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NorthView Acquisition Corporation

NorthView Acquisition Corporation (NVAC)

Closed July 23 4:00PM

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Current Price
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10.51 52 Week Range 13.75
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About NorthView Acquisition Corporation

NorthView Acquisition Corp is a newly organized blank check company. NorthView Acquisition Corp is a newly organized blank check company.

Blank Checks
Blank Checks
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
NorthView Acquisition Corporation is listed in the Blank Checks sector of the NASDAQ with ticker NVAC. The last closing price for NorthView Acquisition was $11.50. Over the last year, NorthView Acquisition shares have traded in a share price range of $ 10.51 to $ 13.75.

NorthView Acquisition currently has 6,027,219 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of NorthView Acquisition is $69.31 million. NorthView Acquisition has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 59.65.

NVAC Latest News

NorthView Acquisition Corporation Announces Receipt of Notice from Nasdaq Regarding Filing of Annual Report on Form 10-Q

New York, NY, June 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  NorthView Acquisition Corporation. (Nasdaq: NVAC) (the “Company”) announced that it has received a notice (the “Notice”) from The Nasdaq Stock...

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NVAC Discussion

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Blue Skys Blue Skys 1 month ago
Sure was a lot of accumulation here in May.
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 3 months ago
No worries. Good luck on your fasting.

Maybe 2024 will be a good year for AXIM shareholders.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 3 months ago
I'm cranky because I just finished my first week of fasting. Its my annual pre-summer tradition.
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 3 months ago
I sense some frustration about the lack of communication from AXIM Management about the note conversions. I'm impatient with AXIM management on the status of CLIA Waiver Applications. Definitely enough frustration to go around.

I don't remember what post you are referring to about me being against Verséa going public. Maybe I was confused with connecting the dots to NPTX. I'm not familiar with NPTX. Never followed them. Never followed MJNA either. I started following AXIM after they acquired Sapphire Biotech and it seemed like they could do something with the cancer research. Hopefully they still can if the revenue from DED gets anywhere close to breakeven at some point.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 3 months ago
Or maybe just Versea. Funny you didn't like the idea of Versea going public when I posted it way back on another board. How on earth could anyone acquire AXIM with all those notes out there allowing the insiders to incrementally take the company private. The same cast of characters rode NPTX into the ground rather than giving up their notes and push options.
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 3 months ago
Do either of you think Northview Acquisition Corp is still looking for Acquisition targets?

Could the combination of AXIM and Versea be a target?
Blue Skys Blue Skys 6 months ago
That is very true. I am having difficulty valuing the enterprise.
Devolution Devolution 6 months ago
This is getting close. Profusa Prospectus posted to SEC website on 1/29/2024.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 8 months ago
Wow someone wanted some shares now that the 10Q is out.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 9 months ago
Its been awfully quiet around here lately
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 1 year ago
As you can tell from my posts on the AXIM board, I am really pumped about the DED business.

My brain is telling me to trust in Dr Sambursky. He has already built up a diagnostic business. He is still an Eye Doctor for 2 days a month. Verséa gets $10 for every test they sell. Mr Huemoeller said Verséa invested in AXIM.

AXIM will be profitable. Just a matter of time.

Now, I have no idea how long it takes for the share price to reward us. It may be August or September or October or November or December.

However, if the cash-flow keeps increasing then I will keep buying. We will be rewarded at some point.
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 1 year ago
I bought 2 small chunks of shares down here.
Hope to buy more cheap shares in 2 weeks.
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 1 year ago

I don't have a paid account on IHUB. I can read your emails, but cannot reply.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
I think upon merger and renaming to Profusa, there will be about 100 million shares.

Since the target is known by the market, and the stock is now trading at a 52 week high of $10.05 (average volume under 11,000 shares per day, often times trades in the single digits or not at all on any given day), then I am convinced the pps will be above $10 per share upon merger ? I mean, why would anyone pay $10 a share now if they didn't believe that this had room to go upward?

The Lumee, when it gets its FDA approval (figure June 2023?) will compete with...or replace...Dexcom's G6 and/or Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2, both of which are big, clumsy, and have to be moved every 2 weeks.

Even my fairly inactive brother-in-law complains that he is always knocking his off, especially at night.

Check out DXCM's 5 year chart, just for sh$ts and giggles.

