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Leni Gas Share Chat :

1waving 20:38:16 25/11/2014
So all are aware/no surprises --- LGO RNS 03 October 2011 re Goudron acquisition "-- Conditional payments to Sorgenia International BV will also be payable when and if field production reaches 1,000bopd (US$1 million) and 2,000 bopd (US$2 million). "
The Guardian 17:06:21 25/11/2014
Yes seaclipper but he's making enough profit to buy a packet of Doritos each time he trades. If only the traders would step back and think about what would happen to the sp if they didn't mess about. I'm sure that they would make more profit by sitting on their hands.
12bn 16:36:58 25/11/2014
Tpau,the point is that the selling won't go on forever. The sp is now artificially low and fundamentals will out here and the sp will bounce.You just need to buy with cash and hold for several months to multi-bag here,imo.
Tpau 16:32:22 25/11/2014
I am convinced this is Lenigas selling into every little rise. If this was a US hedge firm this would have been on the floor now. Especially with all the delays! Whover is managing the selling is careful not to panic the PIs into selling up. Unfortunately I sold COMS earlier to buy back in here. Regretting it now
OzzMosiz 14:48:49 25/11/2014
I'm not so sure it is nonsense. The amount of 500K trades seen over the last month is quite a lot. 500K is around £20K - do we have that many PIs that can or will continually sell that exact amount? Also notice the 150 and 200K trades that always appear together - I've seen that on many occasions. I'm not saying it definitely is shorters, but it appears to be suspect.
12bn 14:46:21 25/11/2014
Thanks jcgswims,level 2 info is helpful for us non-blues. Great thread you have for LSE info,I just hope others realise that it will only stay good if they leave it just for you or other factual info. Discussion needs to be left on these threads,imo. Discussion inevitably leads to a thread worsening.
LeonWil 13:40:54 25/11/2014 other guys use the thread to soothe your worries about LGO with pretty useless comments if you want to. I want a foul mouthed, evil excuse for a man to dig a deep hole for himself. I'm not stopping so filter me!!
LeonWil 13:35:52 25/11/2014
when I do anything it will be head on and you'll see me coming and it won't be from behind a bush or in a way you're alluding to, although I expect you and chuckle no.2 enjoy each other regularly in your shared bedsit. You are absolutely disgusting do you realise that, or are you so far gone you have no shame at all, the whole world can see you're filth.
hubs 13:29:20 25/11/2014
And how many balls - golf, tennis, foot, cricket, pingpong, dog, and marbles have you lost, ever? And where? Over the edge of course! Don't believe this spherical propaganda crap! 12bn is full of hidden motive and works for the evil forces trying to push us all over the edge!
tarzanhey 12:24:38 25/11/2014
I have great respect for NR but do have to agree with you 12bn. The way the market is and the sharks about you should not make partial or unclear updates or you are asking for trouble. Still it allowed me to pick up another 140k today ;-)
nevik2 11:08:46 25/11/2014
CFEQ still wanting to lead the pack, a few days ago they did sit in the middle for a time. Now back to being either top or bottom. Dragging it down then leaping up to buy. Could be that hedge or just filling a whacking great order over a long long time.
trader1066 08:47:47 25/11/2014
12bn You are not helping this thread one bit with your constant hedgy posts. Any newcomers looking in here will want to know about the company which is difficult when 90% of the posts feature you bleating on about every trade going through or arguing the toss with idiots like Bhoona/Ahmed/Pipkin etc. who are best ignored rather than give them the oxygen they crave.

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