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NASDAQ : Company Listings

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Companies listed on the NASDAQ
A Consulting TeamTACX
A Mark Precious Metals IncAMRK
A SPAC I Acquisition CorporationASCA
A SPAC I Acquisition CorporationASCAU
A SPAC II Acquisition CorporationASCB
A SPAC II Acquisition CorporationASCBU
A-Max Tech Ltd Adr (MM)AMAX
A-Power Energy Generation Sys (MM)APWRW
A. Schulman, Inc. (delisted)SHLM
A123 Systems, Inc. (MM)AONE
A2Z Smart Technologies CorporationAZ
ABG Acquisition Corporation IABGI
ABVC BioPharma IncABVC
ACE Convergence Acquisition CorporationACEV
ACI Worldwide IncACIW
ACM Research IncACMR
ACNB CorporationACNB
ACON S2 Acquisition CorporationSTWO
ACV Auctions IncACVA
ADDvantage Technologies Group IncAEY
AEON Biopharma IncAEON
AF Acquisition CorporationAFAQ
AGBA Group Holding LtdAGBA
AGM Group Holdings IncAGMH
AGNC Investment CorporationAGNC
AIB Acquisition CorporationAIB
AIB Acquisition CorporationAIBBU
ALJ Regional Holdings IncALJJ
ALSP Orchid Acquisition Corporation IALOR
ALSP Orchid Acquisition Corporation IALORU
ALX Oncology Holdings IncALXO
AMAG Pharmaceuticals IncAMAG
AMC Networks IncAMCX
AMCI Acquisition Corporation IIAMCIU
AMCI Acquisition Corporation IIAMCI
AN2 Therapeutics IncANTX
ANI Pharmaceuticals IncANIP
APA CorporationAPA
APx Acquisition Corporation IAPXI
APx Acquisition Corporation IAPXIU
ARCA Biopharma IncABIO
ARKO CorporationARKO
ARS Pharmaceuticals IncSPRY
ARYA Sciences Acquisitioin Corporation VARYE
ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corporation IIARYB
ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corporation IVARYD
ARYA Sciences Acquistion CorporationARYAW
ARYA Sciences Acquistion Corporation IIIARYA
ASP Isotopes IncASPI
AST SpaceMobile IncASTS
ASV Holdings IncASV
ATAI Life Sciences NVATAI
ATIF Holdings LtdATIF
ATN International IncATNI
ATRION CorporationATRI
AVEO Pharmaceuticals IncAVEO
AYTU BioPharma IncAYTU
Aadi Bioscience IncAADI
Aastrom Biosciences (MM)ASTMD
AbCellera Biologics IncABCL
AbSci CorporationABSI
Abaxis, Inc. (delisted)ABAX
Abeona Therapeutics IncABEO
Aber Diamond (MM)ABER
Abgenix (MM)ABGX
Abigail Adams National Bancorp (MM)AANB
Ability IncABIL
Abington Bancorp (MM)ABBCD
Abington Bancorp (MM)ABBK
Abington Bancorp, Inc. (MM)ABBC
Able Laboratories (MM)ABRX
Ablynx NV ADS (delisted)ABLX
Abrams Industries (MM)ABRI
Abraxas Petroleum CorporationAXAS
Abraxis Bioscience (MM)ABBI
Abraxis Bioscience Inc. (MM)ABII
Absolute Software CorporationABST
Abx Holdings (MM)ABXA
Acacia Communications IncACIA
Acacia Research TechnologiesACTG
Academy Sports and Outdoors IncASO
Acadia Healthcare Company IncACHC
Acadia Pharmaceuticals IncACAD
Acamar Partners Acquisition CorporationACAM
Acasti Pharma IncACST
Accelerate Diagnostics IncAXDX
Accelerated Pharma (MM)ACCP
Accelerated Pharma Warrant (MM)ACCPW
Acceleron Pharma IncXLRN
Accelrys, Inc. (MM)ACCL
Access Anytime Bancorp (MM)AABC
Access Integrated Technologies (MM)AIXD
Access National Corp.ANCX
Access Plans Usa (MM)AUSA
Accessity - Common Stock (MM)ACTY
Acclaim Entertainment (MM)AKLM
Accolade IncACCD
Accredited Home Lenders(Ipo) (MM)LEND
Accretion Acquisition CorporationENERU
Accretion Acquisition CorporationENER
