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NASDAQ : Company Listings

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Companies listed on the NASDAQ
F F D Financial (MM)FFDF
F Stop Mgmt (MM)FSTP
F star Therapeutics IncFSTX
F&M Bancorp (MM)FMBN
FARO Technologies IncFARO
FAT Brands IncFAT
FC Global Realty Incorporated Com USD0.01PHMD
FG Financial Group IncFGF
FG Merger CorporationFGMC
FG Merger CorporationFGMCU
FGI Industries LtdFGI
FLIR Systems IncFLIR
FNCB Bancorp IncFNCB
FRP Holdings IncFRPH
FS Bancorp IncFSBW
FS Development CorporationFSDC
FS Development Corporation IIFSII
FSD Pharma IncHUGE
FTAC Athena Acquisition CorporationFTAA
FTAC Emerald Acquisition CorporationEMLDU
FTAC Emerald Acquisition CorporationEMLD
FTAC Hera Acquisition CorporationHERA
FTAC Olympus Acquisition CorporationFTOC
FTAC Parnassus Acquisition CorporationFTPA
FTAC Zeus Acquisition CorporationZING
FTAC Zeus Acquisition CorporationZINGU
FTAI Avation LtdFTAI
FTAI Infrastructure IncFIPWV
FTAI Infrastructure IncFIP
FVCBankcorp IncFVCB
FX Real Est And Ent (MM)FXRE
FX Real Estate And Ent (MM)FXRER
FaZe Holdings IncFAZE
Facet Biotech (MM)FACTV
Facet Biotech (MM)FACT
Factory Card & Party Outlet (MM)FCPO
Factual Data (MM)FDCC
Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. (MM)FCS
Fairpoint Communications, Inc.FRP
Fairway Grp. Holdings Corp. - Class AFWM
Falcon Capital Acquisition CorporationFCACU
Falcon Capital Acquisition CorporationFCAC
Falcon Minerals CorporationFLMN
Familymeds Grp. (MM)FMRXD
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric IncFFIE
Fargo Electronics (MM)FRGO
Farmer Brothers CompanyFARM
Farmers Capital Bank Corp. (delisted)FFKT
Farmers National Banc CorporationFMNB
Farmers and Merchants Bancorp IncFMAO
Farmmi IncFAMI
Fasanara Capital Absolute Return Multi-Asset Fund - Institutional Class Shares (MM)FCXIX
Fast Radius IncFSRD
Fastenal CompanyFAST
Fastly, Inc.FSLY
Fastnet (MM)FSST
Fat Projects Acquisition CorporationFATP
Fate Therapeutics IncFATE
Fathom Holdings IncFTHM
Fauquier Bankshares IncFBSS
Fbr Capital Markets Corp. (MM)FBCM
Fcstone Grp. (MM)FCSX
FedNat Holding CompanyFNHC
Federal Street Acquisition Corp.FSAC
Federal Street Acquisition Corp. - WarrantFSACW
Federal-Mogul Holdings Corp.FDML
Fedfirst Financial (MM)FFCOD
Fei Company (MM)FEIC
Fellazo IncFLLC
Female Health Co (MM)FHC
Femasys IncFEMY
Fender Musical Instruments Corp. (MM)FNDR
Fenix Parts, Inc.FENX
Fennec Pharmaceuticals IncFENC
Ferroglobe PLCGSM
Feutune Light Acquisition CorporationFLFV
Feutune Light Acquisition CorporationFLFVU
Fflc Bancorp - Common Stock (MM)FFLC
Fgx International Holdings Lim (MM)FGXI
Fibernet Telecom Grp. (MM)FTGX
Fiberstars (MM)FBST
Fibertower (MM)FTWRD
Fibertower Cp (MM)FTWR
FibroGen IncFGEN
Fibrocell Science IncFCSC
Fidelity Bancorp, Inc. (MM)FSBI
Fidelity BanksharesFFFL
Fidelity D and D Bancorp IncFDBC
Fidelity National Information Solutions (MM)FNIS
Fidus Investment CorporationFDUSZ
Fidus Investment CorporationFDUSG
Fidus Investment CorporationFDUS
Fidus Investment CorporationFDUSL
Field Trip Health LtdFTRP
Fieldstone Investment Corp (MM)FICC
Fiesta Restaurant Group IncFRGI
Fiesta Restaurant Grp. - Common Stock When Issued (MM)FRGIV
