Refinery Status: Equipment Failure At Chevron Refinery

Date : 04/27/2012 @ 12:10PM
Source : Dow Jones News
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Refinery Status: Equipment Failure At Chevron Refinery

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The following table lists unplanned and planned production outages at U.S. refineries as reported by Dow Jones Newswires. The information is compiled from both official and unofficial refining sources and doesn't purport to be a comprehensive list.

An equipment failure took place on April 26, at Chevron's 246,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Richmond, Calif., and caused an excess emission of dulfur dioxide, according to the California Emergency Management Agency Hazardous Materials Spill Report. No firm indication was given regarding the affected unit, or units.

An operational upset was reported by Husky Energy Inc., with an unspecified unit taken off line on April 25 at it's 160,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Lima, Ohio. The problem was blamed on a small gas leak and reapairs could take two to seven days, according to Husky's downstream senior vice president, Bob Baird. On April 26, a compressor failed and other units were shut according to a public filing.

ExxonMobil reported flaring at it's 238,000 barrel-a-day ExxonMobil Joliet refinery in Channahon, Ill., on April 24, when an unspecified piece of equipment was being was being taken out of service.

Continuous flaring was seen the afternoon of April 25 at ConocoPhillips 122,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Rodeo, Calif., according to the California Hazrdous Materials Spill Report. Traders said work is being performed on the company's unicracker/fluid catalytic cracker and reformer.

Flaring took place at Delaware City Refinng Company's 210,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Delaware City the morning of April 25, according to the Delaware Department of Natural resources and Environmental Control. The event was triggered by a compressor tripping off line. The refinery has been owned by PBF Energy Partners since June, 2010.

A compressor at the ConocoPhillips-Cenovus Energy 306,000 barrel-a-day Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois tripped off line late Tuesday and caused flaring, according to a report sent to Illinois state environmental regulators. The even lasted for an hour and a half and the cause and needed repairs are being assessed.

HollyFrontier is midway through a seven day maintenance program on a crude unit at the East Plant of it's 155,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to trading sources doing business with the company. The crude unit was taken out of service on April 21.

ConocoPhillips is in restart mode at it's 100,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Ferndale, Wa., after an extensive six week maintenance program, according to trading sources doing business with the company. In addition, the company has taken a reformer down for maintenance at it's 139,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Wilmington, California.

A hydrocracker at the 407,000 barrel-a-day BP refinery in Texas City, Tx., was taken out of service on April.20 due to severe thunderstorms, a person familiar with operations said. The hydrocracker was affected by a compressor that tripped of line during the storm. The unit is expected to return to service by April. 27.

A two hour flaring event, caused by a power failure, took place at Houston Refining LP's 280,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Houston, Tx., late aftenoon April. 21, according to the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality. The even forced a coker down, but the unit was put into restart mode in short order.

A hydrocracker at Valero's 287,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Port Arthur, Tx., is still down after a flaring event took place the morning of April 21, according to company spokesman Bill Day. He said the emission event was dut to a compressor trip.

Tesoro Corp. (TSO) on April 18 said operations are running normally at its Los Angeles-area refinery in Wilmington, Calif., and at its Anacortes, Wash., refinery after completing planned maintenance. The scope or the duration of the maintenance wasn't disclosed.

BP Plc. (BP) hopes to finish maintenance work at its 230,000 barrel-a-day Cherry Point refinery in Ferndale, Wash., by the end of April, a source famailiar with the refinery said on Apri l7.

Tesoro Corp. (TSO) said on April 17 a power outage caused a compressor trip at the coker unit at its 93,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Wilmington, Calif.

Motiva Enterprises LLC (RDSA, RDSB) on April 16 shut a hydrocracking unit at its Norco, La., refinery after a pump malfunction at the hydrogen plant. No other details were provided in the filing to the National Response Center.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) reported an unspecified unit upset April 15 at its 240,000 barrel-a-day refinery outside Joliet, Ill., according to a government filing.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) said April 14 a compressor tripped at its 344,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Beaumont, Texas.

ConocoPhillips (COP) said a small fire early April 13 at its 76,000 barrel-a-day refinery in Rodeo, Calif., was promptly extinguished. Refinery operations were "otherwise routine," a company spokesman said.