Accuray IncorporatedARAY
Ace Cash ExpressAACE
Ace Comm Corp (MM)ACEC
Ace Global Business Acquisition LtdACBAU
Ace Global Business Acquisition LtdACBA
AcelRX Pharmaceuticals IncACRX
Acer Therapeutics Com USD0.01OPXA
Acer Therapeutics IncACER
Acer Therapeutics Inc. - Warrant (delisted)ACERW
Acer Therapeutics WT Exp 040918OPXAW
Aceragen IncACGN
Acergy S.A. - Ads Representing One Common Share (MM)ACGY
Achari Ventures Holdings Corporation IAVHI
Achieve Life Sciences IncACHV
Achillion Pharmaceuticals IncACHN
Ackrell SPAC Partners I CompanyACKIT
Aclara Biosciences, (MM)ACLA
Aclarion IncACON
Aclaris Therapeutics IncACRS
Acme Packet, Inc. (MM)APKT
Acorda Therapeutics IncACOR
Acorn Products (MM)ACRN
Acri Capital CorporationACAC
Acri Capital CorporationACACU
Acrivon Therapeutics IncACRV
Act II Global Acquisition CorporationACTT
Actelis Networks IncASNS
Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ADS, Each Representing Six Ordinary SharesACTS
Active Alts Contrarian Etf (delisted)SQZZ
Actividentity Corp (MM)ACTI
Activision Blizzard IncATVI
Activision Blizzard, (MM)ATVID
Actuate Corporation (MM)ACTU
Actv, (MM)IATV
AcuityAds Holdings IncATY
Acumen Pharmaceuticals IncABOS
Acurx Pharmaceuticals IncACXP
Acutus Medical IncAFIB
Acxiom Holdngs (delisted)ACXM
AdTheorent Holding Company IncADTH
Adagio Therapeutics IncADGI
Adamas One CorporationJEWL
Adamas Pharmaceuticals IncADMS
Adamis Pharmaceuticals CorporationADMP
Adams Golf, Inc. (MM)ADGF
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics (MM)ARXT
AdaptHealth CorporationAHCO
Adaptive Biotechnologies CorporationADPT
Adc Telecommunications (MM)ADCTD
Adc Telecommunications New (MM)ADCT
Addentax Group CorporationATXG
Addus HomeCare CorpADUS
Adeia IncADEAV
Adeia IncADEA
Adept Technology, (MM)ADTK
Adesto Technologies CorporationIOTS
Adeza Biomedical (MM)ADZA
Adial Pharmaceuticals IncADIL
Adicet Bio IncACET
Aditxt IncADTX
Adma Biologics IncADMA
Adobe IncADBE
Adolor Corp. (MM)ADLR
Adstar Wts 12/16/2004 (MM)ADSTW
Aduro Biotech IncADRO
Advance Finl Bancorp (MM)AFBC
Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A. ADS (delisted)AAAP
Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (MM)AATI
Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (MM)ABAT
Advanced Digital Information (MM)ADIC
Advanced Emissions Solutions IncADES
Advanced Energy Industries IncAEIS
Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (MM)AERTA
Advanced Fibre Communications (MM)AFCI
Advanced Inhalation TherapiesAITPU
Advanced Micro Devices IncAMD
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems (MM)ANSI
Advancis Pharmaceutical (MM)AVNC
Advanta Corp Class A (MM)ADVNA
Advanta Corp Class B (MM)ADVNB
Advantage Solutions IncADV
Advaxis - Warrants (delisted)ADXSW
Advaxis IncADXS
Advent Technologies Holdings IncADN
Adverum Biotechnologies IncADVM
Advisorshares Yieldpro EtfYPRO
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.AEGR
Aegion CorporationAEGN
Aeglea BioTherapeutics IncAGLE
Aehr Test SystemsAEHR
Aemetis IncAMTX
Aep Industries Inc.AEPI
Aequi Acquisition CorporationARBG
AerSale CorporationASLE
Aerie Pharmaceuticals IncAERI
Aero Grow Intl (MM)AEROE
AeroClean Technologies IncAERC
AeroVironment IncAVAV
Aeroflex Inc. (MM)ARXX
Aerovate Therapeutics IncAVTE
Aerpio Pharmaceuticals IncARPO