Fifth Str SR Floating Rate CorpFSFR
Fifth Street Finance CorpFSC
Fifth Third BancorpFITB
Fifth Wall Acquisition Corporation IFWAA
Fifth Wall Acquisition Corporation IIIFWAC
FinServ Acquisition CorporationFSRV
FinServ Acquisition Corporation IIFSRX
FinTech Acquisition Corporation IIIFTAC
FinTech Acquisition Corporation IVFTIV
FinTech Acquisition Corporation VFTCV
FinTech Acquisition Corporation VIFTVI
FinWise BancorpFINW
Financial Engines, Inc. (delisted)FNGN
Financial Institutions IncFISI
Financial Strategies Acquisition CorporationFXCO
Financial Strategies Acquisition CorporationFXCOU
Finch Therapeutics Group IncFNCH
Findwhat.Com (MM)FWHT
FingerMotion IncFNGR
Finisar (MM)FNSRD
Finisar CorpFNSR
Finjan Holdings IncFNJN
Finnovate Acquisition CorporationFNVT
Finnovate Acquisition CorporationFNVTU
Fintech Acquisition Corp. II - Warrant (delisted)FNTEW
Fintech Acquisition Corp. Ii (delisted)FNTE
Fintech Ecosystem Development CorporationFEXDU
Fintech Ecosystem Development CorporationFEXD
Finward BancorpFNWD
FireEye IncFEYE
First Advantage Bancorp (MM)FABK
First Advantage Corp CL A (MM)FADV
First Advantage CorporationFA
First Avenue Networks (MM)FRNS
First BancorpFBNC
First Bancorp IncFNLC
First Bancorp Ind New (MM)FBEI
First Bancshares IncFBMS
First Bancshares, Inc. (MM)FBSI
First Banctrust Corp (MM)FBTC
First BankFRBA
First Bankshares (MM)SUFB
First Busey CorporationBUSE
First Business Financial Services IncFBIZ
First Capital IncFCAP
First Charter Corp (MM)FCTR
First Chester County Corp. (MM)FCEC
First Choice BancorpFCBP
First Citizens BancShares IncFCNCA
First Clover Leaf Financial Corp. (MM)FCLF
First Colonial Grp. (MM)FTCG
First Community Bancshares IncFCBC
First Community Bank Corp. of America (MM)FCFL
First Community CorporationFCCO
First Community Financial Partners, Inc.FCFP
First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc. (delisted)FBNK
First Consulting Grp (MM)FCGI
First Defiance Financial CorporationFDEF
First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC IncFCRD
First Essex Bancorp (MM)FESX
First Fed Banc Southwst (MM)FFSW
First Fed Bancorp (MM)FFBZ
First Federal Bancshares (MM)FFBI
First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc. (MM)FFBHD
First Federal Capital (MM)FTFC
First Federal Financial Services (MM)FFFS
First Financial BancorpFFBC
First Financial Bancorp. - Warrant 12/23/2018 (delisted)FFBCW
First Financial Bankshares IncFFIN
First Financial CorporationTHFF
First Financial Holdings, Inc. (MM)FFCH
First Financial Northwest IncFFNW
First Financial Service Corp.FFKY
First Foundation IncFFWM
First Franklin Corp. (MM)FFHS
First Guaranty Bancshares IncFGBI
First Hawaiian IncFHB
First Health Grp. (MM)FHCC
First Horizon Pharmaceutical (MM)FHRX
First Ind Corp (MM)FINB
First Internet BancorpINBK
First Internet BancorpINBKL
First Internet BancorpINBKZ
First Interstate BancSystem IncFIBK
First Keystone Financial (MM)FKFS
First M & F Corp. (MM)FMFC
First Merchants CorporationFRME
First Mid Bancshares IncFMBH
First Midwest Bancorp IncFMBI
First Mutual Bancshares (MM)FMSB
First National Bancshares (FL) (MM)FBMT
First National Bancshares (SC) (MM)FNSCE
