TORONTO, May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Visionary Holdings Inc. (the "Company") (NASDAQ: GV), a private education provider with technology of artificial intelligence and life science on the cutting edge, with subsidiaries in Canada and market partners in China, today announced the Company's innovative high-value business model and diversified development strategy are estimated to yield returns several times over for short, medium, and long-term investors in the Nasdaq market.

The Company is recognized for its innovative high-value niche market transformation strategy, which aims to achieve substantial corporate profitability and growth. Renowned for its global forward-looking professional perspective, The Company excels in developing innovative high-value business models.

Embracing a new inclusive approach to "professional merger and integration innovation in high-value emerging markets," The Company has established itself as the premier business model to meet global market needs. By collaborating with elite talents worldwide and operating with a focus on high innovation and outstanding leadership, The Company is committed to making significant contributions to realizing humanity's vision and mission for "happiness, beauty, and longevity" in the 21st century.

The innovative high-value business model and diversified development strategy of the Company offer maximum value investment returns to short, medium, and long-term investors in the Nasdaq stock market.

The innovative high-value business model of the Company in Canada has been demonstrated through multiple significant partnerships and acquisitions, showing its forward-looking layout and diversified development strategy across various fields.

The pioneering high-value business model may yield varying returns for short, medium, and long-term investors in the U.S. Nasdaq stock market. Here are the benefits for these different investment periods:

Short-term returns (within 1 year):

1, Market response and initial stage of estimated stock price may rise 5 to 10 times:

−     Due to a series of significant partnership announcements (such as with Farnova Holdings Group, BRAUN Biotech Group, Red Sun Group, etc.), the market may react positively to The Company's stock, leading to a short-term increase in stock price.

−     The market confidence generated by these partnerships helps to increase the company's market capitalization and stock appreciation price.

2. News Impact and Investor Sentiment:

−     News of significant acquisitions and partnerships often sparks investor enthusiasm, attracting new investments and driving stock prices up.

Medium-term returns (1-3 years):

1, Business Integration and Synergy Effects:

−     Business integration resulting from partnerships and acquisitions takes time, but once successful, it will enhance the company's operational efficiency and profit margins.

−     For example, the biotech chip technology in collaboration with BRAUN Biotech Group and life science projects with Red Sun Group may begin to demonstrate significant market competitiveness and revenue growth in the medium term.

2, Market Share and Rapid Brand Enhancement:

−     The development of various innovative businesses, such as new energy vehicles, biotech chips, and the life science industry chain, will gradually gain a foothold in the market, enhancing brand awareness and corporate reputation.

3, Launch of New Products, Market Innovation, and High-Value Demand Response, with Estimated Shareholder Value Exceeding 50 Times:

−     The release and market promotion of new products (such as new energy vehicles, anti-aging products, AI education products, etc.) will further enhance the Company's performance, bringing about relatively stable revenue growth.

3, Long-term returns (over 3 years):

1, Sustained Innovation Driving High Value and Technological Leadership:

−     The Company's technological accumulation and innovation capabilities in various fields will maintain its market leadership position in the long term. Areas such as biotech chips, anti-aging products, and AI education will continue to bring competitive advantages and high profits to the company.

2, Global Market Expansion and Industry Influence:

−     With the smooth advancement of the company's global layout (such as factory construction in Canada, the United States, and China), the Company's international market share will continue to expand, and it may become a global industry leader in certain fields.

3, High Capital Returns, with Estimated Shareholder Value Exceeding 100 Times:

−     Stable and gradual profit growth will provide shareholders with continuous capital returns, achieving long-term investment returns through dividends and stock price appreciation.

−     The continuous improvement and expansion of the industry chain will lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term healthy development, thereby enhancing shareholder value.

Through its diversified partnerships and innovative strategies, The Company not only has the potential to bring about stock price fluctuations and investor enthusiasm in the short term but also aims to provide sustained returns for speculators and value investors in the medium to long term through business integration, market expansion, and technological innovation. In the Nasdaq stock market in the United States, The Company's stock is expected to become an important target for investors, with the potential for significantly high overall returns, possibly several times over.  

About Visionary Holdings Inc.

Visionary Holdings Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a private education provider located in Canada, with subsidiaries in Canada and market partners in China, that offers high-quality education resources to students around the globe. The Company aims to provide access to secondary, college, undergraduate and graduate and vocational education to students in Canada through technological innovation so that more people can learn, grow and succeed to their full potential. As a fully integrated provider of educational programs and services in Canada, the Company has been serving and will continue to serve both Canadian and international students. For more information, visit the Company's website at

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