Aesther Healthcare Acquisition CorporationAEHA
Aeterna Zentaris IncAEZS
Aetherium Acquisition CorporationGMFIU
Aetherium Acquisition CorporationGMFI
Aethlon Medical IncAEMD
Aevi Genomic Medicine IncGNMX
Affimed NVAFMD
Affinity Bancshares IncAFBI
Affirm Holdings IncAFRM
Affymetrix, Inc.AFFX
Afya LtdAFYA
Aga Medical Holdings Com (MM)AGAM
Agenus IncAGEN
Agenus Inc. (MM)AGEND
Agile Growth CorporationAGGR
Agile Therapeutics IncAGRX
AgileThought IncAGIL
Agilysys IncAGYS
Agios Pharmaceuticals IncAGIO
Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd (MM)AEMLW
AgriFORCE Growing Systems LtdAGRI
Agrico Acquisition CorporationRICO
Agrify CorporationAGFY
AgroFresh Solutions IncAGFS
Ahren Acquisition CorporationAHRNU
Ahren Acquisition CorporationAHRN
Aileron Therapeutics IncALRN
Aimfinity Investment Corporation IAIMAU
Aimfinity Investment Corporation IAIMBU
Aimmune Therapeutics IncAIMT
Ainos IncAIMD
Air Methods Corp.AIRM
Air Transport Services Group IncATSG
Air Via (MM)AIRV
AirSculpt Technologies IncAIRS
Airbnb IncABNB
Airgain IncAIRG
Airmedia Grp. ADS, Each Representing Two Ordinary Shares (MM)AMCN
Airnet Communications (MM)ANCC
Airspan Networks (MM)AIRN
Aixtron SE ADS, Each Representing One Ordinary ShareAIXG
Akamai Technologies IncAKAM
Akanda CorporationAKAN
Akcea Therapeutics IncAKCA
Akebia Therapeutics IncAKBA
Akeena Solar (MM)AKNS
Akela Pharma Ord (MM)AKLA
Akerna CorporationKERN
Akero Therapeutics IncAKRO
Akers Biosciences IncAKER
Akili IncAKLI
Akorn IncAKRX
Akouos IncAKUS
Akoustis Technologies IncAKTS
Akoya BioSciences IncAKYA
Akumin IncAKU
Alabama Aircraft Industr (MM)AAII
Alabama Natl Bancorp (MM)ALAB
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd (MM)ALDN
Alamosa Holdings (MM)APCS
Alanco Technologies Inc. (MM)ALAND
Alarm com Holdings IncALRM
Alaska Communications Systems Group IncALSK
Alaunos Therapeutics IncTCRT
Albany Molecular Research, Inc.AMRI
Albemarle First Bank (Charlottesville, VA) (MM)AFBK
Albemarle First Bank (Charlottesville, VA) (MM)AFBKW
Alberton Acquisition CorporationALAC
Albireo Pharma IncALBO
Alcentra Capital CorporationABDC
Alco Stores, Inc. (MM)DUCK
Alder BioPharmaceuticals IncALDR
Aldeyra Therapeutics IncALDX
Alector IncALEC
AlerisLife IncALR
Alerus Financial CorporationALRS
Alexion Pharmaceuticals IncALXN
Algoma Steel Group IncASTL
Alico IncALCO
Align Technology IncALGN
Alignment Healthcare IncALHC
Aligos Therapeutics IncALGS
Alimera Sciences IncALIM
Alithya Group incALYA
Alkaline Water Company IncWTER
Alkami Technology IncALKT
Alkermes PlcALKS
Alkido Pharma IncAIKI
Alkuri Global Acquisition CorporationKURI
Allakos IncALLK
Allarity Therapeutics IncALLR
Allbirds IncBIRD
Allegiance Bancshares IncABTX
Allegiance Telecom, (MM)ALGX
Allegiant Travel CompanyALGT
Allegro Merger CorporationALGR
Allegro MicroSystems IncALGM
Allena Pharmaceuticals IncALNA
Alliance Bancorp of Pennsylvania (MM)ALLBD
Alliance Bankshares Corp. (MM)ABVA
Alliance Fiber Optic Products (MM)AFOPD
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.AFOP
Alliance Financial Corp. (MM)ALNC
Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. Representing Limited Partner Interests (delisted)AHGP
Alliant Energy CorporationLNT
Allied Esports Entertainment IncAESE
Allied Gaming and Entertainment IncAGAE
