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Leni Gas Share Chat :

BackdoorBill 16:57:30 30/03/2015
From someone called Steven??? on LSE, regarding an e-mail to NR:- ? Q:"I realise that time wise Pad 4 has probably been completed but was wondering if Rig 70 is available to mobilise to Goudron immediately? Or is it tied up elsewhere for the moment?" A:"We are within days of having that answered. Rig mobilisation will be announced soon." Regards Steven
12bn 15:27:43 30/03/2015
Yea,you are right 12bn12bn, Yemen is opposite Djbouti and Saudi,I just noticed that the Straights have a different name. The point is the same,Yemen Shiite troops could affect the route to the Suez I thought that you had me on filter :)
12bn12bn 14:42:17 30/03/2015
Nice to know where the Straits of Hormuz are!!!!!! And I thought they were at the entrance of the Gulf between UAE and Iran. Yemen is at the entrance to the Red Sea which leads to the Suez canal. The threat at the Straits of Hormuz used to be the Iranian scud missiles in "the good ol' days".
pengitwat 13:55:17 30/03/2015
Lazurus 12bn is incapable of holding an adult conversation, as you can tell. With posts like the one above, it is no wonder this share is struggling. What a pathetic comment. Someone wants bombs to go so he can make a quick buck. Says it all.
12bn 13:49:55 30/03/2015
Yemen borders Saudi and is opposite Saudis oil fields. Yemen is also the Northern part of the Straights of Hormuz, where oil tankers carrying half the worlds oil tanker transported oil has to go through to get to the Suez Canal.This is a sensitive part of the world,if Yemeni Shi'ites take Aden and decide to close the Straights then the PoO will go through the roof.
dogrunner11 12:29:31 30/03/2015
dunno granny, thing is between the team there's in excess of 10 million is my guess, need some surprise news to absorb the drip feeding. How they exist on LSE is a mystery, clearly manipulating price and punters for own gain, against rules for sure. Seems they ban those the tag team report though, for alleged ramping, go figure!
4711phil 10:32:36 30/03/2015
12bn 28 Sep'14 I have sussed Leo out as a subtle deramper and I think that the whole point of his last post was to worry holders into thinking a pullback to 4 or 5p was possible.Any pullback will be shallow and short-lived and it is good to know that insti buying is going on to soak up any sells. Another good call.
7767 10:29:16 30/03/2015
Can not understand LG's price movements, shorting around this price is silly. The Inst's must think 2.5 is a fair price or they wouldn't have taken up the offer. Any shorting to a lower price is offering the inst's bargain buy ups???
TheNorth 09:06:31 30/03/2015
12bn don't set yourself up for any kind of fall... Id love to see the sp bounce but history says it's not that simple... Plus it gives people less to pull you up on if it dips down rather than up....We will have our day in the sun but at the moment we just sit and wait....
BackdoorBill 20:44:21 27/03/2015
Don`t forget LGO is very lucky in regarding WTI. Low cost and profit making, even within the current market. I will quote:- "Very few oil Companies will come out of this oil crisis smelling of roses and one of them will be LGO". Chas
dogrunner11 20:11:09 27/03/2015
DLG, you have called this pretty well so far, hats off to you bud, whats your take? Thing is LGO hasn't seen rise in WTI, so we can hardly take fall, besides news together with anticipation should see us rise in the coming days imo. No problem for those holding either way, taking substp calcs into consideration we should be easy triple bags come year end
substp 18:23:36 27/03/2015
Looks like all of the helpfull news for a WTI oil rise is petering out..... the WTI is on its way back down...... It was expected I think.... hence why they had the SP drop down and stayed @ 2.5p all day while the WTI oil price was rising? WTI...$49.10

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