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NASDAQ : Company Listings

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Companies listed on the NASDAQ
P A M Transport Services IncPTSI
P and F Industries IncPFIN
P.F.Changs China Bistro, Inc. (MM)PFCB
P3 Partners IncPIII
PAE IncorporatedPAE
PB Bancorp IncPBBI
PB Bankshares IncPBBK
PC Connection IncCNXN
PCB BancorpPCB
PCSB Financial CorporationPCSB
PDC Energy IncPDCE
PDF Solutions IncPDFS
PDL BioPharma IncPDLI
PDL BioPharma IncPDLIV
PDS Biotechnology CorporationPDSB
PENN Entertainment IncPENN
PHP Ventures Acquisition CorporationPPHP
PICO Holdings IncPICO
PLx Pharma IncPLXP
PMV Pharmaceuticals IncPMVP
POET Technologies IncPOET
POINT Biopharma Global IncPNT
PRA Health Sciences IncPRAH
PROCEPT BioRobotics CorporationPRCT
PTC Therapeutics IncPTCT
PWP Forward Acquisition Corporation IFRW
PacWest BancorpPACWP
PacWest BancorpPACW
Pace Holdings Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares (MM)PACE
Pace Holdings Corp. - UnitPACEU
Pace Holdings Corp. - Warrants (MM)PACEW
Pacer International, Inc. (MM)PACR
Pacific Biosciences of California IncPACB
Pacific Capital Bancorp (MM)PCBCD
Pacific Continental Corp.PCBK
Pacific Ethanol - Commonstock (MM)PEIXD
Pacific Mercantile BancorpPMBC
Pacific Northwest Bancorp (MM)PNWB
Pacific Premier Bancorp IncPPBI
Pacific State Bancorp(CA) (MM)PSBCE
Pacific Union Bank (MM)PUBB
Pacificare Health Systems (MM)PHSY
Pacifico Acquisition CorporationPAFO
Pacira BioSciences IncPCRX
Packaging Dynamics - When-Issued Common Stock (MM)PKDY
Packeteer (MM)PKTR
Pactera Technology International Ltd ADS (MM)PACT
Pactera Technology International Ltd ADS (MM)PACTV
Pactera Technology International Ltd. (MM)HSFT
Pactiv Evergreen IncPTVE
Paetec Corp (MM)PAET
Pagaya Technologies LtdPGY
Pain Therapeutics, Inc. (MM)PTIE
PainReform LtdPRFX
Palisade Bio IncPALI
Palm Harbor Homes (MM)PHHM
Palmsource (MM)PSRC
Palo Alto Networks IncPANW
Palomar Holdings IncPLMR
Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. (MM)PMTI
Paltalk IncPALT
Pamrapo Bancorp (MM)PBCI
Pan American Silver CorporationPAAS
Panacea Acquisition Corporation IIPANA
Panbela Therapeutics IncPBLA
Pandion Therapeutics IncPAND
Panera Bread CompanyPNRA
Pangaea Logistics Solutions LtdPANL
Panhandle Rty Co (MM)PANRA
Pansoft Company Limited (MM)PSOF
Papa Johns International IncPZZA
Papaya Growth Opportunity Corporation IPPYA
Papaya Growth Opportunity Corporation IPPYAU
Paradyne Networks (MM)PDYN
Paragon Commercial Corp. (delisted)PBNC
Paramount GlobalPARAA
Paramount GlobalPARA
Paratek Pharmaceuticals IncPRTK
Pardes Biosciences IncPRDS
Pareteum CorporationTEUM
Parexel International Corp.PRXL
Park City Group IncPCYG
Park Ohio Holdings CorporationPKOH
Park Sterling Corp. (MM)PSTB
Parke Bancorp IncPKBK
Parkvale Financial Corp. (MM)PVSA
Parlux Fragrances, Inc. (MM)PARL
Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd. - Ordinary Shares (MM)PARN
Parsec Capital Acquisitions CorporationPCXCU
Parsec Capital Acquisitions CorporationPCX
Partners BancorpPTRS
Partners Trust Financial Grp. (MM)PRTRD
Pasithea Therapeutics CorporationKTTA
Passage Bio IncPASG
Pathfinder Acquisition CorporationPFDR
Pathfinder Bancorp IncPBHC
Pathmark Stores (MM)PTMK
Pathmark Stores Wts 9/2010 (MM)PTMKW
Pathward Financial IncCASH
Patria Investments LtdPAX
Patria Latin American Opportunity Acquisition CorporationPLAOU
Patria Latin American Opportunity Acquisition CorporationPLAO
Patrick Industries IncPATK
