The Truth About China

What you haven’t been told about
the most significant shift in five generations

CoverI have some important—and disturbing—news for you today.

News that will change how you invest and save you a bundle.

News that could also double your wealth every year—for the next five.

My name is Robert Hsu (pronounced “Sue”), and you are not being told the truth about investing in China.

In fact, you and most U.S. investors are being lied to.

Here’s what’s really going on.

The Great Drain Robbery

A couple of years ago in my home of Taiwan, manhole covers suddenly began disappearing from the streets. At first, just a few were stolen. Then, suddenly, lots … then every darn manhole cover in Taiwan seemed to vanish overnight, and pedestrians were tumbling down sewers all over the island!

Then it happened in Mongolia. Within a few months pedestrians were imperiled in Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal and Glasgow, Scotland.

China had struck. And it took pedestrians in almost every city around the world by total surprise.

While the U.S. Markets Struggled
My Advice Doubled

Robert HsuWhen I vowed to help my American friends make their fortunes in The China Miracle, I knew I had to do so from the very streets of China. You see, I am no China cheerleader. I know that, while it is quite possible to make a huge fortune in China, it is easy to lose a fortune there, unless you are careful.

My network of contacts, spread throughout China, is handpicked to provide me with priceless on-the-ground information. Combined with my own American-based researchers and my own extensive journeying through China, I am able to sort fact from fantasy. Take risk out of the equation. And give you investment opportunities that double and double.

China’s thirst for scrap metal practically vacuumed every manhole cover off the earth! The thieves were never caught, as far as I know.

Investors have a lot in common with those hapless pedestrians. You see, China’s growth, its unpredictable needs and far-reaching influence can take you by complete surprise.

That’s why I urge you to read my important report, just published, called The TRUTH About China. I am making this report free for the first 100 people who want it.

China Is Awake:
Get Busy!

Napoleon said, “Let China slumber, for when she awakes she will shake the world.”

Make no mistake: that is exactly what is happening now.

Opportunities? Oh yes. Ask anyone in business, anyone in real estate or manufacturing or technology, and anyone managing money or expanding their legal service department.

Ask any miner or gravel pit operator or fast-food franchiser or military contractor.

They will tell you what I will tell you: the opportunities are mind-boggling. But, most of these people will add, after a moment, be very careful. Surprises abound. There are traps everywhere—and very few manhole covers.

The TRUTH About China makes this advice useful and applicable for every investor who wants to get in on the China Miracle.

Mutual Funds:
A Pig in a Poke

Would you buy stock in a company that’s run by Beijing bureaucrats, solely for their own benefit?

Or in a company that pumps out, say, mountains of manual typewriters, because government subsidies reward production, not market need?

Or in a company that puts out shoddy goods—say, beer in unwashed bottles, because no Wall Streeter’s ever going to visit the factory, let alone blow the whistle?

Almost every “China” mutual fund manager does.

Download NOWHe really doesn’t have a choice. Money from U.S. investors is pouring in by the millions every morning. It needs to go somewhere. So he can’t exactly be picky.

No one should be shocked when these funds lag. In your report: a breakdown of the mutual funds and ETFs doing the worst job of investing in China. Get the TRUTH now.

Today’s Truth,
Tomorrow’s Myth

As you are about to discover, when it comes to investing, today’s truth about China quickly becomes tomorrow’s myth.

Example: The Shanghai stock market used to be a rattrap for investors, a carnival run by shady types offering thrill rides on tapped-out State-Owned Enterprises. Investors were fleeced—and the carnival barkers made off with the loot. That was way back … in 2005. TODAY, the Shanghai market is undergoing serious reforms. Investor confidence has returned—and been rewarded: The Shanghai Index rose 130% in 2006!

Should you invest in The Shanghai Index in 2007? Read my surprising answer in The TRUTH About China. Download it FREE by clicking on this button:

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“China” Stocks That Aren’t

Lots of U.S.–based multinationals talk about their China sales doubling. They want you to believe their stock is a great way to get in on the China boom.

Sometimes yes, it is. Often no, it isn’t

This U.S. auction house doesn’t want to do business China-style. That’s why, behind the hype, its strategy is a failure.

But this U.S. online service cleverly partners with local entrepreneurs—and cleans up. Load up on this stock!

And this company is so huge, its China success may never show up as a stock-price driver.

But this Detroit car company could be saved by its innovative China sales strategy!

It’s all in your free report.

Discover The TRUTH

• The Hot Shower Initiative: What China’s workers want at the end of the day is not a Dell computer or a flat-screen T.V. but a hot shower. One company can deliver.

