Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Electric Energy Distribution - Industry Profile to their offering. Over 6,000 companies in the US are involved in the wholesale trade and retail distribution of electricity, with combined annual revenue of more than $220 billion. These include owners of high voltage transmission lines and retail distribution systems, and intermediaries like energy dealers and brokers. The US consumes close to 4 billion megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity per year, about 50 percent of which is bought and sold on the wholesale market. The electric energy industry in the US is currently in a state- and federally-sponsored transition, or Electric Restructuring. The traditional electricity industry consists of large investor-owned utilities (IOUs); municipal utilities; rural cooperatives; and government entities, like the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) that own the generation, transmission, and retail distribution facilities within a limited area, and serve all customers within that area as tightly regulated 'natural monopolies'. Under restructuring, the generation, transmission, and distribution operations are carried out by separate companies, and the owners of local distribution lines make their lines available to competitors. About half the states have adopted restructuring legislation, but only a third are actively engaged in restructuring. The intended purpose of moving toward a less regulated electricity market is to decrease the cost of electricity by fostering competition among producers. The practical effect of federal and state legislation has been the divestment of generation facilities by local utilities. Despite restructuring, many local electricity ... These easy-to-use, quarterly industry profiles provide you with the industry analysis you need to better understand any particular business. They synthesize information from hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format, giving you invaluable information about your target market, highlighting critical industry statistics and issues, changes that have taken place since the last quarterly update and key concerns that can have negative or positive impacts on investments. Utilizing the financial and forecasting data while simultaneously learning from educational business overviews can help you and your customers plan more effectively and invest wisely. These industry reports will educate your sales team on critical industry trends in target markets, empowering them to create more strategic proposals. These industry reports are also essential for professional organizations that want make savvy, educated business decisions. Key topics covered include: -- Industry Overview -- Quarterly Industry Update -- Business Challenges -- Trends and Opportunities -- Call Preparation Questions -- Financial Information -- Website and Media Links For more information visit