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Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc

Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc (IOVA)

At close: July 15 4:00PM
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After Hours: 4:30PM

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Current Price
8.50 Day's Range 8.875
3.21 52 Week Range 18.33
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$ 49,631,559
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About Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc

Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The company focused on the development and commercialization of cell therapies as novel cancer immunotherapy products designed to harness the power of a patient's immune system to eradicate cancer cells. Its lead pipeline can... Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The company focused on the development and commercialization of cell therapies as novel cancer immunotherapy products designed to harness the power of a patient's immune system to eradicate cancer cells. Its lead pipeline candidate, LN-145, is an adoptive cell therapy using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to treat patients with refractory metastatic melanoma. Show more

Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics
Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics
Camden, Delaware, USA
Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc is listed in the Biological Pds,ex Diagnstics sector of the NASDAQ with ticker IOVA. The last closing price for Iovance Biotherapeutics was $8.73. Over the last year, Iovance Biotherapeutics shares have traded in a share price range of $ 3.21 to $ 18.33.

Iovance Biotherapeutics currently has 279,832,722 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Iovance Biotherapeutics is $2.44 billion. Iovance Biotherapeutics has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -5.45.

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IOVA Latest News

Iovance Biotherapeutics Submits Marketing Authorization Application to European Medicines Agency for Lifileucel in Advanced Melanoma

First of Multiple Planned Global Submissions for Lifileucel in 2024 and 2025 Key Step in Global Expansion to Address >20,000 Patients Annually with Previously Treated Advanced Melanoma SAN...

Iovance Biotherapeutics Reports Inducement Grants under NASDAQ Listing Rule 5635(c)(4)

SAN CARLOS, Calif., June 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IOVA) ("Iovance" or the โ€œCompanyโ€), a biotechnology company focused on innovating, developing, and...

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IOVA Discussion

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GMH* GMH* 9 hours ago
Over the weekend, I was contemplating the cash runway and potential for a cash raise. So we know they have said "well into H2 2025" but that does include a "conservative estimate of revenue", but exactly what does that mean? We know that they have cash as of Q1 2024 of $356M and the quarterly spend is between $80M-$85M. Taking the midpoint, the cash on hand would last 4.3 quarters ($356M/$82.5M) so assuming well into means thru Q3 2025, the revenue would need to cover the remaining 1.7 quarters or $139M (1.7x$82.5M). That would imply revenue of $23M/qtr for the 6 quarters (assuming no ramp). We are almost certain to beat $23M in Q2 and should ramp from there so I would say that calculation is ultra-conservative. I do think that they will raise capital, probably after Q3 or Q4 results, just to have a cushion for new trials/expansion, etc. Anyway, just a curious exercise.
👍️ 2
52172 52172 2 days ago
Summer is the off season wait for 2025 and yess it will come
Dennboy66 Dennboy66 3 days ago
Plus - European acceptance of BLA.
Plus - Australia and UK submission
Hicham007 Hicham007 3 days ago
We have now Q2 results + Q3 guidance (hopefully) in August, a probable rate cut in September, Q3 results + FY guidance in Oct, another rate cut in Dec followed by 24 results + guidance for 25 in Jan.

If all goes well, we should be back > 15 level by Jan.

Our faith in this company will sooner or later pay off.
👍️ 3
Dennboy66 Dennboy66 3 days ago
Gentlemen and Ladies. Even though I don't drink, tonight would be a good one to sit down and have a nice 25 yo Macallan neat. 👍️😁. Broke and held SMA 50 on weekly which is huge. The big one now is 9.02 200 SMA on daily. Typically need 3 taps of that price to get higher likelihood of break. Bids were definitely loading at key levels - sometimes with very large volume. Next week looks much brighter than the previous 18 next weeks.
👍️ 3
everton44 everton44 3 days ago
this can't go that high lol, the truth with bio's is cringeworthy. Not too optimistic on big gains but definitely from the lows we saw earlier this week
surfkast surfkast 3 days ago
Great! Run this to $100 this Summer and I will give you 10% of my profits! What a swell guy you are!
MN Gopher MN Gopher 3 days ago
Everton44, Your a Complete Moron GO Away!
everton44 everton44 3 days ago
I control the market
surfkast surfkast 3 days ago
Well, it is cheaper in paying for Comedy Club tickets!
badgerkid badgerkid 3 days ago
Surfkast, I don't know if there's an answer that will make sense. I noticed that he/she has posted on over 130 different boards over the past several years. Certainly raises more than a few questions. Have a great day.
surfkast surfkast 3 days ago
Serious question. Are you bi-polar? Last week you posted the following and now you are buying?