Patriot Bank (MM)PBIX
Patriot Capital Funding (MM)PCAP
Patriot National Bancorp IncPNBK
Patriot Transportation Holding IncPATI
Pattern Energy Group CL A (MM)PEGIV
Pattern Energy Group IncPEGI
Patterson Companies IncPDCO
Patterson UTI Energy IncPTEN
Pavmed (MM)PAVMU
PaxMedica IncPXMD
PayPal Holdings IncPYPL
Paya Holdings IncPAYA
Paychex IncPAYX
Paycor HCM IncPYCR
Paylocity Holding CorporationPCTY
Payment Data Systems, Inc.PYDS
Payoneer Global IncPAYO
Paysign IncPAYS
Pcm, Inc. (MM)MALL
Pdc Energy, Inc. (MM)PETD
Pds Gaming (MM)PDSG
Pdvwireless, Inc.PDVW
Peak Bio IncPKBO
Peak Fintech Group IncTNT
Peak Resorts IncSKIS
Peapack Gladstone Financial CorporationPGC
Pear Therapeutics IncPEAR
Pearl Holdings Acquisition CorporationPRLH
Pearl Holdings Acquisition CorporationPRLHU
Pec Solutions (MM)PECS
Peck Company Holdings IncPECK
Pediatric Services OF America (MM)PSAI
Peerstream, Inc. (delisted)PEERW
Peets Coffee & Tea, Inc. (MM)PEET
Pegasus Solutions (MM)PEGS
Pegasystems IncPEGA
Peloton Interactive IncPTON
Peloton Therapeutics, Inc.PLTX
Pemco Aviation Grp. (MM)PAGI
Peninsula Pharmaceuticals (MM)PPRX
Penn Millers Holding Corp. (MM)PMIC
Penn National Gaming - Common Stock Ex-Distribution When Issued (MM)PENNV
Penn Traffic Co (MM)PNFT
Penn Traffic Wt (MM)PNFTW
Penn Virginia CorporationPVAC
Pennant Group IncPNTGV
Pennant Group IncPNTG
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital LtdPFLT
PennantPark Investment CorporationPNNTG
PennantPark Investment CorporationPNNT
Pennfed Financial Svcs (MM)PFSB
Pennichuck Corp. (MM)PNNW
Penns Woods Bancorp IncPWOD
Pennsylvania Commerce Bancorp (MM)COBH
Penntex Midstream Partners, LP Representing Limited Partnership InterestsPTXP
Pensare Acquisition CorporationWRLS
Penwest Pharmaceuticals CO. (MM)PPCO
Peoples Bancorp (MM)PFDC
Peoples Bancorp IncPEBO
Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina IncPEBK
Peoples Banctrust (MM)PBTC
Peoples Educational Holdings, Inc. (MM)PEDH
Peoples Financial Services CorporationPFIS
Peoples United Financial (MM)PBCTD
Peoples United Financial IncPBCT
Peoples Utah BancorpPUB
Peoplesupport (MM)PSPT
PepGen IncPEPG
Pepper Food Servic (MM)KPFS
Pepper Food Service Co., Ltd.PPPFY
PepperLime Health Acquisition CorporationPEPL
Pepperball Tech Wt (MM)PBALW
PepsiCo IncPEP
Peraso IncPRSO
Perception Capital Corporation IIPCCT
Perception Capital Corporation IIPCCTU
Perceptron IncPRCP
Perdoceo Education CorporationPRDO
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MM)PPHMD
Perella Weinberg PartnersPWP
Perfect World Co., Ltd. ADS, Each Representing Five Class B Ordinary SharesPWRD
Perficient IncPRFT
Performance Shipping IncDCIX
Performance Shipping IncPSHG
Performant Financial CorporationPFMT
Perfumania Holdings,PERF
Perion Network LtdPERI
Perma Pipe International Holdings IncPPIH
PermaFix Environmental Services IncPESI
Permian Resources CorporationPR
Perpetua Resources CorporationPPTA
Perry Ellis International Inc. (delisted)PERY
Pershing Gold Corp.PGLC
Personalis IncPSNL
Pervasive Software Inc. (MM)PVSW
Pet Drx Corp (MM)VETSU
Pet Drx Corp Wts (MM)VETSW
PetMed Express IncPETS
PetVivo Holdings IncPETV
Petco Animal SuppliesPETC
Petco Health and Wellness Company IncWOOF
Petra Acquisition IncPAIC
Petroleum Helicopters (MM)PHEL
Petros Pharmaceuticals IncPTPI
Pfsweb (MM)PFSWD
Pfsweb IncPFSW
PharmaCyte Biotech IncPMCB
Pharmaceutical Prod Dev (MM)PPDI
Pharmacopeia (MM)PCOP
Pharmanet Development Grp (MM)PDGI
Pharmaxis Limited - Sponsored Adr (Australia) (MM)PXSL
