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Regal Petroleum Share Chat :

the troll 15:12:17 13/08/2014
it hasn't issued any 3rd-party debt, so there's no risk of administration ( who would appoint them ? ) or going 'bust'. worst that could happen ( IMHO ) is a total shutdown, followed by an indeterminate period of C & M ?
Andy Pipkin 07:51:44 13/08/2014
buywell trolls all over advfn, on several dozen, possibly hundreds of threads, suggesting doom and gloom for the particular thread he posts on. He then revisits a few weeks later and if he is right, reposts his initial vacuous comment, and if he is wrong, as he usually is, says nothing and crawls back under the sewer from whence he came.
StoneFold 08:01:30 08/08/2014
Regarding that article, the lazy fruitcake that wrote it couldn't be bothered to spend five minutes looking for a map that showed: The three basins in Ukraine Or the possible shale areas in Ukraine Or the fields belonging to Burisma Holdings Either of which would have been relevant to the story. Instead he just used a map of Cadogan's conventional fields.
12bn 07:25:03 08/08/2014
Try LGO,it is in a safe area of the world,Trinidad and it is about to have explosive income growth when 4 new wells come onto production in 5 or 6 weeks.Worth DYOR on LGO as its production is about to go from 700 bopd to 2000 bopd and it is only at the start of a 30 well campaign.So far 4 wells have been drilled with everyone one striking large amounts of oil at 3 zone levels.
J Drama 00:19:06 02/07/2014
Production actually went up!!!!!!! 1,387 boepd average, up from 1,341 boepd. That has to be the first time it's not declined since Energees too over managing operations? New well MEX-109 still not spud. Further work over issues, some things never change. Surprised at absolutely no reaction to update.
speculator6 20:58:44 05/04/2014
Energees still investing, shares still being mopped up. And why that's still happening there is still the prospect of a surge in sp. When positive news comes and I'm sure it will come. When, who knows? But Energees investing 70 m wasn't done lightly and whilst we haven't been pushed out which most of us expected I still remain positive.
J Drama 22:49:31 02/04/2014
The new gas price realised from 1st April will be lower than the average achieved in 2013. 'It has been announced by NERC that, with effect from 1 April 2014, the internal gas price will increase to $363/Mm(3) (UAH4,020/Mm(3) using the exchange rate at 31 March 2014 of UAH11.09/$1.00) for the second quarter of 2014. '
n13518 10:26:24 03/03/2014
I was trying to work out where the oil production region of Dnieper-Donets was and how the current stand-off in Ukraine between Russian speaking Crimeans and Kiev but I was not able to on the maps I had seen on internet. Any thoughts?
Jack Jebb 08:38:15 23/02/2014
I am so pleased the corrupt wankers that run the Ukraine are being booted out. It couldn't happen to a worse bunch of criminal thieves. I am not sure how it will effect Regal, but if the international community believe Ukraine will be less corrupt ( it can never be more corrupt!), then possibly beneficially.
n13518 12:26:52 07/02/2014
JD Accepted. I was using an average predicted futures price of £111/boe for 2014. My point was that 154boe equivalent is better than coming out empty handed. We need the production to be pushed backup to pre-taker over levels and target of 5,000. N
llamarama 13:30:28 06/02/2014
154 boepd in total. No "plus gas" but minus royalties, OPEX and admin costs. Comically inept. Best company in history at throwing cash into the ground. Its SP will soar if it simply commits to stop doing any more development activities.
Soggy 07:58:19 03/01/2014
How the hell do they start an RNS like that with the words "is pleased to..." what planet are they on? If truth to be told, I've effectively written this off, having come in at 90p (yes, I'm that stupid!) But I can't see this limping on with business (that which we laughingly call business) as usual. I suspect we'll hit new lows today... pity.

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