Re: everton44 post# 1266

Friday, July 05, 2024 12:37:58 PM

of 1312
everton44 everton44 3 days ago
added 3500 at $9.00!
everton44 everton44 3 days ago
going to be a millionaire now. go IOVA!!!!!!!!!!!
badgerkid badgerkid 3 days ago
Hicham, to your point and fwiw, iShares Russell 2000 ETF as of Jun 28, 2024 added 622,279 shares of IOVA and now stands at 6,157,247 shares. More interesting is the new position of IOVA that was created by the iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF which as of Jun 28, 2024 is at 2,234,456 shares after their initial purchase. As more reports come in over the next several weeks, I'll be curious to see if and where any changes to positions in IOVA occurred. As for me, I do expect higher highs in the IOVA share price yet this year.

Good luck to you.
Hicham007 Hicham007 3 days ago
The net short position against Russell 2000 futures increased by 9.5 percentage points to 16.8% over 5 weeks, the largest such move over since March 2020 which caused the drop in Iovance and others and now it is payback time as the trend reverses, at least I hope.
Hicham007 Hicham007 4 days ago
Apparently a short squeeze is taking place. Hedge funds strategies have been heavile centred in 2024 on going long large-cap tech stocks and betting against other areas of the market, including small- and midcap stocks.

With the inflation figures yesterday and as money started flowing from megacap to small to mid cap a shott squeeze was initiated and according to some analysts this can last for a while as long as the probability of a rate cut in Sep remains high. If this continues until 6th of August and iovance reports good Q2 results and Q3 guidance then we are back > 12 to 15 before year end IMHO...
GMH* GMH* 4 days ago
LoL... I have been modeling out the potential of NSCLC and hitting the 10,000 capacity from early on, so, although a lot of hurdles yet to clear, that is my 5 year target (which is why going from $18 to $7 made no sense unless I am wrong in my thinking). Issue is that if we get to $100, that would be about a $28B market cap which is what Seagen was before their buyout. They got a 33% premium on the takeover. The bigger you get, the less upside BP is willing to pay so that is why I think they will go it alone and just add new indications over time.
👍️ 1
badgerkid badgerkid 4 days ago
GMH, I think we have similar thoughts on numbers and when/how they can or will be achieved. The $100/share aspirations statement is not just a throw away comment, but I also don't think that number is achievable until and unless there are 2 or more indications approved and being treated: melanoma, nsclc, and maybe one additional type of cancer.

Should the company get to the point that 8,000+ patients are being treated each year, $3 billion per year and growing in revenue, and treatment centers and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents, $100/share will be in the rearview mirror. I see the vision of what can be, but time is still needed to develop this great potential. What we don't know is what WR and this group of investors imagine for their own futures. There's history on these individuals, but as we age, our goals and motivations change as well. Is this company and TIL therapy to be their legacy? Or is this yet again a build and sell opportunity for them.

There is some incredible advances taking place right before our eyes, improvements will be made, newer and better ways of using TIL will be developed, and likely many different applications will become more obvious. But time is needed to accomplish all of these goals. The science is solid but the commercial application is still unproven. The good news is that recent indications are Iovance is succeeding and growing. We'll get a glimpse behind the current with the Q2, but it's still going to take several Q's of earnings to demonstrate the speed with which this new therapy will be taken up by the medical community and the company's ability to manage the logistical demands of this individualized type of treatment.