Chevron Corp. (CVX) reported an upset April 11 at the sulfur recovery unit at its refinery in El Segundo, Calif., according to a government filing.

For more detailed information, search Dow Jones Newswires using the code N/REF.

Operator   Refinery    Capacity   Description                   Restart 
                       (in 000s 
CVR      Wynnewood      70.0  Power snag forces SRU off-line 
Energy   OK                   on Apr 2, a filing to the NRC 
Holly    Artesia, NM   100.0  FCCU shut for 10-15 days unplan- 
Frontier                      ned maintenance on April 5. 
Motiva   Norco, LA     233.5  Hydrocracking unit shut on Apr 
Enterprises                   16 due to pump failure at hydro- 
                              gen plant. No restart timing 
                              indicated in filing to NRC. 
Pasadena Pasadena TX   100.0  Coker unit damanged by on Dec 10 
Refining                      fire. Fire contained; no other 
                              units affected, the co. said 
                              on Dec. 12. On Jan 27, the co. 
                              said there was no change since 
                              the Dec. 12 statement; no re- 
                              start timing. 
Valero   Meraux LA     135.0  Refinery in restart after brief 
                              power outage on Apr 9. Alky Unit 
                              still shut for turnaround and 
                              FCCU shut until that work is done. 
Exxon    Channahon     240.0  Gas compressor unit shut at 
Mobil    IL                   catalytic hydrodesulfuriza- 
                              tion unit on Mar 12. No other 
                              details provided. 
WRB      Roxana        306.0  Ultralow-sulfur diesel hydro- 
Refining IL                   treater trips off-line on Apr 
                              7 - filing. No further details 
                              were provided. 
BP       Ferndale,     230.0  Refinery idled after Feb. 17       End 
         WA                   fire at crude unit. Repairs 
                              expected to go on through April. 
Husky    Saskatchewan         21-days maintenance set in         1stH 
Upgrader                      first half 2012 at hydrogen        2012 
                              plant, the co. said on Feb 9. 
Husky    Saskatchewan         Major turnaround to take place     Spring 
Refinery                      in spring of 2013. Plant-wide      2013 
                              shutdown for inspection and 
                              equipment repairs. 
HOVENSA  St. Croix     350.0  Refinery shutdown completed, the   Feb 21 
                              co. said on Feb. 21. The facility  2012 
                              will be operated as a products 
                              storage terminal. 
Valero   Aruba         235.0  Operations will be suspended 
                              at the end of March due to eco- 
                              nomics, the co. said on Mar 19. 
Conoco   Trainer, PA   185.0  Crude processing halted; 
                              operations winding down, 
                              on Sept. 30. 
                              The refinery will be 
                              shuttered at end-May if 
                              not sold. 
Sunoco   Philadelphia  335.0  Refineries up for sale on          July 
         Marcus Hook   190.0  Sept. 6; Marcus Hook shut          2012 
                              Dec. 1 ahead of schedule 
                              due to poor refining econo- 
                              mics. Phila. to shut in July. 
BP       Texas City    406.6  FCCU No. 3 and Alkylation unit down 
         TX                   for routine maintenance that began 
                              around Jan. 5 continues, a person 
                              familiar with the refinery said on 
                              Apr 5. Restart estimate not available. 
Conoco   Belle Chasse  247.0  Refinery up for sale a 
Phillips LA                   Nov. 29 Bloomberg News 
                              report said. 
Exxon    Baytown      560.6   Two months turnaround work got     Feb 
Mobil    TX                   under way on Feb. 1 at an alky-    24 
                              lation unit and FCCU. 
Exxon    Beaumont     345.0   Crude Unit B, Coker Unit and 
Mobil    TX                   associated units shut for plan- 
                              ned maintenance on Apr 1. Work 
                              will continue for several weeks. 
Holly    Artesia, NM  100.0   Crude runs will be reduced by      Early 
Frontier                      50% during 30 days of major turn-  2012 
                              maintenance in early 2012, the Co. 
                              said on Aug. 5. 
Valero   McKee    TX   170.0  5 week FCCU turnaround began on    May 5 
                              March 31 weekend, the co. said 
                              on Apr 2. 
                              Vacuum unit turnaround planned in 
