The U.S. dollar declined against its major rivals in the early New York session on Monday.

The greenback slipped to near 2-week lows of 0.7067 against the kiwi, 0.9366 against the franc and 1.2517 against the loonie, off its early high of 0.7016, 4-day highs of 0.9439 and 1.2595, respectively.

The greenback dropped to 6-day lows of 110.09 against the yen and 0.7652 against the aussie, from its early highs of 110.75 and 0.7599, respectively.

Against the pound and the euro, the greenback fell to more than a 2-week low of 1.3903 and a 10-day low of 1.1803, coming off from its early high of 1.3813 and a 4-day high 1.1737, respectively.

The greenback may test support around 0.72 against the kiwi, 0.92 against the franc, 1.22 against the loonie, 108.00 against the yen, 0.78 against the aussie, 1.41 against the pound and 1.20 against the euro.