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Leni Gas Share Chat :

4711phil 12:10:49 31/10/2014
About 70 odd degrees in the garden,wife out in London till tonight,monitor awash with blue,shepherd's pie in the fridge for dinner tonight,and Springsteen on the turntable,doesn't get much better than this!
12bn 11:03:50 31/10/2014
Thanks onceatrader. I don't mind reasoned negatives but blatant scare tactics with spurious reasoning just aggravates.LGO are about to have $1m a month income and a senior debt facility of around $75m I think NR said,this is not to be ignored.
Scott1978 11:02:39 31/10/2014
Totally O/T. Does anybody see a correction in the market soon. I've read somewhere recently (can't remember where) that we are due a correction. Or was the latest little blip down a few weeks ago THE correction?
trader1066 10:56:34 31/10/2014
geoffsmith Do you not realise that as time moves on cashflow rises as each pad comes on and reduces the need to raise new funds ? The dilution is 0.1p on the sp, how much do you think the sp will rise on positive survey results and announcement of an exploration well, more or less than 0.1p ? Look at horse hill for a clue.
geoffsmith 10:56:20 31/10/2014
Bunky3 Silly thoughtless one liners and gormless ramping will not make any difference to the futurs sp. If my postings upset you then you have a problem not me, please try to grow up and behave like a man.
geoffsmith 10:47:36 31/10/2014
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDI now expect this co to go forward successfully and become profitable but the constant need for new funds from placings will now be a handbreak on the sp,with sp rises on good drilling success being hit and pulled down as we have just seen being the norm for some time.
12bn 10:46:30 31/10/2014
geoffsmith,with $12m in the bank,incomeabout to go ballistic how on earth did 'many see this placing coming thanks to the benefit of experience'???? RUBBISH.'There will be another and probably several more' BOLLOCKS. LGO have said that they will be negotiating up to $75m bank lending in NRs last interview!You are a trader no doubt and you are talking RUBBISH!
larsson 2 10:15:05 31/10/2014
Remember to date all other placings have been absorbed by the market and subsequently the sp has risen to new highs! perhaps we should have seen this coming in hindsight but as the sp rises smaller the dilution I guess. Waiting to see where the sp heads over the next week as wanting to buy more but in the past the sp has dropped below the placing . Undecided.
4711phil 09:18:25 31/10/2014
12bn, I've never questioned what the flow rates may or may not be,nobody on this BB knows what they are,that's for sure.I take some issue with your assertion that a Hedgefund was the reason behind the drop in the SP to 3p,without any evidence to back that claim up.I've never deramped a share in my life,just because someone question's your posts,it doesn't make them one.
Riverend1 09:07:15 31/10/2014
Well I think we can safely say ff2345 doesn't have 17 million shares or he would likely have been approached about partaking in the placing yesterday rather than trying to stir up trouble about the flow rates from pad 2.
hamlette 09:06:48 31/10/2014
taxibabe - in an earlier post it was mentioned that this funding is only a very small dilution to LGO and will go to kick start Cedros in Trinidad, a very big play for the company. NR will not be going it alone at Cedros where the plan is to work up Cedros and then look for a farm-in partner.
The Handyman 09:03:42 31/10/2014
Entered this share at 6.41p. Bought another wedge last evening at 4.8p, so down to 5.34p. Intend going all the way. Eliminated idiots such as 12bn early on, as they are an unnecessary distraction. 3.9million shares my arse. Never believe a blatent ramper/hypocrite.

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