                              first half of 2012, company said. 
                              Expansion project announced 
                              March 2011 to increase crude oil 
                              throughput by 25,000 b/d to 
                              195,000 b/d. 
Valero   Meraux, LA    135.0  FCCU will be shuttered during 
                              alkylation unit turnaround main- 
                              tenance that began wk of Jan 2. 
                              Work continues the co. said on 
                              Apr 10. 
Valero   Houston,TX    88.0   Seven weeks of FCCU maintnance    end-March 
                              starting in Feb. 2012 the Co. 
                              said on Nov. 1, 2011. 
Valero   Norco, LA     185.0  Co. on Jan. 31 said 10-weeks of    April 
                              planned crude/coker unit mainte-   2012 
                              will get under way in Feb. 
                              Hydrocracker project will pro-     2013 
                              ceed and be completed in late 
                              2013, the co. said on 7/27/10. 
                              Upgrade project to build           2012 
                              a new diesel hydrotreater 
                              unit moved from 2010 to 
                              4Q 2012. 
Valero   Port Arthur   325.0  Hydrocracker project will pro-     2012 
         TX                   ceed and be completed in late 
                              2012. Hydrocracker remains shut 
                              for catalyst change, the co. 
                              said on Apr 6. 
CVR      Coffeyville   115.7  Final phase of turnaround work    Q1 
         KS                   will begin Feb 28 at crude unit   2012 
                              No. 2, coker, vacuum unit No. 2, 
                              hydrotreater for 4-5 weeks. First 
                              two phases concluded in Nov 2011. 
CVR      Wynnewood      54.0  30-40 days maintenance planned     Q3 
         OK                   in 3rd Q 2013, the co. said on     2013 
                              Nov. 3, 2011. 
Holly    Tulsa, OK     125.0  The entire refinery will be shut   Late 
Frontier                      while West Plant section under-    2012 
                              goes major turnaround maintenance 
                              in late 2012, the Co. said on 
                              Aug. 5, 2011. 
Husky    Lima, OH      160.0  15-days of maintenance at diesel   4Q 
Energy                        hydrotreater; 29-day at aromatics  2012 
                              unit set for 4Q 2012, the co. 
                              on Feb 9. 
                              New 20,000-b/d kerosene hydro-     1stH 
                              treater will start up in 1st       2013 
                              half 2013, to co. said on Feb 9, 
                              45-days of major turnaround sched- 
                              uled in 2014; 70% of units involved. 
                              Remaining 30% will under go major 
                              turnaround in 2015, the co. said 
                              on Feb 9, 2012. 
Husky    Toledo, OH    140.0  Minor turnaround planned in mid- 
Energy                        2012; the partial outage will 
                              last about 21 days, the co. said 
                              on Feb. 9. 
Tesoro   Mandan, ND     58.0  Total crude-oil processing capa-   2nd Q 
                              city to increase by 17% to 68,000  2012 
                              b/d by 2nd quarter 2012. 
Valero   Memphis, TN   180.0  Five weeks of maintenance on       early-April 
                              crude unit starting in March.       2012 
                              2012, co. said on Nov. 1, 2011. 
Alon     Bakersfield    14.5  Refining operations halted for 
         CA                   at least one month for econo- 
                              mic reasons, a local news re- 
                              port said on Jan 15. 
BP       Carson, CA    265.0  Planned CDU maintenance begins     Mar 26 
                              on Mar 13; flaring and emissions 
                              are expected through Apr 6. 
BP       Ferndale,     230.0  Refinery idled after Feb. 17       End 
         WA                   fire at crude unit. Planned        April 
                              maintenance advanced; plant 
                              will remain shut through April. 
Conoco   Ferndale      100.0  Turnaround maintenance under way   Apr 7 
         WA                   on Mar 10 at unspecified unit or   or 14 
                              units, co. said. Traders said 
                              work will last 5-6 weeks. 
Tesoro   Anacortes, WA 120.0  Anacortes, Wa., Wilmington, Ca. 
         Wilmington,CA  97.0  refineries at normal rates 
                              following scheduled maintenance. 

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