Joyce Thacker: Rotherham’s Sour Faced Stasi Leader & the UKIP Foster parents scandal

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I invite you to hold your nose and watch the BBC video below of Joyce Thacker, head of Rotherham’s Social Services defending the removal of three kids from loving foster parents because the parents belong to UKIP. Can anyone say that they are not appalled?  This sour faced old bag should be sacked at once. She admits that the decision was made by her.


If you have the stomach for it the video can be seen here

Three things are clear here. The first is that the needs of the kids were secondary to political dogma. They were happy with the UKIP supporters. God knows where they are now. The local Council run care home (patrons the late Sir James Savile & Cyril Smith MP), other foster parents? Who knows? But it cannot be guaranteed that they traded up.

Secondly, whatever donkeys are elected to run Rotherham as councillors, it is not them but mad officials like this frightful woman who call the shots. Amid a stream of public sector new speak drivel she makes it clear that this is NOT council policy but that she and other mad officials discussed the matter and – having consulted lawyers – made the call themselves.

This is the scandal behind so much of child care policy in the UK today as Christopher Booker has exposed time and time again. There is a whole class of Thackers out there running social services departments across this land.

And thirdly that her grounds are utterly spurious.  UKIP questions the idea of multiculturalism. It is not alone. That Trevor Phillips chappy (yes the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality) said that multiculturalism as we have practiced it has failed.  UKIP also says that there should be limits on immigration. Again it is not alone. So do the Tories and – on occasion – the Labour party.

 But it is multiculturalism that Thacker blathers on about as that is a cornerstone of the beliefs of the State employed managerial class. But to be consistent would she also deny Mr Phillips the right to provide a loving foster home mixed race kids as she has denied UKIP supporters? Of course not.

Why is it that loony left women always look like sour faced old prunes? Does that bitterness, envy and unbending need to interfere and control the lives of others just swell up in you so much that you end up as a distorted caricature: looking as ugly as your actions?

As each day goes by Britain becomes more and more like the nightmares of George Orwell. This is another day in Airstrip One. Indeed this is the theme of my latest book which went on sale yesterday.

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  1. JIM FRANCIS says:

    Toms letter sucinctly says it all – Political dogma in extreme again -Appalling woman Joyce Thacker should resign or be sacked – George Orwell you were so so right.
    Apathy allows these grossly overpaid morons to continue with their pathetic judgmental decisions, removed from public scrutiny, they are a law to themselves. `Strategic Director` is her title, those two words tell us eveything

  2. davet says:

    your focus on Thackers appearance weakens what would otherwise be an informative piece.
    Ugly sour faced prunes are all over the place (looked in a mirror recently?)
    are you suggesting social workers be filtered by the appearance of skin wrinkles?

  3. The hypocrite exposer says:

    An OBE and 3 children educated at private school, have we got Joyce wrong is she a closet Conservative?

  4. Hetzer says:

    Joyce Thacker is a Graduate of…… wait for it…
    I rest my case!

  5. Martyn says:

    She mentions the need to consider the ethnic and cultural needs of the children. The foster parents vote for UKIP, the only mainstreem party that in a non racist way, are considering the ethnic and cultural needs of Indigenous Britons. It seems that in Rotherham, the powers that be are so intent in indoctrinatng children into a state method of thining, acting and beleiving that they’re petrified that too many people will be breeding too many independent thinkers. Do we live in North Korea, China, Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany? The answer is thank fully, no. However if this act goes unoppossed we are opening ourselves up to a practice that will destroy the very freedoms we have always held dear and fought to hang on to. The last time I checked, people had the freedom of religion and political belief, sounds like we haven’t any more. The Magna Carta stated that people can only be punished by the law of the land. These poor foster parents are being punished and have broken no law. This case makes me SICK to my very stomach and Joyce Thacker should be sacked immediately.

  6. Sally Kate Taylorr says:

    Before I state my case can i just say – I’m a leftie. However a here I go.

    Joyce Thacker and her cosy little team of senior management underlings are responsible for it all. She takes her £120,000 a year (for what exactly?) while overseeing front line staff sacked, the abuse scandal, the adoption scandal and the NEET scandal. Quite a lot of scandals and still she keeps her job and denies responsibility.

    The truth will come out but not if RMBC have their way. The history of the non elected directors and executives at RMBC is to cover up,ignore, deny, use semantics and avoidance then protect the senior management (themselves) at all costs. Forget the RMBC internal investigation: it simply was damage limitation. There are good people in the Young People’s and Social and Community Services in the Borough.- let them speak without threat, bullying,’come back’ and intimidation publicly. Call in the Government watchdogs now!.

    Joyce love – you are out of your depth – go now and forgo your pay off for failure. It won’t be long before RMBC hits the headlines for the wrong reasons.

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