Pharmos (MM)PARSD
Pharsight Corp (MM)PHST
Pharvaris NVPHVS
Phase Forward (MM)PFWD
PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals IncPHAS
Phathom Pharmaceuticals IncPHAT
Phazar Corp (MM)ANTP
PhenixFIN CorporationPFXNL
PhenixFIN CorporationPFXNZ
PhenixFIN CorporationPFX
Phibro Animal Health CorporationPAHC
Philadelphia Consolidated Corp (MM)PHLY
Phillips Edison and Company IncPECO
Phio Pharmaceuticals CorporationPHIO
Phoenix Biotech Aquisition CorporationPBAX
Phoenix Motor IncPEV
Phoenix Tech Ltd (MM)PTEC
Photo Control (MM)PHOC
Photogen Technologies (MM)PHGN
Photomedex (MM)PHMDD
Photon Dynamics (MM)PHTN
Photowatt Tech (MM)PHWT
Photronics IncPLAB
Phunware IncPHUN
Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc. (MM)FACE
Physiometrix (MM)PHYX
Piedmont Lithium IncPLL
Piedmont Lithium Limited (delisted)PLLL
Pieris Pharmaceuticals IncPIRS
Pilgrims Pride CorporationPPC
Pine Technology Acquisition CorporationPTOC
Pineapple Energy IncPEGY
Pingtan Marine Ent (MM)CGEIW
Pingtan Marine Enterprise LtdPME
Pingtan Marine Wt (MM)PMEWW
Pinnacle Airlines Corp. (MM)PNCL
Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. (delisted)PNK
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncPNFP
Pinnacle Gas Resources (MM)PINN
Pinnacle Systems (MM)PCLE
Pinnacor (MM)PCOR
Pioneer Bancorp IncPBFS
Pioneer Companies New 2/02 (MM)PONR
Pioneer Merger CorporationPACX
Pioneer Power Solutions IncPPSI
Pittsburgh Finl Corp (MM)PHFC
Pixar (MM)PIXR
Pixelplus CO Ltd (MM)PXPL
Pixelplus CO., Ltd. (MM)PXPLD
Pixelworks (MM)PXLWD
Pixelworks IncPXLW
Plains GP Holdings LPPAGP
Planet Payment, Inc. (MM)PLPM
Planetout (MM)LGBTD
Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp. (MM)EAGL
Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp. Warrant (MM)EAGLW
Plato Learning (MM)TUTR
Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. - WarrantPLYAW
Playa Hotels and Resorts NVPLYA
Playtika Holding CorporationPLTK
Plexus CorpPLXS
Pliant Therapeutics IncPLRX
Plug Power IncPLUG
Plug Power, Inc. (MM)PLUGD
Plum Acquisition Corporation IPLMI
Plumas Bancorp IncPLBC
Plumtree Software (MM)PLUM
Pluralsight IncPS
Pluri IncPLUR
Pluristem Therapeutics IncPSTI
Plus Therapeutics IncPSTV
Plutoniam Acquisition CorporationPLTNU
Plutoniam Acquisition CorporationPLTN
Pma Capital Corp. (MM)PMACA
Poage Bankshares, Inc. (delisted)PBSK
Pocahontas BancorpPFSL
Poema Global Holdings CorporationPPGH
Point Therapeutics (MM)POTP
Point.360 (MM)NTSX
Pointe Financial - Common Stock (MM)PNTE
Pointer Telocation LtdPNTR
Points dot Com IncPCOM
Pokertek, Inc. (MM)PTEKD
Polar Power IncPOLA
PolarityTE IncPTE
Polestar Automotive Holding UK PLCPSNY
PolyPid LtdPYPD
Polycom, Inc. (MM)PLCM
Polymedica Corp (MM)PLMD
Polypid, Ltd. (MM)POLY
Ponce Financial Group IncPDLB
Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MM)PARD
Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MM)PARDD
Pono Capital CorporationPONO
Pono Capital Two IncPTWO
Pono Capital Two IncPTWOU
Pool CorporationPOOL
Pop Culture Group Company LtdCPOP
Pope ResourcesPOPEZ
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.PLKI
Popular IncBPOP
Popular Pfd Ser D (MM)BPOPZ
Population Health Investment Company IncPHIC
Porch Group IncPRCH
Portage Biotech IncPRTG
Portage FinTech Acquisition CorporationPFTA
Portaltochina.Com (MM)PCCI
Portec Rail Products, Inc. (MM)PRPX
Porter Bancorp, Inc. (delisted)PBIB
Porticoes Cap Corp (MM)PTCC
Portillos IncPTLO
Portman Ridge Finance CorporationPTMN
Portola Pharmaceuticals IncPTLA
