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Royal Dutch Shell Share Chat :

mr woodentop 10:44:46 17/12/2014
if one of the nations key costs reduces ie energy and people have more money in their pocket every month how does this equate to recession? Am i missing something? short term pain on oil company sp but long term gain in getting the market moving
4spiel 16:42:53 11/12/2014
What will Putin do ? Sell his gold?He might get very desperate - this could be the time when people in Russia start asking where he got all that wealth from.Maybe it is all legit - but maybe he should share some of it with his people in hard times
Sogoesit 09:55:11 11/12/2014
Just a note to all forecasters, the last "slump" lasted over 15 years! (I know as I worked in it!) Good luck (with the accent on the last word)! Having said that, I will probably re-enter RDSB sub-2000p. (RDSB should be robust enough down to $35/bbl; BP is a "Dud", the clue is in the name!)
wad collector 21:21:17 10/12/2014
Obviously future price prediction can be at best an educated guess , but the predictions for the next decade are re-assuring , from a shareholder's perspective. It may all be wrong ; the World become peaceful , OPEC argue with each other forever and the world become flooded with shale oil fracked out of the Lake District , but I will take the chance.
mr woodentop 10:12:25 10/12/2014
if the saudis believe they can cause a number of the shale gas companies to go under, even if it takes a year or two, then we might not see a rise in oil price for some time. The saudis will have the (financial) reserves to run at a loss for some time if it means guaranteeing future control of the market they may just do it
EssentialInvestor 07:05:25 10/12/2014
4sp, I would favour BP if you are willing to accept the higher risk profile. In terms of crude it's a guessing game, so it's a case of seeing a SP where you consider risk/reward favourable. Or you can just avoid the sector.
EssentialInvestor 21:47:28 09/12/2014
I have mentioned longer term dividend sustainability over the last two years on here. Woodford sold out because of that and at this point he is not back in. At a guess they would have a minimum of 1 years leeway on the dividend even at lower levels of crude. The buy back would be the first to get cut.
Losos 16:48:20 08/12/2014
ttg100 - "also sold out of Tesco when opened in USA against all the pundits" Well I did not and regretting it now, well you can't win 'em all ha ha!!! EI - Well done if you did exit, now looking like a dip comming, was it you who suggested a year ago that £21.50 was a good entry point, might get there yet ;-)
Losos 10:24:59 03/12/2014
ttg100 - Re BP I'm also keeping clear, the fiasco over the new deal in the Kara sea made them look very bad. Remember the big press conference when they wheeled in some minor Russian cabinet minister who made a speech which was meant to be two minutes and went on for half an hour!!! That deal (or the collapse thereof) did it for me lol.
ttg100 10:13:01 03/12/2014
"Shell and BP have jumped as market rumours swept the City claiming the pair were planning a merger, highlighting jittery times for the industry at a time of five-year lows in the oil price." > Could explain slump when others rising. Hope Shell don't as wouldn't touch BP with a barge pole (sold out years ago when got into bed with the Russians)
grahamite2 10:10:40 01/12/2014
My feeling too. Short term the price of oil may fluctuate but longer term we'll always need it. My concern is the possibility of a return to the 17ish area and for that reason I'm not in a tearing hurry.
wad collector 09:22:07 01/12/2014
Picked up some at 2170. Obviously the oil price is going to affect earnings here in the short term, but is this the beginning of a sustained low oil price that will last yrs in a stable world? I don't think so . Also highly unlikely that RDS will reduce dividend in short or medium term even if the profits don't cover it IMHO. Buy long.

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