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Sirius Pet Share Chat :

RICH80 23:53:50 31/03/2015
As it says in the RNS June 2012, exclusivity, nothing has been completed yet hence I am not confident. IF they get it, it will be awesome but since nothing has been confirmed via RNS then we still have to be on the negative side. It could work out but they actually need to start laying some facts down on the table. Listening to people on here is simply a bad way to invest.
htrocka2 23:45:58 31/03/2015
The new man sounds like laugh.. 'During his 18 months of rule from 1983 to 1985, Buhari jailed journalists and opposition activists without trial, executed drug traffickers by firing squad and ordered soldiers to thrash those who failed to line up in an orderly fashion at bus stops.'
wormhole1 21:10:51 31/03/2015
No one knows anything and everyone thinks they know. A lot of making the share price and delays fit their 'knowing' and what they want from the outcome. Point me in the direction of a post that was a genuine fact about the state of play
Bronislav 18:11:16 31/03/2015
Rich 80 offence intended here but just curious as to why your dad increased his stake recently according to lse ....If memory serves me well it was 345 k or thereabouts shares .....your negative stance must be in contrast to your fathers so it just seemed strange that you would have such differing views of sirius,s likely outcome .
thundercat1 17:37:28 31/03/2015
Seems to me they want this at 1p for what ever reason the buys are still coming so happy to keep holding, now the election is out the way there will probably be a few more brown envelopes to fill before lift off.
Topgun1000 14:46:27 31/03/2015
Looks like this bb has turned into a farce again just like the current status of Sirius.Even see the lse board has some strange women called princess Kim posting complete rubbish every two minutes ramping the life out of it.
The Drewster 13:52:44 31/03/2015
Clutching a little there Bron? Sub 1p has arrived I see ... not good for any holders, but points suspiciously to funding at 1p/share if indeed they get it away (finally) as the price has been walked down very quickly to that level.
DLUK 13:19:41 31/03/2015
It's all gone a little quiet. That said I'm ok with a green day. Happy to sit and wait hoping a ship will come in. Hard to be disillusioned if you figured out the cost of being wiped out before you invested. Knowing that I'm content for the sp to play games until the funding is confirmed or denied.
Pellers 13:15:35 31/03/2015
SirIan, I concur not really many new faces although some old faces seem to have disappeared. New faces appearing on LSE though! Hopefully a good sign and not just fly by nights that appear for a few short days, take over the BBs then move onto the next. Mind you I'm over 60% down so maybe I'm the dumbass?
omzy 10:56:30 31/03/2015
RICH80 - 31878 "How about the company release the document published in Feb 2015 where it details our share of the block at 60% ? No they keep that hidden away, the picture of the ORORO well head? Hidden." Rich can you please clarify would that be 60% of OPL 241 or 60% of a different block ?
htrocka2 09:17:23 31/03/2015
ref KeyserSosse 'Let's put it in our terms re the elections. If Milliband took over, the pubs would still have ale to serve and we'd still watch football' The last time we had a change in Government, they put up the business rates, the brewery charged extra rent and the pub put up the price of beer...the pub is now a block of flats.
Bronislav 17:53:28 30/03/2015
Htrocka ...I don't buy that sirius or rather merlin and havoc will have left it to chance ..too much at stake and despite the share price there is hefty accumulations going on .in MH view.....We are most likely in bed with goodluck and buharri.....much like the states it doesn't matter if it's democrats or republicans the powerfull people have an influence in both camps .

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