Poseida Therapeutics IncPSTX
Poshmark IncPOSH
Positive Physicans Holdings IncPPHI
Possis Medical (MM)POSS
Potbelly CorporationPBPB
PotlatchDeltic CorporationPCH
Powell Industries IncPOWL
Power Integrations IncPOWI
Power and Digital Infrastructure Acquisition CorporationXPDI
Power and Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II CorporationXPDBU
Power and Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II CorporationXPDB
Power-One, Inc. (MM)PWER
PowerFleet IncPWFL
PowerUp Acquisition CorporationPWUP
PowerUp Acquisition CorporationPWUPU
Powerbridge Technologies Company LtdPBTS
Powered BrandsPOW
Powershares Ftse Nasdaq Small Cap Portfolio (MM)PQSC
Powershares Nasdaq Next Q Portfolio (MM)PNXQ
Powershares S&P Smallcap Consumer Discretionary Portfolio (MM)XLYS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Consumer Staples Portfolio (MM)XLPS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Energy Portfolio (MM)XLES
Powershares S&P Smallcap Health Care Portfolio (MM)XLVS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Industrials Portfolio (MM)XLIS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Information Technology Portfolio (MM)XLKS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Materials Portfolio (MM)XLBS
Powershares S&P Smallcap Utilities Portfolio (MM)XLUS
Powershs S&P Scap Utils Ptf (MM)XLUX
Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (MM)PWAV
Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (MM)PWAVD
Pozen, Inc. (MM)POZN
Pra Intl Common Stk (MM)PRAI
Practiceworks (MM)PRWK
Praecis Pharmaceuticals (MM)PRCS
Praecis Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (MM)PRCSD
Prana Biotechnology Ltd ADSPRAN
Praxis Precision Medicines IncPRAX
Precigen IncPGEN
Precipio IncPRPO
Precise Software Solutions Ltd (MM)PRSE
Precision BioSciences IncDTIL
Precision Optics Corporation IncPOCI
Precision Therapeutics Inc.AIPT
Predictive Oncology IncPOAI
Predix Pharm Hldgs (MM)PRDX
Preformed Line Products CompanyPLPC
Prelude Therapeutics IncPRLD
Premier Comm Bankshares (MM)PREM
Premier Financial Bancorp IncPFBI
Premier Financial CorporationPFC
Premier IncPINC
Premier West Bancorp (MM)PRWT
Premier West Bancorp (MM)PRWTD
Premium Std Farms (MM)PORK
Prenetics Global LtdPRE
Presidential Life Corp. (MM)PLFE
Presidio IncPSDO
Presidio Property Trust IncSQFT
Presto Technologies IncPRST
Prevail Therapeutics IncPRVL
Prg-Schultz International Inc. (MM)PRGXD
PriceSmart IncPSMT
Prima Energy (MM)PENG
Prime Medicine IncPRME
Prime Number Acquisitioin I CorporationPNAC
Prime Number Acquisitioin I CorporationPNACU
PrimeEnergy Resources CorporationPNRG
Primis Financial CorporationFRST
Primo Water CorporationPRMW
Primoris Services - Units (MM)PRIMU
Primoris Services Corp Wrts (MM)PRIMW
Primoris Services CorporationPRIM
Primus Knowledge Solutions (MM)PKSI
Princeton Bancorp IncBPRN
Principal Financial Group IncPFG
Principia Biopharma IncPRNB
Printcafe Software (MM)PCAF
Printronix (MM)PTNX
Priority Healthcare b (MM)PHCC
Priority Technology Holdings IncPRTH
Pristine Pwr (MM)PRPWF
Private Business (MM)PBIZ
Private Media Grp. (MM)PRVTD
Privatebancorp, Inc.PVTB
Priveterra Acquisition CorporationPMGM
Privia Health Group IncPRVA
Pro-Dex, Inc. (MM)PDEXD
Pro-Fac Cooperative (MM)PFACP
ProDex IncPDEX
ProFrac Holding CorporationACDC
ProFrac Holding CorporationPFHC
ProKidney CorporationPROK
ProMIS Neurosciences IncPMN
ProPhase Labs IncPRPH
ProQR Therapeutics NVPRQR
ProSomnus IncOSA
Probusiness Services, (MM)PRBZ
