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Empyrean Energy Share Chat :

NickB 11:17:55 24/10/2014
OT It is just one well (and not really the target zone) the area is massive and if they find Gas that will improve energy security for the UK since we are right on the edge with our gas supply, Cheap to produce and distribute what's not to like, it is good news for the UK over the long term.
Judijudi 20:11:42 23/10/2014
To wake up one morning over the next few days, with a firm all cash offer of high 20's low 30's would in all probablity be the best day of my life. Boy would I hit the bottle. Big time! Lol :) But in reality this is EME and we are stuck with the one huge dream wrecker we have always had!!
Judijudi 14:15:37 23/10/2014
Its bloody ridic Toon All the drilling and fracking thats going on, loads of permits, increased broker forecasts etc etc and nowt but silence from you know who. I can only presume they are negotiating or we would have heard by now if no deal was in the offing
crosseyed 08:45:55 23/10/2014
lightfield, I had heard that CNF was no longer of this world. I would be very pleased to learn otherwise. He was an excellent and widely respected poster. Perhaps you could provide a link to a recent post of his. c PS The last post I can find through the Search facility was dated 13 April 2013 on the AEX bb.
Safiande 07:13:49 23/10/2014
Baytex has confirmed that Q3 results will be issued next Thurs Oct 30. Same as AWE htTp:// First full qtr since purchase of AUT' s assets on 11 June
wcj 19:38:34 22/10/2014
TK's AGM comment was in reply to my asking about "peak loan". He said that it was perfectly possible for Marathon to increase to 200 wells/yr, in which case we might need a larger borrowing facility. Personally I don't think it likely that MRO will aim at 200, but it is TK's job to prepare for it in case. (From memory)
Senttothegallows 16:55:15 22/10/2014
Ricky doubt they will say that ifMarathon ramp up further and drill say 300 wells next year we would need funds temporarily but cashflow and profitability would be astronomical once they are in to production. People worry too much this is the best play in the world.
Ricky777 16:40:22 22/10/2014
Comments this morning about whether EME would need more funds to keep up with MRO assuming no sale. Despite XI's calculations suggesting we should be ok, I thought it was stated quite clearly by our FD that more borrowing WILL be needed in addition to the existing facility. Anyone remember this?
los ricos 11:27:09 22/10/2014
so all this talk about AC in SL, great, but doesn't the same potential extend to Riverbend. How can the geology of the AC be different in SL to there? I'm aware that Cartwright has been recompleted in the Wilcox for now, but original target was AC. Is it just a case of operator ...........? ps what did happen to Krescent II? Are they still drilling?
Safiande 08:55:38 22/10/2014
Laz, It seems to be a complex calculation and even Frank doesn't know for sure yet as per his e mail. On the extra Burlington wells in Block A the wi was reduced because of shared pad drilling with non EME wells but which doesn't appear to be the case here. Allen seems to know the most on these matters but if his views are sought you run the risk of waking up the kraken!
Jamesiebabie 19:43:08 21/10/2014
trotts - I've voted against him each time he has come up, but we are where we are and the larger shareholders have had their say. Let's see where we are in 6 months time, hopefully not holding any EME shares. :0)
fitzy1203 14:15:19 21/10/2014
I'm not so sure nik, but as you are investing in that area, you have to be bullish.I think after the first drill gets the go ahead, many more will follow. There are some great areas up here too, particularly near blackpool. Quadrilla I think.

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