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Leni Gas Share Chat :

xclusive2 08:51:16 22/10/2014
There will be profit taking from many that are seeing almost a 60% return on their money from last week ! good luck to them. This will breach 5p again, will be interesting if it acts as resistance or support going forward. Personally i'm happy for it to pop through and consolidate @ that level, i suspect many here are a little less patient !
Tpau 08:42:02 22/10/2014
I think they used two string casing because of their low estimation of 60bopd on the first well and then after pad 2 confirmed that they are looking at 10 times that and possibly more going into pad3 needed to improve their drilling model to 3 string casing for handing much better flow rates etc.
trader1066 08:34:28 22/10/2014
Oil Man I would have thought their P2 was worth a lot more than $4, Ithaca have just paid $170m for 12mboe producing 2500 boepd in the north sea with $31 opex costs, can't see LGO's opex as high as that myself ?
hamlette 00:16:48 22/10/2014
Good post esmerelda. I guess the weakening oil press triggered the sell off and as you say, T-20 traders must have been running for cover. I also have 8p as a year end target as there is still plenty of news in the pipeline, especially the TI deal, which I do not think is yet factored into the share price.
Ianbag 16:59:14 21/10/2014
Onceabroker I am hoping for well north of 21m - the chart of output per day presented a few weeks ago gets to about your figure, as I recall and we know the figures are probably understated. However, cant find chart to verify my thoughts as im at work!
Edgein 16:23:05 21/10/2014
Trotting well said, lots and lots of noise being posted. But then again some of us will have lots to discuss when LGO post the optimized flow rates followed by 669 TD and T-I is now in its final stages. Gonna be lots of on topic posts soon as well as all the noise. ;) Regards, Ed.
mclellan 15:27:58 21/10/2014
12bn- I am about to put you on filter. You are very rude and aggressive. I have held LGO for far longer than a week, not that it is any of your business. I'm not a obviously are. (Filtered)
12bn 15:23:42 21/10/2014
mclellan I have promoted LGO as a buy since I bought in,over 2 years ago,I only trade a very tiny number of shares and I have no intention of selling them at this level. I don't blow hot and cold like you traders and if you had been around here for more than 1 week then you would know that,numb nuts.
4711phil 15:16:23 21/10/2014
12bn, You would have us believe that you hold over 10m shares ( £465,000 ) yet the best thing you can find do with your time is post on here every couple of minute's that, "That 500K was buy" "It's going to rocket" "Hedgefund is shorting LGO" and so on....Get a life!
12bn 15:14:31 21/10/2014
1private,there will be some T20s yet to close who will be forced sellers but not many. The hedge fund has millions to buy back yet imo, so that should provide the buying pressure. The hedge fund buying back is a very important factor only numpties would want to ignore.
los ricos 14:55:50 21/10/2014
are you guys all in the same trading room? nothing better to do. why not all go out for a fag and a quick barney on the pavement. f**king hilarious. trots - nice on holding size. don't worry about I Like Trees the lumberjacks are out :-)
Bunky3 14:44:23 21/10/2014
Its only a matter of is close and they are working them through. The last 10 million or so will be closed a lot higher than this but the bastards still would have cleaned up. Use it to your advantage and buy now

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