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OIL MAN  Afren (AFR) 08:56:40 01/02/2015
Mas Monday. OP310 could hold 10bbls of OIP Aje next door don`t think for 1 second that Seplat will be the only ones dancing around Afren. Op310 Could dwarf the Jubilee field that TLW has. Great multi bag potential here just buy and hold
1fox1  Morrisons (MRW) 08:52:48 01/02/2015
buys... The brokers sometimes have an agenda. I believe they often come out with statements to benefit themselves. The recent Bernstein downgrade... Ex Tesco employee hmmmmm I say no more. A bit last bulletin boards really. In fact buys if you ask me you've been trying to get people to swap into SBRY for the last two weeks. Shall I take it you are not an holder of MRW?
Wiganer  Sefton Resources (SER) 08:50:51 01/02/2015
Well TW has admitted on Shareprophets that he was tipped off (see hasp:// So I'm not defending Tw, just querying whether sock trade is tw, or whether e they are a different mischief maker. Murky and stinky.
spackerdave  Sirius Pet (SRSP) 08:41:19 01/02/2015
Rich80 - I agree with your last post. So do you agree that Dr rosso is making a lot of stories up. He gives the impression every time that what he says WILL happen yet from what I read 99 times out of a 100 he is wrong. Yet on the 1 occasion he may be right everyone puts there recommendations in for a knighthood. It's people like him that make people frustrated.
bionicdog  Northern Petroleum (NOP) 08:32:09 01/02/2015
Last week we had a bottle of PG , it had been in the fridge since xmas. Someone else brought in round and we finally plucked up the courage to get rid of it. Awful tasteless rubbish. Have a chenin blanc instead.
CHART TRADER  San Leon (SLE) 08:06:31 01/02/2015
Also, I am sure Charty will have more time to pass, when as you suggest, "this is all over", especially as he has over 46,000 posts and 90% of those are SLE related. >>>>>>>> u really are a fool, maybe not your fault if u were repeatedly punched in the head when u were at school.
robmcelf2  Eastern Mediterranean (EMED) 07:55:27 01/02/2015
It's interesting that if you go onto the EMED website and click on 'investors' and then look at investment highlights it states 'completed financing deal with Chinese shareholder and customer'. No mention of Traf or Orion? Seems a little odd.
ramnik007  Jubilee Platinum (JLP) 07:09:38 01/02/2015
Just as with many other mining juniors, BOD at Jubilee have lost credibility by blowing a lot of dosh, in salaries, shares, and options, as their reward, because they thought they were adding value when the commodities sector was bullish; when in reality, little real value was being created for the money they were sucking out of the company. I just hope their mindset has now changed.
mitchy  Centrica (CNA) 04:10:06 01/02/2015
I'm still here Marky. Took cna off my watch list because it was just going nowhere. I'm still long from 333 and 314. Have really enjoyed reading the intelligent comments of late since I stopped posting! Lol Results on 19th Feb Good Luck
bjfanc  Itm Power (ITM) 02:34:08 01/02/2015
Norbus spot on. Re: when monies to be made chicanery.We all know big companies like to deal with big companies.Smaller companies find it harder to access capital.But when a small company sells to a big company, you know the tech is good.
19bells  Seeing Machines (SEE) 00:55:35 01/02/2015
Mira - I thought you promised not to slag the company off? It's your own fault buying at a high price. You have no patience and really should avoid investing in long term investments. Best advice I can offer when the price hits your average don't be greedy expecting £1 just sell up and move on
fillyboy  Wincanton (WIN) 00:50:31 01/02/2015
I'm still trying to visualise Minky and his youngest, noses dabbed with 'white powder', a couple of hookers, and a well worn copy of 'Charlie and teh chocolate factory'. Fair play to teh bloke, I think some in teh cabal underestimate him.
wulwirth  Ultrasis (ULT) 00:39:09 01/02/2015
winner perhaps, but after waiting years never sure, but, I did say a further year for btbus to prove itself. If not in 2015 why support it? we have a successful UK business? USA will pull it down, unless success is achieved IMHO.

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