If we're guilty of anything, it's we've been thinking too small on this one. If we're guilty of anything else, it's we expected IOVA to hit $50 or more too fast. I like what I see, I'm in for the long haul at this point, and all indications are we're on a very good path.
GMH* GMH* 4 days ago
BK - Although you consolidate a lot of the parameters I model individually, I come up with a similar number moving this from a biotech startup to an IBB pharma company (I do use the IBB PE though which is a bit lower than your PE). The only thing I would challenge is your last statement as I do not think big pharma would pay such a premium over the current stock price in a BO (limit is usually around 100%). Once we price in everything getting to a an $8B MC, the BO premium would drop further (40%-50%). Given WRs age and the frequency (or lack thereof) at which this opportunities present themselves, it is my guess that it is his goal to ride this out building out several iCTCs in the US/Europe and probably on in Australia and Asia eventually. Just don't think he is looking for a 3x (from his $9.15 purchase) at this point in his investing career. As long as the trial data continues to support expansion, think that is the route he will chose to go. I will be monitoring same.
surfkast surfkast 4 days ago
Looks like this one is moving back up rapidly. More good news pending?
Dennboy66 Dennboy66 4 days ago
Nice Analysis.
Dennboy66 Dennboy66 4 days ago
Well.. we have been on here posting many times when the SP was getting crushed. Today is a different story and it feels pretty darn good. Short thesis of a poor launch leading to an early raise with the SP down has been hampered today. Looks like we are in for a rate cut here soon with about 92% odds now for a cut in Sept.

We have a shift from big tech to more rate sensitive indices (IWM, XBI). You can see the bid constantly being reloaded and the 5 min retracements being bought.

If we hold 8.08 we have remounted the 20 EMA on daily. We are currently sitting at the 50 SMA on weekly of 8.50. Have a feeling that we will need some company positive news (Instead of just interest rate macro event) to break that 8.50. Hope I am wrong though. Who knows maybe short covering will do it.

Enjoying the day.
👍️ 3
rbtree rbtree 4 days ago
Appreiciate all your posts. Have had this on my watch list since the spring news and resultant pop.

I've not been active in the markets for over 20 years.... but about to dip my feet, but mostly in ETF, hi yield investments for retirement income, etc. So....
badgerkid badgerkid 4 days ago
A morning of simple math: Let's assume $425 million for annual expenses - it's probably going up a bit with expansion, more trials, European rollout, more employees, etc.

Let's assume all in a treatment with Amtagvi and Proleukin produces revenue for Iovance of $425,000/patient on average (this covers for discounts, other expenses that may exist with ATCs, etc). I realize this is a conservative average but it makes the math easy. That means no more than 1,000 patients to break even. 2,350 patients for $1 billion in total revenue. With 70 ATCs by end of year, that's 1.2 patients/ATC/month for break even and 2.8 patients/ATC/month for $1 billion in revenue. Now, reduce your expenses, increase your net revenue and you have an even bigger winner. The company keeps talking about 3, 4, and 5 patients per ATC per month. Do your own math - it's still a big winner.

I did say simple math so please be gentle with your critiques.

Let's continue: Even with 2,000 patients annually and nothing more using my overly conservative numbers, you have net profit of $425 million or about $1.50 per share. Similar biotechs trade around 22x earnings, so with nothing more than this base operation IOVA is $33/share. Now let's throw in growth potential, more indications, new markets, frontline treatments, etc., we start seeing why some have $100/share and higher aspirations. They're not wrong for thinking it or believing it could be so in the coming years. If big pharma is going to acquire Iovance, they better bring a healthy check book sooner than later. IMHO of course.

Good luck to the longs.
rogers711 rogers711 5 days ago
Dude stfu
badgerkid badgerkid 5 days ago
Short interest was up another 2 million shares. As of 06/28/2024, short interest was 56.4 million shares from the 54.6 million on the last report. I thought it would be mostly flat to slightly higher, but the shorts were persistent throughout June. Let the fear of being short begin. Higher highs this year and soon we'll have some of the reasons revealed. Good luck to the longs.
👍️ 1
retired early retired early 5 days ago
I just did too. Ahhhhhhhhh :)
everton44 everton44 5 days ago
NEWS, IOVA gets approval of Melanoma and Cancer research
surfkast surfkast 5 days ago
Do you even read what you post? Your last post was very negative and now this one is very positive.
Can you please post links to your bipolar claims. Thanks
GMH* GMH* 5 days ago
I just used the "Ignore"... much better than Yahoo... individual is completely gone. It's like he is screaming into a vacuum.
👍️ 1
CorsairWizard46 CorsairWizard46 5 days ago
It is just a FUD. We all here know that.
👍️ 1
MN Gopher MN Gopher 5 days ago
Everton44, go away now
Nobody believes a word you say.
Your lies n deception are welcome on Yahoo Finance, the original hub of lies n deception.
This board is for truthful posts & posters with integrity.
You have neither.
Bye Bye

badgerkid badgerkid 5 days ago
My last message came close to mixing some metaphors, so to that end:

"We'll burn that bridge when we come to it."
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch in one basket."
"It's not rocket surgery."