I know, apples to oranges, but there might be some long term potential there.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Since you are following this closely do you have a forecast for the stock price? I can't come up with an estimate because I am having difficulty forecasting a reasonable growth rate.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Profusa received the following grants:

03/07/18 - 02/28/21 - Department of the Interior - $6.8 million grant
03/14/19 - 01/13/20 - Department of Defense - $224,864 grant
06/27/16 - 06/26/18 - Department of the Army/Department of Defense - $7.5 million grant
04/19/16 - National Institutes of Health - $1.75 million grant
06/22/12 - 02/22/13 - Department of Defense - $99,817 grant

Merger Information:
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
PROFUSA is a medical devices company creating tissue-integrated sensors for chronic disease management and healthy living.

PROF-USA Made in America!
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
What an absolutely amazing choice for acquisition/merger.

Lumee looks to someday make the drawing of blood as archaic as using leeches as a cure.

Imagine the day when the 1st thing the PA does is shine a light on your PLI ("Personal Lumee Implant") as part of your yearly health check up.

Tweaked properly, I don't doubt that "Lumee" could even be used to determine blood types.

This is the kind of work that truly makes America Great.


(May I just casually toss out there that "PFSA" is currently an untaken stock symbol that is still available for use.)
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
CE Mark: The EU consists of 28 countries with 750 million people.

Profusa has a CE Mark for Lumee in the EU, but for detecting Oxygen levels:

Certainly, if applying for Lumee 510K for glucose levels (and most likely oxygen levels as well) in the US, then Profusa will undoubtedly do the same in the EU.

In September, 2013, Dexcom was trading at just above $10 per share.

By 2022, it had a 52 week high of $164.86. It is trading was trading at $112.61 today (11/17/22) with 386 million shares outstanding, Market Cap = almost $44 billion.

After the merger, I am roughly estimating that the new company will have about 75 to 100 million shares.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Peter O'Rourke (born January 3, 1966): 56 years old, currently Chairman of the Board of NorthView Acquisition Corp. Since December 2018, Mr. O’Rourke has served as Managing Partner at TCI Partners, a consulting firm focused on healthcare, aerospace and the public sector. From January 2017 to December 2018, Mr. O’Rourke served as the Acting Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Department of Veteran Affairs under Donald Trump. From May 2015 to July 2016, Mr. O’Rourke served as a principal of Calibre Systems, Inc., a consulting firm. Mr. O’Rourke also served both U.S. Navy and Air Force. Mr. O’Rourke received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville as well as a Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the United States Air Force’s Institute of Technology. He previously worked in various positions in government consulting, including as a congressional staffer for U.S. Representative Tom Latham, and he also served as the executive director of the Republican Party of Florida.

Peter joined Axim's Board of Director's on July 21, 2020.

In April, 2021, Peter formed the SPAC North View Acquisition Corp., which began selling shares in December of 2021. On November 7, 2022, NVAC announced its intent to merge with Profusa, a company pioneering a novel, innovative approach to accurately, efficiently, and easily measure various biochemistry markers in real time using the Lumee hydromicrofiber.

In the European Union, the Lumee Oxygen Platform is CE Marked (January 28, 2020). In the United States, the Lumee Oxygen Platform is an Investigational Device Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.

The goal of the merger is to turn Profusa into a publicly traded entity by the first quarter of 2023, and thereafter to seek FDA approval for Lumee in the United States.

Lumee is a biosensor micro fiber that can immediately measure oxygen levels, glucose levels, exposure to biochemicals, even early signs of influenza - almost any biomarker of interest found in intercellular fluid without the "old technology way" of pin pricking and drawing blood.

In 2016, DARPA and the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) awarded Profusa a $7.5 million dollar grant to develop the company’s implantable biosensors for the simultaneous, continuous monitoring of multiple body sensors. Profusa has focused research and product development on providing real-time monitoring of a combat soldier’s health status to improve mission efficiency and overall performance, partnering with DARPA to create breakthrough technologies and capabilities for our national security.

Peter O'Rouke's close ties to the US government for years is a nice match for Profusa's Lumee Military applications and its ultimate movement into civilian applications.

Currently, devices such as Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2 and Dexcom's G6 are expensive and must be moved every two weeks (to prevent rejection by the body).
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 2 years ago
I haven't read the small print, but I'm guessing there has to be some type of encryption involved to meet HIPAA requirements.

Although you pointed out that the product is only CE certified so the US market has not been FDA cleared? HIPAA requirements will have to be met to be approved by the FDA and/or some other organization.

