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An Indispensable Lifestyle Accessory for Wellness and Tech Lovers

CUDIS, a wearables technology company, is announcing the launch of an innovative smart ring that collects users' health metrics and generates insights through a personalized AI coach. By integrating both Web3 and AI technology, CUDIS is creating a new generation of smart rings that offer users monetizable rewards and personal ownership of their wellness data. The first generation of CUDIS Rings is now available for pre-orders.

"This is a new era for wellness wearables," said Edison Chen, co-founder and CEO of CUDIS. "It’s time to challenge the status quo where companies own our health data and use it at their disposal without rewarding individuals. The CUDIS ring offers so much more value through a personal AI coach, community and family data sharing, wellness management, monetization opportunities, unique gamified rewards, and much more. We’re excited for people to try it."

Elevating Personal Wellness With User-Owned, Monetizable Data

CUDIS goes beyond traditional activity trackers with a personalized AI coach that transforms daily health data into actionable, valuable insights personalized for each user. This includes monitoring of heart rate, sleep, stress, strain, and calories burned. The personal health data is owned directly by the user, not the company, and is securely stored and anonymized on the blockchain, ensuring privacy and portability. CUDIS provides users with a unique opportunity to monetize their personal health information by opting in to make it available to a decentralized data research hub. This encourages developers and health companies to innovate within the wellness ecosystem.

Availability and Pre-Orders

CUDIS's initial pre-order batch of 1,500 rings quickly exceeded expectations, becoming oversubscribed just 10 days after launch and expanding the community to 23,000 members across 55 countries. The company plans to roll out another batch of 8,500 rings in Q2 and has a goal to release over a million more in subsequent tranches over the next 18 months. The CUDIS app is now available on iOS and soon to be released on Android, and the Solana Saga Mobile App store.

Incentivizing Good Habits and Building Community with Crypto Rewards

The CUDIS Ring features a sleek, minimal design, crafted from high-quality materials such as titanium and ceramic, and it’s compatible with cutting-edge devices like the Solana Saga phone and Crypto Kicks by Nike & RTFKT, making it a perfect addition to any digital-driven lifestyle. All Web3 functionalities of the CUDIS ring are hosted on the Solana blockchain. 

Designed for the modern health-conscious individual, CUDIS tracks essential biometrics and introduces a unique rewards system to enhance user engagement through gamified health challenges. CUDIS will host contests and challenges on social media and within the application where players can win and collect points. Daily usage of the ring and application, will also be rewarded with points. the CUDIS wellness program will also be launched, supported by a points system that rewards engagement and commitment across eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. Users can earn points through various activities, such as purchasing the ring, inviting new members, daily wear, obtaining ample sleep, exercising, and interacting with the customized in-app CUDIS wellness coach. 

By incentivizing and gamifying the wellness journey, CUDIS aims to promote habits that enhance the quality of life for all. Go to to order your CUDIS ring today.


Cudis revolutionizes wearable technology, providing comprehensive wellness monitoring and personalized AI coaching. We empower users to own and monetize their health data, fostering a healthier generation of smart ring users.

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