Procaps Group SAPROC
Procentury Corp (MM)PROS
Processa Pharmaceuticals IncPCSA
Professional Diversity Network IncIPDN
Professional Holding CorporationPFHD
Proficient Alpha Acquisition CorporationPAAC
Profire Energy IncPFIE
Profound Medical CorporationPROF
Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited - Warrant (MM)PGLAW
Progenics Pharmaceuticals IncPGNX
Progress Acquisition CorporationPGRW
Progress Software CorporationPRGS
Progressive Gaming International (MM)PGICD
Progyny IncPGNY
Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition CorporationPEGRU
Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition CorporationPEGR
Prometheus Biosciences IncRXDX
Proofpoint IncPFPT
PropTech Acquisition CorporationPTAC
PropTech Investment Corporation IIPTIC
Property Solutions Acquisition CorporationPSAC
Property Solutions Acquisition Corporation IIPSAG
Prosoft Learning (MM)POSO
Prospect Capital CorporationPSEC
Prospect Global Resources Inc. (MM)PGRX
Prospect Medical Hldgs (MM)PZZ
Prospector Capital CorporationPRSR
Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. (MM)PRSP
Protagenic Therapeutics IncPTIX
Protagonist Therapeutics IncPTGX
Protara Therapeutics IncTARA
Protection One (MM)PONE
Protective Ins Corp (MM)BWINA
Protective Ins Corp (MM)BWINB
Protective Insurance CorporationPTVCB
Protective Insurance CorporationPTVCA
Proteon Therapeutics IncPRTO
Proteostasis Therapeutics IncPTI
Proterra IncPTRA
Prothena Corp. Plc - Ordinary Shares (MM)PRTAV
Prothena Corporation PLCPRTA
Protherics (MM)PTIL
Provalis Plc Ads (MM)PVLS
Provention Bio IncPRVB
Provide Commerce (MM)PRVD
Providence And Worcester Railroad CompanyPWX
Providence Service CorpPRSC
Provident Acquisition CorporationPAQC
Provident Bancorp IncPVBC
Provident Bankshares (MM)PBKS
Provident Financial Grp. (MM)PFGI
Provident Financial Holdings IncPROV
Proxim (MM)PROX
Prudenital Bancorp Inc of PennsylvaniaPBIP
Psb Bancorp (MM)PSBI
Psi Tech Hldgs (MM)PSIT
Pss World Medical Inc. (MM)PSSI
Psychemedics CorporationPMD
Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. (MM)PSYS
PubMatic IncPUBM
Puhui Wealth Investment Management Company LtdPHCF
Pulaski Financial Corp.PULB
Pulmatrix IncPULM
Pulmonx CorporationLUNG
Pulse Biosciences IncPLSE
Puma Biotechnology IncPBYI
Pure Acquisition CorporationPACQ
Pure Cycle CorpPCYO
Pure World (MM)PURW
PureCycle Technologies IncPCT
Purefunds Etfx Healthtech EtfIMED
Purple Innovation IncPRPL
Putnam Arizona Tax Exempt Income Class MPAZMX
Putnam Arizona Tax Exempt Income FundPTAZX
Putnam Arizona Tax Exempt Income Fund B SharesPAZBX
Putnam Arizona Tax Exempt Income Fund C SharePAZCX
Putnam Arizona Tax Exempt Income Fund Y ShsPAZYX
Putnam Global Dividend FD CL APGDEX
Putnam Global Dividend FD CL BPGDFX
Putnam Global Dividend FD CL CPGDHX
Putnam Global Dividend FD CL MPGDMX
Putnam Global Dividend FD CL YPGDYX
Putnam Global Energy Fund A ShsPGEAX
Putnam Global Energy Fund B ShsPGEDX
Putnam Global Energy Fund C ShsPGECX
Putnam Global Energy Fund M ShsPGENX
Putnam Global Energy Fund R ShsPGETX
Putnam Global Energy Fund Y ShsPGEIX
Putnam Michigan Tax Exempt Class B SharesPMEBX
Putnam Michigan Tax Exempt Income Class MPMIMX
Putnam Michigan Tax Exempt Income FD APXMIX
Putnam Michigan Tax Exempt Income Fund C SharePMGCX
Putnam Michigan Tax Exempt Income Fund Y ShsPMIYX
Pvf Capital Corp. (MM)PVFC
PyroGenesis Canada IncPYR
Pyxis Oncology IncPYXS
Pyxis TankersPXSSV
Pyxis Tankers IncPXS

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