I should read up on this little company but I don't have any funds to invest at this time. I will just check in periodically to see what is going on.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Profusa:Breaking the Biocompatibility Barrier
Profusa’s unique bioengineering approach overcomes the largest hurdle in long-term use of biosensors in the body: the foreign body response. Approximately 5 mm long and 500 microns in diameter, each tiny biosensor is a soft, flexible fiber designed to be biologically compatible with the body’s tissues for continuous monitoring, while overcoming the effects of local inflammation or rejection
Tissue-integrating Scaffold
Providing medical-grade data, the biosensor is made of a porous “smart gel” that mimics the 3D microenvironment of cells. The smart gel is linked to a light-emitting molecule that emits a fluorescent signal in the presence of one or more body chemicals such as oxygen, glucose, lactate, or other biomarker.
Optical Reader
Adhered to the skin’s surface or held by hand, a separate optical reader is used to read the fluorescent signal from the embedded biosensor. The reader sends excitation light through the skin to the biosensor, which then emits fluorescent light proportional to the amount of biochemical measured.
Adaptable Form Factor for Consumer and Medical Applications
Profusa’s technology platform enables the development of biosensor systems with a variety of form factors serving consumer as well as medical applications for continuous monitoring of body chemicals. Results from the optical reader are designed to be transmitted to a smart phone application that allows the user to make actionable decisions, from improving their general health and well-being, to taking their athleticism to another level, or managing a chronic disease such as diabetes or COPD. Data can be shared securely via HIPAA-compliant digital networks with healthcare providers and public health analysts conducting longitudinal studies.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), DexCom (NASDAQ:DXCM) Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) appear to be the leaders in the blood sugar testing market among listed companies as they have a number of popular products in circulation under multiple brands.

Abbott’s FreStyle Libre, Medtronic’s Guardian Connect and DexCom’s G6 provide the wearable continuous monitoring like the Lumee, while private competitor Ascensia has a similar device.

As such, although these competitors don’t appear to have the same government backing, they do have a head start and significant resources at their disposal. Even these smallest of the group, DexCom, has a $44 billion market cap.
Profusa may be able to rake in recurring government revenues down the road from its devices, but it has to get commercialized and the chips in the population first.

...the Lumee came out of DARPA’s SIGMA+ program. This program was set up to fund projects designed to expand US national defense institutions’ “advance capability to detect illicit radioactive and nuclear materials by developing new sensors and networks that would alert authorities to chemical, biological, and explosives threats as well.”

Effectively, SIGMA+ is hoping to use connected humans as a “a common network infrastructure” and therefore allow governments to react to “chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive” attacks the way network operators respond to cyberattacks – in theory, anyway.

Phase I of this program is to develop the sensors, while the second phase is to focus on “network development, analytics and integration” of the connected humans. This may sound like a Bond movie plot, but, to Profusa’s credit, it has been open about its government ties from the start. In fact, Profusa Software and Systems Lead Keven Zhao was named a DARPA Riser in 2018.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Profusa has developed an injectable hydrofiber that does not trigger an immune response and can monitor blood chemistry for months to years, giving real time data that can be transmitted to medical technicians worldwide for immediate intervention. The results can be self monitored, so the individual can determine what actions they have taken which result in certain readings (such as eating a dessert and its effect on blood sugar levels), and can then take the necessary steps to correct any deviations.

Lumee CE Mark of Approval January 2020

Study initiated to determine if Lumee can detect early Flu infection - March 3, 2020
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 2 years ago
I just noticed this on Yahoo this morning.
Interesting product. I will try to read more about this company.

Good luck with your investment.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Looks like the acquisition target was selected:

Oddly announced on November 7th, when everyone was more likely focused on the November 8th midterm elections.

Profusa is based in Emeryville, CA and is a digital health company that is pioneering the next generation of personalized medicine via the development of novel tissue-integrated biosensors.

Profusa took 9 years to develop a micro hydrogel fiber, 3mm by .5 mm, that can be inserted under the skin. The beauty is that this micro fiber does not elicit an immune response from the body, is super small and practically non detectable and can last for many months at a time (ease of deployment and long-term functionality), and uses light emitting fluorescent molecules to continuously analyze concentrations of whatever it is that you want to measure (oxygen levels, glucose, etc.). The individual can use a simple phone app to monitor their own levels, and send those readings to medical professionals in remote locations, with real time accuracy.

Profusa already has a CE Mark in Europe for "Lumee Oxygen Platform", and with this merger, will now be seeking FDA approval for its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) micro fiber implant. The CGM market is expected to grow, worldwide, from $6.13 billion in 2021 to $16.33 billion by 2030, a compound annual growth rate of 17.33%

Current NVAC shareholders will own 41.3% of the combined company.

