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Plethora Solutions Share Chat :

loobrush 15:20:59 22/10/2014
I'm glad I cheered you up on a dreary few weeks in the market. Diaarhoea, i've found a large bung works best-until you take it out ! Or try changing your pants,like a few loosing investors on here have had to do recently, it does get rid of the pong.
Simon maskell 14:56:33 22/10/2014
Loobrush. Sorry if you feel ridiculed. Your posting yesterday brightened my day. I was left with a mental picture of some poor guy trying to fit one of your condoms while trying to fight the tide of a very imminent orgasm. I've got diarrhoea, loobrush would you suggest laxatives ;-)Simon
Trend Surfer 14:30:48 21/10/2014
Loobrush, if you are too dim to understand Simon's challenge try this one.PLE (the business that this thread discusses) has produced a tried and tested treatment for premature ejeculation.It has nothing to do with erectile it?
Mike111D 10:27:38 18/10/2014
Loverat, how many threads have you placed the same post on, just editing the stock ticker code. Never thought I would see you spamming ADVFN in this way. JQW has genuine issues and has been marked down for the right reasons IMO.
Loverat 20:57:31 15/10/2014
Cube Boss That will only encourage him to come out with some typically smug nonsense. Still, most stocks he and Stigologist deramp (both seem to work the same threads) go up and in many cases multibag.
Cube boss 12:36:51 14/10/2014
Would be rude not to! with news on other Partners before Christmas, a 5 mill payment this week! another when Recordati Launch PSD502(TM), And royalties coming in hand over fist as they say! all good news ;0))))
OneDayRodders 12:32:49 14/10/2014
Chaps ... most stocks are in the sentiment "boot" of the car being driven by the sick DOW, problem is there is no sign of that car turning around anytime soon. I think we are in for a sustained bear market so personally there has to be more room on the downside to most stocks yet. ODR
isanboi 07:46:00 09/10/2014
John, very much agreed. Such common sense shows that you probably enjoy investing, whereas most on here seem to let it accelerate the aging process... which other shares interest you at the moment? Always on the look out and got a day set aside for research!
bobbie121 00:42:37 09/10/2014
Post 8105 over 80 mil @.08p. Original estimates 50 mil upfront payment on deal, not 5 mil. Now further payments will be received after 100 mil sales. percentage paid on sales between 10 and 20%. FDA application hopefully by end of 2015, sales in usa 2016 or 2017. Put them in the drawer and go back to sleep
Mike111D 12:30:20 07/10/2014
By way of a comparison SAR announced that they “hoped” to close a deal by year end for several years in succession but have yet to do so, so I would not get too carried away with the update provided.
Cerrito 08:37:46 07/10/2014
This is as far as I can see the first time that they have given a timing indication with hope for ROW licensing agreement to be announced by year end. Glad to see no slippage in US filing compared to Aug 29 interim results statement. Note in passing that Daniel Stewart, who shares are suspended because they have not filed their account, remain as NOMAD.
ftangftang 15:02:40 01/10/2014
simon don't hold back ...say it how it is .... if ple can close evens , or heaven forbid up ! looks like we may have put a floor under the sp and in an instant , the children will run off and play somewhere else cheers ft ft

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