Allied Healthcare International Inc. (MM)AHCI
Allied Healthcare Products IncAHPI
Allied Motion Technologies IncAMOT
Allion Healthcare (MM)ALLI
Alliqua Biomedical, Inc.ALQA
AlloVir IncALVR
Allogene Therapeutics IncALLO
Allos Therapeutics, Inc. (MM)ALTH
Allot LtdALLT
Alloy (MM)ALOY
Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions (MM)MDRXD
Allstream (MM)ALLSB
Allstream (MM)ALLSA
Almost Family (delisted)AFAM
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals IncALNY
Alopexx IncALPX
Alpha Capital Acquisition CompanyASPC
Alpha Healthcare Acquisition CorporationAHAC
Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corporation IIIALPA
Alpha Partners Technology Merger CorporationAPTM
Alpha Star Acquisition CorporationALSAU
Alpha Star Acquisition CorporationALSA
Alpha Tau Medical LtdDRTS
Alpha Teknova IncTKNO
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor LimitedAOSL
AlphaTime Acquisition CorporationATMCU
AlphaTime Acquisition CorporationATMC
AlphaVest Acquisition CorporationATMVU
AlphaVest Acquisition CorporationATMV
Alphabet IncGOOG
Alphabet IncGOOGL
Alphasmart (MM)ALSM
Alphatec Holdings IncATEC
Alpine 4 Holdings IncALPP
Alpine Acquisition CorporationREVE
Alpine Immune Sciences IncALPN
Alpine Summit Energy Partners IncALPS
Alset Capital Acquisition CorporationACAXU
Alset Capital Acquisition CorporationACAX
Alset IncAEI
AltEnergy Acquisition CorporationAEAE
AltEnergy Acquisition CorporationAEAEU
Alta Mesa Resources IncAMR
Altaba IncAABA
Altair Engineering IncALTR
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (MM)ALTID
Altamira Therapeutics LtdCYTO
Alterra Capital Holdings Limited (MM)ALTE
Alteva (MM)WWVY
Altimeter Growth CorporationAGC
Altimmune IncALT
Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (MM)ASPSV
Altisource Portfolio Solutions SAASPS
Altitude Acquisition CorporationALTU
Alto Ingredients IncALTO
Alto Ingredients IncPEIX
Altra Industrial Motion Corp. (delisted)AIMCV
Altra Industrial Motion CorporationAIMC
Altus Midstream (delisted)KAAC
Altus Midstream (delisted)KAACW
Altus Midstream CompanyALTM
Alvarium Tiedemann Holdings IncALTI
Alzamend Neuro IncALZN
Alzheon, Inc. (MM)ALZH
Amalgamated Financial CorporationAMAL IncAMZN
Ambac Financial Group IncAMBC
Ambarella IncAMBA
Ambassadors International (MM)AMIED
Ambassadors International, Inc. (MM)AMIE
Amc Networks Inc. (MM)AMCXV
Amcomp Incorporated (MM)AMCP
Amcor Limited ADS (MM)AMCR
Amcore Financial (MM)AMFI
Amdocs LtdDOX
Amedisys IncAMED
Amer Bio Medica Corp Wts (MM)ABMCW
Amer First Tax Exempt Inv L.P. (MM)ATAXZ
Amer Medical Sys Hldgs (MM)AMMD
Amerant Bancorp IncAMTB
Amerant Bancorp IncAMTBB
Ameri Holdings IncAMRH
AmeriServ Financial IncASRV
America Service Grp. Inc. (MM)ASGR
American Acces Technologies (MM)AATK
American Acquisition Opportunity IncAMAO
American Airlines Group IncAAL
American Bancorp N J (MM)ABNJ
American Bank (MM)AMBKW
American Beacon Ipm Systematic Macro Fund - Ultra ClassIPMUX
American Capital, Ltd.ACAS
American Commercial Lines (MM)ACLID
American Commercial Lines (MM)ACLI
American Dental Partners, Inc. (MM)ADPI
American Eagle Outfitters (MM)AEOS
American Electric Power Company IncAEP
American Electric Technologies IncAETI
American Financial Trust IncAFIN
