaccine — can be used for much more than that.

It’s already baked into a seasonal influenza vaccine and Covid-flu combination vaccine that Novavax is testing, as well as a malaria vaccine now shipping to countries in Africa. That’s a product that only drives small revenue for the company, but uses its technology to help save kids’ lives — ironic, after Dubovsky started his career in malaria vaccines, he said. And “that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he added.

Going forward, Novavax could dive back into the RSV arena, or develop a vaccine for bird flu — which Novavax is now exploring with the U.S. government “because it would be the obvious purchaser for such a vaccine,” Dubovsky said.

Here’s more from my conversation with Dubovsky about his four years with Novavax — about the early days, the highs and lows, and the future.

What were your first months like at Novavax, at the height of the health crisis?
Remember, those were the dark days — people weren’t allowed to come in to work. In our buildings, there were maybe four of us that would come in regularly to work. And those were very long hours, seven days a week for two years. It was also extremely engaging, because we were the underdogs. We were playing in the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup and the Kentucky Derby all at once.

Why was that work exciting for you?
I knew the technology had promise, that it would work. We just had to get it through the hoop. And eventually we did. In a sense, the licenses we’ve gotten globally, and the use we’ve had with millions of doses, has really validated the technology. And now there’s a wide-open field that this tech can be used in.

What does the Sanofi deal mean for Novavax?
There’s no reason this technology can’t be applied to the entire portfolio of vaccines going forward. And that’s what the company hopes to do. The money we’re getting from Sanofi — we’ll be able to do that, because now we’re finally in the financial position to stabilize the company, which is stabilized, but actually start growing the portfolio.

Novavax has had some high highs and low lows. What have been the biggest challenges?
There’s no denying we were late to the party. And as far as getting our vaccine licensed — we did something that no one’s ever done before: We got licensed in a couple of years. Unfortunately, Pfizer and Moderna did it in a year and a half. And that means that they got the financial rewards from it. There were a lot of concerns about pushing forward. This company had never manufactured a commercial vaccine before, and that turned out to be a real issue.

What has the impact been?
Our vaccine is a complex biological product. That has a different regulatory path and different regulatory requirements than the mRNA vaccines. That’s why we paid the time penalty. In the end — it’s validated, it’s fully licensed in many places, it’s authorized in the U.S. And certainly, the Sanofi partnership shows the technology is developable.

What’s one standout moment as you look back?
In the early days, all the governments and people were very anxious to get a product. We would get calls from world leaders and governments on a routine basis, seeing when our vaccine would be ready, when they could access it. And that was very new for me. That was, personally, slightly intimidating for me, but also, kind of fun — because it showed the value of science, it showed society and governments and leaders really valuing science, which is something I’m a huge believer in. So it kind of validated my existence. The world was paying attention to vaccines.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 weeks ago
NEWS: Novavax Submits Application to European Medicines Agency for Updated Protein-based 2024-2025 Formula COVID-19 Vaccine
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 weeks ago
Added more NVAX shares today, bringing average share price a bit higher to $5.46.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 weeks ago
Novavax's New Vaccine Just Changed the Game—non-mRNA Solution

June 21, 2024💉/
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 weeks ago
Added more NVAX shares on the dip today, bringing average share price a bit higher to $5.37, with 96.3% of my shares purchased prior to Sanofi partnership. 😎

Expecting to make an absolute killing on this stock over the next few years. Thanks to GC for turning me onto Novavax.
chrismiss_everyday chrismiss_everyday 4 weeks ago
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) has caught the attention of institutional investors who hold a sizeable 49% stake
June 10, 2024
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Investors Heavily Search Novavax, Inc. (NVAX): Here is What You Need to Know

Zacks Equity Research
June 10, 2024
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
The Motley Fool: Bull Market and Beyond: 3 Stocks Just Waiting to Soar
June 11, 2024

Novavax is listed as #1 stock.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Annual Shareholders Meeting to be held Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 08:30 a.m. Eastern. Links below.

2024 Proxy Statement

Virtual Shareholder Meeting
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Link to transcript of Novavax Jeffries 2024 Global Healthcare Conference

Worth reviewing the call again in transcript format. Transcripts give one the ability to search for specific items or keywords. Enjoy!!
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules mRNA COVID-19 Jab is NOT a Vaccine Under Traditional Medical Definitions
by Jim Hoft
June 8, 2024

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has delivered a seismic decision that could reshape public health policy across the nation.

