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Right now, before they begin full-scale development of their technology, is the time to buy Octillion Corp (OCTL). But be warned: This is NOT an opportunity you can afford to wait on.

OCTL won't be trading this cheap for long. In a matter of weeks it could be $9. In several more months it could be $15 or more. This stock is explosive.

OCTL has a radical new technology that could trigger the most massive energy industry shake-up since the rise of petroleum. The breakthrough could launch OCTL into the major league of energy companies.

Three of the largest tech IPOs in recent years were solar companies, and the industry is growing at a white-hot pace. Data from the Solar Energy Industries Association shows that solar energy prices will compete with natural gas-fired generation within the next five to eight years.

The Wall Street Journal says “now may be a good time for investors” to get into solar. Citigroup says, “We are decidedly bullish on the solar equipment group in light of favorable global trends, sold out capacity and planned additions through 2010.”

Octillion has done what no others have – created solar cells so small that they can be applied as an ultra-thin film to glass, potentially making any window an efficient, clean home power plant. The process – and even the materials – are protected by over three dozen issued and pending patents.  

The “Bill Gates” business model

There’s no doubt that solar power is our future – the most abundant, sustainable natural energy in the world. With Octillion’s breakthrough, we now know how the future – the very near future, in fact – will look.

The basis of the breakthrough is Octillion’s invention of a method to create silicon nanoparticles of uniform size. That one breakthrough is the holy grail of solar power. It’s what sets Octillion apart from every other solar company.

It’s the reason that as of today, OCTL is the only solar investment that makes sense.

Octillion's Photovoltaic NanoPower Windows Generate Electricity While Remaining Transparent
Octillion's Photovoltaic NanoPower Windows

Just as Bill Gates owns the market for computer operating platforms with his Windows software, Octillion could own the process that allows silicon nanoparticles to convert solar energy to electricity.

What’s more, unlike traditional photovoltaic systems which rely on bulk quantities of raw materials, or use synthetics and metals which can be potentially harmful to health and environment, Octillion’s process uses silicon, a toxicologically inert substance, and the world’s most abundant, naturally-occurring element, second only to oxygen.

Let me sum up the science that could make Octillion a household name in a few short years, giving you unimaginable profits….

Nano-silicon photovoltaic film:
Remember that term, because it could be your ticket to wealth.

You already use solar power every day, in calculators, watches, and even emergency highway phones. More powerful and tremendously more expensive solar cells have been powering satellites for years.

And some environmentally conscious homeowners spring for expensive but inefficient home solar power systems because they want to do the right thing environmentally. But cost and lack of efficiency have kept solar out of the mainstream energy market.

Standard solar conversion efficiency is only about 15%. That means only 15% of the sun’s energy could be harnessed.

As a comparison, coal is 45% efficient, and fuel oil and natural gas are about 70-80% efficient.

Octillion’s revolutionary and proprietary spray-on solar generator has achieved quantum efficiency that is 50-60%, which is comparable to or greater than alternative methods. In comparison, porous silicon is only 1% efficient.  

The reason is because Octillion’s collaborating scientists discovered a way to manufacture uniform silicon nanoparticles – silicon nanoparticles that are smaller than any others ever created. And with some incredibly unique properties.

Tinkering with the basic materials used to create solar cells, they split silicon wafers into some of the tiniest particles ever made.

And that’s when they saw something extraordinary: When silicon particles are split and then split again and then again until they’re too small to see with the naked eye, they take on completely new properties.

When hit by light they produce an electrical charge.

You see, normally much of the energy solar cells absorb from the sun is dissipated as heat. That’s why solar has not been efficient until now.

These scientists were able to separate the positive and negative charges from those micro-particles, and then recombine them to create an electric charge.

And then, amazingly, they have invented a way to literally turn the particles into a spray that can be applied to glass – like the windows in your home – and generate power.

The developmental prototype is complete. And it works. Which is why OCTL is giving…

One of the strongest “buy” signals I’ve ever seen.

My name is Ken Coleman. As editor of The Investment Tracker one of my specialties is finding new profit opportunities.

I was one of the first to see the potential in a little company called Ultra Petroleum. Led by industry insiders, the company had prime properties and hit just as the energy market started to explode. That stock shot up a staggering 4,000% for my subscribers.

The key to gains that big, I don’t need to tell you, is to get in early and hold on!

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In less than three years TRLG gained 1,300%. Today the stock is up more than 10,000% from its beginnings just four years ago!

Get in early on just one stock, and you could make millions.

Am I putting Octillion in that league? You bet they have the potential!

OCTL could potentially give you short-term gains of 275% or more as the technology progresses, moving closer to commercialization.

Then once the product is commercialized the sky’s the limit. 1,200%, 3,000%, 5,000% -- who can say how high such a breakthrough can take the company?

If a “personal, spray-on power plant” sounds hard to imagine, just compare it to the personal computer explosion.

