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Sirius Pet Share Chat :

Dr Rosso 22:03:07 22/10/2014
Ht. Rufus Giwa died in a car crash about 5 years ago. That has rather restricted his ability to dip into his pocket to grab a few shares. OML 55 was awarded to BelemaOil, so presumably Ke Field is being developed by them with Sigma Group.
RICH80 19:28:44 22/10/2014
Spot on Busterdog when they are ready and have all the legal documents lined up and signed then they will release the new said news. There are a lot of parties involved so will obviously take quite a while. This date of the 7th Nov is also meaningless.
Bronislav 19:13:30 22/10/2014
Could really do with a htrocka special ,I'm feeling far too upbeat and happy ...I definately need knocking down from the lofty heights of bliss into the bowels of misery ....If I,m lucky I might get a double bubble .ruedolf and htrocka in unison.........yippee can't blinking wait ...I think i,ll stop up all night in case they sneak another 4.40 am post in....
busterdog2 18:18:59 22/10/2014
You guys need to chill out and accept that your constant agitating about progress or rather lack of it will have absolutely no bearing on timescales or news flow. If it's going to happen it will, when those in control want it to.
Topgun1000 16:29:50 22/10/2014
Agreed themose, Its pretty clear the price is being manipulated by CF and the funding must be at the 3p level so as soon as that is out in the open and done and dusted i think then we will see the fireworks.. will it be guyfawks night or new years though thats the question?
Dr Rosso 15:28:39 22/10/2014
The dates being put out are meaningless. Havoc gives the impression of wanting to get a move on, so let's hope for sooner rather than later. In the 6 months prior to arriving, their personnel will have set up the stage for action. This is all to do with ASSETS + who is going on to develop the massive blocks.
omzy 09:47:17 22/10/2014
"Havoc is in to pull off a major deal. That's endgame. The only thing we don't know is the timing." I am guessing that is now at the mercy of the individual interested parties legal teams and how quickly they can reach mutual agreements????
handygandhi 09:17:55 22/10/2014
"I think that there have been enough world class companies involved with SRSP who would have each completed due diligence for us to be confident that our potential is not based on sand." Our potential is under the sand, Pellers!
Topgun1000 21:26:40 21/10/2014
I personally think shlumbergers work is done and next stage was to bring the TAC on board for funding purposes! The next stage is anyone's guess!Let's just hope it's not another long stop date we have to wait another how many more slow painful weeks again for or it'll be no turkey this year for Christmas maybe a pigeon or sparrow on my family's table this year!
htrocka2 21:15:27 21/10/2014
Bron....If you're gambling on the March 15th date being extended for SRSP...that's one hell of a bet I'm not taking.. With ref the petroleum law...loads of companies have come from scratch and are now up and running, pumping oil AFTER srsp first got hold of ORORO.
drrichard 15:13:33 21/10/2014
I wonder if they are are more deeply involved that we think. Could they, for example, have lined up BTG? Might explain why the TAC is integral to funding "....To strengthen Sirius's technical capabilities and, as part of the concluding of the funding, the Company is forming a Technical Advisory Committee
Pellers 08:12:13 21/10/2014
Rudolf, this company is a marathon of sprints. I agree with you that many investors small and corporate won't look at us until such point that there is clear and tangible evidence. At present despite all the good news we have received recently we still remain a potential company.However as a potential company are ducks seem to be lining up in a row very nicely.

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