American Independence Corp.AMIC
American Italian Pasta (MM)AIPC
American Learning (MM)AMCE
American Lithium CorporationAMLI
American Medical Alert Corp. (MM)AMAC
American Mold Guard (MM)AMGI
American Mold Guard CL A Wrt (MM)AMGIW
American Mold Guard CL B Wrt (MM)AMGIZ
American National Bankshares IncAMNB
American National Group IncANAT
American Outdoor Brands CorporationAOBC
American Outdoor Brands IncAOUT
American Outdoor Brands IncAOUTV
American Pacific Bank - Class B Common Stock (MM)AMPB
American Pacific Corp. (MM)APFC
American Physicians Capital, Inc. (MM)ACAP
American Public Education IncAPEI
American Railcar Industries, Inc. (delisted)ARII
American Rebel Holdings IncAREB
American Resources CorporationAREC
American River BanksharesAMRB
American Science And Engineering, Inc.ASEI
American Software IncAMSWA
American Superconductor CorpAMSC
American Technology (MM)ATCO
American Virtual Cloud Technologies IncAVCT
American Woodmark CorpAMWD
Americas Car Mart IncCRMT
Americasbank (MM)AMAB
Ameris BancorpABCB
Ameritrans Cap Corp 4/18/07 (MM)AMTCW
Ames National CorporationATLO
Amesite IncAMST
Amgen IncAMGN
Amicas (MM)AMCS
Amicus Therapeutics IncFOLD
Amis Holdings (MM)AMIS
Amkor Technology IncAMKR
Ampex Corp Class A (MM)AMPX
Ampex Corp Class A (MM)WHUN
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals IncAMPH
Amplitech Group IncAMPG
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition CorporationAMHC
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition CorporationAMHCW
Amplitude IncAMPL
Amsurg Corp.AMSG
Amtech Systems IncASYS
Amtrust Financial Services, Inc. (delisted)AFSI
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MM)AMLN
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals IncAMLX
Amyris IncAMRS
Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ANAC
Anadys Pharmaceuticals (MM)ANDS
Analog Devices IncADI
Analogic Corp. (delisted)ALOG
Analysts International (MM)ANLYD
Analysts International Corp. (MM)ANLY
AnaptysBio IncANAB
Anaren, Inc. (MM)ANEN
Anavex Life Sciences CorporationAVXL
Ancestry.Com Inc. (MM)ACOM
Anchor Bancorp (delisted)ANCB
Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin Inc.ABCW
Anchor Glass Container (MM)AGCC
Andersons IncANDE
Andina Acquisition Corporation IIIANDA
Andrew Corp (MM)ANDW
Anebulo Pharmaceuticals IncANEB
Angel Oak Fds TR High Yield Opportunities FD CL A (MM)RIMYX
Angel Oak Fds TR High Yield Opportunities FD Instl Cl (MM)RAIHX
Anghami IncANGH
Angi IncANGI
AngioDynamics IncANGO
Angion Biomedica CorporationANGN
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals - Common Shares (MM)ANPI
Anglo American Plc (MM)AAUKD
Anika Therapeutics IncANIK
Anixa Biosciences IncANIX
Annapolis Bancorp Inc. (MM)ANNB
Annexon IncANNX
Anormed Ord (MM)ANOR
Ansell Limited ADS (MM)ANSL
Ansoft Corp (MM)ANST
Answers Corp. (MM)ANSW
Antares Pharma IncATRS
Antelope Enterprise Holdings LtdAEHL
Anterix IncATEX
Anthemis Digital Acquisitions I CorporationADAL
Anthemis Digital Acquisitions I CorporationADALU
Anzu Special Acquisition Corporation IANZU
Apellis Pharmaceuticals IncAPLS
Apex Global Brands IncAPEX
Apex Technology Acquisition CorporationAPXT
Apex Technology Acquisition CorporationAPXTU
Apexign IncAPGN
Aphria IncAPHA
Aphton (MM)APHT
Api Technologies Corp.ATNY
