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Baobab Res. Share Chat :

NAV_Mike 08:14:38 02/03/2015
Because the offer doc is still around 28 days away, and some people dont hang around when their trust and faith is so blatantly abused. Am hanging around a bit longer, but if i can get 5.5p soon, will sell my personal shares, and keep the SIPP shares pending the offer
cashstrapped 12:16:20 01/03/2015
Here you go max On 4 February 2013 I advised selling Boabob (BAO) Resources at 35.75p arguing that the valuation was crackers given the financing risks. Today the company has said that it will de-list and if shareholders wish to sell then the largest shareholder Redbird will offer 6p per share. Oh dear, another win for Tom Winnifrith versus the morons.
NAV_Mike 11:26:42 01/03/2015
Would normally say no, as its been RNSd, but seeing what this shower of shysters are capable of makes me think anything is possible. I certainly think if 5.6 or 5.5 becomes available in the market Im off....I need to get this disaster wiped from my mind. Jeremy Dowler is also on Linkedin if anyone wants to send him messages of heartfelt thanks....
zinkwazi13 09:33:51 01/03/2015
The "twins" at Redbird are going to clean up here - this will be repackaged and will reappear in another vehicle - watch this space- thanks a bundle to the BOD - I wonder how the IFC feels about this?
BackinBlack80 23:26:58 28/02/2015
It would appear that any shareholders able to continue holding in the delisted company faces dilution. The pending 12m equity raising (that figure came out of nowhere) will see to that unless shareholders are able to purchase new shares in order to maintain their holding?
kbrook 15:04:07 28/02/2015
Wonder if thats why Dr Kaul left. Maybe he was the member of the board with some morals. To be fair to the likes of Solonic and others who have warned about this for years they have been quite reserved in their postings since this mess started yesterday. The only one who is gloating is one of the regulars on here who luckily made a timely purchase.
Hollywood6 10:38:43 28/02/2015
Kbrook - sorry to hear your on for a loss. I used to be in here so feeling for the LTHs. I thought the Board were honourable and interested in a return for the investors, I guess I was wrong. It would have taken a lot of cash to get this moving and maybe in a different time it could have raised it. Take the money that's on offer
pete_bane 09:37:28 28/02/2015
I toled you all so way back when the SP was 55p. I sold my 3 million plus shares then and am sitting back in my seraglio in Turkey with houris attending to my every need, the only thing missing is my septum. I wish you guys were successful investers like me.
stan40 14:37:54 27/02/2015
well the very least they could do is take the sell price to 6p so people could get rid of the lowest cost pig iron producer in the world YEAH RIGHT !!! REDBIRD who ever they are must all be laughing their socks off and all the way to the bank! Investigation needed me thinks!!!
michae1664 14:37:37 27/02/2015
Can some more knowledgeable on here advise on how things work from this point onwards. If the offer is accepted is my account automaticly credited with the offer per share or do I have to specificly sell through my on line trading account?
solonic 14:22:50 27/02/2015
There'll be a few who will still believe the pete/max/kevin/tuckman guff. It's in the nature of many of the denizens of this thread. Don't say you haven't been warned, now and the last 3 or 4 years. There's still some blood to be sucked from your wizened desiccated bodies. Some people will never learn. LOL. The game is up and you've lost!
WOOSTER4 13:40:05 27/02/2015
Wouldn't advise holding shares in a delisted company - you'll lose all accountability (not that there has been a great deal here) and shareholding will be diluted to nothing. Best option is simply bend over and take it (or hope for a better offer).

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