While 90% of software production issues are caused by just 8% of software flaws – flaws in the architecture*, no international standard has defined how to find and prevent them. Until now.

The new ISO/IEC 5055 (ISO 5055) provides a set of engineering rules to assess the internals of software systems for four business-critical factors – Security, Reliability, Maintainability, Performance Efficiency.

Those factors determine how trustworthy, dependable, and resilient a software system will be.

Financial institutions, governments, telecoms, manufacturers, system integrators, and others can leverage ISO 5055 to avoid disruptions, reputational damage, or excessive IT costs. They can also use it to objectively show the structural condition of critical systems to regulators, boards, or stakeholders.

The widely accepted standard culminates 12 years of effort by industry consortia CISQ and OMG, experts from the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Melon University, and 2,000+ practitioners from enterprises with large IT teams, IT services providers and software vendors.

The ISO 5055 rules allow for automatic detection of severe structural flaws by software analysis platforms.

The first platform to fully cover ISO 5055 is the CAST ‘MRI for Software’, with its unique ability to reverse engineer architectures and track manipulation and access to data all the way from user entry to the database. It automatically performs full-system analysis of all data structures, code components, and their interdependencies against ISO 5055.

CAST ‘MRI for Software’ - Summary of ISO 5055 rules violations

Aggregate score and scores against each business-critical factor, on scale of 0-4

For more information, see www.castsoftware.com/iso5055

About CASTCAST is the pioneer and category leader in Software Intelligence. Its technology, the “MRI for Software”, delivers actionable insights into software composition, architectures, database structures, critical flaws, quality grades, cloud readiness levels and work effort metrics. It is used globally by thousands of forward-looking digital leaders to make objective decisions, accelerate modernization, and raise the security and resiliency of mission critical software. Contact Stephanie Watkins at s.watkins@castsoftware.com.

* See Software Quality, Wikipedia

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