And my personal favorite, though not really a mixed metaphor:

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't lead a horticulture."

And I didn't use all caps to make my point.

Have a great day!
everton44 everton44 5 days ago
badgerkid badgerkid 5 days ago
Good morning and good news out of the Stifel Cell Therapy Forum yesterday. The benefit of ears in many places allows us as a board of investors and traders to gain insights that we might otherwise miss trying to fly solo. But with public boards comes the risk of misinformation as well. Fortunately, most of us here have been around long enough to know when to question, when to accept, and when to ignore. To the many responsible posters that have shared on this board, I thank you for sharing and improving all of our chances at successful trading and investing.

Good luck to the longs.

👍️ 1
everton44 everton44 5 days ago
surfkast surfkast 6 days ago
Great info. Thanks.
badgerkid badgerkid 6 days ago
The following posts regarding IOVA appeared on another site today by the poster JGalt24. Iovance did speak at a private management fireside chat at Stifel's 2024 Virtual Cell Therapy Forum today, July 9th. Here's the posts:

(2:52 pm) "The timing of the move up today coincided with the move in Xbi, but Iova also presented at the Stifel Cell Therapy Conference at 11:30am and made an interesting comment a few minutes in when asked about timing of guidance moving forward. Bellemin-CFO, and Gastman-EVP Medical Affairs presented btw. Bellemin said they guided to how many pts were enrolled during Q1 call. During Q2 call, looking towards Q3, they will โ€œgo one step furtherโ€. I assume that means they will guide to:
a. #of pts actually treated or expected to be treated vs enrolled, or
b. actual revenues
I would guess (a) for this Q but would love to be surprised, he sounded very positive about it. Either way, this should help in removing some of the concern around lack of visibility and/or help analysts start to feel more confident in modeling future revenues."

(3:15 pm answering a question): "Not a Stifel client. Factset pulls in news from most of the sell side firms. I have access to several firmsโ€™ research, but Stifel isnโ€™t one of them. Luckily was still able to get access through factset. Sometimes that works, sometimes not if it isnโ€™t publicly available through companiesโ€™ website."

(3:32 pm): "A couple of other notes:
-On reimbursement: โ€œnot an issueโ€; no coverage for an individual pt has yet been denied; 200M lives covered in the US and growing as per plan
-Patient attrition in line with early CAR-T #โ€™s and expected to improve at a similar pace; ATCโ€™s getting better at selecting pts
-confirmed about 50 atcโ€™s and 70 by y-e; ALL have enrolled pts at this point; some of the newer ones have surpassed those that were involved in trials
-Capacity: havenโ€™t hit constraints yet at atcโ€™s, some are talking about expanding or building around demand for this treatment
-commented that some physicians are creating their careers around cell therapy, reflecting excitement in the industry

All sounds very positive, just need to be patient for another couple of quarters to see consistent revenues"

I don't know this poster, but all stacks up to what we've heard before. Several very good takeaways. Enjoy.

👍️ 3
Hicham007 Hicham007 7 days ago
We will have some time before Iovance share price recovers but my humble advise (and remind me of this post) is be patient and hold your position. Why? the downside is 4$, the upside is 20$ to 30$ with conservatively 50% chances of both occurring.

Also there is a high probability that the two scenarios occur, a drop of 4$ followed by a rise of 20 to 30$. Brace for this possibility and be ready financially and psychologically and you will be rewarded.

I have by now 25% of my net assets in Iovance (I stopped mentioning nb of shares after being accused of braging on yahoo and I am not going anywhere and ready to increase further and wait 2 to 3 years to get my return.

Can it all go horribly wrong? Sure but I prefer to lose my investment then to be again cursing myself for selling now after it reaches 40$ (as I did last year for having sold Nvidia 2 years ago...).
👍️ 1
gaboy47 gaboy47 1 week ago
Why in the world would IOVA do a 25 for 1 reverse split? They have enough cash on hand to last through the end of 2025. Someone is getting awfully desperate. Good news must be close. Just checked out yahoo finance. The shorts are out in full force.
surfkast surfkast 1 week ago
everton44 everton44 1 week ago
everton44 everton44 1 week ago
everton44 everton44 1 week ago
25 to 1 RS ouch
badgerkid badgerkid 1 week ago
New patents assigned to Iovance:

Iovance continues to improve on methods and speed.
👍️ 2
GMH* GMH* 1 week ago
My revenue projections (now) are of this same view with a small beat for Q2 with a steady ramp up for Q3 and Q4 I think they will guide to a higher number than Street projections but still be a UPOD number. (Exception notd below).