In a contentious case involving the Health Freedom Defense Fund and other plaintiffs versus the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the court has declared that mRNA COVID-19 injections do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions.

The case revolved around the LAUSD’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, which required all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by a specified deadline.

The plaintiffs argued that the district’s vaccine mandate infringed upon their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment, as the mRNA injections do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely mitigate symptoms for the recipient.

The court’s opinion, penned by Circuit Judge R. Nelson and supported by Judge Collins, asserts that the mRNA shots, marketed as vaccines, do not effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely reduce symptoms in those who contract the virus. This crucial distinction undermines the foundational premise of the vaccine mandates enforced by various governmental and educational institutions.

Judge Nelson pointed out that the mandate was inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s century-old ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a case that upheld the state’s right to enforce smallpox vaccinations due to their proven effectiveness in preventing disease spread. In contrast, the mRNA COVID-19 shots do not offer such public health benefits, thus failing the criteria established by Jacobson.

The ruling points out that traditional vaccines are designed to provide immunity and prevent transmission, which is not conclusively proven in the case of mRNA COVID-19 shots.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had modified the definition of “vaccine” to include the mRNA shots.

So, look at what the CDC did. Here’s the definition the CDC used on 26 August 2021:

• Vaccine– “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.”
• Vaccination– “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.”

Rather than admit the COVID-19 vaccine is not working as advertised, the CDC took a page out of Orwell’s 1984 and opted for new spin language.

Here is the new definition:

• Vaccine– “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

It can be recalled that Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, Janine Small, admitted in an EU hearing that the vaccine had never been tested on its ability to prevent transmission, contrary to what was previously advertised.

Judge Collins, in a concurring opinion, highlighted that compulsory medical treatments for individual health benefits infringe upon the fundamental right to refuse such treatments. This perspective aligns with the constitutional principles protecting personal liberty against unwarranted governmental intrusions.

You can read the full ruling at the link below:

Ruling No. 22-55908
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
NEWS: Novavax gets grant for vaccine for treating or preventing c. difficile bacterial infection

June 7, 2024

Novavax has developed a vaccine composition to treat or prevent C. difficile infection. The multivalent immunogenic polypeptide contains portions of multiple toxins from bacteria, inducing effective immune responses. The patent aims to provide innovative methods for combating bacterial infections.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on Novavax, Anti-RSV vaccines was a key innovation area identified from patents. Novavax's grant share as of April 2024 was 41%. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

A recently granted patent (Publication Number: US11938179B2) discloses a multivalent immunogenic polypeptide designed to target Clostridium difficile infections. The polypeptide consists of a binary toxin (CDT) portion, a Toxin A portion, and two Toxin B portions, each derived from a C. difficile toxin protein. The patent specifies the amino acid sequences for each portion, emphasizing a high degree of homology to specific sequences (at least 90%, 95%, 97%, 98%, or 99% homology). The arrangement of the portions, with the Toxin A portion positioned between the two Toxin B portions, and the presence of specific amino acid linkers between them, are also detailed in the claims.

Moreover, the patent covers a nucleic acid molecule encoding the polypeptide, along with a method for its preparation involving expression in an insect host cell and isolation using a non-ionic detergent. An immunogenic composition comprising the polypeptide and a suitable carrier, excipient, or diluent is also described, with the inclusion of an adjuvant, particularly a saponin-based adjuvant containing specific fractions in defined proportions. This patent highlights a novel approach to developing an immunogenic polypeptide targeting C. difficile infections, with a focus on specific amino acid sequences, arrangement, and production methods, offering potential advancements in combating this challenging medical condition.

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Comments on today's conference presentation by Alexis on Yahoo.

Some notes on today's discussion at the Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference:

• In market in August with "ample supply" of EUA authorized JN.1 pre-filled single-dose syringe

• People don't "shop" for vaccines by brand, "major levers of adoption" determined by retail availability

• 90% of last years administered doses were in the retail channel, caught NVAX by surprise

• 40-50% of 2023 demand occurred in the first four weeks of the campaign

• No updates to revenue guidance despite the JN.1-lineage VRBPAC recommendation

• Can't "opine in detail" about ongoing discussions with Sanofi; deal has four layers of value

• Cash flow from the Sanofi agreement will "exceed what we could have done ourselves"

• "We have our own late-stage pipeline", looking at investing in early-stage product development while pursuing additional partnerships

