From Smart Buildings to Smarter HVAC: Applied UV's $250-300 Million Resort Opportunity and Fighter Flex LED Revolutionize the Industry

NEW YORK, NY -- February 8, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- via SmallCaps Daily -- Applied UV, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUVI), an established trailblazer in leading and developing smart building technologies, recently secured a game-changing opportunity to develop smart building technologies for a very large, luxurious multi-use project.

Applied UV, Inc. to Develop Smart Building Technologies for a New and Massive Luxury Development

This exciting opportunity  promises a multi-million dollar revenue stream and a global stage to showcase AUVI's diverse technology portfolio. This  project will be  more than just a massive cash flow opportunity; it's a reaffirmation of their leadership position and a glimpse into the Company's unstoppable rise. Investors seeking high-growth potential in the smart building technology industry should keep an eye on Applied UV as it is set to dominate the industry.

A New Major Resort Showcasing AUVI

Applied UV's intent in this multi-pronged opportunity, is in showcasing AUVI's multiple capabilities and commitment to sustainability, solidifying its position as a leader in smart building solutions. Spearheaded by a renowned European developer , this project promises a vibrant community with hotels, residences, a retail mall, diverse dining, a fitness center, a spa, a golf course, and children's activities, with the first phase slated for completion in 2025.

Beyond this exciting update, AUVI's PATENTED Fighter Flex solution, recently launched this past January, offers targeted UV illumination, precise dosing control, and a longer lifespan, resulting in energy savings of up to 50% compared to traditional systems. This breakthrough technology has already attracted major partnerships and government interest.

AUVI is working toward the design and supply of custom case goods and to integrate smart building technologies throughout the project, potentially becoming the key provider for multiple elements, generating a projected revenue stream of $250-$300 million for AUVI over the next 3-6 years.

However exciting, the potential goes beyond just finances. This development is a global platform for AUVI, allowing the company to showcase its extensive portfolio and ability to deliver diverse solutions, which positions them for bigger opportunities in future developments. AUVI's investment in acquiring multiple businesses over the last 3 years appears to be the correct strategy.

Groundbreaking Fighter Flex LED Technology

Applied UV isn't just illuminating buildings with its Smart Building technology; they're also revolutionizing energy efficiency across the industry with their innovative Fighter Flex LED solution. Recently launched at the AHR Expo this past January, this technology promises to redefine HVAC systems, already attracting major international partnerships and government interest.

Applied UV Inc Announces Launch of Patented Fighter Flex LED Solution Opening Significant Revenue Opportunity

CEO Max Munn sees immense potential, stating, "This market holds an annual sales opportunity in the hundreds of millions of dollars." Fighter Flex LED tackles traditional UVC mercury vapor bulbs head-on, offering targeted illumination, precise dosing control, lower maintenance cost  and longer lifespan, resulting in energy savings of 5-15% compared to standard systems. In addition, switching to Fighter Flex LED can further increase energy savings by 100%, potentially saving a 100,000 sq ft property an additional $10,000 annually over and above the approximate $30,000 in standard Fighter Flex energy savings. These attractive benefits will increase the ROI for property ownership.

Beyond efficiency, Fighter Flex LED boasts sustainability, utilizing durable, low-maintenance, and mercury-free emitters. This innovative approach has even caught the attention of the GSA and DOE, who selected it for their Green Proving Ground Program. With Fighter Flex LED, AUVI shines a light on a brighter, more sustainable future for smart buildings and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

For investors interested in AUVI, below are some important key takeaways from this massive development.

  • Lucrative Revenue Stream: AUVI anticipates an additional $250-$300 million revenue opportunity over the next 3-6 years, significantly boosting its financial standing.
  • Global Recognition: this current hotel and condo resort is one of the most anticipated developments in the entire Caribbean region offering AUVI a significant platform to showcase its technology to a global audience.
  • Sustainability Champion: The resort's focus on environmental responsibility aligns with AUVI's commitment to sustainable solutions, further enhancing its brand image.
  • Fighter Flex LED technology: Revolutionizing HVAC with energy savings of up to 50%, attracting major partnerships and government interest.
  • Market Buzz: AUVI shares were up over $3.25 in trading last week.

This new development is more than just a massive cash flow opportunity for AUVI; it's also reaffirming Applied UV's position as a leader in smart building technology. AUVI's Fighter Flex LED technology is poised to revolutionize the HVAC industry with significant energy savings and sustainability benefits. With a global stage, millions in potential revenue, and a commitment to sustainability, AUVI's future appears brighter than ever. We encourage investors at SmallCaps Daily to keep an eye on the company as they have uncapped potential in the smart building technology industry and beyond.

SOURCE: SmallCaps Daily

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