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Empyrean Energy Share Chat :

Ricky777 13:05:51 19/09/2014
If a bid came from partners or other eagle ford operators, the info. they need is abundantly clear without the data room. Therefore AC upside should be in the sums. I would be surprised if anyone outside of EF involvement would be aware of HOW valuable the asset we have, unless Mac & cenk do a good pr job. Even then their price may not meet our expectations. AIMHO
NickB 12:43:26 19/09/2014
Takes about 8 -12 weeks to put a bid together i am told so we have now entered that time frame since the announcement. I am expecting the MM's to do a fast mark up soon into the 20's , no real size of stock at this level. imho.
Safiande 11:18:21 19/09/2014
Laz, I don´t normally give any thought to options as they are the normal perks of office so I didn´t consider them here. However if you are right they are probably no more than one factor as the game is bigger than that. As I mentioned earlier Kelly will benefit whatever the outcome, rest assured on that. I do agree though that we live in interesting times.
Safiande 10:06:01 19/09/2014
Ricky, I think it can but the trigger appears to be formal confirmation by MRO that the AC has moved from appraisal to dev. This is as good as done but not yet officially to the market. The last CPR for EME only had 6% AC booked as 2P so overdue. 94% still 2C. Also there should be a substantial increase in Lower Eagle Ford by year end.
Jemjem 09:30:37 19/09/2014
Is it not possible that a prospective purchaser would want an up to date CPR to help in justifying a purchase of EME to their own shareholders and a new CPR will already have been commissioned to the end of September - also tying up with half yearly figures?
fitzy1203 12:26:42 18/09/2014
Still think laz would make a far better ceo. He communicates, he researches, he is confident. He hasnt upset too many shareholders, has business experience and hasnt a rating from the city yet !The current guy certainly falls down on a few of the above and as sherlock mentioned, apnea is just one of a string of unsound business practice, putting it mildly.
NickB 12:16:27 18/09/2014
Stewart Why do you think Cenkos or Macq are acting in a 'shambolic' way in this sales process? Also why do investors think we will now get less for our company because the MM's have marked it down on a few sales?
enamel 12:01:02 18/09/2014
The PRESENT share price has in my view little to do with the bidding and review process. Its present price is much more reliant on the perception of the company formed over a long time by the market. The market appears to be reluctant to want to move the share price higher until the outcome of the auction and strategic review is known.
Lazarus2010 10:02:27 18/09/2014
abergele, stop being a pr**k. Did you read my post yesterday? There can be no low ball bid manipulated by TK with Macq you fkwt! as to mm's dropping the price for a rollee, it is the roller that decides the price, either top or bottom. If he goes bottom then it can appear like a double sell, and vice versa. It has nothing to do with the mm's at all!
abergele 09:48:59 18/09/2014
Stewart, that was my worry, and would also play a hand towards TK getting a low ball bid in,with Maq bank behind him yet again...they owe him one for what profits he brought through to them one way or another... and the sooner I can get away from this childish marking down behaviour of a txxt
Lazarus2010 09:06:47 18/09/2014
los,er don't be so cynical ;-) 17.65/17.9 for 50k sell/buy considering we jumped to 18.5p on a few buys yesterday, and now down below 18p, it seems the mm's are ready to move the sp very quickly for any buyers or sellers above 30k
fitzy1203 19:08:33 17/09/2014
The thing is tg, we are not in control of the drilling and despite assurances from mro that drilling was back on track, I think there has to be a lot of hard work in the last quarter.If the market was expecting some kind of bid in the 30's, one would have thought the sp would be getting closer....not drifting. But is that down to the high esteem tk has built up in the city.

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