I think that the 5,000 patient TAM is too high for all the age and patient health reasons I noted previously have think that number is closer to 2,500 (Allison Betof-Warner noted 2,000 FWIW).

I also think that they will most certainly have a secondary. While WR could provide a bond, it would come with warrants so that would also be dilutive and could be seen as a conflict of interest (not sure the terms of the loan to buy Proleukin but would needed to be reviewed externally for this reason). The problem for WR providing a loan is that (without the warrants), you get all of the downside of a biotech without the upside, which is why the bond market is generally closed to biotech start-ups. Only other option would be to sell a % of AMTAGVI revenues to someone like a RoyaltyPharma to get cash up front. You never want to run the cash runway way down because Shorts will circle driving down the price causing the need for an even bigger dilution to get the same funds...causing the death spiral.

During on of the firesides, Igor was asked about cash runway and noted again "well into H2 2025", but also stated that, if they were to raise capital, it would likely happen after the ramp-up of the AMTAGVI launch. I suspect that they will have a good (but low) guide for Q3 to get the SP up and then have a large "beat and raise" for Q3/Q4 and perhaps full 2025. At that point, they would then do the secondary (maybe within a week). I view this as almost certain (maybe for $100M), but most likely to happen at Q3 (or maybe Q4), The only exception would be if the ramp is so strong that they are close to profitability by Q4 (200+ infusions in the quarter).

👍️ 1
Dennboy66 Dennboy66 1 week ago
Let me know what you think of this MDs analysis.
He is an oncologist that posts under BiotechMD on twitter. The original
Post is linked below with a photo of his revenue projections with some commentary.

IOVA 1) IMO (NFA) Q2 earnings will be roughly inline but expect a solid beat with the accompanying future Q3 guidance. The reason for this "delay" in the metrics is because it took a lot of time for patients to get financially cleared, initially, plus some ATCs were slow to get going, but the queue of patients kept growing (as this is the only/best NCCN 2L+ option for ~5K of the ~11K U.S. patients for years to come). And the infusions started coming in 2H May and really started accelerating in June. Other FUD unknowns have been hinted at investor calls as incorrect - with high enrollment-to-infusion, high screening-to-enrollment conversion (in a few weeks).
2) Once the Q2->Q3 forward guidance is finally spelled out in early August, the analysts will remodel their ramp curves. This will change things, as the timeline to cash-flow positive will become clear and a lot sooner (Q1) than the market is appreciating right now. Subsequent Q4 forward guidance in early Nov will finish the job. Just like some of the analysts and funds with their own private ATC tracking spreadsheets, this is my opinion (NFA) based available public info and some direct lines of sight to some of the ATCs KOLs through various contacts and other public disclosures.
3) While dilution FUD is real for many biotechs, IOVA is a different beast - the players here are billionaires with the right connections and are not concerned about current share price (though hearing WR has a "me against the world" personal in that analysts do not understand terminal platform value (including future tech iterations) - and while they could dilute into strength, they would never dilute into weakness as they have other options through Quogue credit facility and/or non-dilutive coupon/warrants based raise to help WR accumulate even more shares OTM into sale.
4) What is happening right now is an unfortunate/sickening for many
👍️ 1
MN Gopher MN Gopher 1 week ago
Great article Badger & no matter the biotech sector is being pounded into submission by the Fraud Street MMโ€™S, we are on track to cash in big time once the smoke clears & the shorts get destroyed.
Its not an if its a when.

Stay Strong & Load Up On Cheap Shares,
In My Opinion.

Again, Wealth transfers from the Im-Patient, to the Patient.

Believe in Amtagvi & Iovance & the Treatment & You will be rewarded Big Timeโ€ฆOne Day into the future.

👍️ 1
GMH* GMH* 1 week ago
Analyst's ratings mean nothing to me and Schwab rates almost every spec stock as an F. NVDA was a D/F. Glad I didn't sell my shares based on that.

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