Apigee Corp. (MM)APIC
Apogee Enterprises IncAPOG
Apollo Education Grp., Inc.APOL
Apollo Endosurgery IncAPEN
Apollo Grp. (MM)UOPX
Apollo Investment CorporationAINV
Apollo Medical Holdings IncAMEH
App Pharmaceuticals (MM)APPX
AppFolio IncAPPF
AppHarvest IncAPPH
AppTech Payments CorporationAPCX
Appian CorporationAPPN
Apple IncAAPL
Appliance Recycling Centers of AmericaARCI
Applied DNA Sciences IncAPDN
Applied Digital CorporationAPLD
Applied Digital Solutions (MM)ADSXD
Applied Digital Solutions (MM)ADSX
Applied Extrusion (MM)AETC
Applied Genetic Technologies CorporationAGTC
Applied Imaging (MM)AICXD
Applied Innovation (MM)AINN
Applied Materials IncAMAT
Applied Micro Circuits (MM)AMCCD
Applied Micro Circuits Corp.AMCC
Applied Molecular Evolution, (MM)AMEV
Applied Molecular Transport IncAMTI
Applied Optoelectronics IncAAOI
Applied Signal Technology, Inc. (MM)APSG
Applied Therapeutics IncAPLT
Applied UV IncAUVI
Applix (MM)APLX
Applovin CorporationAPP
Appreciate Holdings IncSFR
Approach Resources IncAREX
Apptio, Inc.APTI
Aprea Therapeutics IncAPRE
Apria IncAPR
Apricus Biosciences, Inc.APRI
Apropos Technology - Common Shares (MM)APRS
Aptevo Therapeutics IncAPVO
Aptinyx IncAPTX
Aptorum Group LtdAPM
Aptose Biosciences IncAPTO
Apyx Medical CorporationAPYX
Aqua Metals IncAQMS
AquaBounty Technologies IncAQB
Aquantive (MM)AQNT
Aquaron Acquisition CorporationAQU
Aquaron Acquisition CorporationAQUNU
Aquestive Therapeutics IncAQST
Aquinox Pharmaceuticals IncAQXP
ArQule IncARQL
Aratana Therapeutics, Inc.PETX
Aravive (delisted)VSAR
Aravive IncARAV
Arbe Robotics LtdARBE
Arbinet Corp. (MM)ARBX
Arbinet Corp. (MM)ARBXD
Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings Corporation IARCK
Arbor Rapha Capital Bioholdings Corporation IARCKU
Arborgen (MM)ARBR
Arbutus Biopharma CorporationABUS
Arc Grp. Worldwide, Inc.ARCW
Arc Grp. Worldwide, Inc. (MM)ARCWD
ArcBest CorporationARCB
ArcLight Clean Transition CorporationACTC
ArcLight Clean Transition Corporation IIACTD
Arcadia Biosciences IncRKDA
Arcellx IncACLX
Arch Capital Group LtdACGL
Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners CompanyATSPT
Archipelago Learning, Inc. (MM)ARCL
Archrock Partners, L.P. Representing Limited Partner Interests (delisted)APLP
Arcimoto IncFUV
Arco Platform LtdARCE
Arctic Cat Inc.ACAT
Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings IncARCT
Arcutis Biotherapeutics IncARQT
Ardea Biosciences, Inc. (MM)RDEA
Ardelyx IncARDX
Arden Grp. - Class A (MM)ARDNA
Arel Communications & Software Ltd. (MM)ARLC
Arena Fortify Acquisition CorporationAFACU
Arena Fortify Acquisition CorporationAFAC
Arena Pharmaceuticals IncARNA
Ares Capital Corp (MM)ARCCR
Ares Capital CorporationARCC
Argo Blockchain PLCARBKL
Argo Grp. International Holdings Ltd. (MM)AGIID
Argo Grp. International Holdings, Ltd. (delisted)AGII
Argus Capital CorporationARGU
Arhaus IncARHS
Ari Network Services, Inc. (MM)ARIS
Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.ARIA
Ariba, Inc. (MM)ARBA
Aridis Pharmaceuticals IncARDS
Aries I Acquisition CorporationRAM
Aries Maritime Transport Limited - Common Shares (MM)RAMS
Arisz Acquisition CorporationARIZU
Arisz Acquisition CorporationARIZ
Ark Restaurants CorporationARKR
Arm Holdings Plc ADS Each Representing 3 Ordinary Shares (MM)ARMH