I am certainly impressed with Peter O'Rouke's decision. Profusa looks like the "better mouse trap" with an untold number of potential uses.

I can see the similarity in thinking between this and AXIM, in that Axim's reader would be equivalent to the micro hydrogel fiber. Both can be tweaked ("programmed") to read whatever you are looking for, easily and fairly inexpensively, both would give accurate and rapid results, and both have global marketing potential.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Actually, today was oddly a busy day.

146,000 shares at about $9.96, the 52 week high.

Average volume is under 4,000 shares a day.

That's almost $1.5 million.

Wish it meant something.....
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Big day today. 3 shares traded. Volume up 300%.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
I also think that it will happen much sooner than the drop dead date. I was surprised to see DWAC holding a shareholder vote on Sept 6 to extend the "drop dead date" of Sept 8, 2022 by one year because they don't believe that they can complete the acquisition of Truth Social by that time. It surprised me that was an avenue but of course the shareholders can modify the charter.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
The market clearly prefers the rights but that could change as the acquisition date approaches. I'm surprised that they trade because I had expected the initial investors to sell the shares and hold the derivatives. I'm in a dozen startup biotechs that are deploying the medical tech that was hidden after the great mud flood of Tartaria so portfolio management is complicated especially with the declining availability of these rights.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
If you choose to buy, then it is most practical to buy the Rights (NVACR) in units of 10 to avoid wasting $s on fractions that won't be converted to shares...but there will be time.

NVACR won't be converted to shares until well after the announcement, because first the shareholders have to approve (vote on) the selected target.

There is always the risk that a target is not selected and the $ is returned (March of 2023), and in that case the warrants and the rights would expire worthless!

With a price target of above $11.50 for the warrants, NVAC would have to be selling above that price in order for the warrants to have any value.

The risk/reward is like this: If NVAC is trading at $14, then a 10 cent purchase of a share of NVACW would net a profit of $14 - $11.50, or $2.50 (less of course your 10 cent initial investment). Quite a nice return (almost 2,500%) if you have the stomach to weather the risk.

The Rights are less risky, in that they have value even if NVAC is below $11.50 (or $11,60, the point at which the warrants are worth what you originally paid for them - 10 cents), but the ROI for the Rights drops off quickly (in comparison to the warrants) if/when NVAC goes above $11.60.

If my math is correct, and if right now warrants and rights can each be purchased for 10 cents, then the ROI between the two is equal if NVAC is at $12.67. Anything above that, and the warrants would have been the better choice, as the ROI increases much more rapidly for the warrants than the rights.

The conversion to shares will occur when the deal (take over) is consummated, but I do feel that the value of NVAC, NVACR, and NVACW should appreciate nicely upon the target announcement and the period leading up to the finalization of the deal - if such events occur.

Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
I think that I recall when I read those filings that the Rights are only convertible to whole shares and that any number of rights that do not combine into a lot of 10 are lost. Also I thought that the warrant conversion price starts at $11.50 but varies according to additional financing which can be in the form of notes or equity. With the myriad of possible financing options depending on the size of the initial business acquisition there are many possibilities to consider.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Its going to be very interesting. I am only invested in 2 of the 4 equities that are somewhat related at this moment. I may regret that but I like the multiple known backup plans on those two. They both have multiple opportunities to succeed queued up. I am considering that NVAC could be the first mover of the batch and that is what is drawing me here along with the available derrivatives.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
The only "excuses" for not announcing that I can come up with are "the economy" and "politics".

Generally speaking, stocks are down everywhere, the economy is heading into a recession (if not there already) , and the saying "sell in May and go away" doesn't conclude until mid-September.

Add to that the political environment, whereby this administration now has the lowest approval rate of any President (ever), and perhaps this isn't the right time to do an announcement.

NVAC has until March of 2023. I'm hoping all the above changes 180 degrees by the end of this year, soon after the Red Tsunami that I believe most now are convinced is coming.

I personally believe the above discussion is effecting the majority of stocks right now, including AXIM.

...this is all just going to lead into a "Yuge" reverse pendulum swing by the time DJT announces his intentions...
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Seems like they have had almost enough time to identify an acquisition in the Healthcare industry.
Tiresias Tiresias 2 years ago
as long as "value" is interpreted as the facts that fit the fix
TexasMarvL TexasMarvL 2 years ago
StockTwits has a good AXIM board if anyone is interested. StockTwits also allows the ability to block posters that don't add value.
kayakzz kayakzz 2 years ago
Ah yea, this is the stupidest pump and dump I have ever seen
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
I'm betting on a red wave of patriotism running into Independence day bringing some companies into the limelight.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
I agree that the target(s) have been "selected".