• "Matrix-M has ability to help lower partners' COGS through reduced antigen load and improved immunogenicity"

• Any news on Sanofi's flu vaccine development? "They have big plans" but not willing to share any details. The transaction with NVAX "speaks for itself"

• Lots of confidence of Phase 3 programs for flu-covid combination based off Phase 2 results, following accelerated pathway for both flu and combo authorization in 2H next year

• "We assume we'll have success" with Phase 3 and will have options to sell/license/partner to compete in multi-billion dollar marketplaces, whether they're first to market or not (for combo)

• Building "lean" organization and focusing on pipeline
Docsavag Docsavag 1 month ago
Thanks, done.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Go ahead, just mention the poster on ST. My Yahoo login was cancelled from lack of use.
Docsavag Docsavag 1 month ago
Can you please share this on Yahoo Finance board, or mind if I do?
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Good summary of today's conference call posted by dennissan on ST. I was on the call and agree 100%. The oncology mention was new info. I am extremely bullish on future of Novavax. 👍️

Todays, Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference talking points.
Very optimistic atmosphere, and not trying to be over confident'
1, Many companies will be licensing the adjunct for very applications including Oncology as well. Huge.
2, NVAX’s two Phase 3 covid/flu shot and stand-alone flu shot ready for market by 2025. Huge
2, Global Leader, SNY w/ 100 Billion Market Cap has a 5% stake in NVAX, and 700M more incentives and will be helping commercialize and promote NVAX products asap. Look for Commercial promotions and applications. Very Huge
3, Any new Vaccine that SNY uses NVAX adjunct cost’ 200M upfront and royalties
Ready fro lift off..
BTW, Murdorna has more than 2 X's as many share outstanding at 338M??
john1311 john1311 1 month ago
many thanks....
john1311 john1311 1 month ago
Congrats. Love to see wealth creation. Hopes you enjoy your smart trading and good fortune.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Link to video of FDA Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting held on June 5, 2024.

Novavax Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Walker, begins his 18-minute presentation to the committee at 3:21:15 in the video, where he provides the data supporting Novavax's decision to begin manufacturing of the JN.1 vaccine, and why this will be effective for KP.2/KP.3 and all sub variants of the JN.1 lineage. A lot of technical detail is given, but it's worth it to muddle through because by the end of the presentation it is clear, even to the layman, that their JN.1 approach and recommendation to the committee was effective in helping steer the committee to identifying JN.1 as their recommendation. Overall an excellent presentation by Novavax.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
Link to 2024 Jeffries Global Healthcare Conference. Registration is required, but you can use any name and email address ( i.e., Johnny Peckerhead / Fake Analyst / if you want to keep yours off their marketing email list. Novavax presentation begins at 12:30 Eastern.

Should be time well spent. Audio will be available on Novavax website for 30 days following conference. Click Virtual webcast to access the site.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
First-gen mRNA flu vaccines 'will not win,' Sanofi execs admit as they retool strategy

FIERCE Biotech
June 30, 2023

Interesting read. This explains why they partnered with Novavax for Matrix-M. I expect we will see additional partnerships for Matrix-M announced with other biotechs in the coming months.

$ $ $
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 month ago
NEWS: Novavax Prepared to Deliver JN.1 Protein-based Non-mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine This Fall Consistent with U.S. FDA VRBPAC Recommendation

June 5, 2024

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) unanimously voted to recommend that COVID-19 vaccines be updated to a monovalent JN.1-lineage composition for 2024-2025 and expressed a preference for the JN.1 strain. The Committee acknowledged the importance of having a protein-based option available at the start of the vaccination season, alongside other alternatives. Novavax expects to be ready for the commercial delivery of a protein-based JN.1 COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S. in September this fall, pending authorization.