Arm Holdings, Plc ADS (MM)ARMHY
Armada Acquisition Corporation IAACI
Armo Biosciences, Inc. (delisted)ARMO
Arogo Capital Acquisition CorporationAOGO
Arogo Capital Acquisition CorporationAOGOU
Arotech CorporationARTXD
Arotech CorporationARTX
Arowana Inc. - Ordinary SharesARWA
Arowana Inc. - RightsARWAR
Arowana Inc. - WarrantARWAW
Arqit Quantum IncARQQ
Array Technologies IncARRY
Arris International Plc - Ordinary SharesARRS
Arrow Financial CorporationAROW
Arrow Intl (MM)ARRO
Arrow-Magnolia Intl (MM)ARWM
ArrowMark Financial CorporationBANX
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals IncARWR
Arrowhead Research (MM)ARWRW
Arrowhead Research Corp. (MM)ARWRD
Arrowroot Acquisition CorporationARRW
Art Technology Grp., Inc. (MM)ARTG
Artelo Biosciences IncARTL
Artemis Strategic Investment CorporationARTE
Arteris IncAIP
Artesian Resources CorporationARTNA
Artesyn Technologies (MM)ATSN
Arthrocare Corp. (MM)ARTC
Artisan Acquisition CorporationARTAU
Artisan Acquisition CorporationARTA
Artius Acquisition IncAACQ
Arts Way Manufacturing Co IncARTW
Arvinas IncARVN
Asat Hldg Ltd American Dep (MM)ASTT
Asat Holdings Limited ADS (MM)ASTTD
Asb Bancorp, Inc.ASBB
Asb Financial (MM)ASBP
Ascena Retail Group IncASNA
Ascent Capital Grp. - Series AASCMA
Ascent Industries CompanyACNT
Ascent Media - Series A Common Stock (MM)ASCMV
Ascent Media Grp. (MM)AMGIA
Ascent Solar Technologies (MM)ASTIW
Ascent Solar Technologies - Warrants Class B 7/11/2011 (MM)ASTIZ
Ascent Solar Technologies IncASTI
Ascential Software - Common Stock (MM)ASCL
Ase Test Ltd (MM)ASTSF
Ashworth (MM)ASHW
Asia Entertainment (MM)AERLW
Asia Pacific Wire and Cable Corporation LtdAPWC
Asiainfo-Linkage, Inc. (MM)ASIA
Ask Jeeves (MM)ASKJ
Asml Holding N.V. - New York Registry Shares (MM)ASMLD
Aspect Medical Systems (MM)ASPM
Aspen Group IncASPU
Aspen Technology Inc NewAZPN
Aspenbio Pharma, Inc. (MM)APPYD
Aspira Womans Health IncAWH
Aspiriant Income Opportunities Fund (MM)AIOFX
Assembly Biosciences IncASMB
Assertio Holdings IncASRT
Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. (MM)AACC
Asset Cap Corp (MM)ACCI
Assure Holdings CorporationIONM
Asta Funding IncASFI
Astec Industries IncASTE
Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MM)ASTX
Asthmatx (MM)AZMA
Astra Space IncASTR
Astrea Acquisition CorporationASAX
Astria Therapeutics IncATXS
AstroNova IncALOT
Astronics CorporationATRO
Astrotech CorporationASTC
Asure Software IncASUR
Atara Biotherapeutics IncATRA
Atea Pharmaceuticals IncAVIR
Aterian IncATER
Athenahealth, Inc.ATHN
Athenex IncATNX
Atherogenics (MM)AGIX
Atheros Communications, Inc. (MM)ATHR
Athersys IncATHX
Athira Pharma IncATHA
Athlon Acquisition CorporationSWET
Ati TechnologiesATYT
Atlantic Acquisition Corp. - Right (delisted)ATACR
Atlantic Acquisition Corp. - Unit (delisted)ATACU
Atlantic Alliance Partnership Corp. - Ordinary SharesAAPC
Atlantic American CorporationAAME
Atlantic Bancgrp. (MM)ATBC
Atlantic Capital Bancshares IncACBI
Atlantic Coast Airlines Holdings (MM)ACAI
Atlantic Coast Federal Corp. (MM)ACFCD
Atlantic Coast Financial Corp. (delisted)ACFC
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition CorporationACAH
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corporation IIACAB