In 1977 few people – and even few investors – envisioned a day when nearly every home would have a computer.

Even as recently as 1988 few investors envisioned what was ahead for Dell. But if you had invested just $10,000 in Dell in 1990 you’d be up 60,000% today – and worth $6,000,000 on that one buy alone!

Few investors even know of Octillion today, let alone understand the potential of its historic invention.

But don’t let the future sneak up on you. Reach out and grab early profits whenever you can – and so consider adding OCTL to your portfolio while the stock is still cheap.

Simply put, applied to any window, Octillion’s spray-on solar cells harness the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity.

Octillion's Proprietary Nano-Spray Technology Evenly Deposits High Quantum Efficiency Nanoparticles
Windows remain transparent and allow sunlight to filter through.

It’s an idea so simple that many have thought of it…but until now no one has been able to figure out how to do it!

In my research I didn’t find anyone else that even comes close to matching this breakthrough – a breakthrough that could mean billions of dollars in annual sales to the company that controls the technology. And millions for early investors like you.

Right now the stock is still incredibly underpriced. But I’m recommending that you consider buying OCTL today, because it won’t be underpriced for long.

Gains of 2,300% in 17 months, 3,500% in 12 months

Not many people have heard of Octillion. I only know about it because I follow the entrepreneur whose other stocks have done so well for their investors.

One of those companies, a biotech, gave its investors 2,300% in 17 months. The other brought investors a whopping 3,500% in 12 months.

Now he’s leading OCTL, bringing the world this new technology that’s developed by a team of elite research scientists.

So elite that they've also worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, NASA, Yale, and the University of Illinois. Research scientists like these are the ones who always lead the way into new frontiers of innovation and invention.

Octillion’s uniform silicon nanoparticles could make solar efficient enough to sweep into the mainstream practically overnight (and make you a fortune practically overnight)

Octillion is on the front lines of energy with a technology so new that you can't read about it on Wikipedia. You can't Google it. You can't buy it at Home Depot. Yet.

But you can invest in it, and I recommend that you strongly consider it.

The Microsoft model of success.

The California Public Utilities Commission is mandating that one million homes be wired for solar in the next four years. That’s a market of around $38 billion! And that’s just for one state.

The photovoltaics industry has grown 20% a year – for the past 20 years! And in the past five years growth has soared to 30% a year.

Yet most solar companies haven’t met their potential. Why? Because they couldn’t produce a product that is efficient. That has been the missing link. Now, with Octillion’s already-working developmental model that could convert every window into a solar generator, solar’s set to explode.

And Octillion doesn’t even need to ramp up sales and production. They can license the technology and not make a thing, in which case glassmakers, building contractors, even painting contractors could be their market.

Microsoft had a pretty good idea to make sure that every computer needed the Windows operating platform. Octillion could use the same business model, selling the rights to use this technology instead of having to invest in manufacturing plants, sales forces, and all the overhead that go with them.

I’m projecting potential gains of 275% in just 12 months.

Maybe less than 12 months, but I want to be conservative. (And of course, I can't promise the stock will gain at all - there's always a risk in stock investing, and speculative stocks are always more risky.)

If you're comfortable investing in speculative stocks, which carry more risk but potentially much greater reward, I recommend that you put a small percentage of your portfolio in OCTL and hold on to it.

The science for “personal power plants” has arrived

The science for "personal power plants" that can literally be sprayed on your home’s windows could be right around the corner.

Before long you could be looking out your window, barely aware that the window is gathering up the sun's protons and converting them to energy that's powering your toaster, your TV, your lights, or your computer.

Octillion's Proprietary Nano-Spray Technology Evenly Deposits High Quantum Efficiency Nanoparticles

Tiny particles, a billionth of a meter in size. Imagine a strand of hair, divided by 100,000. And yet these particles have been manipulated by scientists and made to actually emit light. And there they are, on your window, powering the electronics in your home.

It may be hard to imagine, but the science is a reality. And it's protected by a volume of patents preventing anyone else from using the technology without paying for it.

OCTL could skyrocket 275% in 12 months!

If you invest in speculative stocks, I'm recommending OCTL as your number one investment.

Like the other companies OCTL's brilliant venture capitalist backed, which gave their investors 2,300% in 17 months and 3,500% in 12 months, I expect OCTL to skyrocket in no time.

You don't want to look back in six months and say, "If only I had bought OCTL before everyone else jumped in." So consider OCTL today!

Here's to your successful investing!


Ken Coleman
Publisher & Editor, The Investment-Tracker

P.S. One of my recent discoveries shot up 37% the day I recommended it... and then on to 165% gains in the next nine days. Another pick only three months earlier gained 528% in 90 days. And one of my one of my recommendations gave investors a whopping 3,500% in 17 months. Don’t let OCTL profits pass you by.


Octillion Corp. (OCTL)

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