I am just wondering if the economy/supply chain issues/war in Ukraine, etc. are just delaying things for a better time to make the announcement.

Sell in May and go away.

Perhaps an announcement will be made more towards the end of the summer, certainly before the end of the year.

I think the Red Tsunami we will experience in the midterms is going to make a radical change to a lot of things that are going on at this time.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
They have some good people running the show so it will be interesting to see what they come up with. It seems like they have had enough time to identify their target(s) and I doubt they will flounder. I would think that we would hear something from them in the next month or two at most.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
NorthView Acquisition Corporation is a blank check company. The Company is formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The Company intends to focus its search on businesses that are focused on healthcare. The Company is not engaged in any business operations and has not generated any revenue.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
I don't mind you baiting me on this one. Random walk averages out over time but drift is always in one direction or another depending on temperature. I think that this revelation will be one of the triggering events for NVAC and its potential acquistion(s). A guy gets out of the truck every few hours and points it in the right direction. It starts at 6:47 in this video.
Here is the data sheet for the "navigator".
The data term is Gyro Bias Repeatability. The accelerometers are high quality judging by their performance specs. The gyros measure angular displacement and this unit has low grade gyros because they have to fit in a little enclosure. I was surprised when I looked up the navigation system that JPL shows on their website.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Lol, I believe you are suggesting that the rover is moving in a large circle, as 360 degrees brings you back to where you started...assuming, of course, that the drift rate is a constant of 1 degree per hour AND always in the same direction.

REVEALING the locations where the ballots were picked up would be awesome (I believe, Stacy Abrams of GA was heavily involved).

I think identifying the mules to law enforcement for prosecution is another first step that should be taken. Certainly the mules will do a lot of talking. Once enough of that occurs, and those who orchestrated the criminal syndicate are indicted and prosecuted, then the next step is decertification.
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Yes! I saw it in the theater last week. They say that they are going to reveal the locations where the ballots were picked up this week. I wore my Flat Earth shirt and when I walked in someone yelled "Flat Earth Man is Here" and people clapped. All I know on the timing is that In 2018 Trump said that we are going to have the biggest 4th of July ever and most of what he said seems to be happening on a 4 year delta. I asked Mike Lindel about that when I met him at the Phoenix rally last year and he just smiled.
I think that Trump is reveled as the current president very soon without all of the audits being completed. Probably right after the market crash. I believe that all the other stuff about NASA and such comes out over time. Here is a riddle for you. Check out the navigation system on the web for the Mars Rover. It is a Northrop Grumman LN200. That is not a navigation system. It is a 6 axis stabilization IMU that is comparable in performance to the one in my Ducati V4S but 25 years out of date that is often used to augment GPS. It has 1 degree per hour drift (bias repeatability). What is the heading uncertainty of the mars rover after 360 hours with a drift rate of 1 degree per hour?
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
What is nice about this board is that the extremely limited attention allows us to go off topic.

I don't consider AXIM a loss in any way. Yes, the stock is way down, but the company is doing amazing things.

It just needs to be recognized...which will happen...but my guess is that will begin just after the midterms (end of this year).

BTW, did you see "2000 Mules"?

What timeframe do you see for HB indictment? (my guess is by late June)
Decertification of 2020 election to begin? (My guess is September/October)
HRC indictment? (My guess is November).
Return of 45? (My guess is February 2023)
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
Thanks. I did mention it to Tuxi. Right now the connection to AXIM is all that I see as well. The nature of acquisition companies necessitates limited disclosure. The discussions have brought a lot of information to the surface as entertaining as they have been. I'm waiting for more data to chew on. I'm a 2 time loser on AXIM but I understand what happened to Dr George's pre Saphire AXIM business and I hope he realizes his vision.
Devolution Devolution 2 years ago
Lol, I have kind of been using this board as my personal diary, as you can tell by me being the only one posting.

I'd hate to inadvertently bring JaneyH, M73, 24, or worst of all, Tiresias over here.

If you have a way to privately reach out to serious poster and wish to do so, then certainly be my guest.

With the dismal performance of Axim these days, I'm not so sure anyone wants to look at something somewhat related (ie: Peter O'Rourke is a founder of NVAC AND is on the board at Axim).
Blue Skys Blue Skys 2 years ago
If you want to bring the crew here I think that you need to let everyone know that there is a new NVAC board this year because I bet that there are other investors following the old board and scratching their heads why there are no posts.

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