First National Bancshares (SC) (MM)FNSC
First National CorporationFXNC
First Natl Panel New (MM)FNPC
First Niagara Financial Grp. Inc. (MM)FNFG
First Northwest BancorpFNWB
First Oak Brook Bancshares (MM)FOBB
First Pactrust Bancorp, Inc. (MM)FPTB
First Place Financial Corp. (MM)FPFC
First Reserve Sustainable Growth CorporationFRSG
First Savings Financial Group IncFSFG
First Seacoast Bancorp IncFSEA
First Security Grp., Inc. (MM)FSGID
First Sentinel Bancorp (MM)FSLA
First Solar IncFSLR
First South BancorpFSBK
First State Bncp (MM)FSNM
First Trust 1188 Lehman (MM)FJBVX
First Trust International Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund (delisted)YDIV
First Trust Rba Quality Income Etf (delisted)QINC
First Trust Taiwan Alphadex Fund (delisted)FTW
First US Bancshares IncFUSB
First United CorporationFUNC
First Virtual Communications, (MM)FVCX
First Wash Finl Corp (NJ) (MM)FWFC
First Watch Restaurant Group IncFWRG
First Wave BioPharma IncFWBI
First Western Finanical IncMYFW
First Wind Holdings Inc. (MM)WIND
First of Long Island CorporationFLIC
FirstCash Holdings IncFCFS
FirstService CorporationFSV
Firstbank Corp. (MM)FBMI
Firstbank NWFBNW
Firstcity Financial Corp. (MM)FCFC
Firstfed Bancorp (MM)FFDB
Firstfed Bancorp (MM)FFDP
Firsthand Technology Value Fund IncSVVC
Firstmerit Corp. (MM)FMER
Fiserv IncFISV
Fisher Communications, Inc. (MM)FSCI
Five Below IncFIVE
Five Prime Therapeutics IncFPRX
Five Star BancorpFSBC
Five Star Senior Living IncFVEVV
Five Star Senior Living IncFVE
Five9 IncFIVN
Flamemaster (The) (MM)FAMED
Flanders Corp (MM)FLDR
Flex LtdFLEX
Flex Pharma, Inc.FLKS
FlexShopper IncFPAY
Flexion Therapeutics IncFLXN
Flexsteel Industries IncFLXS
Flora Growth CorporationFLGC
Florida Choice Bkshs (MM)FLBK
Floridafirst Bancorp Inc. (MM)FFBK
Fluence Energy IncFLNC
Fluent IncFLNT
Fluidigm CorporationFLDM
Flushing Financial CorporationFFIC
Flux Power Holdings IncFLUX
Flywire CorporationFLYW
Fms Financial (MM)FMCO
Fnb Bancorp (delisted)FNBG
Fnb Financial Services Corp (MM)FNBF
Fnb United Corp. (MM)FNBND
Fnb United Corp. (MM)FNBN
Foamix Pharmaceuticals LtdFOMX
Focus Enhancements (MM)FCSE
Focus Financial Partners IncFOCS
Focus Impact Acquisition CorporationFIAC
Focus Impact Acquisition CorporationFIACU
Focus Media Holding Limited ADS, Each of Which Represents Five Ordinary Shares (MM)FMCN
Focus Universal IncFCUV
Foghorn Therapeutics IncFHTX
Fogo de Chao, Inc. (delisted)FOGO
Fonar CorporationFONR
Food Technology Service (MM)VIFLD
Food Technology Service, Inc. (MM)VIFL
Foothill Independent Bancorp (MM)FOOT
Forafric Global PLCAFRI
Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. - Common Shares (MM)FMTID
Forbion European Acquisition CorporationFRBN
Forbion European Acquisition CorporationFRBNU
ForeScout Technologies IncFSCT
Foresight Acquisition CorpFORE
Foresight Acquisition CorpFOREU
Forgent Networks (MM)FORG
Forgent Networks (MM)ASURD
Forian IncFORA
Form Hldgs Corp NpvVRNG
FormFactor IncFORM
Forma Therapeutics Holdings IncFMTX
Forrester Research IncFORR
Forte Biosciences IncFBRX
Forterra IncFRTA
Fortinet IncFTNT
Fortistar Sustainable Solutions CorporationFSSI
Fortress Biotech IncFBIO