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corporation IIACABU
Atlantic Data Services (MM)ADSC
Atlantic Southern Financial Grp., Inc. (MM)ASFN
Atlantic Union Bankshares CorporationAUB
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLCAY
Atlanticus Holdings CorporationATLCL
Atlanticus Holdings CorporationATLC
Atlanticus Holdings Corporation (MM)CCRT
Atlas Air Worldwide HoldingsAAWW
Atlas CorporationATCOL
Atlas Financial Holdings IncAFHBL
Atlas Financial Holdings IncAFH
Atlas Lithium CorporationATLX
Atlas Technical Consultants IncATCX
Atlassian Corporation PLCTEAM
Atlis Motor Vehicles IncAMV
Atmel Corp.ATML
Atmi Inc. (MM)ATMI
Atomera IncorporatedATOM
Atossa Therapeutics IncATOS
Atp Oil & Gas Corp. (MM)ATPG
Atreca IncBCEL
AtriCure IncATRC
Ats Medical (MM)ATSI
Attis Industries IncATIS
Attunity Ltd. - Ordinary SharesATTU
Auburn National Bancorporation IncAUBN
Auddia IncAUUD
Audentes Therapeutics IncBOLD
Audible (MM)ADBL
AudioCodes LtdAUDC
AudioEye IncAEYE
Augmedix IncAUXG
Augmedix IncAUGX
Aura Biosciences IncAURA
Aura FAT Projects Acquisition CorporationAFAR
Aura FAT Projects Acquisition CorporationAFARU
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals IncAUPH
Auris Medical Holding AGEARS
Aurora Acquisition CorporationAURC
Aurora Cannabis IncACB
Aurora Innovations IncAUR
Aurora Technology Acquisition CorporationATAKU
Aurora Technology Acquisition CorporationATAK
Australia Acq Corp (MM)AACOU
Australia Acq Crp (MM)AACOW
Authentec, Inc. (MM)AUTH
Authentic Equity Acquisition CorporationAEAC
AutoWeb IncAUTO
Autochina International Limited (MM)AUTC
Autochina International Limited - Unit (Cayman Islands) (MM)AUTCU
Autochina International Limited - Warrant 02/26/2013 (Cayman Islands) (MM)AUTCW
Autodesk IncADSK
Automatic Data Processing IncADP
Autoscope Technologies CorporationAATC
Autoweb Com USD0.001ABTL
Avalo Therapeutics IncAVTX
Avalon Acquisition IncAVAC
Avalon GloboCare CorporationALBT
Avalon GloboCare CorporationAVCO
Avalon Pharmaceuticals (MM)AVRX
Avanex (MM)AVNXD
Avanex (MM)AVNX
Avant Immunotherapeutics (MM)AVAND
Avant Immunotherapeutics (MM)AVAN
Avantax IncAVTA
Avatar Holdings Inc. (MM)AVTR
AvePoint IncAVPT
Aveanna Healthcare Holdings IncAVAH
Avedro IncAVDR
Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc.AVNU
Avenue Therapeutics IncATXI
Avexis, Inc. (delisted)AVXS
Aviat Networks IncAVNW
Avici Systems Inc. (MM)AVCI
Avid Bioservices IncCDMO
Avid Technology IncAVID
AvidXchange Holdings IncAVDX
Avidity Biosciences IncRNA
Avigen (MM)AVGN
Avinger IncAVGR
Avis Budget Group IncCAR
Avista Public Acquisition Corporation IIAHPAU
Avista Public Acquisition Corporation IIAHPA
Aviza Tech (MM)AVZA
Avnet IncAVT
Aware IncAWRE
Axar Acquisition Corp.AXAR
Axar Acquisition Corp. - WarrantsAXARW
Axcan Pharma (MM)AXCA
Axcelis Technologies IncACLS
Axcella Health IncAXLA
Axogen IncAXGN
Axon Enterprise IncAAXN
Axon Enterprise IncAXON
AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition CorporationAPMI
Axonics IncAXNX
Axos Finl (delisted)BOFI
Axos Finl (delisted)BOFIL
Axovant Gene Therapies LtdAXGT
Axsome Therapeutics IncAXSM
Axsys Technologies (MM)AXYS
Ayala Pharmaceuticals IncAYLA
Azenta IncAZTA
Aziyo Biologics IncAZYO
AzurRx BioPharma IncAZRX

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