• The dirty secret behind China’s 10%-per-year growth: The environmental problems are staggering. How U.S. investors can clean up.

China: You Can’t Afford
to Ignore It

Discover the most powerful tools ever assembled for analyzing this much-hyped, much-misunderstood China Miracle.

Using our extensive network of analysts embedded in China, we scan trends every minute of the day. We never rely on government-published figures or state-sponsored reports.

Then, every day I run the most promising opportunities through our proprietary screens to certify the safety, quality and fundamental strength of each company. Then I go eyeball-to-eyeball in China with top CEOs—and I can tell you, not many candidates survive the grueling interview.

Download NOWBut, after all this, we are left with a dozen or so stocks ready to double.

I’ll tell you about them all in The TRUTH About China. It’s FREE—with my compliments—to the first 100 responders to this Alert.

• The Great China Housing Bubble: Properties in Shanghai are selling at 15% less than a year ago. “Flippers” are fleeing and opportunities now open up for U.S. investors.

• Win in Macau: World’s largest casino makes this tiny island the mother lode for gamblers. Buy this U.S. stock for big gains in the next 12 months.

• How I found our next doubler at a store in a remote province of China.

• China and the Great Commodities Super Cycle: How to invest conservatively in a high-risk area.

• Dragons everywhere: The importance of Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong in The China Miracle. Why Taiwan is your best bet now. Details in your FREE report, The TRUTH About China. Click here to download.

• The myth of “The 1.3 Billion”: They won’t make you rich. But the “50 million” will!

• EXPOSED: Dishonest, fraudulent, greedy, smoke-and-mirrors China stocks, “China” mutual funds, State-Owned Enterprises that promise wealth—but deliver risk and WORSE.

• Not JUST SHORTAGES: Oversupplies are being created by China in some critical commodities, and this is dangerously destabilizing some markets.

• What’s the HOTTEST stock, in the HOTTEST sector of the world’s HOTTEST economy?

• Fish skin jerky: The packaging is American, the taste is Asian. U.S. companies that learn this lesson and localize their appeal are cleaning up.

• China Mobile: Dialing for dollars. The world’s largest cell phone company is quickly becoming the world’s most profitable. A surprising new source of revenue just opened up, too. Details in your FREE report. Click here to download.

• The Sheepskin Offensive: Young Chinese are desperate to learn English—so they can attend a U.S. college … and get rich. A Chinese high-school teacher figured out how to cash in. His company’s stock just shot up 60%--on its first day!

• A Stronger Yuan Means Higher Gold: Remember when the Japanese bought Pebble Beach golf course and New York’s Rockefeller Center? China won’t do that. It is using its vast hoard of dollars to buy gold, made cheaper by the rising yuan. The buying binge is sending gold stocks stratospheric—and other precious metals have followed. Nothing can stop the rise of aluminum, gold and several other industrial metals China so desperately needs. Here’s how to cash in.

• Give It Some Gas: Our China oil company has just signed a $13 billion contract to buy Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Australia. A huge new natural gas find, the Gorgon Field, located in the shallow waters of the North West Shelf, has also been snapped up by this company. The first LNG tanker has already arrived at the company’s vast new terminal at Guangdong—ushering in a new era of cleaner, but perhaps not cheaper, energy. In the just-posted special report, The TRUTH About China, I show you how to buy this innovative oil blue chip that’s leading China’s overseas and LBG initiatives.

Listen: The West Can’t Seem
to See the East Coming…

…but it is coming at us—like a freight train.

Some investors will be made very wealthy indeed by this, and many will lose. But everyone will be affected, either way. That’s why it is so important that you review your own copy of The TRUTH About China privately and soon.

Not Bad for a Fourth Grader!

“I have managed to start a portfolio for my husband and me and my two sons. With each week, I add small sums of money to each. I buy according to your portfolio recommendations. We all have earned 18% (as a combined portfolio) on our investments this past year. My 9-year-old has especially benefited from Ctrip and China Mobile! His portfolio alone has a profit of 35% this year!! Not too shabby for a fourth grader!

Thank you, Mr. Hsu, for helping me profit.”

Kristina A.

You simply cannot afford to ignore this analysis.

Best of all, if you are among the first responders to this offer, it costs you nothing. That’s right, it is FREE.

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As we are in the year of the Golden Pig, let me say, Gung shi fa tsai: congratulations and be prosperous!

Oh, and watch out for those manhole covers.

All the best,

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