Fortress International Grp. - Units 7/14/2009 (MM)FIGIU
Fortress International Grp. - Warrant 7/12/2009 (MM)FIGIW
Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLCFTAIV
Fortune Rise Acquisition CorporationFRLA
Fortune Rise Acquisition CorporationFRLAU
Fortunet (MM)FNET
Forty Seven IncFTSV
Forum Meger IV CorporationFMIV
Forum Merger Corp. - Right (delisted)FMCIR
Forum Merger II CorporationFMCI
Forum Merger II CorporationFMCIW
Forum Merger III CorporationFIII
Forward Air CorporationFWRD
Forward Industries IncFORD
Forza X1 IncFRZA
Fossil Group IncFOSLL
Fossil Group IncFOSL
Foster (MM)FWLTW
Foster Wheeler WT B (MM)FWLTB
Fotoball Usa (MM)FUSA
Foundation Medicine, Inc. (delisted)FMI
Foundry Networks (MM)FDRY
Fox & Hound Restaurant Grp. (MM)FOXX
Fox Chase Bancorp (MM)FXCBD
Fox Chase Bancorp, Inc.FXCB
Fox CorporationFOXA
Fox CorporationFOX
Fox CorporationFOXAV
Fox CorporationFOXBV
Fox Factory Holding CorporationFOXF
FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition CorporationFOXW
Foxhollow Technologies (MM)FOXH
Fpic Insurance Grp (MM)FPIC
Francescas Holdings CorporationFRAN
Franchise Group IncFRG
Franklin Electric Company IncFELE
Franklin Financial (MM)FNFN
Franklin Financial Services CorporationFRAF
Franklin Wireless CorporationFKWL
Frazier LifeSciences Acquisition CorporationFLAC
Freds IncFRED
Freedom Holding CorporationFRHC
Freemarkets, (MM)FMKT
Freeseas Inc. - Warrants Class Z 08/12/2011 (MM)FREEZ
Freight Technologies IncFRGT
FreightCar America IncRAIL
Freightos LtdCRGO
Frequency Electronics IncFEIM
Frequency Therapeutics IncFREQ
Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceuticals Holding - Contingent Value Rights (MM)APCVZ
Fresh Tracks Therapeutics IncFRTX
Freshpet IncFRPT
Freshworks IncFRSH
Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. (MM)FBAY
Frontdoor IncFTDR
Frontdoor, Inc. (delisted)FTDRV
Frontier Acquisition CorporationFRON
Frontier Airlines Hldgs (MM)FRNT
Frontier Communications CorporationFTR
Frontier Communications Parent IncFYBR
Frontier Financial (MM)FTBKD
Frontier Finl Corp Wash (MM)FTBK
Frontier Group Holdings IncULCC
Frontier Investment CorporationFICV
Frontline Communications (MM)FCCNW
Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. (MM)FFEX
Fsf Financial (MM)FFHH
Ftd Companies, Inc.FTD
Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.FSYS
Fuel Tech IncFTEK
FuelCell Energy IncFCEL
Fujifilm Holdings (MM)FUJI
Fulcrum Therapeutics IncFULC
Fulgent Genetics IncFLGT
Fuling Global IncFORK
Full Circle Capital Corp. (MM)FULL
Full House Resorts IncFLL
Full Spectrum Inc. Common Stock (MM)FMAX
Fulton Financial CorporationFULT
Fundtech Ltd. (MM)FNDT
Funko IncFNKO
Funtalk China Holdings Limited (MM)FTLK
Furiex Pharmaceuticals (MM)FURXV
Fushi Copperweld, Inc. (MM)FSIN
Fusion Fuel Green PLCHTOO
Fusion Pharmaceuticals IncFUSN
Fusionstorm Global (MM)FSTM
Future FinTech Group IncFTFT
Future Health ESG CorporationFHLT
FutureTech II Acquisition CorporationFTII
FutureTech II Acquisition CorporationFTIIU
Futuremedia Public Limited Company ADS (MM)FMDAD
Futuremedia Public Ltd CO. (MM)FMDA
Fuwei Films Holdings Company LtdFFHL
Fxcm Inc. (MM)FXCM

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