The Committee acknowledged the advantages of a JN.1 vaccine in providing broad protection against circulating and future strains, based upon data presented by all manufacturers, and the need to minimize confusion in making public health recommendations. Novavax’s JN.1 COVID-19 vaccine has demonstrated broad cross-neutralizing antibodies for a range of JN.1 descendant viruses, including KP.2 and KP.3. We believe updating to the JN.1 lineage or JN.1, as recommended by the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency and as unanimously recommended by VRBPAC today, will provide the protection needed this fall against COVID-19.1,2

Our most recent nonclinical data have demonstrated that our JN.1 vaccine candidate induces broad neutralization responses to JN.1 lineage viruses including those with the F456L mutation (e.g., JN.1.16), the R346T mutation (e.g., JN.1.13.1), to “FLiRT” variants that contain both mutations such as KP.2, currently the most common circulating variant in the U.S., and to “FLuQE” variants that are increasing in circulation (e.g., KP.3).1,3,4 Our JN.1 vaccine candidate also produces conserved polyfunctional, Th1-biased CD4+ T cell responses to a range of JN.1 lineage variants including those containing the F456L, R346T and FLiRT mutations (e.g., KP.2).1 These responses indicate that our vaccine technology induces broadly neutralizing responses against multiple variant strains, including to circulating forward drift variants.
🏆️ 1 👍️ 1
tbonaces80 tbonaces80 1 month ago
Sold. 100k. Thank u
mick mick 1 month ago
Novavax Inc
-0.12 (-0.79%)
Volume: 4,253,008
Day Range: 14.71 - 15.45
Last Trade Time: 12:17:17 PM EDT
AMA AMA 2 months ago
Looks ripe!
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
Maverick at the controls of this stock price.

👍️ 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
The $500M initial Sanofi payment is due Monday, May 20. We should see a PR and/or SEC 8-K filing this week.

I expect news of additional partnerships or licensing agreements for Matrix-M adjuvant over the coming weeks and months.
👍️ 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
As more people listen to the Novavax presentation at the Bank of America 2024 Healthcare Conference, there will be more new investors buying in for the first time, and current investors adding to their existing positions. I expect to see NVAX share price climb higher. We'll get news updates in between earnings that will add fuel to the fire. I don't believe Sanofi is going to be the only partner we sign this year. Another partner with a similar up-front cash and royalty deal will light the fuse on the second rocket engine, with the first rocket engine ignited by the Sanofi deal. Great time to be a NVAX shareholder.
👍️ 1
amitgupta amitgupta 2 months ago
Total Calls i meant
amitgupta amitgupta 2 months ago
total call 150, will add some tomorrow, if stocks break day high of today
amitgupta amitgupta 2 months ago
I have $19 Calls also this can run ugly upside since highest short interest and borrowing fee
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
The BoA conference presentation yesterday is really worth a listen. The BoA analyst did a great job with the questions and investors learned more about the incredible benefits of the Sanofi partnership. I feel fortunate to be an investor here.

Webcast link

May 2024 Investor Presentation - Not part of BoA presentation but recommended
tbonaces80 tbonaces80 2 months ago
Let’s see here. May base and then rip to +19. Calls are going to pay
👍️ 2
Awl416 Awl416 2 months ago
That volume…pay day
Monksdream Monksdream 2 months ago
NVAX new 52 week high
Technicians will say the gap must fill
I say bull shit
tbonaces80 tbonaces80 2 months ago
+70k. Out till pull back. Daily over parabolic
👍️ 1
akamaii akamaii 2 months ago
Bird flu 😷
Bluewater2023 Bluewater2023 2 months ago
? why doesn't NVAX show on the Breakout board?
Ronin Ronin 2 months ago
I would love for that to happen...

Wish I had bought more
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
Today's Sanofi partnership news and subsequent rise in share price likely generated a significant number of margin calls for shorts. Demand for shares should be pretty high next week to cover today's margin calls. Any movement higher will generate even more margin calls. Great time for a big short squeeze. Thanks shorties for the cheap shares I was able to pick up over the last few months.
mick mick 2 months ago
Novavax Inc
4.45 (99.33%)
Volume: 170,708,691
Day Range: 8.61 - 11.00
Bid: 8.93
Ask: 8.95
Last Trade Time: 7:11:59 PM EDT
Total Trades: 892,437
mick mick 2 months ago
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
Added another 550 shares, now at 17,700 @ $5.32 average cost.

Exciting times ahead for Novavax. Looking forward to seeing what this Sanofi partnership brings to shareholders.
tbonaces80 tbonaces80 2 months ago
Nice. 10 large her at $7. Follow VWAP
Invest-in-America Invest-in-America 2 months ago
NVAX: Even Global REUTERS can barely handle the EXPANSIVE news still coming-out!! (More just out, below!!)

"BRIEF-Novavax Exec Says Now Anticipate Data Readouts For Both Novavax's Combination Covid-Flu Shot And Standalone Flu Vaccine In Mid 2025"

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