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vkilmer58  Griffin Mining (GFM) 05:25:35 27/05/2015
Neither my dear "Up"...I call it the Bora Bora fund. I mean if fools buy shares in companies that are listed on AIM, incorporated in tax havens and are openly run for the benefit of people other than shareholders then I think I'm entitled to my little Bora Bora fund. Fools.
wanderer1210_0  Eastern Mediterranean (EMED) 04:40:54 27/05/2015
In hindsight I think the current situation puts AL's quote of " no discount as been asked for and none as been given" to bed. Non binding terms have just been agreed and not in writing yet. IMO we are in a perilous state where the big 3 have us over a barrel. What makes people think they could loose out? 9p will buy the company quite easily the state we are in.
jamtomorrow2  Proteome Sciences (PRM) 03:46:19 27/05/2015
"The world leader in all things proteomic" by James Patterson and Christopher J Pearce. Quite a snazzy name. World leader despite sales of bu55er all and losses for 27 out of the last 28 years. Chapter 1 - she lay naked on the bed motionless as I took her blood. Why she said. I'm a whizz kid City boy with an idea .....
Sogoesit  Easyjet (EZJ) 03:33:15 27/05/2015
Nice summary of risks, tintin: Strikes, weather, delays, odd plane crash... Hang-on, "odd plane crash"... !!! Lol Anyway, looking for a top-up but with Greece around the corner am waiting... retail looks more interesting, R Ball, so added Ted and Next in ISA. Good luck, especially on the plane crash risks for the summer!
pug151  Oxus Gold (OXS) 00:08:32 27/05/2015
This is an odd argument to be having now. If oxs miss the window to present final results in time for an agm ( this must be at least 20 days in advance ) then we may be heading for involuntary ( but perhaps wished for ) suspension by the exchange. I doubt this will happen. we have 3 to 7 days by my calculation. I expect An RNS by Monday at the latest probably this week.
jimjam22  Sirius Pet (SRSP) 00:01:58 27/05/2015
Enough of this the beast is in transit such beauty and pale, upon a time now sleep, just sleep just sit, its fine, but time? no time, I said it's fine She'll come it's fine she'll come she will she loves you she loves you just sleep now tomorrow
Control1  Roxi Petroleum (RXP) 23:55:30 26/05/2015
My house was built about 100 years ago and the recent strong winds must have loosen some of the brickwork and this weekend finished it off. It would be more accurate to say that it was on the patio but then bounced into the garden...
Bearable  China Food Co. (CFC) 23:42:52 26/05/2015 appears the "wet dreamer" is lonely and is talking to himself. "wet dreamer"? evolves from a post on the sclouusers thread. He and his ally "creaming their strides" they dont get much sexcitement from their 3rd rate team
Rogk  Nanoco (NANO) 23:39:42 26/05/2015
Perfect Choice I agree with you 100%. Apple are very secretive and I don't think we will find out until their products are shipping in their millions. DOW/Nanoco are the only real option for the quantity Apple would need.
marto1000  Pantheon Resources (PANR) 23:28:11 26/05/2015
Drillrig...the comedy continues....bit more rain of late...should make the rig easier to get to the bottom.....tend to agree with you :)LOTM is trying to raise some concerns re drilling and penalties Just merely asking him to ring and double check before he posts! !!!!!!

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